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August 08, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-08-08

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Martha Washington



Gilbert's C1ocolates Theory of Constitution of Mat-
IAT'I ter Developed Years Ago
17Tice's Drug Store by Philosophers

812 ELiberty
Only one block trom
the campus
Three good square
meals per day
Single Meals 25C
$3:50 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c
For These Who Went
Verified by University Records, and the
books of the Telephone Companies

"Tile year this unliversit asfune
s11o14lo ve oeen tihe twen111tillhree1hun-
dredtil annivenrsary of time 11111111
theory,' declaCCd Prof. R..M. A' ClCCI
ill 1hilctitre l1st e1ve111n 111oiliatonlIand
the Centli lliof te ti o1111m'iihor011
"Itenevoringto1111 ertI)'~5V iChe ll'.
of existenlce eno 1p11 s 1ev tlopeoi
theory of tile constittintl1o11f Ilatter 1 1'
ain aggregatioln of inc~oile bsmll
partocles, Oatom~s, seiartec oIccupliOIII
empty space, 0114 ill motion ssc
cessors Demlocrittis, Bipicuruls, nL is-
retoos 'Illde tile theory on11eIof pure ma-1
terialisro. Demlocritus imagol'lind 11at11s
of different sizes 0104 Sihapis; 5and t 1 il
titese atomslO met tihey' fllormed avortex
in whieh tiele arger ones liew1toIIIliv
critter 0114 tile mlore voli le le41 to
tile outer edge. Everytingl wasIex1
piained by tis tieory, tilatconIciv1e11
of thoougts0 tilereslt: o1 tieio111io
of atomis,010 eaisily Oas thaoa tte111r IC
emlpty space fiileod wiih seiparaoteat111111,
aibsolute imateriaisoi. Tihose iieaoo
Demlocritiius haveeenIC pr e'served oot
througii the works of histfoiiowers,
Epicruttoa114Lucir0till.0 I t we11(11
'Spirit is the sante 'os DvIi 11100115a01l111
--ill tieir toot 1111alsooi oto 11e0th
same mietaphylsical Ieffoot.
"'Untithtie Rena1'isance,latomiclosilec0-
latioiis ceased. Gasseniooa0foliowersoof
Epicuirtusillegan1thie05worit 1111101 10as
carried 011 ty BoyliC Ne111w1tonondoinlly
Daiton. Up itl Nesstooo, till 11o1111
-thory had beeitpoit fornward as 11n ex-
planiatioii for thoo worio.t tit ith OilNeI-I
toll a cihange '01as li introucedand isl-
futrtiier witih Dal ton 1tile atomoocotheoryl
fromti ieiiig a guess aot til ier11 seCe-
camne 'aworinigillypothislOforithioox-
planationl of thoe pheomenaloflIll'0sooi'oi
'ciass (cheimistry) o(f ose0rood falots.
know soiietiiing of hislls - Br

fac100tollito oos illsttisecoiidibistheil
ito 110ato\ t the tgeof1fif ttIl was'lcitieoo
to11 th11 a Scet ityar Itlerootaod
te uniorllities 10111515o0015e C i oioon
COe tea 111n11old 0m111.to toooo oo da111,1the
rent 01,05 111 (lilo111 her1 do0011 taornil
1110 010110 C iItoos
too spilo of theoseoboistacl esBalitonl
1,ooth adovaonolotag0s01litoknletw Ctotigtt
!89S ottotCos thoofillst twoplets of
'S Nod t ' 510111of Chtotito Ciltoso-
toil 111ereotpotuboli 0101111ill hs atomic
litlootoa15 an1eoplonaottooto of 1thf tie s
of odofitnooi~ te n utle pro opiortionts
c onip1otndsIconsst of 11to11s5of elemeitso11
s owth10eactothrI t oils n1elis ooan
itososatitotopartic; ooooatoil tilndioiiual
tA"t Coteav otetitoic toot
OhsissIsIatrueopitoll1011 of theoom11-
i f oso IlI of1 mattill it 1s tooe 011110 15 tht
olln other hytopotheosis-11illhs ftrirosh-
(Aotolool o in111estitors,11111tis case
toeililte lollthoot of ctotito lo 111asu1re-
l- fo til Captiotoonhot sCorie0 per-
111111Jing to ifoe ooooo 1110 NilCCboo' fooio fcof.
* ill1'iIIol of Colo l ti r st wilbe1ot
IIdrel l broewose to C111100ittot
C foo' o' a ou te al i s O is 01 o ih rt
'rki/o it I/)andsub iti tsoo oroto .h
i oieric . V ta 01s ott to'e 011i 11e11 00
itbia i ,boott/l 'leot'11me 1]o f se'witt'
ClotlCO c cob 11111/ th11 1to re..oo' ' Sotfoloto
ti/ bcl fasCclf tt onll~lcs to theoffie
II 11011oo(I ign oo Ce
1000110' 1010s '1o01 henttolhe i0' 111110'
'05 Iyoungero, m1 oCr' 5was kown1 Iof ttc
oiItlo"rings aot heoC amttoIllis as15fid
Csooheoiodividoatt ce101 of tte o nitils
,: re oncrne. to tsttol ttIt oone
'toIC boo t teeroooe sevealCt iets~l
r nthepsyhoathc lrdthai t lollsootte
Cnko 11111an0111e10000.disce0ed 0easo
111 of theootocopotto "Theitro wais greaIt
'01Stc-'.atl11 f 1curs0 anottlO t he ito a't-
e'idansandthso 'Os toransferred to
.hCpoCle0 1111 110' tho s so on athie
hutor111thto osooderioistaoitood. tos
were1s1coly1 010110eo, ottoeeryC~tinig
oooooootooown aso fori a1siegec

Professor Reeves of Dartmouth
to Head New Department
of Science Here
Becginitiing wtittext semescter 0attcw
oetoar tmntil te organi7ioeerthat
of political soiettce.oSevoraC couirsosin
Oit pi s y1010earstoutthey h'ot'calot poeci
inoth deotpar tmetioCof ihistooryotaodit swas
otnty a short tice ago tiat the' regelts
took steps iso organze o no''011telysop-
biate dcpartmlenot.i
The uvrit0Coty ooas fortunlate1in oo-
Cainn 1114tte0001vtoes of c 110 of toeoot
oble1111 poitia010111010ntistitouCoo
Piof. Jesse S. Rootvs of D0artotitot
fill thte chtair.Dr.i/ceoves'ilprOilarationl
aito tooaiiog torthtits tosit11ionhs tbeel
ottoodtto atageeent101ttfom thetisi-
less isorld Os wl so ci r0o1011 ttheclass
0100111 e Itoakiiiteotil bac1110oric-
cooe frooitA11110rst 11 in tioond oos
afterwaorots agrdutestdettJohnos
Hopkoins. Ile thtioi htolifooiaye'ar
a1 thte Woma0111 ollee1of1Bltimo',
atio followe d thiis toy too ear10sof
spialo stioyoanotroseaorciiwoirkiiiaiitly
inoWashti 11ioontF).C.Dr.BR00v1s thlen
boog'ointto' stidoflatw10 otoo 0000ladmit-
toot too the ba'r in Indlianat oit t iSg oafteo
10hichthe ledtotsoveraov 00'erntto1 ndoto
110111nitci l posiins utito hito was10 a111
lolplodl~ sostoollliProofoessorof Polti-
cal 'Scton1100at DartmouthCollttegcitt'
11)0, 01erio heohisobto n tot t eol
'oTt BUS totBICODEi CO1\tAlI t RS

is worth considerable more to
you than the cost of
Take ino riat cc toy doo to-
itog irdiotary -,oter at this tite
of the year, it t t its suliy
you sot, h geto -frey
wichvit is ureittivy ot th iao
abiooluteiy putre anod wihole-
some drink.
Per Gallon - 1 50
5 Gallons - 500
Containers returnable at price
charged. Delivery tree to
any city, address


TuGe IQuakor, atsolutietolytooti thCetoaCoof oosilo ot IaCCCI-suspecot toa15exolmined~
T Ge Itciii sire of tile Chuio , ie 1 sc iototmpe 11tedt oiCoear 011 1111 onelonte stooleis
ttusrb oriiai scihooliiozg-1atthe age of to ICCC-o '1t'aCt gtootadICenstoppedi oatid51sotd
You Must usciefor w he lie1wentoototahinto Stojilog nOOi'Unn quetionos andtptotCilro uhte l d
iiatuiraltphilosotpiyo landiteaohing f tor 0 ICeeonet 1110 I slittle man1111a00 strollintg
iio'iiovig, iie oecamii rst e it n ltscOienc, tat' . cr tf ot te sitoto plot-
fhoot iiineeoroltogy, lter 0111111p101s 1111, 0lingwhtIC101004would 001 ontheC morowC
aitidrryinsolcheistry. i A/tttf o 10 0Olttortahn nrgr o the Cotabloishmenot tof some1
nO for six yerroin i Pre'sbo'yt'oian coo11egte oo otlcabin lt s11111inotEnooa ooi' o'why
W o iv e ri in, ?iancihester, iietted ut Csmll CI'ry-too'" tl'ttostoppeltingil ar1110
iaiooratory in wichtieosworeduotitto ieiafter 010011dtaknutoh0111 his
__________ iec iecamefo usf.110015 L-tteol too ic theMa-'stt tfe.wnsouot nloutotltrom11
clioeoter Literar100 d o ito ltttosopiooclSo- aotmbutsh juomoodta 111001atnotsitcho 0
cirty ini18i2o" lito' toeo'ooo t si s oioool t oohail ? 55 tto clothoes tl t ooteha ir itkempit,
NO. SINGLE COPIES ''iii ifoi he eCuiated he01 w 00'ce iousoan'do ees blazing iot"
expansioit of goses,000vCOal ttotitm I tonitos00000100athewaapitureto:frigtmore 111
fore Gay-Lussac.Thtis foot toot theto i a 11110 00111ry o"age tie-
of issues containing Directory fact of D'aiton' s oeininorantIIoolOt o thefoethooosotonistood camtpuos 1ma01cootld
ecept to tubscribert. discnveries of contemtpooiesooere dot sp usto. iolas 1otow10totalt titmeoatt
to a peculiiar chorateristic sto' of lsto te of thetat1t0110dCIandotornitl appearanO~cel
science.tIi Germlanyo, sciecisOC15s.not hos ttiorooxoohiito too ettogrotitto, allo
35 O ts * catei,-the scienItists 01CC tn th io011iI tot outod uthim ith 01 0070.
sitiro 0114 each it n nowl tsl0it 1s0go"ing1" "T'itre, oeolloet ablou~t y'ootltoter," iie
Phone 960 sit. Tue saiie is true of Scootlatootaodot hisseot.
__________________________________ France ButtscieincetoinhEnliotdohatoo (Csntined0on Page 3.?

City' customls heiovaded liCt t'es tuntti I1 'i9
boom and oinooeoia0consiodoraoboe folowo-
Allg. Not onltoeysC too' city 101CCits __________"___________
011011101c0ommuootters bt th~te tilisersity VRiY1R''5
as0 welli. Thore studecots fotod tilecharms I-ARSTY OATOR oikO t tiS
of iLoakeloonootoo pleasanti10 toIpendthocir' CiLIOYbtIAN IN D1,it/tZiii.
splare timehlCieresoltCviioo ototo the ___
effects of thocrooi11iatohea1 from taril Shilelmientioning the 110'mtosoftt 10
covocreoi pave'entsliantdle00010 dao soetootl"11'5 successful t ottlto ls, ti l1
the An1111Arbor toainrois in110tosto ots the 110011'of mu 3.Ciec
they- conto stiffoelo 15hundetr ith0111011011g 019litan r1lw.OIOC ~ tfc
s010 up to theooog' stooetd ltohtscampus.015 reoently boon .07in~td toot ta0000 a
HOnlyon011Csttodoent p71fCs WhVIitmoreC oorof lhs Joeffersooo on vt 1010 jvc
iLatoC oithi its buiC11flteCx11atss of 0wati111e111it (Irh f iDtroit.
to the los of 01the oriootit s lnd H ohisvey mth nteretboll
oloobbl05IC r5as11s oftotss own.It
0y111g-70peoplIC of ttoecthurchoudeoto~s
Coos wtilththeo' thes ftis Itife 00110 lausics h iito ng C01'IC aeies bofteop
hori Cd101u11ringteln mreen1010ngs.hhOC C'Cthl o 1001lectureos upinooToebib I o olo of
Othoirsof 0a1101eCr0111nttcotolln11and iTodav.
des0510 fooi0hill/Clroot scitoolastitcat- To orotNoo 'o ooo"otito
omosphtere, ourney in 11 thehieontttow- TeDtoooes pailgo it
tnt tho souCth-aost, too 1100e tovwnot Ypi-toot
Clniothe ihliomeofthtitorma isoites. The "Thte noewtastalotpastorofI too jof
morning15c000s11011tto0000ryeriest ca005 feron lAsv0111101 10 Coto 10000 bootoco,
bti those thtonicO inCtooeiocfoeoonhowas a 7prize1101batori of theoclass ofoioo/lt
borinog sevcotrliv esity sttioecots tisaI tile Un111versoloyof AlNigaIo"'o
their laors0ill theuen110ersits cots. Not a1 memberO iof thetoeoo too t w)rt
ill of itoose ore ptiedyd-ith-to oo totbe tonoteOs t to N orotlm-oto 00111100
111001sitys tuts. Sto800110of thei aelel 0 0rsity.
staidtdignioFied proessioonal gentIlmenO ir.Chaffeis 15 ve0110popular C man0' 1
10o toill tuhertoson,1 10001eoito thetoitotseotnO htheiampu 100-tot"' ro~t o h
of P rofessor. Verilyo summerOC schsool OraoiocaloAsociationOoindtooeasur10 of
bings a c0 osmtopolitan 010004 thevTooast Mastes'IC Ctot
He 00110stuihtlat thy esIventh hooii Bettor to ilsaCve 11worked alot Ito
ts oftcin saved. lever to loose sonorkdct aoil

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ItfIA3C 140tue IIIand aways the
pres 36uiIatng Mapnarb street Latest Operatic and Popular Music

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