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August 22, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-08-22

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612 E. Liberty
Only one block ronm
the Campus
Three good square
meals per day
Single Meals 25c
$3.50 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c
Again~ we are reminsed that the time
is sot far off wienltie atnusal horde
of verdant freshmen comesC to tis otier-
wise quiet ilite town. Thi tile the
reminideer is tielite "Freshmal Bille'
whichthi ie Students' Y. M. C. A. is
pushlishing ads which has jst comse off
the press.
Among oter tinigs i contains soue
of tile cruel aud ard aws which have
heeu formlated by the student concile
and wihich tie young seeker after know-.
edge tmust oiey. Hiere are some of'
them :
. Wear the Freshtan cap or toque
during the ettire year.
. Never smsoke a pipe 011 the campus.
3. Get aii Prepi 'cl pill out of
q. Never wear Prep shooi insignia.
5. Never sit oil the Seior enches.
. Always aiiosv a an of a ihigier
cass to precede you through a door.
7. Attend al mass smeetngs.
8. Learn the "Yelow' and the Blue"
at once.
q. oit forget tie fact tat you are
a Freshmlan.
The students' Ciristian Association is
sending out hitndreds of these ooks to
prospective ear-students so that they
can gt their earings here. To the
freshman these "Biles" are aisoiuttey
At tile cose of his ourk in the sun-
mer schooi Professor A. S. Whitney
iii go to Leo Cheneux isands.

' 1A OME is grph of \t tO' '4 shoresitsodisint
H1 , L 'i C M T 5 ons e sheath- lik eIt'ail veilig
AGA N D SCU SE Ithe irgillristlreamei ;os tes sragh
fil ~ ~ ~ taliiOii Msay i6 th i anssraciisptre
ictel i sil Oitii it^
- OttneJiiiie t apoiasph mare at
rt I ves Obsirvsatoryshsoiwied as aioial-
Prof. Curtis Gives illustrated ols sremesr of ret itensity abont
on n ne-shalf diigess fros thuetile-
Lecture on the Celestial leus to te lft of thas. aaii tail. No
Visitor of Spring traee of thii.sseasitri iw's seeii the
isrevios nigt aid its oigiii reminis a
WE ERENO INTAI O COET I~i conclusioii DrCuriss sa, "We
WE 'WEI~ENOT I TAI OF CMETpassedt cosieriably ussirthue sasisstai
________ ~f ialaieys scome oss 'iay 1iS isit dur.
i in ty gsvrarliiobserv0ers' it iscu-s
"Late inthue tUth centsusry, Sir Esdmsnssievtidences f assunusuali amoun t fsdst
tHallcy,ly snetisoudstseness'co'andscrue i, utue eisrts's amioshiii. This nmas
itnvestigated tir paths aboustisthe sunssf have lie uns su o a sr 5 it teamser isil
a tnuber of coises noservationssof fiomsi tirromtisI f sait ioas te
whicht were thessflais. Assong thmi ratnti sf she sesails oimilet isster
was the comset of 1682 whisheaisissls.ncef Dla if,190
borsieiis tame," said Dr. Crirss_____Fri-______
day aftersnoss ini his lettre isis ialicys
"Now as Haley extessded Iis isvesi-( STORIES OF THE CAMPUS
gationis, hie fousdstwosunes, Ose 76
'years efore tiresose sesiious srsn
tiossed,btoh of whicha smosit aprntsiio Durisngthe aratemicsirarathteengi
ini tevery' same orbit Ie therefotre- stirsi depritntisesi so srctis tint-
cosncludedsialtishese tlo o jctserw e re-ducaitlinain itits otwsant epiear-
osse assd the sasme; and ithus assingiscsue thatiitdaingis"osios of ue opoasie
te 76 year peritof this omrisss r s esi se's issaly geed byisa geserltrush
lutioss about the suss, tic sirsived tir to ue dilium Tesmsetr Ishssssolstso,
oval or elliptical, rlosedsorbntil asidpse iliie siting enoutht co-elsm ssite stir
dieted the restis oftlistsbodyti fothlit isiari'ssess is stlylt cit in 'stisisre-
year 1759. spitrtit ite eginereritsgsdeatimrset.
"At perihieliossinearrstacustlthe IThisurpsittrissimatftiistst iloe sci
distansee of ialleyasacetfromss....tlallbeimagindth ieefore, oshes,
sass is a little isore luanoe isalf te te ter disotheinistt str sseres
earth's distasnce frostm li t lls oitttnit ite sysoutg.lis sTe isitrtoir,
while at aphelioss thiss lodsis t rbeoessi'iist.i's'wo y thewaiso tel kntownriniiAnnt
threeasid ose-haf sissionstillstile ex Aror sanii lemttu'seuber tithue
ceesdisigthe sdisasire sitNeptllttlnOu eesdises Chts srrmessthe irr"fusses."
most1 remnote pliatrfosmslthst]it-s tut aslthe ter sitftllws o-ere eves
agisse teearths tillsm01eit sun iorbiit ttso strt stishynthi it" sisg slamwa
Whie istensaest tsi tt ight a5ndha!le lP fit I' rty"hgrsrc
receisied front tst oewousissesinie itsItkes t hissitonsisbis uvtanisig,"tilt,
reasesd four-foldiaore lth sirspresttslth isi"ligh tflstie l stetechler
amonts. Mhos kssownssliquidisswouldsseir mtIdthsi as t te jokenitas o imsii.
vaporized; possibty sotme sitthe lrss Saillh, T hreylitaskrd me if visitr
refractory soidsswouldsifiss asd, itlow-iwerr' st-lcss i sitaritilosof eoses
isig to the vaeanttocecanss 'it uissssfortmisI sassid crstinily'sissd-er-twel, ysussee,
takes of liquid metraltFsosmsltheremoteirftlisl isow istdilit suff"
extremitiy of the eipse the susiswoushi
appear as a brighst sat, Iker isr isghi ACIiiTYs'OF iBRiA RY'50
at a distassee of t5 feet fros is h B. RAI, N REASED
we would reeivr sutit minsutessfrailon
of our present daitty sitsupy f eal. hePitshsie restof sirxlDecemblier the
cold wousld e istese.o 'lasso liqid~iiisiesal ibrauryuro' to t i ncssreasedl ito
wouldsisolidify astd ssanv gasesliqruisfy, Caparity fit books isyumaysthoiusands
"When thse comet wassftrstsghtedtioumisesThits istoh trcirompishedi i
aot Septensher it nwas sbouts3000000:u0 rununisss"eli reseit r lsacksiss tie maiti
smies fromslthe earths Ths slsstircesstromupsttipeelirnlsgThe cen-
was thsesndimissinlsglthesusosst omig tars foustlistswts.rhIsisaltaily.bees
downin iiits orbtanst a rth hisiciilits tussmshhsie josit ng toihte bSs-aduIrots
toward i. Durisng Mateh the c outet Woraks of Jrsesy CiiiF Nett Jersey
gassed tack of tile su, ehansging its sit Thsftu nis tutedt he satks no
sitioss fronsuse cevening o te isornsigin i ust' at te iturass fCUngiess in
sky. As this tulle the earths andsicomet I saoshiosadaloths o he Uar-
were some tyonoono mities apart 'limitse lriraryof Ness 5 nsrk Cts.The
closest approach olfthe tsoubidies otao oud tasunsfrom0551 tsrserding 05o511
ahouts May 20, solicithie udisance hr-itthe iltsaty are beiegscatt5 ees, ive
toeen thessawas somse 13000,00amlses f thlem insgto tie uengineern il
"The first picture taktesn at the oser tg owhere tey site berrn se ip ii
vatory- here siowedt he coetsl10a tsiteanC stlts s ofe r thuit t rooumsui
osall ebulottsstar, ut later, oshursnlt'he uadjouingthusengnuerng lirarys. '5Te
comset approachedi te earths usa 1110111fiseolhsislhusand tbookswih these stckso
isig objet, sutcesfutobserv'ationsuohestitt aesscommsoate are areadsin uslace.
eame possiblet hough ihampleredrbytawnhututThe miassuitey'u-netshas begnin iithe
asad horizosa haze. genesat liry adsitie coutrctosrs n-
"ItsitMay, visal osevaions sowedtii paele insg thrsoughstiths te wholne
ass actisve, shaspnsucleeusswihllhsie ni jobsyi his liarddisle of let Deemenr.
velopinsg comsa, brigt treamuers. Just .
berhindtithe ieadi seera streamesser ses N etseerHall is ieing leaeiath
photographsed swihsa srge teesenpe redeorated
The head, ott May 8, eseatesi a dosrsat
appesadage from the itterus, but tisuSubsit ases, grips, trusnks silt soon e
had disappeared on May . Thepto-sns the sgs f thur timies.



Heads of all Deartments are
Highly Elated Over Work
Done This Summer
The seoenrushesilsannuual smnersseso-
sonsuwtill elose' August .6 mu alt dear-
sleuts of ue usuvesiteoi' xcpt ithiss
law, swhichs uil eclose Septs-smbesr to.
'T'his summuter sesions is rimse huttis
tess festuresd by' several innovsaustinus.
There tis eem s u mmsier shooisippter.
Specieis t euerltinmusents ihavus-eueen tr-
vided for te Isetsbyhalie Michigsan
Unionu, us move. sial has osuhterusitssti
before b tatorizass,,ti. Amisong
fth woenact isintiesa uren pit i
fnu;uthey hae mu th e irispecilmtenter-i
souse gt'sssusst Miss B hio ist
direetor for ills'womnuaesof thlist vesr-
sit",repors ht succs-s immv t-'r'hsuu
undetarskenamong hsie woutstn m sams
this siiumuierseossionssas otito issetaat
as si ereent
'Tisc afternooniiiletures isaue bueuensuon
tinuedvuthissyeaus ul 5551th siht chng
its chrtcmtermut lsh bsitnuesg ofpopuaus
inturrst. Thsshas tteddsmosaewhas ts
secres-sethe atelsans u s mut ithsi
alu oso son sialtt umbslsers of secis
studsenutssateb e rsctei- ushissrehintilts
tdinthel s-usubjets.iThe leture
onu thus'foussh ies lmmrnson sdslestanassml-
the belsttt <Ii sits'thss-cs- leturerss asutmu
-'tontmghesvario utsodspvtnsa-mel ot
lit-vmsn eonutedin-s us chuireishsamei
waissy'itiihas bsectsdurig tilt- stutssr
sessiosuof tli amst. *"Them' s ost
beeni a srge increrase ii the umersieonf
stsuents, hurt te geralhigh ave'rae
nf susmsamer sudentsloIsas btin imainse tssu
amt un.iThsnal lta e ufmser Itsifi
schooant olegtces snt tueirmissre
sentatuive sutens (tts vr forteluper vist
of thur sudsents ithemiscterartdesirtma-
sehrlave hensteachers.slors forign
sationis pintsablstare u rnepresnt elihan
esveribeftore Maits Camm naitais his
vosmeucro 00slurheborders for sun uuemr
st-net,taese are sttdstl fs romu Potohi
Rust, )Mexico, altuhe issLatins countruis,
sandl masuty'frosms others sars remotsse coup.s
truss. COnme of the festures of the isser-
art' departentapuetaiinsg- inthe- wenau
diretly ishe inaugurationa f separate
instrusetioun for womenusits pysiealrin-
lg. T'his hao eets a sdeiuedsuccsess.
Alt who ave taricipatediimutheworktni
are higihy oatisied,and umansy' have x-
pressesd a desire to returnmsagaina mxl
year to ontisne the work. sAong tar
isenthiers hasbnoermthus regular gymnsua-
simlwtork. The general swelt of thur
titanicdeptentueshiss eet asauccs
fruitsthus very- beghsinig."
"Just thes aute old toally'nog this
cgiueer," aidi Seretary irs wen
askedl aibonithe nork of testa utnmaer
sssn.it'"Ve nhav rrisnon busy doitg
thinsovnt-r here o pat-mucmhs atentions
o anything else. W'she a dauhregularu
none: amnmg althtie egineenigl bras-(Cniuda aeq

Detroit and
Belle Isle
Thurs, Aug. 25
By Special Train on Michigan
Central R. R.
Train leaves Ann Arbor at 8:00
A.M. Returning train leaves
Detroit at 6:00 P. M.
Boat Ride:
Special steamer will take us
for a ride out into Lake St.
Claire and around the island
landing us at the island. The
boat leaves at oot of Third
Street on arrival o our train.
Union Basket Dinner:
Schools will meet at 1 2 noon.
The place on the island an-
nounced on the train.
Free Auto Rides:
Ater dinner all children in the
Primaryand Intermediate D -
partments, will be given an
auto ride about the island.
PEOPLE o the city are spe-
cially invited to join in this ex-
cursion, and all others will be
Adults - 90c Round Trip
Children under 12 years
- - 50c Rouud Trip
Tickets sew on sale at Wn. Godyar
& Co. Mae St., Shult rs State
St., Royce Drg Store, Suth Uiesi'ty
Get Your Tickets at Once
Every- mai to this.fsifter othissdsiait
of lierry dpa r i55 tnt briingi qi ris
concecrning Michigan' srsry school
Aradytsenousgh shudetshaemdar
rnsgemsus toss cisa ehsuss asve
srge cass its foresorytlistsfll 'sihi--
-t's fnc a Isumue us m fom ossc
is widety spreading sppicanetisa re
imkiungi ii uiu ssie s ro talove tse ou -
try, partiurley- frimu ie5555 'st 1 any ssu
of thue grauts resiru thluts setion
soorkisuogo ksvrnmet 'ns-t ntio ut.
Repairs are bingit madeiiis hssu iie esi-
dent's othier isa University tiniC

I - -'- -The appreciation shown by our many customers of our annual June
Colege End Sale College-End Sal has led us to set aside
I-- Sum m er School. Auge 22-27, 190frnour fmsanna
f S a let stck up n Prnshun, s andiitShuns ait fisntsus
WAGNER & -o al up-t-date ine of mehnise.
Our reputation forseeting tesconrrect thingorliMten's
303-305 S. State St. Sign of the big shoe Prices will talk during this week wear estends far ad wde, amd is peculiar tt AnusAs-busi.

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