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July 22, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-22

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II is what you get when you buy
11 _qshoes here. Onr is un o un1 aii-
A . E'. out tir other. You'll see l "eĀ°alt
the most approveut iii)d&; Try
on the stioes and you'll lid that
I comfort has rcot bren sacrificedt in
the effort to produce good tusks.
Our shoes are tir kind you'll wear
witti both pride aiid satisfactioii.
k t Headquarters tor
119 South Main Stre~t

IFor a Delightful All Day Outing or she beraiiifulitit. Clair siver
taetetainiir 'soiii" ay imorning'i:45, Sndaysguso. Dare
rr t retuning aei d ay.Pri uni $1.5is; lats or IfasiiisPrk, (is
f5 I i .:-.e' e daS, 75c Sundasy; for Toledo andrturn, siernr"O wan a"
.''Nt~uas ~ leavescDetrii.i iaiiya8:3o a. mi.,riaurnsa isDeritii:15 p. i.; fare
r'For as AtenoonaaRide iii St. Cfas luats, TashimiaParis sr Sari


re inenc /
onf trafk or campus depends on the tp-o-the-
minute fitness of proper training Mke
aparstiof the sytem, It wilt tlvrait eainig tissal ii andd yugisd
tasials. A halhful, dliisbeageaifc-l Iof lileand vsigrs
]elicious - Refreshing
Fine "atch. Repairing
Eye Glasses and Jewelry Repaired
Alarm Clocks Conklin Fountain Pens
alier Jewelry Co.
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
Te e C%'atalogu
Complete Information concerning seven departments:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Comtmercia
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (atfiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools ir Observation Study), and a
course for those preparing for the scientiic
administration of departments of sanitatin
and piblic health
IFor Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
SceayUniversity ANN AR BO R

Lilire toLea st lwiniils latati s
tPatients awillbhaseaisilstrisi s~i
irs thei'etre onis"Cozsii.n Ea, Nis'
and Throatiasand The iReal-
tlois to (leneral Helthi," to h oivea
by' D. I. B-. Cieslintshoi trst sim-j
tihitheislr of ise mdisal buildig, Ioa
night at 8:00 oclock.
Nantes ini Iis dirctory are talen
trons tie rcorda in th ofics of the
secretaries of the ariousadpatmenits,
and contain the same eror.I us
phone numnber has bean placed oi tey
enrllment ard, none is asown here,
ht that does not preldo there bing
a phone in the tose; call thachiet
operaor and tell her what touose you
tRobinsoin, Stansdslish s'V., l, 4t3 ib-
rty." Granud Raiids. 82-.
Robinson, IWilliam sA., i, 7211 S. State.
East Lansing,, yih.799-I.
Robinson, WillimtR.,law, 71111t'l'urh.
Carrolito, Ga. 14-.
Rtobson, Antoinette C., Mr. li, 4:2
S. IDivision. ECo anseiang. I741-L.
Roackwisod, tRobet S., grad, 22 l~Io-
roe. Dandula 1. 9011-.
Realay , -oeriIG., li, 624 lPakad.
Matstsay, Pa. 78.
Roeser,tEdwardl A., rg.14 t.. tuon.
Rocheteasr, N' .:D44-J1
Roggy A. Reuibn, lis.:24 02. Juler-
on. Prinaeton,il. 15,F .
Rohdes, Itulults A., lit, 46i ltamuilonsPI.
Sagiinawi,Alith. 8Th8-1.
Rtolfe, El+gia' C., lit, 5222 Monro. lBt-
tte Crek. 990-J.
tRoimig, Lee V.. grsad,ii4 Mariy fCt.
Ctaremsore, Oa.
Riood, Ilenry' C., ret, 'utstntar sail
Hillt. Mskekgon, MihI. 18.
Rtosenbslum, alhanfit A., aeg, 422
Thumpoi. Ness'York ity. 02' -I.
liesea'itha, lienj. TOda., aw, 5l8 S.
Stale. Aiii Arbor.
Roseinthl, liransuu' S., la, 18 S.
Slats-. ,AnniArbor.
touhsheaftae. leiu', lat', '311S. i-
vsioni. ,Anni 'srior. 1111.,
Rotger,,MatrhaiI., lt, 21 . Stte.
NitgarawFllstt, N'. Y. 142.
lucviu, Aleissndr, mai. Detroit.
Rowre, Ciuarles t., li, 22 Monroe.
Flushing,IAli. 921-,
1tiiisay, Alice A., lit, S. Diisio. tots
Arbor. t13-t.
Itailisi ron, A. Arnold, iii'. 21 S. tDi-j
a situ. Hacok, ia. 1:24J.
i-sail, Anidreiw H. li, 425S. tonglls.
Pitibrgt, Pa. 125-I,.
Rybli, ,Jaiis aJ., owd1149 I. Cisiar-
siiy. Clevelandrl0.
Rtyan, Machsla, 817 1. 1Hurotni. rsusa
lay'.,'isl. 48-W.
,av. Iliar F'., lisg, 412 Ha'miiltonsPlI
Sa:uiiiSt. tMlaie,Mal. 811-1.
taniiI asesra tB., lit, 17 i?.IWil-
I atas.Dlls Te lx. l'2'2t-.
17tksatt HatrImansi ts. Caitl rn IP
''iea 0.Coisiie IL., lit, 21 E.Iiirfr on.
S uilair t itlati2i9-_
! ,_tdr, Frau's IG.. Dieda, 1l38 W ssh-
tea trus . Wo 1art,'Ta. 811.
Sttforid, Russell V~,eti, 21 N. 'Thay-
er. Granld Rapids. 18-L-.
Sawyer, Cornelius'.t., gasit06 ulFiler.
Toledo, .
Starill, Wsaldo t.,.eg, 11 12th
tiade ots Mih. 104-.
Shafftner ai' t'ond ., "ing. 1 I. i-
versity. Detroi. 121.

st ,_ l I~. it 'ill I ebti 14it
Tolisdo, 0 I n'll..
"tallusuit', b its - it.' lt " iiaon
Sahltz yl , ttdw i i.ihm s-
Schultt [,'MuIs .. i , H S Igal.
iuts,.? b'. '1',22-61,
4Schutmanhun, I. touis, tt lull it3taS
ltsmn,ts''t in It.. n-, 71 A m
acx tt st Flitties inass. it S 3'f S.
run ' eiJnie Itlita, 81 . til-
li 1 '. ra , 8161, p an
I tatil hat ('.use,'a'
1,,iti, i. ' is 11
Sclt Nel . 'n i -. . alt l} t's.. 72
tItois 11 :1 ,. lull 7- 1"
Si 'it 'Intl alau I ill I. 2189. usas'
<<s 75t z M c .,133Ii..u'ya ,21
lS''sub'Carl - hut 0 lit2 1tiley.'asIo
uee, 1lo . Tel22 iS. illy.
{.Sltu'a Eatle uDJ., lw 1238 ld1 l.
'-onTFra, uoward 1,lit. 522-f. ro.
1- 'l,,G icv , ii 211 N. Iu l. 1
Sh a c ,.c iP, lit,254 CyT xo 5e5 lt.
Est}CiiiPa. 6211-I.
S+;a er}, azc ' x, 1,Monroe.r1i-
CitlitM44h' S.7State.
5ol -l_ 3 :. l ,s 112.
j Sha,55 l 1,t A'sI lu, 2111 5<.ll'110'-n
i'.ctl',u li. 19201,.
YM e (us 5" 5na 0C.,ia, 17 N. gliii.
tat"' y.} Su1r1. 11oi0, Tx 11
O 11a.1 -s lul ' CinIs lits ,545ThoI.mpson-
I l/us , iatttttl ,hT Ciiin' . 215 -J.
1us ' r.ni at. 494-5L2
Sr4erraa, (5 ' l t'ID _ lit 44: t'S. Stur,-
4~~~~md u2ssi,5's l1,lt 1:1.Chayr .
1555er. it.t SaliArbonor 122 9-2.

Sithl, I its's I -. Il, 432 'Ilioipasis,
'w u's Sr'sut, il I. 8791-I.
it ii, Ni'dI I., gradt, Sacksutt sill. At-
S;isitlt, lot. 11.,liti. itussion, MShl.
Sili Sly> 1%.,ead, (12 S. Stsate'. Stpo-
S 'Fott: .. cI i , 782 S.Uliver-
fot hirmilMics. 6.
, s te 1'.,gadu, 1287 ich-
Am ribor'. 207-J1.
Isel '., eng~, 804 E. 'Washi-
niztill hi,' hulbor. 68-..
i ay , t ll ID.Vs'shiugtous.
2 Ia-, .,J., mul( .328.Wash-
Erlii;,; 1.Vsa. 6012.
ti~'i rail,52521I;. Cnivrsity.
.gradu, 0111 State'. Do-
li 1 1., 1t. 132: S. liralion.
as ,,il, 408 0. Wsah-
5 5,1 s51 ,Arbor. 11-t.
AX..sesrsdBiol. Ste.,
1; IIr 1 Hopei, 1usd.
I~ ~ ~ ~~~5. S. D ~~sI.tt 1 .tiviisin.
u1 , sue, 114 N. Slate.
(i, 5 sst,,lIsh. 13139,-L.
S 11, : s ' 'at .A., airs, 18225 'satuusr.
Franki ' suslins C., u's, 722 lack-
4'anon 'ls i illt usaL., eng, 7225lPakard.
cot ' ., 'us1,408 E. '11ash-
155515 bc ,N. 'Y. 119'-D.
3 =.,s,. lit, 4011 1.i Utive'rsity.
ust 0.it'Kit, tab. us' lus., 124
Tluiss.oass 6'3-J.
'srhtiss ,.A., hat, 432S.
".s~ s'sm 011.1 1max., lit, 2 S,5.Ina las.
at ri uLouis 11., msed, 1218 E. Ilirun.
Katausnao. licds. 118-I,.
.11 u 'li';, Ililiuss s., ess,4111 5. Di-
5 sioi. IHali'f'sy, ltItca. 819-J.
c> s -,iolsrut' ., Iaw', 14413 1'shte-
use.t't.Clry, Insut. 1288.
ut elcn rdL .,dots, -184 E. Madi-
CI.Srirs', Mich. is-2.
1 0rt lbr ., ill, 71.1 N. Cather-
russ' Msnnsussithll,1.04>-D.
StIite.lohissF. 10.., lass'. Hopkiissille,
"'tev sart.,ILeroryVVi., grail,522-Packard.
S'esvartiav t h ele., isedl523Packard.'
W'urus.uustI. '7212.
"Lw srt V 14re ., lass, 1(07 E. 1lb-
0Il t. lud, umn. 231.
-'s s 's ills'sam I.,lass, 6(23Moinroe.
ass '. star'rs..12301-.
, :,~~yClIL., lit, 624 S. tIngalls.
Isiew i IOrla, Las.
Store, Cbs.15., lit. Lakewood, 0.
aswal, IaSid us,, (1 , ~421 ..tUniver-
si,.lerit. 1478-L.
'Strachen, 15 \Iilin B.,lair, 246 Pack-
ad Clelasd, 0. 274-D.

1.'. irs. 'i'.an*- C.nA. Cal"
>r~a> Cldwfle", 1 ii.
ti',rt.. tc' .,r:c :. tt}; 1. ;S~n t;. AT, iii. t' shu ligron-
} us~rr, o x. i, 1 -, 1, r I, e it, It.1 'uS. Ta yerug u.
sit .si'h.l8 0-J.T I t , li.. 1 5 -J
S'slrs isul 5;5;1r Jlit, st 1000 uVslltru r.i 10 siss 1ri ou 1ltio-ID.
Isoat slsh 'uz) e'Ilst 0 4-:1.5 Ssssit Is soa sd ., enti , 924 T. Ants.
Ss hisalis 5 , 'ilsi c. u. of Ilus. 2:L>0i Algoasu 'ilhI. IDIT-hL.
,Vi. i'tasissts i. Sumisth, I'lisi II-,lit, 632C'iurchl. IBathi,
'Ss ruts, I in ii, lit,"2215 Huroni. IDsite ts- . 1226-ID.
ce ,' ht./ 5.. ISiutit J~'r.,' 2pled, 1111N. Ilixi-
.4 russ Ill''. S Istor ~S.. 'ust, 1()0Iti1I1. I star. Ossnn.'Au'or.u 201

Ann Arbor's H'eadquarsters for Kod- No, Cameras and Photo applies
I uauke a Opls aol:}'y s -l C it 1iig, Pu ini i rs Itsa'g p avragiigft r Anvtlul-lay n ots m
mtehuds. T'i l 12 eas usmy' ' 1555 dna li 11use years a tulz51 1.ihurea.ios-ovrytday'-only resutls
wvildoia l i slsoeit.a'e -you wrt au'tt7thing phloograpisuc 1,,u k fur tteo sign:tsf rte Is olal-
that's where fliwrsov'.
719 North University Kodlaks for Rent, 10c per lay

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