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July 02, 1914 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-02

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Vol. U_


Not 4

Dir. IartiniDisctusses BIettermiett
ofRMace In Lecture

*'STUDENT BALL PLAYERS TO "1EW It. CQI''iI,' s i :U 11111
Publication of rTe W'olverine METUINTMRO x l sttlisnIatbad ifr
wvill be suspended until nest* ioeusObanFtbar Bor
Tuesday afternoon intasmuch as * - - -Aal ],summuer Tt'[ournnudut
ISaturday, the regular day of * Sutanici' Session Blaseball League to tan 13Pe.feld
Itibiain sa ,tlexut holtt' iday Il'aaamsed ofaNexus FromI I

li eginniug inext week, The Wl:Allleparment

* ,erine will appear regularly atr
* 1:00) o'clock on Tuesday, Thurs-
*day anid Saturday afternoons*
'daring the remainder of summaer

"Just as long as we have the saloon;___________________
socieal evils and pros'titutionl," wve vI:I NOT COUiNT ABSENCES
xil have idiocy and social decline,," IN LIT DEP'T.IUI iRNtl SIT 13EII
said Dr. A. S. Warthin in his lecture-
Absences are not counted is the lit-
on "Inhritace f Dieas," i th cerry departmnt during the summer,
niedical amphitheater Tuesday night, according to the roling of the surn-
IMeasureo to aid the humassrac'e" he suner seosions administration. Suome
'tated, "will he ot little account untii attendance hsas always been found to
such condition 'a I have slasmed have be more regular than during thse reg-
been done aweay with." ular terman ass ccordingly there hsas
"The intellectual keynote of today bees no sneed of enforcinag regullarity.
is eug'enics," liesvaid at the beginning -- ---
of his talk"He spoke of the msanyAUHRTE BRDNC G
diseases wvhichs rosnin tamlsieas ORTISdA
showe hereditary tendences. The dv- FROM ANNUAL RECEPTION
teriorastioss of the humninracetihsougha
hereditary and pseudo-Hereditary dis-
ease 'vs a shown to be tht cauoe of tDasncisng has been frowned uposn by
the awakesing of the world to the the university faculty is aukisng the
value of eugenics, annual receptison for summer stusdents
Dr. Warthin illustrated the deterio'- an afternoon affair. The evesnt is be-
ration of thse race by charts of fanmilies tog held iss Alsumni Memorial hall this
wehich ohowed family trees and their afternoon, whereas the annual recep-
several brasiches through reproduc- tiosn has been usu'ally' held in Barbour
tion of isndividuals. Infected tndivid- gymnasium in the evessisng, the prin-
oats who wxere crossed with strong~, cipal part of the entertainment being
norm ,1 ty pes, domina ted the offspring devoted to dancing.
xils the bad and disvased traits, giv-I. All extrenme forms were prohibited
ini birth to a tins of di'eased children,, at the affair' isa past suniser schools,
his's , feeble minded, criminal', and but fbis year those in charge have
otis r isndividnals socially unfit. Me done aa~y swith the occasion 'esttrely.
thus illus'trate'd that all snen 'ye not The action came partly because past
borss eqssal, jusdged fross their physical attesmptts to regulate dasncissg have
aid mnstal conditions. beess unsuccessful, asnd becase a large
-,..,_ ,-numbr ofth e as chelsrs sa'tfi sum-

All baseball players or pseusdo-base-
ball tplayers, carolled isa the sumsmserl
sessiosn, whoa are isnterested in the for-
nmation. of a summsser baseball leag ue,
will mseet at the MichigassL issa to-l
muorrowe sighit at 7:21) o'clock, at stich
time a tentative sceduisle still bo psis-
ed 0onasnd a gesneral msaniager etectit,
together aith the variosdeatmensat-I
al sansagers.
Munchsprelismisnary awort5sith s rady t
beesn dosneby telswoatasrae getting
thisigs into shapse, isisino osis w xilll
be electeit suntil thelplaysta'ohid'
a. sseetisng, isaordtertshai illaitiresitedI
snay have a solce isa thi muter.'The
games xvill be played oni sosuths Fersy
hield and locker accommsodtatmons w ill
he fsursiished free of ch'arge iii tie nse
intramural club boase.
It is plananed to Isacethe liague
consposed of teassfrom the littaxw,
medic asnd esagineering deIit menii sts,f
and with several ex-college aid pro-
fessional atari already esnrolledtiec
race promises to he ruttier excitinig.
Registrastion ii isesesumiierse'assoni
is the sole eligibility rei'isremesnt,'and
it is hoped that the attesndanice at to-1
nmorrow's meeting wisll besuffiscsesntly
large asnd representive'to dispose' sa
the sassy asmalsldetaiss so tha't the
gmcisaay ticstarted' at tl aie5st
possible timea.

l'r(Sp lits foas, ssumeratsils i:<sso'-
sassentsat it ailsesat sirs' 01 aery lbrightl,
Ii's" tijanii 50)ssetishtas'iisipurcins-
'i thlsa tickets esfilai" sassatos souist
pssail " asl'ge 's's'er a' iseld. At tlais tississ
list tsar narysiflilt) had asiledi sitthesi-
selve's istthe iipoitiiiiitS.
A5 itiasga' satosassoltaris a ts,:rged
lfss theise iof05theiti'i'ils uingi'the
susiassrson055 iicoasst 01 theeesa'csitiy
01 kecepisn"g'aashass tostake caressof athe
as'di a' ands 'sit ar~kinig,
If a suficaisest snumbers' ii'iui'rl stse
pa'stebo'ardtstbefocr' snextf4v ek,ftse
ausawsiltlheas'walasddiihIea i uiaes of
the' siglei'sd dost bltsatournsamsaaesats
saill be psase s at ptlaicat n iiiais-
pa'ya ini'oii i. t ala'street acaiatrss.
Isikes mayi'ie'iabaiidat 'thala'Ferr'y2
at ft'eiend iiithe sasiiond ay olast is
Thlitt dearsitl< a1abicasia
isa 25 atthelasHaurt I 25a a in
labnastsi methods scattudaut 12Ii aaahta
aa'Th ngners lha '142,sia Iud
ing" s01atihe Douglas las' a''iia.j Th
llaw earassnst lass I'7;'mei'tc,15
philaamic, 14; ail gradteiia, I202. 'itsl
enrsollti tis 1,i00aaeadof asilst yca> '
atsatlnaisccitathlils tie

I It siii it Acuis Plttts Smtokero,
1f:; 1"k antd I'ntts Tourna.
inniusifot' Htettiers
'I'16 .111, FlIRST _1.N CE :FIRIDAY
The UsInersity of icig ass Usiosi,
the thome, ota Jichtigansaactivities during
th1e rasgitac tIrmaass salannsased a com-
l'''" program of 'activities for the
55555 55i05r esinsitudeant.1T'he plas,
wchara'e'as yet pusrfly inadefinite,
were 'sa-isiassa sa this smornsinsg by Pat-
ii iD.I Kioosnt.,14-16LfiUsion presi-
A "yet-together hSmokser" as thefirat
feta re sasaplassnest forsallftheis'faculty
in5t10 ss t'ssts'ots atteninsg the sm
sate 'a sasum- Tit, ssaoks'r swhich will
ha aern Saturay,5'Jhly 11, swill bh
hetld oustdoorssit the wataher persmit.
7Seversastnosass atfalls by faculty snen
sisld st aststs 'asss' 'isongs avill be
t's's' siet'assistst ,sand an abundance
sat "at-' ass ist sotaswaithllab'provided.
A icommaaitteeailsit hamuied in a day or
two isandIthe list iof speaktera ansaune
stliaa11. Palmers 15, xisth Russell
l Isis i ta shasiteas ax ssistant, has
lcas apintediltata irman s of a rum-
aiaato t tate tharge 01the sumnier
t(, sils tournmaenstas.The first will be
lsd begsta amainug iMondayJuily 13, open
ass alt h~Ioas membirs.i P1rizes will be
aarasditsth inanmusr anad srunsner-up.
sisAs'svies laacbehadesuaby scalling the
ala Ii sianas at R,71 or at the Union.
Lougsi 'csitll beha'ei'd fromstinse to
sassesint orguallseatfsuusmao y have the
isss salf tauluii moanms ior smokers
tastd amse oIsi", 'us asitie re'gular ses-
slat hs' 'asi" asisy isai 55, 1ss

HATVE NO)CI~iANCE TO'I'D11 I N I it arauto sat

:,,.t , , .,,> > a ",t .,, : , , t

Wtits the ,saidofslids he cieited sanasy "-''--a"r"'"ts""" ''"5~5 "'" 5h"
sf fLueL more Isisortasatdiseases which isuer aussaltisaaria sot acquasisted asifha Iscrilles Istilure of (Govern'tttttto oh 1'.satas'( Oais' ilttasty s ocarlisg'thes
are suieanmgtehsa ust-the 'taps' practiced in IAsn Arbor duir- IPior S senstof suasuthu ass harI atishe osutlaiaal'stilt
day tvHetraced specific' diseases isag the year., Edicattiostasitmao tor a's d siothers' s acrcmaing
thros'h zseveral generations, -showing -tha iptsoiithiraows'niresouesc, zass-
Ncwsopiers ottF'l~e in Menoriati Hall "Tetsahoth k.caagatraas hsittuuurssfleAtiti
Ihei isa 'vitabl nhriinescsAlsfehsltetsagzne ad ay Tofful finherialitisau ngth frt asuchs heAtani
traiks scancer, tusnor, narvous di'- mii a eeital heasiisa oftpeo-Ion rat thuots. Susaahoar ash i
ess, feeble smisdedness, tinsasnity, stthe unryrt'lcbef'ofive npftie inpIe hairs hash mo ucuaace'to obutsumn'a "suroe, at',are1-1.Bsachs1C'rpchtes, '14-
defleas, ad other inaportasat diseases,.h unr;xih etumdaal e nsducaton,"Sftat'roiessosr JI ItAt- thu1Jutxt yea h's f o dis sr
liI 'al dtatinstatedsasstedothsetronhoatearslinfechetaahisiushrovaus ss aa 'dis'ease'sIass Iit 'oat
other than syphilis, arc not knoxwn to 'lt edn oi soe al x os'c e 'si'iiteIshysie Mcint ly, 71i, ii
be 'capt Sundiay frona 7:45 a.ina. to 10:011 hecture moomsWednesucday'aftcroon.uuaan5u'141 C.IHtens1 ha_.XTI 'suniths,
beisnheritable, but rather psesudo-ism-i n.H dutssi1tuhssstuu 1fle't'laua''axiui1t'sid".'.
heritable, baing transnmitted before or Heisusedhhoelfeofthe ,TbiT.____,
after birth, tauexia peouhe, as hises'sait luisa"a tsascuI;I, '1a
S1A~Y E AKE TWO SHIFTS IN IST losng overhand truth thisoughI theun
____ _____capital," sadPIofsotsor Aitt mu FOR TODAY1AND TOMO iU
'everul mesnber' of last year's TI'wo impahoranit chanmevasamark thue "caussed amayI psleso loste5fathil
hi 'hzigaunDa0'ythyafturissow' fillisng schedmule of 'ummer school lectures the gaverament." '1Ticspeauks'rtald
positiossosncity puspars isa different rfor mae't xweek. The lecture by tRegent 1Dr. Ft IS.uchtasiash, fhOxfrdI thu-
pansof flue country. J E tesal, schaeduled in the amanounce- lad, ilaltre hroailisa ihiutal
'Tle mesawhso are engged usathis mtmnts r Mondasy wit be given tomuor X--- " la ezs asits sof Isasusas' as i tll s alaSO
cork are'aF'vita Chiurch, '14, sportisng row snight, and the lecture announced 55Ir hs ah* 'thtOixstal}fa
editor of flu'elMichigan Daily, ma con- to he given by P~res. 2. L. Snyder, of ugu irnihauus'uuautharf
lusty with tha Detroit Tribsusne' Fred the Mf A. C., Friday, July 10, has been oitBiblticalh imusriptts analhs hasasen
ii. Foulk, '1L~, next 'ea'r"siews ads- substituted by a recital on Mark Twain y brought her' by ProaulIf. A. _ aacra ,!
tar, has a position with the Independ- by IProt T. C. Trueblood, origimnally o heLtn'earmn, h i ow
st mnagazint isa NeweYorks City; Bsuce scheduled for thiasxveek.'[he revised T ruutias"sss'ahiaalusius tt s
J. tiles, '14, husines'a managyr of the pro rwholossi chaDrl~eIlcaiiusis itr'ste'd. Haipormflws
1913.-1914 Student' directory, a work- July 6, 15:00 o'clock--Thie University his1 hs etsuu s b utstfu
--ing \vwith the Detroit Nexws;Maurice helthhService (illustrated), IDr. 14. large' suniersitie assi thec saes'cu-
Toushnue, '14, mna'ging editor of the IL. Ciumimg'. jests
mh haas iaayslmi say wirnsJuly 7, 1:00 s'clock--Fa'ts anud Oils, thetil I. ali i uh ae 'a)ittaus
itha suis of the Chic'ago pusers; Jshims Ths'it'P'odaictioni andssedsca(llui- itratdhaestuash te am
t1ao, a nember of the 1914 Daily staff Crated), Assistamnt Profeasor L. If. ' }re FI-rO y nighut atf h:00 a'cloak.IsaI is
is wills fle Detroit News; and 'I.I-aw- Comae.lectures' RegenuthBeahalcwillstpeak cohuc-
hey T'appisg hasareceived a editorshsip 0:00 o'clock--Cosesrvationa of Vish- Jtiiof, .it. I. leuterashly usf thi s'Xiasia haeuta nriveat-
on the IPeori' Joursial. iom, Profe'ssor WX. IR. Parke:', \We'st - - ---___- - lvy mushdscll ma'e1'particaular maca-
-- _______- Ampshuiheater, Medicualbuilding, l otfsmay cases swhere the ;Mexicansiaso tiosa o1 thit tonstructitnsofsth1 asmaaocs
Htanty Chintese Students 'ttroll. July 8, 5:00 o'clock-Thse Appreriatios i thorities had granted aud to forcign moogau 'haomes si thus ecnomamuity.
Eighty Chimnese students, ia large of Architecture (illustrated), lPro- saupittal, tahinag if sasy haromdthai Mrxu IPrust A. -I tevesii, acting deana af
nusmber comnsg frosmsothcr nuiversi- fessos' N. Lorcs. ran people. the a' uracyeyartmenhsaatauhwiltcia
lits ',have already esnrolled isa the ssms- 0:110 o'clock--Orguan recital, lMr. Earl 'Day troubhles thsatthe LUmited Stte T5'ithu M2anusiacture ohf2.apansse 'Lae
fner s essiosn. That'nuamber xwould be':V. Itoore, (Hill auditoriums.) would mealtiwiths, is ase asn ay wereaud Lcueh artih Xse"ssilltis sestplay's-
consisterably targ'yr we're it not for the July I9, 5:01) o'cloek-JohnM a thrshuall,sst towaurd the iheart:ol e oh u icashs lcuatsu ureromsat 5:009 to'cck ridlay'
fart that a 'g"neral order hus beams is- husafer fBuilsder of the tois titustiosn, restoare ordecr, awere hrosugtut stby 'laaauafte lus'. heecturte sill ho itus-
'ue ,bI. T. WuVass , thue naisaltuu Professor LE,. C. Goddard. . ssaeasns of a snumsber oh shadesshaowinmg"tesata':)yhas'ucilectionsfsideahs.
steasusrer employed by the Chinsetse July 10, 1:00 'clock-The Newseesd- the comndition of the asountry thrugh__ s,_ _
government, stating that he did not 'ithy(illsustrated), Prsofssor C0. C.skics ass armsy'msass.ittAccor dis" Stholutiiii iss rary' MletiosisiIteuas
approve of any Chinese' 'tudesnt takinug Gusser. to IProfessor Allena t woauulhae almaost sisat e'a'prssshtaoa hal Its c caucus I
liv 'usmaner schol xworkunlss tahue 0:00 osclock-.-Readisg'fsromaMarkiamuspossible to osend saassuciid haof all [-zlt ],[us7alas ts huaua l Iha asy tsili' eddfrgauto h Tan rfso .C relo. m it h etro ri'a )ri_ o? p ht ffloigyer SrhCselAgl al. oth og odto ft~.coai). lutkuae oeaeni

Nsuit,. o1'cpn tduruiagflue summeisr at all
tasusa {tli" rtushtiast bureau
aill cips 5 _c1ciflisahuhbnit uf those
Thec first oh thu regular menmbership
itasheastaillbheIald I-riay snight.The
eoauamuttce assn chargeus coamapos'ed of
Mainla Calli Is t1Lscairsaan, Sidney
ciSuenthEatnsshJohnsaDtuble, '16L.
IPrmfi A. I.I andt'rs ad Mrs. Sander'
aud Xi.iand Mralit XIM.Carpenter
awill thatuerone. A numnbtr of tickets
lusts'baeenssaoldasnd thcse resmaisning
cay heabaisassd at the Union for 50
acaents autosuple.
Th tc tafe us usaeafor fluefirst tinme
tsuasas sum(-,ald hoardiers are being
,actcommodaattetdustny a haew places ce-
isisa thubhasftutudu
A ssua£ l asssusum aer esmbe'rship of
$1.00 is offermcd ta thoais attesnding the
asmmer Sssinshauth sill entitle
sisicutshtoa ,ttensd all that gathierings
uada enjoyltha i'i lgc'es of the Union.
1O 1at -1 ' :N.' IsN4ttlaff{itI~id
a thisummuauer sciona ot thmeasngimneer-
in,, dtnyas hmuact has a psresent enroll-
asmat oh 342, thais' baing assliincrease of
1 c3'ovr Icettal e'nrollme'st of t913.

'Therea sr c 90 studcnts at Lana Bo-
gasrates, thac summesuar ehvil 'enginer'ing
c amtps inirhuargis ratPrcfassor Johnson,
thssbassum the largcst summesr canmp
ievea ld.ta Last ye'ar theresees60f
mu thur caap.
Sletitg of Foreigtn Stusdenuts C'alied
All tomrasiinstudhents isn thunusiversi-
ty usc nitad to uattandad mueeting
wichweillthebe lcdsit7:720 o'clsck sharp
tiss vcinuag his Mellanss hail.
Thueres iill be at snesslitug of all
ba selmli plaers inuterested -in
list fsormationt of it summttter' 'e'
tout bas'ebs'll leatgue, at lt
9ttisug uts uiiinttottorsow itighti
,0t7 :0 o'clock. El'ctiont of man. *

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