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August 18, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-08-18

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NO. 23.

612 E. Liberty
Only one block from
the Campus
Three good square
meals per day
Single Meals 25c
$3.50 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c

Supreme Court Decisions Fig-
ure Largely in its Develop-
ment, by Prof. Corwin

trine of dti process of xcw' wherebiy, to
onnexig the doctriiir of natural rights
to the wistten onstitution, then tiove
conic into posession of the tiower to
supervise pratcticalilll ltetgislationiiaf-
fecting privaote righits.
"TtheSopreiie tCouirt of the initret
States is iin o process )Lreoinstructionx.
It is not exaggerition to soy, I ttinik,
thatt how it sthott he rcs~xtructedt is tthe
miost impoirtanuteistioni thto nfisronts'
President Taft.

Past Year Has Seen Several
New Books and Short
Stories Published


Antother Chance
FPor Those Who Want z
T H E ,W O L V E 'R N E.CT R
Verified by University Reoords, and the
beaks of the Telephone Comnpanies
To Get It
You Must Subscribe for
Wolveri ne
of issues containing Directory
except to subscribers.
25 Cts.
Phone 960

Prof. F. S. Corwiin, in hIis leettire on Famous Cartoonist who Will Open
Wednesday afternoon, showed thatotur S. L. A. Course
constitttonis hy 0nosmeanssominiig The openi oii ula i onithe lecture
static hut it is dynamnic, stubject tii the course illibe ian iliisitratedl lecture tue
isterpretatiosn of the courts. Priof. Johnt T..\lc Custceeonuof the Chicago
Corwin spoke iin part as follows: Tribuine. -Itr. Nict csirleoii has tir repiii-
"Wse Americans hose ibeen echaracter- latioui of heiiig teemost symspathuetic
iced hy the Frenachsman, de Toectueville, otolssideli knowsnu of nespapoter cair-
as a legslly minided people, iieaing tootuiis. ,Ilec iss hail a long neispaper
thereby, not so msschl that we are cs- iraiing.
pecially law ahiding, as that see are
litigious-sot so nmuch that we are es-
pecially diligent to search nit andisi-il
charge duties that the lose has iiit-
posed upon us, as tbat se ore quick
to inisist upon bhat we coinsidter to lie
our rights under the law. I f we lookc
ilto our history, see will see that iwc
hove always been insistihg oii our rights.
It was due to this insist.aice oii rightsT'
that the 'evolutinsanidlthe Civil sear
come to pass. This characteristic trait -sdet w ass;i h is lc
our geographical isotlttiesnliss guaoran- .
tid usofrom tir outset stir isationalitse-
curity,oand ini she second lt .tereiii
hos front the outset beenisioteniili
-economic quality amisonig the vvitiiibodl
I~itlls ouintrytsp to few yealrs ago.
of unlimnitedl quinatic: sof free l.
:Cointinunsg,.Proif. (I. xrish lowedithat i
there are two kindis of judueiul resiiii-
-fthe constitutiois. First, slier is Pest
eral judicial review to keep the sltst
legislatures withinti he hounds prescrsib
ed by the Federal coinstitution.Seceosid-
ly, :there is juiiltreview properIlihit
is, the power of the courts to pass upoi on n i'.t1-C 'Cl IIEfffsf.
the validity of the enactmientis of eixSLA
ordinated legislatures. The speaker thesi
showed how msoderis coinstitutisonal liwi
da gradual developnsent, based not Il~e us i grauatesorif Pusridue kisisr-
always ott strictly logical procedure it sity, Afte is acaditieimic Iinstructioiis le
is true. The idea -was current _forinerts, tooklxiiurthueraIrtistrucetionutndeiii roi-
that the constitution was unschanxgiing, fessor Erests Iutosffi. I le was wiih
but its late years this idea has beess the ChiicagiiIRciird-Hferalfuaotsfiiir-
,dropped. Today consstitutionsal law act-tre ess a~rs, otdihsbeeireitih tie Clico-
suits of the freest poxssible interpreta- go Tribituexinciei1903. IHis fist coni-
tion of the constsitini that is ini line spicsoiscresoiiiiwork wax ini the caii-
with the public isterest. spaigns of t j9i. Soiion after, tie starteud oii
A great deal of the history of this a srip arouiini thueiiirli t ci thu dispatch
developmetnt itscotnstitutioiial lose is hottfr11Cufsxcfuil January, 1898, II
conniected with the clause reltiing to was on boarid thaituot dusriing thii war
"due process of law' or as it seas fornias-swithi Spains, andiill i tirelbattle if iulouuitta
led in older constlitutionss, tir: law Bay.
of the lad." Since the passage of the The sext yeari le mite a tour of
fourteesith amendmnit, ismschlelgislastiiuiispecial service toi'Northurn iC hiss,-i rea
has beetsno the first_ sectiots of this and Japain, loser' goiing lto Inia, Siami
aimendmet. The legal:iea of lierly atid Cochin, Chiina, retin inii it he f-ill
and properly has also expaisiecitrtc- of thai year to thie Phil ipiiies forthili
iietndously. .Today tpropety meaisict fall canspaignx. \Ylileriitieiliis
simply the natural rights of sian. Thu t be attenedel sti itmo exeitionis if
"due process of law" elaisetoiaytimeaiis ;iiccupatioii until tthefolloiniig Aptili
that no persons shall hove six sitnitg swenethle iwassst iii the Tiasvaail.
rightsedimsitished excep-t Ixy reassonaiblelIerctic jiined si the xxoirsxin the ixttet-
legislationi. Ini conclissioss Prof. Ciirwsin cxi of Isis p-ipe-r.HI triuiredtso Chica
said : go inig moo. Duriiig tiecamaiii n of x
"'The first great achiievemnts of the that yeartic feurnishedipoliitlcartoons
courts in intlerpretintagilicconstitiitionxfor il-ic Recordf-Hrald. Mr.i \cust-
Was to cotnfer upois themiselves tir poxw- cheoin is she author of "Stois of Fili-
'er to msake their interpretation indal. ino NVarfare". aiii of sexvic-l iworks oin
A. still greater achievexnent is tirfor- tir carioins.

Michiigani haslbng lbess kisowit as a
tiroiducer of lterary tights, ais itini
tir lost year this recurd htas biesnsip-
held ini a ccrv creiditabi'cimaiiiir. Onr
if te laiebooiks is Katherinec 1It,
Broiwits "The Autesseiskir," which up-
pearnt lost smmnier its Scribiser's Magat-
ziinc. The liioot: is writteniini a beauti-
fully clerirstye, filt of hxuimanin iterest,
aini is really a mt;. ieiice if short-
xstory eritinug. Edith :x tacDoissld, the
uheroie," usiseergoes use iof those ex
periecccies wich chiti)gethe course of
ioic's life, aitd in textulug how to lice
weithiiiuttir use mxii, tier, finsithat
there arc other mesirsusixistinig. Thur
ishoiiit store us otimsistic intsotiie, atid
ciximesxis a iiesscinger if coisfort antI
genciaistt. The autshoer smus graidsateed
frum Michuiganill 18if95.
Liiies if Abraam titicolin are at-
wavOx wiilcomiie,anuiliil 'isbook, "Abhra-
haiiirolii, Thu Ti-ibuti of a Cenutry,"
N. \\i'. IsacChticouuegl;es a most valus-
ilei.colltetioxii iof the tiricititaitiddresses
maeinithis conturv ix ithe occasiiins if
the 1:,1 xxilitCenitery. Its tiditiotiiii
the stueelchs, this booiulii ,ittiiui xilarge
iuuxiuhur :if interestisig ahiiitratius, his-
sidus storties suidut ci i'uiscecics, nhuich
acitf particuilar interet to thur stuiienit.
".The i(glory itt Ills Cult" Iiy'redt-
er umuh~ncis, 'cam, is a0 Cniiof lIslzcioti
hiot,tiauiiitiig, xas it doues, the storyviof
ltvi tmie, friendis huefoce thur Civil Wair,
wliihoubcomei. sepasratedhthriughi a sits-
piionuuthtuat onsrwas xi spy. CTsc two
tu, fter yeurs if hatredl and titterl
feelinug, sre broxught toigether through'
their chiilreni, mlio fit liiniovewith
usuch otlier,iwhuich tune 'sulmitsiu il l
thur re-unuitinug of the ol imen.
A fourth huok, "Governmsuental Actionu
fuse SociaulWelfare" is froumsthe ties if
Jereiahub'W. Jeniks,'y Phi. D. The
buook is its the fonts if eight lectures,
gii to the stsudeeits of she New Yorhk
Schlstuof Phianthropyr. fOne notablte
characteristic if the voumsue is stesnsty
autdt modeihrathioni shownxiin'usthe writinug.
'Tlenitd of havuinug tilt, udrawns with ani
i've iiithure trtmen whuwilt hair ho udo wish
themisniitir legislatsure..,, ansd the valsue
if coniservatism sini the jndiciary, are
twoux impouurtat mauutittis udealt with.
Thsroiughut t-ic.uook thu-- wiude practicaul
espeririec tftierixutwits the th~ings
of wehichs hue writes is platin, andulonse
frets thtuxlcixifiudence u tii he placed ini
his deceisionis andulaudvice Dr. lenks was
considtereudamosnug preside nitial possibilti-
tics dhurinsgtir last camtpaigns.
Presitdent anid Mrs. ft. B. Hutchins
arc ini the cost for the msonths of Asugusti.
Juduge Victor 11. Loste, of she Law
derpartmnt, retusruxeitStudayfrom isilx
vacastionu trip through Nova Seotia.
'Wheni you are enjoylig your vaco-
tionabaouut Septemiber 1,f, just think of
those footbialtlxcin at Whitusore,

The hpreentaioni xiiGolsmith-'s 'Sie
Stootps to Conquer" by thur class ii Ora-
tory, hs beets postpuoned. The tulay with
h-i givenssestu Monduay eeniug at eight
o'clock is-iSarahs Caswel Angell Hat.
The smembers of thur class, unuder slur
directions of Prof. 1Holister, h-iviecbeenu
aborinig for tir lass tin eekslixto get
their parts ready for the ttrcsentations.
Msushtinluterest hsxen h-rs lownssitsthur
sworktandsettiresntertainmencst promises to
tie fully sit- to the stanidard set y thur
class earlier usnte summuer.
As a fitting climax for thur summeuur lIc-
tures, Prof. . If. Curtis,iof thur As-
tronsomsy depatrtmescnt,iwil ideliver thur
5 oclockalecture Ftridaxy nix"Italey's
Coume" It ill ,tic ilustrated mwith
phtofgraptsx takcen frio the uiversiy
ob-sratory. hut subtstanuc the lecture
withludeaulwith this ight' interesing
subject us a poplatrmwa, h-isiswith-ithe
accuracy of expert testimsony.
Prof. Curtiss caextu to Michiigath ree'
years ago frostsAllegany Obhsrvatory,
where he hail liens two yar. Pre-
viously tsr was a msenmer of the saf.
of Lick Observatory for over four yar.
Btb lisi bacleor's anxul docor'x degri-s
were conferredl upot ixm h bts tthe ii-
versity of Caifornia.
"Shadotuws" sithlhe dicssedh st lensgths
fromsssthe standuptiont of xi usuttmrusuxicixus
us the afternsoonslecuihtur t, which
wlbienushyhueProfi .ohnum W. Aradih
show. The excte t uruerofthin(treat-
uent of thur lotiethur esuier rfers
tim keep ini the udark uti tiumecfor the
Prof, Bradshbawv receivedhisuuA.B.
from Michigant hutrs0o. Two years
ater, Hfarvartd gave bsi is MA., suet in
5904, the University of Strasxburg co-
ferred uponsthuts Iis Ph. . Fromriis o
hum i9gSIe was registrar itt the Literary
uepartmnst, anth a year ago I-ic sas mde
out assistant proessor. tic is ass author-
by ini Iis feldt of work.
Campus society of the summer sesions
s its big blow-oust Friday ight of this
week at Barbour Gymnasium. It will
tie the last reception o, the faculty to
the summuser students. Admsissiout will he
grantteedat the door sueon tresentationa
of the treasurer's reeipt. Alt those de-
sirinug extra tickets for fienstmnay pro-
rure theis by applying at te office of
the Dross of the Sunmmser Sessions Fri-
uay afternon.
Despite the proxinity of exams, a
large attenduance is hotped for, anu all
also missed the opening receptions are
rgedtobumhe present. Thie rest wilt comse
anyway. fIformsaudancig adutlight re-
frcslssuents with e features of the o-
rusin. uoo ano onuu
Professor Ifobbhs of iliceology se-
partmsest is o preset-t a paper at the
Itetrnaionual Consvestion of fGeoogists
as Stockhlmu, Sweeten. Dr. Case of the
smne department is ases-ding a nmetisg
of Paleontologists as Grat, Austria

The appreciation shown by our many customers of our annual June
College end Sale College-End Sale has led us to set aside
Aug,22-7,190 fr our first annual
Su m me Sch ol sod to swetsothe students of the Summer Schuost s chance
to stock op on Furnishings, Bats aod Stoes, sod from oat
WA N R & C .Sale op-to-date line of merchandise.
WAGN W A 'cooour retputation for selectngste correct thiings for, Men's
303-305 S. State :t Sign of the big shoe prices will talk during Phis week Wear extends far andi wide, snd is peculiar to Ann Arbor.

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