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August 09, 1913 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1913-08-09

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Vol IV. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, SAYL l )AY, AlGUST ;, 19113 No. 20

Odd Treams are Fighting for Chance
To Play in Championship

MASSAGE CREAM ' itr'i'' rr:X ;Wi'roisv GEOLOGISTS ElfuI RE
MAKES BLACK/HG Corp;of 17.0i 1joo and Asistants~ RAR SPECIMENS& IST SCCE
ilotne_ ~ea~al A ERRICKEY
Blothi Will (Conte FromiiiSame Fettlealfo E.C.C_____ d1± i, ow'l

SaIys Prof. Hubbard In Pure
Fond Lecture. .


DOehundred d t(1hityshuo nts 1316 sl !hI111(
the medical (1e111rtmient 0wlhiih Av41110A o 11iis o11 ''adHimi
their 'ommee woework ihthe es'oo- sJo EvroIms, Son<, Opie as
iili'ctltwhiich are being 1he11 in thit 'rot. . Case and1(1 ie. 0W.It. IRob- IroJ, W'.'hihoiss'o
ileplr (( 11tiiis 0 eeh 0-e11d, 1(11ses-111'01itwo miemblersiofit he d4111111 tlls,-
01011 his hb e eey sucesslli e ii- of geology, havo jostereturneid 1rom1 a 11 r It m ITII 1 Dti I"Crlls.°'


Party 4 has already qualified for
the championship round in the Camp
Davis baseball pennant rac. After
the prlipinary sris tho leage was
split in two on tho basis of tandings,
and a semi-final series played.
In the even numered league, Party
4 had things its own way except once
when threatened by Party . The lat-
ter party has been accused of unfair
tactics. Early in the season, they
failed tot show much class. In order
to strengthen their team they resort-
ed to the expedient of letting their
right fielder lose himself in the
woods two miles away from the camp,
55 that they could put in a substitute.
Later the same man injured his hand
so that it had to be tied up and when
the team won the right to play in the
semi-finals, it was necessary to make
the wound more serious, and keep
his arm in a sling for another week.
Bly this use of strategy, the team
worked its way high, ut was finally
put out of the running y Party 4.
In the odd numbered league Parties
1, 3 and 5 are still fightig for the
right to play Party 4.
A picked team from the league
journeyed to Topinabee for sother
game with the resorters, and returned
to camp to celebrate a 15 to I vic-
tory. Today the same team will go to
Indian river where they will play a
bunch of campers from Pittsburg.
Shake-np in "Black Fly" Staff.
The first issue of the "Black Fly'
(Continued on page 4)
Will Present Ineresting Program of
Vocal and Instrnmental
Tuesday evening, August 12, the
second summer faculty concert of the
Uiversity School of Music will be
givens in the high school auditorium.
An interesting program of vocal and
Instrumental music by Miss Nora
Crane Hunt, contralto, and Harrison
Albert Stevens, pianist, with Miss
Francis Louis Hamilton, as accom-
panist, has been prepared. These
musicians are well known to follow-
ers of music in Ann Arbor, and the
announcement of their appearance
promises an entertaining evening.
The concert is given complimentary
to summer school students and all
are invited to attend. The prgram
(a) Cazonetta "Gia La Notte" Haydn
(h) "Marie"................. Franz
(c) "Fruhlingsnacht" ...Schumann
Miss Hunt
Sonata B fat minor......Chopin
Largo-Dopplo Movimento
Marche funebre
Mr. Stevens.
Aria-A' Rendimi" ........... Rossi
Miss Hunt
(a) tude.................. Chopin
(b) Ant Flugeln des fesanges..
............. Mendelssohn-Liszt
(ci Isodens Liebestod ....
Mtr. Stevens
(a) "Yesterday and Today"... Spross
(hi "Lullaby" ............ Hanscom
(c) "The Plaidie" ............ Ryder
(d) "Midsummer reams" dlardelot
Miss tHunt
Accompn iment by Francis Louise

Real masae cream manfatuired
from old fasiioned htch cheese was
among the illustrations hby which the
housewives waere startled in a letre
on "Foods, Their Adleratioi anaii
Detection," given by Prof. W.f S. Bb-
bard, in the west amphitheater of the
physics building, yeserday afternoo.
"Shoe blacking is nmnuaturedsith
the same materials and by almost the
same process except that blak is
used instead of the dainty pnk of
massage cream."
There was shon to be a greati-
provement in foods siee the passage
of the Pure Food and Dfrug At in
1506. "There is a greaer demand for
men trained in these pecial lines,"
hie said, "than the universities of the
country are able to supply."
It was denonttrated that starch is
one of the comomnonet (dulterants,
while sugar, especially powdered
sugar, is one of the most common
adulterated foods. In sample of
powdered sugar front 1 differeit Ann
Arbor groceries, examined by Prof.
Hubbardos class in household cheiii
istry last year, 12 were foid to coi-
fain from 3 percent to 50 percent of:
starch. As ais easy tet for starch
in sugar Dr.,:Hubbard shoed that a
solution of powdered sugar and wat-
er is perfectly clear while a soltion
of sugar containing starch is more or
less milky.
"Oleomargarimie which is produced
from the fat of cattle has nearly as
much food value as htter," said the
speaker, "and is a blessing to poor
people. The present rices of oleo-
margarine is too high."
Every housewife was shown to sse
preservatives in the forni of salt and
spices, salt being the only preserva-
tive which is an essential constitent
as food.
Suphites commonly used to pre-
serve hambsrger steak aid other
meats have not been fond in any
meats recently prchased in Aisi Ar-
bor marketts. The local milk spplily
was also given Dr. Huobbard's recoi-
mendation as free front hydrogen
peroxide, borax, or any of the eci-
mon milk preservatives. "That mlii
is sweet," he said, "does not irove
that it is fit for use. The use of re-
servatives will eap it in a state
which is apparently pure. Mtilk with-
out peservatives fromi the scientifi-
'rally comducted dairies of New orb
has been shipped to Germny aid
other European countries withot
Although he gave practical tes
which may easily be employed by the
average housewife, Dr. Hbbard does
not believe that the ordinary mer-
chant is maliciously attempting to
cheat the customer, and that pure
foods may be obtained if the cstonm-
er will demand them.
Express ApreciationI of C S. Denisn.
Resolutions have been passed by the
vestry of Saint Andrew's chrh x-
pressive of the appreciation o(if the
services of the late Professor Charles
S. Denison, who was for years an
officer of the parish
Will Gie Lectre Monday morning.
Louis H. o'ntoi, professor of
architecture, will lecture M10040y
miorning at :00 o'clock on "The Gar-
den City." This flik will be given in
the lecture roonm of the economis
building, and wiii bpoeenot -
building, and will be open to the lob-

Althou'h lt'e5work in the' riools
thie lelrtnient 10 esrry01n i'ise'archi,
are now being made.

Organloaltion Ilas11411en ularged ;andi
Mis'embrs IWill 171444014w 1441
1111e itei s heship, (IlLyi c1(1(1I club
icahigai, tha1 t willrival lie uiversity
exten1sionl('11(101''lis fall a,11peisoil
01(001150 is t1be0 l o"f t1hie'towns-11
and(11villages oflte1 tae( wtha ie
wehich v,-ill be II ii uby lb'eldiff'rent
stdt(1(mem beis 01f11(1eclubi
were r(elected t10tbe orgi'5 ltiloi( '(nd
it (5 planneditoih(ve try-outs in the
fall vwhih ((ill still further linr(50
the'mebe' rs ip.111 Ie; Afor mee'ting"s ef
fth' club '(1'e t, , 11 h le
Itres '(n(11relilinl;s 11(01otighis re'-
heased before membenllrs will be ii-
T his is the firstf lime ltheclub hiasIihae
suc l 'rI'l'"'n-le('ieersllip, sothe first
tfie that'an'lit 1(10Ill his been 1m1ade
to orrritocours(1es n1(1theli((Ifferenltj
tolwns0hby10meiis of (itlpersonaill repro-
sesI alit I. ITle stork hiisiheretofore1
beeii (o011 ht corr(sonlidf ee,11(1 it
is expec(01teftat:lle 011' plicy s'will
cet a lgeatr st thtll'or-1
a.,nizatoin anl its seork, i'ere' and
(liroitgfiol the sinte
"Since its ol-i11nattin.the Iclub lws1
been terys'511ees'l in giin1110 1'-
furl's,"slid IPresllidetT.I, I. I111k,
'141, "soime of IIhitciilis)'vebetin'is
wel' 0eeve 5tstoe oniteo i) r-
sityexensioii coarse.
TieLlyitum c1 li elubws orgaiedinII
lif8tshiroiugihtte('ff01rIs 01f1Priof.IR.D
Tf. tillister 1(111 los beeit eitsr the
directiont lftthe 010(001r ohdepartmient
esver since.Lait yeIarl withi, noiobei
shill 01 seve011if .1ve b1teo,othirty-
five aidtor 011tinletales thrioughoultill'e
01te it
hot11fi1st womani i m'embe'r' was elecede
last yell',bliss I leteti Magee, t14(lid
there illettw1 o new5001m00nisi('bers in
ehe elettionis foi next sear. lbs new
memlibers ate :lPaul Blancshard, 14,IL.
S. Hulbert, 04,1'.1J. Jonkmlan, 141,,
11. HD. Daid, 141, AV.tW' Sehreoder,
't4, It.tG.lPrler, 'Ia15,tS.bolter, 5
tW' C. Mollenidore, '4, Iliso I' ste Seitz,
'14, hiss Eh eleny-fion, 'a5,Hughi t.
Allertont'14, S.0Witting0'1H1R. R
Fellers, '22.5
Thtere tre fouir of the 0o(1 ieiibers
towtill be basck next year.
F"4reast for Aim Arbtor.
Unisettledi sitli occasional shotters
todaiy 11114Soodat'. tCooleir Sundally.
highie to itomoeeate vaeriabhle windsh.
Yesterday's 'Temp~heraturmes.
Mloofitan t) 8; miiiioeio 66. tiiid
Onue yeari' ago: mimum iiii78; mnii-
miuna 64. Precipitation .60.


eery-1115 11(111 tillltald 11w sostelilOtl that
to rthe t1 oh tIau 'es'bes' it}.,'fh i' tlcbil i) 5( l L L n-ol'01 le ofs 1111' Ahlsei
1thr.1 111 ') tl l'1' if o ils met e ocli it
foss51'il l et te heor helii'11'sl, h t "i'l
t t t: ngtr of 1(1511 n t b~e-
so"n,'leehis agrd tos tuet tolbb'' (111an-b ee t
ii the11111 111,1to1 go oith t ' h' 1 (1 elisel 1 . illishsI itiiiell
''Cfol vied1la'er, duct t11111e 01(111(1 oot be haredn x
Oese,0111'111'sc elos 'a ohy lita 1 5l 11
tOeoit of1'1115 1111 1iftlils 0 11111Catin'aut' otidesexttmis-
tote 5 tra sfi,'iiiie it 0 h p inois11(1rr e l t's o f rcin ih Rcei , o n dh
1110 tr15(ip iii a'010 il ls t yea(1 y1 'o.l hi T ian1x11 b e"r1io s"cotine sels
iitIgh (OlaIlhmal '115 thoehi 1(1 tt' , l)lii'1'llhlito Gog
oxi1111for11111ptrposeiof i'ss(elil aelisons.
'' 15 i d be1ds. Ottttll 'tfll'''omb''ipilIw
Ilisl.. ille l l w01 s i'el e'fll s tA le~ 1(1 105 it
ftcl1't'10al", 0(1111t fit 0 h i itoscitod
e'ot 's r h ptol~ r tio s 01 thtiIIts s t o f le e'ty Ihe li' e 'nted te clib
10n hilt siten o capoe toun eu ow i e it of ad ichd nte
t~ll mns ll ere rou ht b rk. his arsiy lottiio eel 00 ring t e sea)
tt'tnh hoh'rut r sI'iplas madeso astill, I _____ ___h___________teen ic
foitsit nle eotor t hofie ss Iit Ilso
silellpt ieies Impiinsh el t (it h /SEAEDIPSL-LN
Irett ("sI'n 1 cxt sn o Gerg
01ied ssiittoi stHiall l Ie , Chicago54141, alsifrom
011 i (110inroAl10011 ofOtbe aoii ti b11114(1t(fSntr
Ill' Il0II~l'Oi ol 1101 frst londtsplatei
I i h e cltio nsioitte r d e 115r111
teas"o id'1 ot ' Cilatoiidy'toeinuuisasns
01tiL'rOhad(g,, 111s toull I Itsolt Iie Ifl lO tt niii sde gni
"eot~tush oimese ii oroto 1 s (1111 ivit tois Toroels neogiaenr
"0oai fte11o f the'Uni eiof's o ii 11 11 1ltlet, td s htomg oi
(((lit 01 sti Ill;te ipuer elsefsthervniam cofuJ
will tob e eiots hr a s'o e re as t hls (C1sote o ntt ad( tof goo ds
110asis etfhisdotors5t11(1sill Illt efitI
toil tle eouss ii the it liineu(ftlso (0. otu ;s 't~~i tertonsi
"e o f. s' hee, tnente gin o rtn i , I Rlttlo stagtehsosal laT Of

(E1Mb . blhlLI S IVI 11) GET'
Avut Rraeiieiii hornier holder of
the seorldh's reeored in the igh hior-
(Il's and tobo was trinet ofthe Psi-
t ersity of'thuet""n 'tthtletesoprtor to
te 'rival'shof Sfesve I'asretll 1aytralin
Ite Gleermianathletes sshos will hoeOtt-
'ofdi tenetOltmioclegames.
A repooifrmt Berlin states that a
beeatohslettat eity for Amser-
lea to endeaivor to serlire his sorvie'eo.
Seuceessl in ouit..e 11 iteiltt
'0t'1 itt, speadlt1boi(1lilgtarlt' 110v1'
Ito tltbuilngsStwithbaeksmstokeO, thte
cit tar t'aeonblaed'upfor0te500-
0o11 11101 1101itertys'streeltt'ete'eday
afterenooin, It2:30 o'eloeto
'The ees'y itot mtetrial ec'raekedt
atbout eight feel of cue billg. Chemi-
ctals quickoly extinguished the blase.

a aaiyof" 10 "'tllns per day.
Hberee''xpol'ty)etlt s ,iro to be cronducted
ith altiew1 to Jeeriniing the adapti-
bilibty of thI' vaiustiiethods of sets-
.0,,- disposal5,i totMiehitan conditions,
anit to the sworkingt out of nenmeth-
ods. Inithe ight 01 0 reeent tMich-
igadeieslinthabti rties hate 110 right
Ill 11sf tll ' 'their sewl'ruage'into rnv-
115, andthetilt'lothtbthbus plan~t 15s1
sineer izii fie field, floe impilortaince
o111 itfune1t(011s'iandlthe extent of its
cont r'ibutlin totetelfaire of the
011lelofthoe state inay(1rendily he
'1It th ie esiablishment of thsis plant
Ottithi ntoatiess its plate, with a half
11111en1othler utits istutes and a fesw of
tile l'ar er eities,.1s a piloneer 110 the
-,ceogntoo00the liportanlce of fhe
;ill l!! IzI 01511 disposa10 l. Thme sfa-
an heab e ioteso)r Hood ho conduct
tlttl't' lbotesuig o t.us inia fieldin m
setite11lt beeeAyodis an authority'. It
1(100 tileiael fur0terlIdIevlopment
fit till s-'mie of the unimiers'ity' to the

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