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August 17, 1915 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1915-08-17

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-Prof. Elmer I 1' 111141dMrs.33Wale
returnied from Syracuse, N. Y., yester-
day. They have b~een making ao auo
motbitoe tour for the last few (toys.
-as h utos 11' mad1144 1 101141do sarit i
is expec(tedt that Mayor C'. A. Saoer
w~ill issue 0.poclrsaationOthat: atldg
muot he nmouzzled for' a period of 3
days and fhat they must he kept oit
thm sfreofo.
---eauii Effinger' returned14'4y'stera'1'1
from his usuatl5ve'ek-endit trip o folet(as-
ant Lake.
-1H. 31. Seulerl, of Ad~rianl, 0114o was
recentty operatedt uton tonthe general
hospital, is futty re'overedtanot toas
leff the city.
-Gaylord'4lT. ('lia,'14l, who hasat
tended timetUniversittyof t'alifornoit
the last year, to to Asn Arbor visititog.
lie expects too attemidfloe Mtichigan taw
school next year,
-Dr. May, 4dir(ector1'o4fWatermban ,fy11
anioun0es5tflattall stuidents wh1(o tave
clothes iir paraphoernalia in aniy of th
gym lockers shoulid get tieiioby to
end of the week, since floe huiloling wtl1
he locked after that timeo.
-l1i11 for 44d1( (414s400'e144414 104401
for at ttoe Iluton Emooployumeootbooneau.
A matruono for a frateronity houose autj
several cookus wisthingto witch for
house cluhs have fileud tocir apicto-
tions with floetbureauo. Persos cisho-
hog work- or wantinog too secure help
shoolod see too'emopluoyoieoontbuoreaui at.
--Telteel141do4or4'fo4r'1144' saftty deposit5
vaolt of the inew'ariers' andio- l
chls' toanoon0Sft ate streetloos or-
riced andt will tie pooltoon place is s0o00
as the concrete worklontoo eoo walls of
floe vault has settleodsoufftcienotly too
carry the great weight. 'Thoesr
wecighish1t tonos ando it reoioiredl con-
soderahle timoe andoototieooee toovE
it to toe tooseooenot off toe tuildinog.
-Alumnil 31411144151 114111 will 14441 ('e.
mats openointooeiiieveninogs oter thbc
sumnoer se'sshon. 'Tlehouoors of too
Musoeum will conouiuoe toe saooe as too-
-Oljj.(5 workmenl14'ar41' ('1114101 ('1 in
cleanhog thoe omaorble steps oanoo staoirs
of flene socicteobiloding. Ioosiun'
pumice stoneiiasootwaoger, 00000'of themoo
operate's iaspocialeloot ricoal moochine
for thaot puirpose.
-No se4ri41o(0s cas1es1h4'e14411 141'4401011
10th tiotleotionooo o Ie teolthlo vice t
duoring the laot foss otaos. 'Itly
her of' imeno treateodaverao'ge' aotoit 211
per oday, owhileo'oto1tt00wo00000000
ceive daliy tr'e'otoiun'ut.'


141ANY FIIA'IlNI1'IES TO'10IAVI -________________
Vsn artrnitie's111i114; Others.11 Bcuyx i~te
oeidn ls tNew I
Maonyof too' fraferootfies aooo sororo-
ti's at Miecoigano soill occupo~yonew' Proof. Le'roy Woteoeaoowlot1ooto'o
loomes whten sc'hoool copes noot fall. jcouorso'eoin tooo'io's nexti foll. Noo marl:
Tooare touitling, anoolseveratlowt11 ce- haboo oc'oo gico'oin toohitsolbjecinooce'
moollbtetore moovinog. 1Pr'ofesosoro'Craigoeleft soomoeItioooo'ago).
'1'I ('hot lcPsifroterooity oct11 leave j to
tic' boeaooutfool 'esido'ooe 000Hurono Pr'of. A. J. Faorroolo.'90,1 odoano of floe
streef, whctheyto'y wOO ocupy, adAaaoolA loooa tow schoool,oandolforomerly oa
silt mooove inoto a noone000'owsteing oooo'ootoor of toe Michioganoloawo'facilty,
cooosto'c'to'ol at1thoc cornoer of Stfatoe andool n. to ottistwcoolooAonooAroor.
Moonroeo'stroots. 00'
Tloe Phti AlpuhoaoDeltalawo'frosternitfy 'root. JtohooIt.lBrunimoo, oof theo'leo-
oct11 moosc'tfoin 'to'oor'se' chaopier fo ~'tni oeao'toooo'ot.will gie' too'flrst,
tiousono'00 too' 'orner'o'of lill stroet oooodlof tI tic'ttoeo'.ottvof Mticiganoo ; 1.st('0
F'oroesf avc'nueo, shoortly after'the openo- jsiuooo1ectuore's at EmeoorsoooLakoc, 00 ton0
bog of college. seven'o omilo's fromoo Allegaoo, too'loot of
Th'eoo'htoa PilAphaosororityonosctils 000000to. professoor ltrooooooo oct1
loooatce1 at fit Eaost Hoooooo soreof, swoll -'pea'oon,000."'lToe''so'apo' Froooothoo' m-oo
00 opyt'heo'ololo'Noooooro'oo'resiocc o n ooopaoe." 'h'tocco'asionoofoor ftho'too-
oo thoc corooer of Stato' andolMaotisoon, fooe is a granoge pic'oio'cid 'oaroooor's
to a Ipermanenooofthoooe.picnice.
'Thoo Stigmoa PiEbpsilonoofrooterooity,
0000w locatedoo il000SouoofhoStoofestreot, 31 A Is I KI Sli'S 1AIN''I N~bS ('A 1.1,
ncar Feorry Fiolodoo'illooomo'e intoo toe !FORTH'1'1STU'lD1E1NIT('13131EN IIAlION
t'oooloo' oolouro'ccuppeod ty tMcs. Suomoner,-
of 621.tiSothoStaotc'sot'c'ot, aood ftoho t'looy suooooor so'loool studooenots haoos
bl'c'oifo so silt octropy theloo' seolio'inu ired i o'ofoItho' courator'of thoc .Alumnoij
occupioedI ty' Sigmoa Pit tpciloo. 2.1o'oioo'Hollio'c ' 'onritho' idntolooty'
'fle Noow Yorkotbato'Clool, nostow1- atof L'onoA. Moicisi, whoose' paiotinogs
sateoon00tho'e'cocre tBillandolState thiooooo illoo tooheo'owofostoxhubiioo-,0ro0000
strcets, woct11 oooocb'etoiro' falltto thocir 'of Memooorial Hooli, hooove'ro''ci'd suoo'h
00e ome aooo'ot t17Eit. Aooooscircot. foocorable0 0000cofn. Mr. tfaiio'i
Ita Toohllotoo 1hi0awoss'to'oorooty ssill stoarteod a0younog moechoanoio' tootoe shoops
iov froetooo thooir lpr'esent h ooooo'00 ofitoe Stuodoebakoieo' autooboilo' la'ctoy
kaosteooaos avoenue,ooe Itoome oetoro' ittSoouotohBendo, Inooiaooa. Ilis woook
Sep1o'oeomb Ir oobod sill occuply thoo'witho tho'broosh totorao'ted'othtooattoentiooo
houoso' at 721 iS. Staf~ tfre'ot, ss'otolo of too'se'nior Studebakeoior, wssioo . goe
toey hace purch'iase'hIsanoolare nows'itso hoeyctoo purosaelots o'are'er. IHc'
havoiong reo'deloed',o$10100 hoeoog speoot stouoieoofromo119017 too 111011 tootie Act
ti tots wcor'k. Iostituteo ooin'Chicago ooodlthoenostaiyedo
L~ambdooa fhi Aiolhafroateoroity scill intolPori's froooo19t09ltoo2913. IHIcex-
ooooce too 2511 'Wastteuasc avenuue', hibtitcotitosoitubrositohoc Go'ndoo lono

Thlnejnrmers &. Mechanis Bank'
For vactiofoods,ot' Travelet's,
Checks soo't Iobobat. Payablo
aonywhot'e. Ask us.
almIds RoyaI
304 Ssutho MainoSSi

University School of Music
"A lollerong Place Ilr Advaced Studenhs"
Annual Summer Sess'ion
Regolar Fall Tics begns Mon. Ict. 4, 1115
l'or Catalogue'an'Irooiaobsoaddrsos
CHARLES A. SINK, Secretary
Ass Arbotr, Mioh. I



for your profit-drink
Every uparldingg loss ofit boomfal of vigor, + o~
hu ti odrtunhmeefehe n gaaouwnt
olHeestLes, vacationoilytheosGeatso es the m ttt0os snootblead
pessnohecplouohotidinAer hs isTte ogollaes.FOreetShe EKLY boos
Tolsedo o oenogttheooio shoodondteWxouostmerss blood byHithis
Csompanyaepostie uarate~ses hatou wlenjpoy eeryeoomoiteof
Tttsipeeandoreternoomesodreose. seleatdHgled'yoduBwen oesss
Dl yriPSeteeoietrot sodleleddtoitogndBufslo.FrAomstuneoothp
tooSptember1tSeaetsCity oo etoit DIIanditofCleeld Ithe dTo Gints
otGaoeltoLakefsopoertedailyservion oth~e Bflo DvsonAdyouosaL.t(.ford to
To.lP.o and fetoit tMackinactslandsand WoyoPortdaokinaseosladteHsoi
PodtionsH.reonbleoraPeso. .S EEKLY.BViSeProALS.T&EAMR,
All steoamers arroveand depart. Third Avenue Wharf, Detroit.

wvhere theoy'huavo' pu~rchuasedl aonesw
"1RESTY DPAT11'lltI.E111iNT .51 AltS
14G' N R11F11 O"11131 3(ll.'A N AlTENDI
Ac coodnoog too 00repolro ecivedbyho
100' tooost cv odeolartmelOt out tile' uoi'eu'-
o ily', thbo' Lasso' ol 'o cooof t'aiforo'iac.
! I~o coorptioonolbost Maouguoseodiou-
Jucy too 5,01(01acre'os out landuoandoldo-
- tu'ooyo 11 0.(,00,000feetot imbeiuourisno
'o'nerdageous. 'ThooelUitoulSlates
Prso Sonrvtoo, auterooduoootinog a0
t~oIoou lisvst igaotionooinoothio' causo'
; ofboo' utolo us 05haseeded htu
thoew oo.re'dboe'too sowswsaler rauoi
ito thoc0rater anoolbetig eonvuertedl
itoosto'ouou. 'The''tri'rof mudolando
lo. s.v totoftoweoood'b lo'on ho' sto'leot
(t'.I Inc '00000i0, snallpp'ed offb0r0,0-cseo'-
(ra 'fteo'etoinodiameuoter'o'ikoc'tooot bhiek's.

Whierc theyn roseiedtuo'bmuou'o faorablec
'ommenoo'ot too Pari'ts too1912 anooh11112.
Sinuco' thenubo'leuhs beome aou sl iou-
struorin r tooeo' 'l'go' of Ar'c'hiteo'-
tuore' ohtho Un'icv'rstyof Mithitganuo
'bloc subjetsc of(ho' piufure's shoooo illt
Meo'ruilIHall 'anoge fromoo ilndscape.,I'
patontedt tonf'aris, toorutrats.
Ihoo Gh to 1014 tendos 314' o'Haz hoil est
Dleanu Karl JA1.. ttho'left biast ''e'
foro SoauotF'uouoo'tocoo sobruo''o' too' o t11 -ut
to'nod omeetinogout of'the tAsoouttiooo cft
AmicanO1.01 lit0eo'sttio-s baot toooc an'oo
S~tic' t'ooto 'sittoso otl herkceloy, tolt-
ornobeo, tw'eoecolAnugusl. 27 andt 1
hPr'sidecnt lHouthis soill also bl'oavo' hot-
'0' iouthou'fouallondwIll h'be o'r'se'nitt
theoso:uuueeo 00cc.s
Re4m10o04ved 140 'c 1405Cau 1114B4041 Poison1
Vo'o Lio .. 5'.).ill, '151.,of Ihldo.o1,
is tolloouni'o'rsity bo. 01101 f'(n
fronuo 01sesure' u'o 00 o: Itoool 1 ...
Sc'ovi loohd 0a botle'.ex io0''Oood
tunoe aofo ndloul tufcoion s'octoo. li


t0 .{c1 til' N. I.b'. Th'bt\ I'll. .ttooolttooo is sero. oS, bout totsoily sic;
+,., '.ulot~ii, 211 to. NitoSt.. t blie've''o'thatoulbu'wsillreO'u'oo''.

Betsy 055sCildy BilhletillIli


vholut z

Aoon Arboor, Mihb., .'oousf i. o, t

Nos. 2

The $1.00 Quality Sweets that
sell for only
the full pound. 'Try them today
Befosro'yco uoav uc' iuArbuour (oooo
iltoo leth uh s poohy'ou up i ll bobo
ou t' s Ruoy'boss O'aiesi'stoo tal one(uoo
witho you.
fBolsy Ibuss I 'arulite'c are o' lo
freshifo thuo le case' 005y'ootouybl'
themoo. Suutouolibobl' fruuouoloc' np
o' poolt upinoo 1-2 Ito., It Ibo1. 2 ito., :t
Ito. ()1, 11It. boxeos, oossoo'tu'ol as5yoou
wuishi, oiato' l teound

"Btsotbss Candoies are tboe hest Bletsy Rtoss C'andoies are sosld onoly'
I hoave over o'aten," "Betsy' Ross froomroguolar Btsy Rtoss stoops,
Candiehtos aroe so gouod I 'an't go boy'whers h euoo uy'are bode0(0' obtained'o
y'uor store o'ithoout, stoslping.'' "Ifrc'shu tabby.
otinkh youorICandooic'sare helter thanoou We pt poo ,00.wraplooandbomail
o,1ly' $1.00 0 lopoundoh ool'oates I ever landoies to ooaohoadress. Nosextrau
oale," '1 .. to . T'thul's whaot our coos cbarge excpt postage. We areo' hob-
I ooooo'os sooy. 'boy' thoe'ouonceu''vodoui11o9ouroers nows'froomostoudentls wohoo
o'oou oct11 soo th(bo' 5lnl0Owisbh thoe'edoliouus 0'aouolo"'whleo
onotheir soummoer'va'aotiono.
Bcitsy' Rtoss t'andiltos dhitf'o'foo
{thoieuosouaiibosxod candoies'intoohrleu
Bctsy Ros aos:otfusIos oout' 00
II f'esher ounodlboter
Home Made Colonial Candies secondol Betsy' Iouss lounohto's au'
o al hand-mae-no~c somao'hineo'goos,
600 E. LIBE3RTY SIT 10no tos orkoatoeveurco.
ANN ARBIOR, MVICH. ''uoo l 000fsus oofu
mc-thoOe o'puoud.

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