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July 30, 1912 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1912-07-30

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1 DA' ilI l4 ''r£ I l L°1i"ULY fistviand last ins ht three men over behind first, and McKenzie reach-
Wiiil LOWY 'C ll't II fE S, se aed him. In addiiin he was red- emi the keystone shortly after the ball.
- i ted wills two asists and one ptot Another carniatyas staged by the
hlkls, Stil t ir Pitein's IGood Ball, in the last act. In only ot frame, tadaverines in the seveth. Gebbar
rifs i Errors V1"i1,1lftes the ttird, were nmre lian i e sqares who had relieved Schiierhorn, threw
I luIs n ieeded to recordl the doings of his out the first man on a roller and fan-
---oponents; when thre reams a hit, nest the second. Wills two udowi the
Saturday ate'coons the tCad~averines a ps, and a "brass ball" netted tvo heas of the list in a desperate last ii-
trol;tSpi r vo( 1steiisdwth lin he to tallies for lie Sirohetes After the ning rally sered four runs, ss'hich
ie tinst of 2in 4. Tlie game was1 fireworks Ideson sttled dovn aid miade the game reasonably safe, with
loosely pisaed , theiii tiiil5and(1losing)I stench out le at twosmn snwills lie as eighteen criinsmargin. I but one
ids making 8Itaiii.13 errors, r- third and second vtations populated. inniig, the third, did the Cadverines
ms];sci'e, Lapley featureid for the vanquished, fail to score, tvo mess beglefIrisoii
'T1' Ieatusre isfithe gamterwas the seuring one of tiscthheer hitv off Id- bases ii that sesios.
lii ssci lile,on, fousei stiffs, swho sas, a cross doble to ceiter. Two of ('lullseriles
held hi.'sopetsto isthie' hits isv Iis te'nammates steruis sit ansd the AD K H O A r
vivesininiigs 'edubibisgles'comning ini other lopped is the box, vvhih letllWas', 3 ......5 4 3 1 0
sepasrast frae.s'Hle seseved a lbhe sprinter on tisrd.DiihIsisother fStevart, sa.. 3 5 3 3 0 0 1
-i smln5us scn d oflthe fisticusisof thetwo nitasins asibtis5hesweve,',Laps-IHocoomb, I . ..5 3 2 7 1. 2
SIpiiirisaetesis a trused. In earhleiy scoredl; aitns alusehe ssuss of Olier, c ...35 31 it itit
casate testisnsltshssrseached home gall-]iss tasms Earls tisse the infildvwo- Iuesos, p..4 1 01 1 40
edithIs firs,"cornri by' liii aid of sin bled in ilheir atemtlto reires the fly- acktsos, 2 ... b13 0 1 1 3
eros'.igtrack siass assd1lis v enualy Wellin,n... 3 2 0 0 0
discn so ist risc k sult eensmcii.-vopleled tetcirsicto te accosi- 3cKesnzie,I1..5 2313080I1
and Ionly vs4issue oas's,Is thie 'animosf01errors anicistlensbases. I'tsirr I 1 I II
galoreM or...3 2 0 0 0 0
Bi S Sale i ard ledte tack 01flia Cadaver- , - -. 3 3-I I-
i, fetesn, a doile'to lIfc to start 4023310 2336 8,
the gasse asisccoring before ctsei-
A T 010 n iv ws over, le aced te pitcher Siohts
E R" F R 0 ST si ters scuring twocdoulessand assdecAl K It 0 A K
302 S. STATE Ies asos dress a pass, sand realsrd first Wilet, iss.... 4 0 I0 0I 0i1
Gebart, s, p. 4 0 2 1 3 2
the other tsso hoes sur errors, both
on als iii owsardIlft field, StevartfSchimnerhosrn,p,s 4 I0 0 0 4 0
alt-o mde treretip sdthreehits, Amos, 3 .,.,.,.,.4 0 0I 0 0 2
sid(]ternntes' Cadaverines, Holcomsbtesmtmyer, r .3 1 0i 1 0 0
asd Oliver, poled three safeties, Shechsirs, 1, a 3 0 0I 1 0 3
A The second innnii' decidid the gsssssr Roblicisi, I2....I 3 2 1 '1 1 i
whesn twe passes and ass error filledI -
sti scsts IseCadveisrsailsKeller, I .,.,,.,.2 I0I0 13 0I1
tebgfo th Caaeewihnoe omt Wardl theninisjectd him 311 4 3 21 10 13
steond itwo ig e, htichva 1o-
owed immediatly by seen simsglisand' tIsins 1 3 3 4 5 1 7-tR
ass heeus, resutiszinli seeneruns C e ...002l01 -4
for he ictrs.Caaver's ..1 '7 0 1 8 3 4-33
d a', = On erbrahmd iuuisiuwasuchalkedl Threbasin'hit-Oier, olcom;
'- up,, ii against S hisissiese cmithe fift, isns Pact'ehits Wsarcd 2, Lpley; luis
whcrhwcst hee ' -ea ni off Ideson 3 isv9: off Schimerhorn
quT heserr eors prdedmdsu'leight ens 9 its 6:off ebbart 13fus 1; stoes rises
cm. wiiithefeslviciec msKmuzie cons--'rd, fSteart,Otillser 2, Ides-r, ads
r rshtedafeksnldiigatr coLply2 ebradSup ii liner directly at thr first base- soyer; heast base on errors-Spirohet-
4 man which hbondd off cliasigentle- 'a 6, Cadverns 9; eft on bases-
man'ssh iin: esandhed dirctycown Cadverinsi6 , Spirochetes 6; bases
y oi i,' ionesitry h'gseciit in}orsuesthe Las".,line asi casrne csorest onuo055balls-ff deoni, off Shuer-
,seI riet's Shoe Storm all New Goaods scosd Cse Noe ohttvi fielders ionus9, off Gebbart ; struck out-by
at educed Prices. vseremiuamositinmo s ecure thie de- Iesons 1, by Schimehorn 5, by Geb-
Tennis Gouds o3 AUl Styles ceptim pillthe scoudasman being art 1t hit by pitcher-by Ideon ,
IWittec amd Shimehon. Time, 2
hours, 15 minutes, Umpires-Wenner
II and eed
jjGRANGER'S Academy of Dancing All--si -- -
SI U M M EI-,AS S M .BL I E S b e i l i exposure flmns developed at
lItsYc p sN1NGC IDLe' lTriHoppe's Studio foe 1I and 5 cets
I KE FIS5CIHIE RS ORCHESTRA 50 cnts per couple. Fine and briliant prints nulde for 4
_________________________________________________________ amd 5 cnt. Remember the pace,
~ - - - 118 1. Liberty street, sear where the
( 1 ~ new studio is beig built, 15-11.
r"~" r f 7 If st1-Send Saturday at Whitmore Lake
75 '~' ' ' v~jQ<.and dace the evening, away at the
4' m Lake. Ho5e ~ a,, ',-'use 3 cents round trip from
A~~m'/la "~ ~nn Arbor. If.
c t /, i Sitti,/9 511ngbeside sweet K. T.,
~ (f~<~, 'ii Holinhi iehands eas K. C.,
iL. 1151mI/i l5~k~sh, I Then lie lookd i i e 's,
I! /m ~/~I is/tt 4iBulby this tine you're YT-
CU.C. K. C, loe'd K. T-thun they
5lJ r Straw Hats of the right kind at the
rgtprices, le' Good Clothes
/}) / < Sore. Main SreeC. f
iij ~ i ,s Hom TessRoomk
Mils ast, proprietor of the Houe
TaRooms, 10l East Wahingon,
w ises'toSnaunonce to the summer
students and fauty that she is pe-
/ 5 . ,1 pared to cater to small parties, and
in61V th111 " lac she serves lunches and dinners stC ua or.Tcri oste

"71 service mu thse city. i09 E. Washing-
S / stoss. Upstairs. S-i5.
a/ ',' Capitol. .. .. ....i.c30 ese.
515 pls asi I uticides I rs.. 100.000.0055
I / Itsca em's. .... . . . <,i0i,0t58.din
Transaa asa Generl BankinsgBusiness
5 8 ~ ~~ pe Iscment interes,lpaidionSl i nut Ige (5seis
a//llYIour BnLs~ sia ss ol int d
C ,Ii '1,PeNC, 1 a1J i tzlc ,. Csli'r
AN t . . risse an i ce Pres. Av Cil' ariel esBrau.
At day 04 tAo Fb 7?hptss.C"h' ni 4<z, -_______ Savis____t
He'll feel morn ot ease- if ho does "' p """ U lcjc H l
like the other fellows amid smnokes Co sn & H l
Fatima Cigarettes. FLORISTS
20t for h wdbslwaws fJ Faia yu~' r', Corner of So. University and Twelfth
s5ecent samhnsomfeltlkslege pen-Both Phones 1 15

Tinker & Company
Furnishers and Hatters to University Men
342 South State Street

Bell Phone

Home Phone
152 White

Our water softening plant tost us $2,C CO. It css ) u nilm=
ing extra to Iave all le advamisge of iattmds esoi ot ms ci
water soit as rain waler instead of ditrulive acids andsibcamche
Time fisest lingerie waists smnd diecsvi see il' e usck otisIsodiili e
ne0w. Collars amid Cuffss like mm", Trycc sis s issv moutviud
amd hI ouinced. Mask Jousr i's k' e 'Whilee a nd uIc'l
our wagom. No axtsra charge fusscul or scirs m
C r I N f"I LC ijn ' Ci RDl31 I
econoavissmandenoable utininiAmericm
No matter to what poit yantmito guse D., &C ineSteamespainigmto
CLhemviy lusmiuitseenDausaim sd P,.al, May Its is Navmbr st.ClityCuofs
Da:.ei t i n it.o vl hanmid 111, tshe argea id 'wheesama~~esiinbthe worid,
andssufwccasAr1th to bsaaa'mmb 1Dar big 'e anAgst t o m oatsmii
outaIof ms,.s:tad Clsseeladwev Saurda and Sndcyigh,
Fsur tipseie's'bevwTvt'a, titacti aslnsdmd waypos.
ISm-isi ta-crC~eve-hndo cis bt Islarhussd, toivs seekly, Jne limbhito
Sepesme thLb ssr"5' sle a D.Zs-I m'':teeytip -sd Gdaisl, Ot.,,evry
day, Tb,:sdy d Pr;2yot Cemvlan'~d
RAILROAD TICKESeAVAIL LF-Tisav nsmn~g vi. sy ral 15,e
tasesupr-itioD & iC. LieSe 5-:sm-vii ite ,.iatoa.
Add--sC.G Lvas, G P. A., Detrait, Mi-.:
Philip 1I. Mc~lan, e, us. A. A. Schaa7, C-1'hMo.
Detroit & Ctcev~ia f'Tvimtis's.CtCe,-Mparty
The Ann Arbor
FRED C. WEINBER3G, Proprietor
9:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M.
For Ladies and Gentlemen. Tusday and Friday fore-
noons for ladies only.
The Pool is Fed with Cool Spring Water
725 S. Filhb Ave. Phone 9962 rings

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