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July 27, 1915 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-27

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V. I'.IS110)P WILt. SI'('('ED IEDIt'.S A' 1LITS and around by the aid of three errors Y q o uka1; Bnk p(1
L.IRAItA N titilNEXT EAR ANt) LEAD) LEABi Ater the firt, however, te Lit. ,ITherarlers The m~Exquisite Corset Shop
--played air-tight ball. capitlI41;',000. sn I ft 0 NekeaHosiery, Unre al Wit
W. W. Bishop has been apponted (Cantiseed frosm pae if Benton pitched the irst inning, and For vaton toeds, or Travler, PHONE 162
librariais of the U1niversity of Mint- T1he nine-round battle at Ypsilanl e he isadtorn.Ky hcscntb et aal 304 S. Main Street
'antosucee libaras oc, ho'riday seemed to have takein le life pitched the rest of the battleand anywhbee Ask s
iantsueel baanKc wh 3'escaped uiscathed until the last round, ______________________________________
has been grated a years leave of oul ot the Lit sluars who participated
in that gaiie, and they playeid list- when two hits and a pass gave the
abseiice. Mr. Bishotp rcivetad Ilh issIcy. Lits their other twii scores.
tiachelor of Arts etree from fbe Uii Ini the fourth, six miire runs were A clever pick-up lby Robertsoni at
vrity of tdilhiassin. 18l2, aiid a year scored by the Medics, but three hits agist tideadiicu albycatch ofa-o _
later his Master of Ats idegree. After ientering into the iariiage. Cutiosodagisthbrcwlliytclife
that liepuiscuied the study ot librry Lewis were both haniiered sit the tue1h oiet "you think yo'd
witc, aiid became sstait laii slatb, aiid Nieiaan fially tiiok the lll '% rcs ' like a drink-or
at Priincetioi. fie was later aippoieliaitn'd11sord struck out the third ini. M- ijts -l feel you need
aslhaii f i'iiigi'siitlI-ltoud pulled aii ivory by nmakiing a Alfii .A one-orko
irr tV'sssgcs it~iiit .1 pickupi with the base' tll asd failiiig i{c s....... II fr you must have 1( lhf
aotoilshfthiril for the forcisisit. ". 30702l U n-aeit
"f'l'en le hlsds if tie presest Ctimei. Msllei,,ini ..... 2 ft 0 0 if 2 N, . ,
NI. ltESEl)'N '.THG Niemans looked so 'ood ini his relief Niemian, 2'-p ..... 2 0 ft 2 10I
Nosen.LE'S TG L ssIG" -ok trole at both Ypsilaiti ailc rasnd1.. i 7 4
S A ~~ aIisthflit'Medics, MaagerEcl'ar- Ect'loui,3l ....20
No nAlCsthings at grealy I'e land seint him ini to pitch against the ath f0.....2 ti
ditced prites. N.FELLNt n.A tgisneers "1311" got asay ii excel- Busjahii, r ........ 1 0I 0I0ft 0
stir iiew locatiioi, 211 So. Male St. ifflhoc f'ahioi, holdiiig the Engieers to Briwn, 2 .......... 1 0 1 0 0 ft It annwera all occanon-fits all times
-I -- one lit, a slashing doibl'ly Mrii- Crip100040 andsasan-alays delicious delihtful,
sou-.'his lit op'sed thesecon'tid iim torlsp ....... 0refreshing and good
N 5F. ALLEN'S lRED) 'AG SE O NG JLewis p .......... ft 0 0 0 0 0
nin, but Nieiiaii settletd towii anti1Kay, p 10 ft0ft ftItDDliciosaRefreahing1/l
SALE struck out three atters ini that iii Thirt-Quenching 'V
edNoseonsit-Alt Clohinig at greatly c- iiiisg, although hie wslketd one msi Totals ......1. 4 12 8 7 Tint COCACOLA COWhave
fi c d p r i c e s . N . I A A L L E N C . A t M a u l b e ts c h s co r e d t h e s nly r iiio f f- A l i . G . Ay o hu a
our ness loci'itlio, 211 So. Main fSt. tfj Niemna in the firt inning, gettitig olMedics of Cca-Cin

Technique unexcelled
Each person posed artistically in relation to every
Home 'Portraits
in the familiar "home atmosphere"
At Christmas time you will want ytiur photograph.
Why not hsave it taken now when wve can devote
much more time to pleaae you?

Blrilmiyer, If....
Brtckmn, 3.2 ..
Baritteau. p
Hapeiiiai, r....
S. Robiertstot, 1t
Maitibitaii, c...
Ciosbty, Isl....
1laiglit, 2
fCampblitell,.s .a

Al.. t. .?
2211 1
2 2 1 ft
22 12
2 2 110
2 21 0
3 1 1 1

A. 1+.
1 ft
t 1
0 0
ft ft
If ft
ft 0
0 0



lTtalsa... IS.... LI 1 7 15 2 1
Ininiigs- 1 2 3 4 5 Ri
dii .................. 011101010-I
Medii's ...............I 0 07 G-11
'iwo-base lilt - Brickctats. Stolen
biast's-----Me-arlatid, Leswis, Brilimye 2,
liaribeati, trosby. Sacrifice lifts.-Mi'
Mulleti, Brockimaii. Struck ot-Biy
Curtis, 2 ini 4 ininigs; bty Lewis, I is
2-3 ininiigs;tiy Nieimain, 1 in 1-3I in-
ug; ity Baribeau, l..Bases sit halls
t---Offturtis, 4; off Lewis, 2;. Passed
halls- Arentza,1I Maulbetscht, 1. Htl
bty pitchser--By turtle, 1I by Lewis, 2;
by Baribieau, 1. First base oni erroirs-
Medlics, 4. Left oiii bases--Lits, 5;
Medlics, 5. Iliipfi'es lt'Binton aiit
AllB. KR. I. AtI,,,
McMullen, us... 3 I01 0 0 0
Mctloudi, r...2 1 1 I 1 2
Areiitz, I-s ...2 ftI 2 1 I
Birownu, c .... 1 1 0 8 1 1
Nieimani, p .....2 I071 1 ft0
Blusjahni,3......2 0I0I0 I'2
Gracey, 2 .... 2 1 1 2 I 0
Stiill, If . . . . . 1 7 I I I 0
Rice, s.a .....1. 0 0 I I I
McFarlandu, l1...1 0 1 2 I0 it
Totals ..,..17 4 515 5 3

ALAKE.osoRIYUs E 5oc Acs is R ECRE~~A otiOns
Have a real vacation osn the Great Lakes, the mast sanjoyable ond
economical outing in America. The cool lake breezes, the ever-cha fl-
log ocenes along the shore and the luxurious steamers nperated by this
Company are positive guarantees that you will enjoy every minute of
the trip, and return home refreshed and glad you went.
Daily servicebetweenmDetroitasd Clreelad andDetroit andBfflo. From Jose 1 Oth
to Septembher I thSteamersCity of DeithIIIland Cityot Clevelond Ilthe "Twroiants"
of the Great Lskeo. operate doily service on the Buffalo Divisiont yoo cas't offord to
miss the pleasmre of a ride on these floatingpalacs. FOUR TRIPS WEEKLY from
Toledo aod Detsoit to Mackinac Island and Woe Pants. Macinac Islad, the Historic'
Summer Resorr ofthe NorthCosty,isecomisg more popular eery eessonswith thc
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madatiosat reonasble rates. TWO TRIPS WEEKLY BY SPECIAL STEAMER,
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Send two-et stam oreillutrted paomphet and GCoa Lake Map. Addrso L. G. Levch,
G3. P. ,fl.. Detot, Mih. Set of poster staps mailed for flveents.
Philip H. McMillan, Fres. A. A. Scaosz, Vice Pres. &Genl Mgr.
All staerso arivesonddepart, Third Avenue Wharf. Derocit.

121 U. Washington St.

Phone 598

GRINNELL BROS., exclusive Michigan Representatives
i0C, k-tntti iit.,tt asit 5e sd iliPa o tin tn rtteiol.
Style $12,s $14, -,1
Amh nnierasian UMade< i md
G rinne ae 4l b ilHueoronel.Is
A- anAbo trisic o dv22 Landiety Sreeta od

I lFir

"The next trunk I buy
will be an Indestructo"

Ai.. 51. I?.
Aikceti,3......23 0 I00
ltaultshi'i, c..1 1 I 1
Kay,p ...... 1 00 0
S. Rtobertsoni, 1. 2 ft 0 4
Betont~, p-c ...0 0 0 3
Scvut. r.......... 2 0 0 0
Mlorrisont,is...2 0 1 1
Aldent, 2 ........_ 2 ft 0 0
Lute, a ... ft....0 0 0 2
TI. Rttberitsoni, Itf . 2 0 0 1

A. E.
0 0
1 0
1 0
0 1
0 0
0 1
0 2
3 1
0 0
0I 0


This is the opinion of
people everywhere who
kno wtbehanso ueappear-
linceand dturabilfity of In-
dlestructo truik, or who
have secti howe wondeiftully
conivensient they are for a
lr~aveflfinganid vacationi trip.
WeX' have a stew line of
fItch stB corb ri-s a n d
heather goods. Corntun iisd
sce thtems befotre you go
west this soniner.
Itideosucho trunk-s are
abtsolutely ghtaraul. cii for
five years, no hatler how
hiardtihe swear s ott live
Summer Furnishings
for Men

Totals .......... 751 1 12 5 5
Innins- 12 3 4 5 K
Enigitnters ......1 0 0 0 0--I
Two-base hits-Morrisons, Gracey.
Stoleti bases-Gracy, Lure. Struck
oist---By Niemians, 8; b' Benstoss,1I by
Kay, 1. heft oni btases--Lits, 3; Enigi-
neers, 2. lPassedh balls-Browsn, 2;
rGscuhhetachs, 2. Wilci pitch--instois.
Bouble plays--Arenstz ltotGracey.,First
base isiseirors -Lits'1 1; Ensgineers, 1.
j umsipires -Scultz arid ICsurch.
N. 1. ALLEN'S EEl)T'10Ct.O'I'ttG
Now sit-All Clthsingat greatly ce-
dunedl prine'. N. I". ALLEN CO. At
surniesw locatiotn, 211 So. Masts St. If


Ruele, Conlin & Fiegel

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