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July 22, 1915 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-22

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Vol. VI.


NO. 13.

.p = Popular Star Gay
LN. R9Sg~n f Continues bu2
IN E I A SA 'l SToday Star gaunet; tas alwayosbeen itoit
1- :00 o'clock-"Shakespeare's London," sular in Annt Arbor. Years, ago. the
for-'ight -Pitcher's Battle Ion i (illustratetd), D~r. B. S. Mallory, ttotttevartt atttdtte Iflrot were tier
'Tenth Inninig on Iwo Errors West lectore roost, Physical lalbora- recotgnizetd star gaesig caenters, butt the
And One Hit tory. Visi-ont eas ute yct en etered etwteersI
7:00 oclork--Visitoro' sight at the a strayinog loch:otfihair andt an s e
TYPO GAMES SET'! tt SAFFTIMIAY Observatory. Admnissone by ticket 1- ittletdtcttin.
otnly. Wthile tttis fortttott star gtaittg is
, ,* *otmort tlttaptttttr witte Miehaltee estdents,
o League San2g :06 o'clock --Michigan "Al-Stars" tlee seesecs tave Ipresenetetdattest'vs-
S TaPng leave tsr tse Normsal gamee ineY Psi- icty. titarlice hplin, Mary l'iceteret
* Lila .....2 0 1 1.1100 * lanti. Iantt all te ottier staers ttt pattottise
o" Medics . 21 1.000 *3:20 o'clock'-. Shakespeare's "Tierhaleacthteir legionee otf.eadeirers int Attt
O S~as. . . 3 1 .210 Taming of the Shrew," tamepas t1ev- Arbotr.
o Engineers ...110 ater, Boo2Gree players. But etto'estates still anttesr type ttf
0* * * **0 * * * 1:00 o'clock-"The Morgant Mane'-
____scripts of the Apocelypse" (illus-
trated) Br. E. S. Bucheeaae West
*' **** *** lecture roone Physical labeoratory. I.J i A i CDO
o Saturday's Gaines 0 7:30--Visitors' night at tierObserva-j
*Medic-Lit at 2:00 o'clock * tory. Admissios by ticketcetnly. f
" i-nierat 3:15 o'clock * 8:15 o'clock-Reade aced 'layloer's TO APP [AD F[DIDAY
0 5 "Masques seedleaves" C'atmpus tier-
ater Ben Greet players.,' lmn's h lcs tAtr
Winning an air-tight pitcher's battle Saturday a, Fac'"101g f h Sles' in atr
from the Engineers the Laws broke 2:00 o'clock-Ball ganse Vacatione on; lice''snllUr 'i
its the winl columns Wedesdseay after- League: Medics vs. Laws.
nco ona to0 sor, ad icientl-3:11 o'clock--Ball gamse, Vatationse NCRI'JA 1UX 1).11h l
neo oc a2 t 0scoeace iesileettl- League: Lits vs. Enginceers. ll IIK '' h Il P i
ly are sow tied with the Bridgers tsr 3:30 o'clock-Goldsith's "She Stooso -
the buttons, whlile thse Medics aned Lits to tonquer," C'amspus theater, Blen "'Theee Taiseg tetthe'Slieee" citt
arc even up for the lead. Greet playero. teegine the eg mens'st osettishesie reA
Both ties will be broken Saturday. 8:15 'oeloc'k-Shakespeare's" "A Mid- \toodliandeI'ilayers a1 t3:.30 to morttreow
Th btte eten heMeicad stemmer Nighet's IDreams," tanmpues atternonseicethse catpslen tlreair1
Thebatlebeevecetie Iedis nd theater, Ben Greet players, titrate's, stee, incaeesetf aitn, inc i esi
Lits will decide the lead, wchethser the v. . etrsiDty ail.
Fussers wchip thse Egineers or not. It is to iec regreted ti itseec lts
If tise Enginseers wile their gamee they ALI-t19sts'veseen5pasot pe'rtormtanc'es s et l
will go into third place, as tise LucewsIII L I treet's pitterte, tealt ir. 3enee te'
who leave examsinations, dolest p lay i TIEI ll lnI~ tl ot be' witieus thslsi m esee', as
Qlf,,..-TiAAri "lwia ~lo ~pil yiflWI 11 HV0IJ1 I14RI MPH it ecao iis sstetla" estiseg thset statilst'e

zing Still VNIONcm9G
it in New Mannerd AMAC
star gazineg, and it heas proved at least. PLANS COMPLETED
Iseore un eqent as asllurineg,as tie'
eotlher kaineds. Last nighetteeueniversity ' ,$1,0tt0t,0ttt0 to B~e Raised in October
obseervastory wscesopieenis toesmee'se's- by t'ommnittee oft 2,ttttt
sie ls setswo evrer'alleowedi leeAlunii
tak ai' e ep at thse heavessthroeughe
tie big refrea'ctry telescoe'. PUBII('TY (GIVEN ow PROJECT
Queite as seseber tooeel eadvantage' of
1110 lelnorlsave beeis fullylcolpleted and




e'd straintsisaevenineg.lMemeebers of
lie atronomysesysipartenet sell fescue the worke of organeiatione well started
tee hig tlees eer tiewoevn wheoswieesanesfor the canmpaigne of the Micisigans
ios' ees whesther titer e is re ally a esate Union for the stew $1,000,000 building.
ints ti seees, eandstie'meriecwho want. The project is thse largest ever tunder-
a pestk ee Venues. taken by a university unione, ansi if the
optiemisme of the men bebhied thte cam-
AY paign is a criterions,cothing cats stand
TENNISe MEN PL aosuccofstheycampus.
ios ohe am p ucss. syedte
flDFRIIRIOnPflasITFriday afternooce the bllilsl-
OPENrIiNiiCi NT[5[ Batesmnittee, coneposed of Bean
UILIIIIU UUIIs, Professor Burshey, Gardner S.
--Williaees, formeerly a professor ice the
11t sheen, s'dsh'r, Wihelmi!, lOrtry, engitteeriteg departement; Roy D1. ('ha-
eiacle hid 'lairk Emuerge pits, presivdenet.of the Budsoen Motor
Vietslrilelts C'ar conspany, aced Hoeteer Hteath, met
--with representatives of thee Pond
I)St'I P1,1 Nh FORit1ELIN tTENT'' Sbrotheers, the architects fromCeshlicago,
and arrateged a few fctal details bole-
1,. tG.lseibert defeeatedel eri\\eitter ing towrard thee placing of the con-
iesthelsecon's-t eiintar-y gaeete in the trusts.- It is expected theat the grouned
tenncis tousrenament, ther scores being will be broken early next sprng and
61, --7, 65-se. leetierleatter gamtes, Ved- thete the great Uneione buildineg will
i er letfeated h'oel'ei hy a 6-0, 715 begin tee be a thing of realizatione.
eden', 'eilittl iefe'ate d Clowe's to the Homer Meathe, the man who has
testes oft 6- 6 5-2, aceelDruery suceedeed crked for this project durineg the
itsi teeseeiseg Ballineger. "lhis" Mack last five years, seed is now the direct-
,enesesItie victor ftre is ithtiree ineg genius, says of the developmenst of
vets agasiuest Stoedard, cwitht a score of the organeizatioen, "Efverytheing is cone-
6-, -664. ineg in great shape. The boys are
Ic e iso,-cstee roueced, tie'oppioenets.( working hard and turning in Oine res-
so ar s ae now, wllbe s fi-suits " Theere are to be 2,000 alumtnei
lowss:tO. .T. 'Vilieitvss. S. G. Vrdeier. workineg throughout the country, ready
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - to give all the time necessary to in-

be able to wein both gamses, they wviii
he well out itt the heath.
Robinison and Phelps w-err the op-
psosineg hurlers yesterday, and the
game went ten inenins, the longest
contest of the seasone. Phelps whsiffed
14 batters, and Robineson. got 13: while
each pitcher walked but four tuen.
There eras but little hittineg, not an
extra base smash etetering into fes-
tivities. Fast -feldineg heept the paths
conmparatively free oft runes, each
pitcher being in trouble but once dur-
ing the ganme.
Robinson got his touch of leigh life
in the seventh round, but a remark-
able slay by McMullete saved the day
for the Barristers. With a eman on
firet and second McMuellen caught a
linle drive over second base, falling see
the bag for the seconed out, and therowe-
ing to first fronm the ground in tine
to catch the other runner, wits was
nearly to seconed whein the catch cwas
l'heetes wras sot lee daneger untlil the
final iceceheg, ewhen tewo pasoses a coeuplc
of error's ased a hit netted two rane
for the Lawts. Cthe'r tBrowne eras the
offensik'e steer tsr the Laws, isis il
tending the teeo ruets across.
Alhios gh tie caste was played rap-
idly, the lateness nmade it neecessary
for scatty players 1o le'ave befoge it
wats over5, aced the large nueeebr of
suebstitutiones meade tie prinetien" 01
box score impsiossible.,
eeisehetl2345167 1 10-itH B
I w s... 0e 0 0 0 0 50 2-2593
Eng...000000000 0-s 8 5
Batteries-ttobinesons aced Brcown;
Pthelps seed Daises'.

VI III I FI d LUIlIIll olies olrLi eset ise"steedacd tettose" teend
i'eked '1'eam to Oppose iNor malSchosld1 tiees Iaceoceg tie'tossp- Isett

Aggiegation'Toniorrow estecnts. Thses'parts, toevcer, aerC. tDrutryvs ..,t :to gomeery;: asssd
to b filedby a vey cpabe acora I. G ulbet wll laysure success,
Afternoon toleile t r7rsset'eeoae* .tsi e alpeythee wineter of
- - le~~rotege 01 then Greet. Mr. hBolandelthe exandeeeer-tlettretatch.les83dtrc
AEN WILL LEAIVE ON 3:ttt6 tA IItRusihtone will teake the parnt oft'" tlrses"'Flee seeseber otfreetracetsecessitatesbenslcd
_ice ''fle 'hasiceg et the'Sherecs.'' anedhof a. ''hy''ice the thirst roeund, so alter all seumber of absn
Miceigte' Al-Sarswil dah wth "Triplet"lee "Maesks'aelsd Phes," the'te erelimsitesries ace helayed, sa drawe GeeOctober
thee Neormal summseer ssooi teamseat elevct'' edtey by Ctaeene tste ecendstill b e'meeeait' onetgtsthoser'eho leave te api
Ton Tylo. dvnce t te scod oun i - front this time
Ypsilanetihridlay afternsoone leethe irs'es ia o''stcessse ote'cress oeel e r
of the two-game series whice has beene ice the'moeree seriouss parts.,IHarrytier to choeoese ses'weoestill advance mno he 2,0i
aragdbetweetlie too aggrega- talcvs-nwsll tlat thee role see4'" ieettiste," to tht thirderondecshwitheouetheavineg to the raisingo$
ragdtionts. The local tease wiii be com- ea rich genetleemensoe ot dae. 1le. t'al- paistne the secel. when the eam'
ver s aleadyknon toAnn rbo Thefollwingmenhavenot aidstartedtheco
posed of players front thee four teasseses saned etseet ci eer 'u siesle cethaeco ad ,t o
in th aainpeopele,asealee ar estyar i hi et Icefens's les tis sultanseouslhy ane
th ┬░Vctinleague. 'bss-es i 3rn eenen' selueestte-le a movingp
Brelmeyer, formser Almeescoellege scveral of thee teashiess;roess. 21in. test- doees by Friday evenineg of this leeks,
twirled ;'Pose' Soddhy, Michigancelr- err ceill also apehares ass"''uite'"eein hey wittlebe' automeatilely edroppedi lromienet alum:
eramd Rsbceose Oeh Sttetcirir,'tlets steed Flets" tee be' playsedFi- tressestier tossrnaeneeet,swhether they assembled in a
are the probaheemsoundl artists wsties eve~ e ninuttyst8:153 'ockh. Geoerge'hteerplasyedtheirsoeeeingegaesteor yells. Many se
will weorks for tie cas; while sev- Sosxeess, a eweremeseber set thee 'csasilnt : l. Dt. Nalice, WC. P. Ballinger, L. thusiasm will b
eral of thee Micheigane Varsity sem are to eeleenretfon tierfInst tittrmel teltnF. tBe'rry, F. Widemans, We. F. Judd, H. The fOnal we
expected to lee ice thee lineup. (C'ontinused on page 4) 1'. Secnit, It. it.Itlser, S. G. Vedder. called "'mcn
As the All-Stars leave' lad its teatsm graphic reports
practise, theemncagemnet cr111 attemept .. daily front evs
to select thee stronegeeltihitting com- contyTh
binathionewheicheease le'cheoseen.uoney willun
'Pie All-Sears anutsspponreswill ing this week.
reave the Stale street craiti elg'rom In the wayc
"aridety allterneoon at :01, and praye'rsofot hv e
weill weaer their etniotrmet over, takineg inoie rmd
herstreet cleothecs withe theeatit' they cueradm
desire to dine' letine'psiiatiti ar er iher ee ilae
gateec. is eec etmission is ho be sow and Octobs
'lea grs, stee ii'tiite teepta etucssecretary of the
pay their teste traseaportsationt . has been in osu
'I here wilsundoubteedly lean oppor- of this wide ip:
smnithyfor aneyonee malsing isr~ trip to utrurd
play,butsel ifoelloweineg emeeseareespe- he has beenme
'.iliy mrgee to be presenet: tpubliohers. B
Laheadie, Bentone,NiemneaseAinta est id
Rinsnt odBemeMlaln a .aAtr u yd aribeauEaton, Sche r 19erso,,coeuntrynewsp,
ihusjahc, Rice, IMcMullece, 'eilmott, S(tOgren Aie'ScoeeiefromiiProduection is' I cii Gie t'c Vodland Players, -Who smeellest paper;
Stulteaeed aighst. 'SshowHere' 'Ismorrowtes mesl'xtiim'day. Ifrom time to ti:

The country is divided
:to, amid conmmittees have
with referensce to the
mni in each divisione.
2 the fOrst meeting of
proper will be held, and
until November every
00 will give himself to
$1,000,000, Oem theinight
ipige will be formally
mmittees will meet elm-
d in each city there will
picturefOhm eheown. A
einnus cviii head the mess
o series of Michigan
hemoes for fosterineg en-
be carried out.
eek of the canmpaign is
tration Week," and tele-
,will be received here
cry eommisettee in the
largest part of thme
loubtedly lee raised elmer-
of publicity, succeseful
enmsnade to' get stories
[pal daily papers of the
nany of the "best maga-
orun articles between
er. C'harles A. Hughes,
Be etroif Atletic club,
setial in gaining moth
read publicity, amid has
irons New. Tors where
consulting the heading
le has made arrange-
number of firnms which
sate material for use ine
gpers, so that even the
rs will have articles
mete on the canepaign.

Friday afternoon: Annual Summer School Engagement of
"Taming of the Shrew" Seat Sale at Wahr's
Friday evening: MoayS. r, y na
"Masks and Faces" TonaySJly19, at4
Saturday afternoon:B EG RT S P. M. Reserved Seats
'She Stoops to Conquer'm 75cts. A Reduced rate
Saturday evening: Woodland Players of $2.50 for the Four
"Midsummer Night's CMU HAR JULY 23, 24 Performances.

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