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August 11, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-08-11

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Martha Washington
Gilbert's Chocolates
Tice's Drug Store
117 S. Main Both Phones
612 E. Lberty
Only one block from
the Canpus
Three good square
meals per day
Single Meals 25c
$3,50 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c
Another Chance
Verified by Uinversity Records, and the
books of the TefPhne Compnis
To Get It
You Must Subscribe for
of issues cotaiing Directory
except to nohcribr.
35 Cts.
Phone 960

No. 20,

Prof. Tatlock Offers Practical
Suggestions on Assimila-
tion of Books
Speaking before one of the largest
gathtertins at the suititicis5sionl lec-
lures, Prof:2 J . S. P. Tatlocikott Tues-
day afternoon tld his audience why
they should read, hosv they shoul1( react,
and what they shouldt read. The adt-
vice was as practical =is couldt ie-nt
the olcd dogmatic sort of advice lihat
stakes people tiulk vlat a tore it is
after all to read correctly, but tekittd
of advice that will stimutlate otte to read
with pleasure antd to read a great deal
witit ease. The speake~r first explaittecd
the swhy of readling, sayinig in part, "It
is a deplorable fact thai the average
college graduate puts assay his learing
alonigswithi his diplotma, and ire all kitisi
Lost soon the diplomsa flies itnto somse
old out-of-the-sway dr-aier, Whets lie
does read, lie reads otily light itovels.
Just as ueceessary to our life as msoral
iOrp is meistal vigor. To keep ttp our
isetntal rigor we must readl, attd there-
fore it is hetter to read antythting attd
anyhow lthan to read tot at tll."
Five cantoiss ontoto t read steve stat-

3. Diuttble provinscial or niarrowr in
vyour chouce. Such ltings as thse ancielti
svrttiigs of the (reeks aiti Roumaits
shld n tble tieglecteil. TIry so read
the w orks ini the msodernt laitguages ini
the origittal, especially somte of the
smitor l-angua-ges like Niorwegian anid
Ruissian. Gil acquanted with the Etig-
lish Bible, especially stickh neglected
tarts as the A.p0cryphta. Read somea
bitographites, tot short ottes, hut loug
attis that aire full of svterestiuig attec-
dottes andrlswhichi alotne cant really toe-
tray thse chtaracter of a tmait. Istrwill
alsia say yostolitread hooksonotttravel
autu exploratioti if they are good. Above
till read somae hard titigs.
'4. Dout read whant you dont't care
for, after givinig it an hottest trial.
However, there is a distintions betweeti
whaittmialkcs yost tork atid ivhat vast
lon't care for. If you dlon't like ati
authtor like Miltont. con'tlbe ashsaumeid
lit say so.
'3.Dou't iteglecl contemiporary litcer-
Ile -ottlusioti Prof. latloci sitraitud
tip the whole stied tinhs, 'Read attetn
titsely atid fast,;trcad the best thuatott
Women, as Well as Men, Invited to
Sunday's Victrola Program
Mens anti woniten of the sutitiser ses-
siion tire urged to attetid thte Victrola
ciitcert aithle Michtigans Unioni clubl
house Siuday aftertnoon at fouir o'clock.
A large mustier titrnted oust for the last
Sundtiay conteirt autd this otte promsises
to lie fully uptiloi the statidartd. Re-

Lower Cost is Strongest Argu-
ment for Older Illumi-
nator, Says Expert
'The ectief adv'antage of gas lightttig
over electricity or atir of the other
formis of comsmoecial illuintatiotn lies ini
its lower cost," said Prof. Alfreid 1.
White yesterday its his lecture ott 'Re-
cettt Develoipmaeits its Gas Lightitng."
'lia talk was illustrated with examsples
of thse various typses of hurnters used,
together with spiecimienss of all the ma-
terials which go to isake uptphue maoderit
Wselsbaachttmantle. Indueed, Prof. Whlite
isade otte of thsese initels ini full view
of tse autdieince.
'The art of lightitsg hy gas is of corn-
paratively receist origit. It stas oinly
absout a htuttdred years ago that it was
frst used for this pttrpsose itt hEnglaisd.
Fiat abtoit sevetnty-five ye ars hardly ats
impslrovemtet was msaade ott the olsd
fonts of fishtailhurnter. Thsen electrici-
ty aegait to make suchitniroads ott the
lrovitices of the gas tsett that it was
tecessary to devise somse meanss ly

givetn as follos: Acety lettet5.5. Opeti
lip gas hitriser 40,FUtrighst Welsbsacht
t38.5, itaverted Welsbh c2 3;;3, i16 C. P.
Edisos at.8,Tuttgstenit;it..It is titus
seenth iat hy ustingthe inverteid Wels-
tacit we get ity far us taimst light for
the sottey.
Prof.'Whiteaiso tbunted otn Ithe priti-
cipal disadvanstages of the gas lightitng.
He expslaitned that it is tot the excess if
carhos cioxtide, isor the lessettisig if thte
amsouttt of oxygenini the air iaf a rooti
lighted hy gas that stakes it seiticlisse.
It is due -etntirely to the poisionosior-
gatnic vapors givent off try thse hitdy, atti
it thaerefore mtakeusvery little differente
whsethser a rooti is ligitteil by gas or
no1, so far as the chetmical costatitioni
of the air is coticernted, is thte'plcet-
taige of oxygets is ottly losseretd a frac-
tioti of otne per ccitt at test, autu it has
bteet shsowni that a perssticaittle tilt ini
'a room with onaly fifteett per ceiii if
oxygetsitisteaud of useeettstomtarilyIsrent-
ty-otte per cviii aisiltever tiotice it.
Gas does heat tip a roomi, Ihowever,
iatid therein lies its chaief disadlvatage.
It umighst he said that eveti here, the
heat muade causes cutrrentls of air whticht
aid ini ventilatiotn.
Summer Courses in Medicine at an
1 End Tomori ow
If you shoitld hapaen to bse dowia at
either of the railroad depots Friday
afternsooti or evenitig, .s';d shtotuld see a
gatheritng of ibeswhsiskered gentltem.

ed: lie slitetts stiill le served aisd a jolly
"'1. React its atn ay. XYoutr temtpera- goodi 1timie is gua rantteed all uwho attendc.
isentwsill largely idetetinte thews Te t s Iisprosgrait follows:
"2. Dist try alsrays to reid ints e lART 1c
satte way. r-Overture-Willihams Tell .. .. Rossinsi
'3. Learntho skims. Whs ets)oilassi r t s-Thse Da.wn.
readitng sitauthor whtis isharsh to uis I ri 2-The.Stts.
uerstaul, like Browigs, donts tsy to IPitt 3-Tute Cahit.
utnderstatud es'erythting0,taut readiifist Prior's Btad.
atnd get atnythittg out of it yout can. 2-Ott Lsvery Festal ?Mlorinitg.. .. Verdi
Accuracy stud good ttndiersttttditng coutes Bessie .Abhott, 'Mario Atncotta.
later. Read tearly all prose rtapiiily, 3-Celeste Aidr ........Verdi
'shove all, tnovels aind histories. It does Eutrico Carutso.
ntot say to hothier oug abiotobiscutre I-Parla Valse ........Ardliti
passages;tutsutally tse obscurity is tot Bessie Ahbtt.
yottr fault hut the author's. Learns to '-Somse Day ( Sacred Duet) ... Gaburiel
read fast attd you swill read tuore andi 6-D~er Prophet-.Ach Meits Sohtn...
itt store variety. 'Youtcats get unsre. . . ..Myerbieer
pleasure frott reading tsro bookcs fast Erntestinte Schuumaatnt-Heink.
its teta sours, thua readhing onse stoutly Initermsissions for refreshmtetnts.
itt the samse time. PARTIt u.
"4. Size up a hook becfore tout begius 7-MPly art I'll Play ..........
toi read it. See whethser it is whaittrtoss......ion Pasqumale Donizertti
Wnt. Biuth whets you have started a :Mtircella Settslrich-Aintonsio Scotti.
hook, ftnish it, eveunthsoutghutout do h8-Bectause .........Harhelot
skip thsrough it; get to thureund itssomte Ertans Williamts.
fashiotn. Reusetasber, touteats get souse- -Gtavotte its F Mtjijusr...Bachs
thimi out of trusts; if yout genuoshiing Fritz Kreisler.
oft of trash is is youir ftulst, noit thueio-Romseo et Juliette (Valse) . .Gutuoc
fault of the trash.Luuisa Teiruzzissi.
"5. Keep several bsookso goinug at te 1i-Santttus frosts Messe Solonnuelle..
saute titte. It still tsr especially usefiul .............Gouotoe
to read matty light authlors like Stevetn- Trintity Chsoir.
soti at ittervals. Thuis is also thur asnly 12-Korenig Gebarl...\V... agnter
way wiih permsits onue to reasd lonug Mharcel Jo usrut .
anud arduoutsu'orks." 13-Barcarolle........Offenbiachs
These stere follosredl by ive caunos' Geraldinte Farraur, Antoniio Scotti.
ott swhat to reach: us-Brantiful Islr of Sousesthere...
"t. Read anthlintg. I............... ......... Frares
"a. Don't he too fornal or msehodical Hfarold Jarvis.
its your platns. Read as inclinations eads up-Prisots Scemne from Fatust..Gottusod
you. Dr. Sauuel Johnsson otte said Gieraldhine Farrar, Ensrico Caruso
that he trver pursued tar samse plums of amid Marcel Jouruset.
study for store thsanstwro days, amid, at
that, he msade acomsiderahuir noise its Last year's frrshtmansteamo developed
thse world uch succedrd itt rradinmg a somue good footbiall matrral that with
little more thats usost peoptle do. comue its hansdythsis fall.

whticht it wisuldbar possihle ho stake a rachs carryinug a sumatl luSack hag, dotis'
gas lightI of ther saumerstrenttgh andulam take to youtr turns. The iprobilsitis is
a cost at least as how as thuat at whichs that use grtentiscut yotu srrecarr practic-
elrctric lighst coutld bar produtced. ltn tug lphysicitans, swho save tiernusitsrsi-
this constnetiotn manty experimtets werrr deuce its Annm Arbuor fior thmepatus six
carrird out ta Dr. Purr in: Germanuy wirhf weeks, taiing graduate or stpecial cocur-
thur rare eaurthus. tHe foutdc, that lby srs intshie PMedical deipairtmtenut of thur
igntsintg Thuorisutm coutpuoutnds to a high University. F~or atbout forty mtembulers
uetntiltuuexamsininugthuttutby useansof of use professionm havre sutaueth fromthue
thiv tpeclsoi,,; alights,of, very huishfryinug-pana instthen lire this summsuer,
illumuinattinugupower coculd hue ohtaiatted.' escapinug the evils of thin smsall coutryn
'This luauverry little lastinuguowerr how- (lowtns, otnly to he conmfronutedh tith ti-
rvrr, anud thse problem was to findl some-1' duous tasks mm the nmedical labioratorirs.
tiingso incorporate twitb it to sold i Anud they save cotme fromts far andu
it. 'This problems was solved hy the use ean. All hportionms of time Untetd States
of cottonm fier; bh lurouts is soaked its have hetn represenstrd atnd eenmnis-
thse thsoriutm solutionthea cotton hurnued sionsaries have eetsemnoled. Dr. Mary
off, leavnimg the ash impregnard withn Keining, who has bets workitng intthue
thse thoriuum. Dr. Outer thsen tried toI Ameriican hospitals mu thse intrior of
gnu Isis thoriumstitrate ahsolutely pure, Chinas, took special wotk this summsuer.
hunt wras surprised to fiusd that this gave A Dr. Gage of the Muarylanud Agricul-
slums solighut at alt. Upsontiunvestigations tural Experimenutal Stationt has heen dos-
hue fountuahtat is was naecessary' to save mug souse research work on diseases of
a certains amuounut of ansothser of thur rar thur common fowls.
earths, ceriusm, present. Thur propor- In additiotn to doctors actumally prac-
tions utniversally used out mantrls at tiing, thsere save heena several unmdrr-
presenut are 99 pants of thioriuma ho oner graduates froms othuer unsiversities, sutch
of cerium. Thur earth frost whichm all as Johns Hopkitns, Westernt Reserur, anud
the thorium andu ceriuss are msade in 'lnes. Then, too, status'of thr slum-
Itis country is found isa North stud dents of liar regular sessiona save rus-
Sonuth Carolinsa, its what is knuowns as thur traced the opportunity offered ma thur
Monsazite sanud. sumsuer to do more thorough wonk in
This invetiona of thse Welshachs the lahoratories. The total ensrollmnts
matle, as it is cabled its this country, rats over tselautndrd usark, over talf
hroughtu hack tmuch of the trade which of whom were oter than those enrolledh
ste gas people had host, as it gave fire durinsgliar regular semsesters.
titmes use lighut for the samue ansounut of All final examus itt the unethical depart-
gas wiihste old forms of fishtail sun- met will bar off Friday nighst.
tar sad douse. Thres the electrical-
people, anoused hy thsis stew contposi- DR. HUBER MADE RESEARCHtPROrrSOR.
hiost, developed the new Tunsgstens bur- Dr. G. Carl Huher of the Medical
users. Theta agains, out the other hatnd, faculty will hr ahsenut from Ants Arhor
tse gas lighting coman ies turnaed out from Mhuarchltho Septemaher of eachs of thue
use inverted Wuebacht, anud the end of mirt two years, us counsequenuce of his
ther nmerry' war is sot yet. havnimgheen appointled Researcht Pro-
Prof. White showed atm interestitng fessor of Eumhryology mm tse \Wistar
tattle of the relative eoniomics of the Institute of Ansatomy at Philadelphia.
different formas of light. The relative Thsis is a uttique position inmmthat it is
canudle pourer of the effective light wiih the onsly research professorship its Em-
ste mtay obtin for liar saute outlay was bryology.

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