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August 15, 1911 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1911-08-15

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Iuniversity Music 'house,
Press Building, Maynard Street

1511 SOOS 11 iF 5IMS' 1 sl' T.il.

,Vict rola~s
Victor Ta.1king
m ach in e s and
E~xc1xzsive .Agency far

(Contned friom Pige l1
to ktec >tlhe lame s fromit te s ttern
half oftelctuildling, sald f:ost te framte
structures ittoiosg to the engineering
diepasrtmnt tote soutstt. A southest
wind made titask easier'. The' mstt
efetisvesreaso so hiAvsas turn'ted ilt
te bilintg tat atittl se ssas onestipump-
esi frotthlisatval ttankitt te engsineer-
in lbilin b siteittytiattlic psmp is
the chslantical laortatoryo
11y 7 :30 to'clcste flats hadst sorked
dhoss'tosttthe tbtsetsetof tse butlingss
swheree5t gaihons of gamlutexe st re
its actanksIh ws, eaed ttif te
flamtststattaisnesitiso ita itstrttctsii
aitim cett nt i pi t to en
sat exploision.i oiS if ficuilty t~e it
wast rtechedi andsile iiste flasmes tlyedi
steam5 sits p otted isnto the ibasemt.ii
This, te ctitges poitis 5a lnt the its -
itlsy tlae itintestor55tttion ofthsitbisilci
ing litstouisisedbitflams
'ishisssuildlin gsitssitneositheslteston i
te camputss :sttettesitcidiportiosn wsas
sit sitsin 5Mte4as assadtitisiontotsie
cotasstilf of te stiutrettswhslith lates
from st1850. Piesvis tsteetionissf
ste chews tmedical 11 ti lii it lets usedt
escius'iveiysbItshlitdepcrtent for al
iits eppses. It was nt issl tstwyeast
ag itatit wiseto esits s abainstdosnesifit-
tce tlass work isiselste attorititeslists
is, iseed he e I sitofthe stilinsg,
wis wsiats' tii'ttttit elesstiTo e '['li
tsdi shutosmslt i "tiio sads tsskesn
thirtit sist't'sint tis lilinsitwver
werefeu: susip tliios wees itisiiti
'rdco sllected bylithu ls1ias tt alumniito
sierth e epne frnvtioni Its
islet- to site te biing rom lutstr
tis a 'sm settesntwoseeasndstc hree t lisil
ande dollaitsiteaSitenrisedfrtepr
pottetwhen te fiet5 came. sts

(Cinued ifrim Pagi 1.i
it1g cc pu lic'site m t lsfor'ards th5
moit en an sits igsusipt5 isess
fgilfss appo intd I SS 'ottle tit'tliii
osf st'itheerasl 'e sits'sits sComisttteet,
cnd liertielss effisrt ss eft oStol ii -it
turneds'clis silttemps tilt oc i se thes'sites-
stoutest,ciesitplisonai slielypleto t, 'as
well a s isis e s s is sit sIt''l'ident i f
st'e 555 'heLe-cofered ass chl-
Itshi, at M ch' 11',t int fs et ito
lcssilisu aindi itn I elsitoic of sts'e tssa e
t'ear, gtst e a large eik)sseticpartywhc
reaslizedl a'gooly- cisuiiios te pise.
AiTAcINs ii- ,1t.tINit899~.
'1'1ti, Iv ard zelosuitrk, gifts
fromite its iisicCiestle'otgsssicssticsts,
woe cucusad the prioseeds cif eni-
tel'tssin tltS, its fiji), $20,0ao insteadil(3f
ste S ujen ist1eeesar hadiisedttinfetsoslit
ireents'lhans,fr'omithesiteacsguc, "sit
t15e woman'sttlieuilinglbecamtiea sitct;its
Thei, leagiies ist httiili slid Inyttstop ith
otii g 1cscfitheiig.seylsimlilrlmth-ns
stgeqisutsipedthiirIdiingIt, om i nd
Kitchen, purcha lice' ist ndc sties
sit vaios tmstontrsibtedlsic to usc' 'ci
is's F'ree'mani Palmieit F'sind, t ieLs'il
cindaits onettS olarlsipl 'Fu,scud psit-
ed il Sitalt CasoeselliAmii 1'ii il t~O
bronzei'sMeicitiais't'ablset's toil tisis tut0t-V
isf :firs. 'samesIB SiAngell.
Ilt98,as gftof to frotills e
Wh it', ofiMarqut teitsmtie it p )soiile is
isesutiattest siItiesrchaes soiiti
cc 'stal1ls , 'to 7crs itenit,
an sotigaott cisto'5'of15wtiichis l
Si,' cs t's11itlte huh i Ptt situveri ity
iptrchatsediasiduplacccl isseosnst'e Boundt

A numiberci'of foretignt stt who
ini stcoeptssslc ith i te ecresty f
seilCussMlctheyrl ce'tis i'iosi
oftkinur liingts' coitisiear. ttPro-t
fessoru'Zolski-ies'tlisin'" i 5tel'turinlies
hs atsttates'ev'ssira lic lihaNre-
gianiti iuenito Is. lnic'ttios o it ts a
rcord-b's kii'nliig satitehdanice ii tie archi-
tec'tuialsdipsit'm'lsenit, astmets iqiriiies
conticeriints isgteciuss veers r'iec-.
cive btih~e' itfici'slof thast depatmcset
Istess a pieasurttio1 go 1o Tutitle's af-
tee te dutteclast ['ridasy ev'eniig 'Tt
setsvice tesspromptlelandsieverth~iig sets-
ed slof[es and cleats, 338 S. Stte
You'istt'ghtt teasweli gete'suboisseh
fixcsisiand 1 siissci nois' befoere colege
opsitheis'fsl, Sikie wiii treat
pm rigiht, 3011S. Stte
U. of M. and
l','isieo ui lt sRis tidi
P. G. TESSMER, Proprietor
'ousill alwtiiays isiailargosi'sntee'af
The East University Pharmacy
1il0 S. UivstitlyAe,
Our ~ 'Pricesare.'Right
'[he 'lost alls 'th e esirig
lusoinsos,iHeiwill do yaurtwrks
in aiharry'apisttyle
Laces, Polishes, Etc.
The University Shoe Shop
,i,East ililia~ treOliet
You-all who come from
the South
Do you knott just how deliius
rich cream can taste with genuine
maple syrup poured over it and
a dash of fresh hulied nut?
)'on can rind out at
208 S. Main St.
Eategno asks yost 5 cento for
iis sunides-any pace ese you
wosud pay 10 and :15 etsl and not
get as mucih Glee hint the
chance to shoot you. If yetsd6n't
you are the loser.

The Kemlpf Music Stildios th0GRG YLE I
a ftBEFO
U ni ersty fihig, angEto
Complete information concerning seven departments:
Collegiate, ]Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Den=
tistry, and the Graduate School and
the Summer -Session.
Special courses in Forestry, Newspaper Work, Lanidscape
Design,. Higher Comrnercial Education incitidinig Raiway
Administration and Insurance, Arcihitecture, Conservationi
lEngineering, Pedagogy (affililate:) with Anti Arhor High
School foe Observation StudIy), aid a nosw couorse for those
preparing for the s''ientic admniistration of diepartmsenis
of sanitation and puibiic itealtih.
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement or
Individual Information address
Secretary University

Crtitim ftef it' t tet otsuplyoilthesitl fe tht5 houItse, iiitilitiwato fursed ndus
Caps a eels C'urrsenu tsythtoset vliii titled rap ;sstVealts' stilasot spri'ng liyte
tiutiesedt hec sc cdiii lagitution15 ill this ear'i Ii i I hue s s, i". 11; C' tht'i ti t -1
lcl se rt if ilte 'd''ddif-. That sthise e - lusts
itss'ter iidp' 5' flicienu howteeriso
slit assurance ccoifChief Stndrewsofuth
loca serice. I)itfittdeWaste usrsetsncsi staliti uruh.of tielt SS'ttsiu'
sililt he pr ilerefroussthue tlc t ity hdrntLeg, whis' ch tiit las t 'il 'ipori'tiltpat
tut h~etI sc c'"u5'55cels'suis ft''to u thue life utf ccc'sitsleegui, cats tutu
ihliclt 'ju t leu sslstfatutu ste hlioat daton etiionusssued IhIere usitsbrif.hutthis'fall
Gedetllosssi<e't, suit cIMle1 ts'eItuselisse sitcomes te hu't'sits"-ope ingreceptostfuslusc
iwas Connet'~se cc ttult eUiesiynalsssvusIs e su u se c o tntsts-es
ot'k'ieures astit tobttie fafreHc rtel thiscits:lttessoadtuct ea'
sfdett ho-as etlu overihe new Ipattis a'e"Sie citerus vessuo alntduie ut
beoet t<t'supu lae th zl ft h si'ds ss'h e tIr es uisit sueacssIng sisportastasao p-uuI
tosus t'fsi ssu cse orus us ist' fo thise sre suion cifi stiusususe,
sliusi usfrsuth shu a ]t u'so the5 watl r si teyetheass t scciieste fam-
tevel Islasuit' otteredi isse fis, ts i s o hsakesp5terean actresoElicit'T'eery,
scsi aelthatu'seimsilaru' tieatt Couldshe ora eital at 1 ivssecit 1 Issli.
'~lt cit g fitsr S hou at lus st. sf So ilyt' t'u inan'iu'uut'l ,st e sgca uie
st'e suse scse' uwsould utilizetthenhis sbeensatremnussuccd ecs, psiscily
tanks dotheur5-ucetof osupp5ly fur uswttue, a success ttu hue, suued uofsbyditus esta-
tdpie w e're sistl tdeeaththe s, t u nd titters itofsi,
us htl iths l's luanSuud dicasts eusi 'itt its-
tt'itti, or: ofitre ttt 11 on tide tcampus dd LOusta sleuthsoffrech, tool bhteiealk,
woulI hstmd, mch esie, as tis ticke froststhe 'Ihsrut? Asfor it at
sttetntofte.lca cif etic a , toots, 5'c'usiee Beos., one. Det. aned
snt use if i 1theledialhui thutes theie Sic.. eu 403;IHomse 140.
Svllb edisto dellst suitch fialttd'iic'-
uos \Ill 'thei madels S to dutsle isi uir e - fd
For dulles'stun sof isghoe all fMutsical Instrumnts, suspplies,
ptopuilar anid classic amssic, ace Sccherie
Slitnnec"ansts you t see i tcI f anud Sets, MettleHouise, ito S. Mlafin Si.
isck, wh satce~shIstiltouts in es. (suitzIt0
an issue.,3o5 S. Sitto
Celltge tutuis ctlt outsntthusough cstut tle soit iteseyughtcnsto'tBisng testaut
duse schIool.ISandicithtes of oil inds, (Sl inner.cHeccilliii:sthuesm. loftS.
E-to, Si'at.

Sohseerihe nowe and becomue a nmemuher'therehy of
The University of Michigan
Alumni Associations
Soultle :
Q Tue Aiumuiiis is the largest coliege mtonttily in the counitry'( L It contains the latest news
ahotit tihe University, anid editorial comment on important events. i It contains personal itenms
conceriitg imembers of your class every ntonth. Q. A volume of the Aiumnuis contains tihe history
of the 'University for tie year. (I It publishes a series of wvell chosen pictnres every mtonth.
$1.50 yeasr. $3.00 for 3 yee%.rs (specieaJ fog 1:911)

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