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August 12, 1911 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1911-08-12

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(Continued from Page is)
stories in height, it is psrovideud with
games, periodicals, swriting, saet reading
rooams, suet besidtes the laege lining
rouse there is a separate rousm for trassn-
ing tabie ande a lunsch rouse. TPhere is
also a liberary. contlainineg 25.oao vol-
sues, asse quarters are perovied for tihe
IHarvardl Crisn asse sthcer peuhtica-
tisons. Tie mains feature is tlse suagesif-
ceet livisng rooms, wilts waits of edsrks
panelledl eoak, tweso stories ins heighet, asse
its beeautifuel mcesrhle firelaees. Roos
-are tprovidled for servasets seed for the
euse oef v isitineg altsumni at ncominass renetal.
Plasns hssve alreadly heene madsee for a
sublstanetial asdditions to the hsall, wniieh
cost oeriginalsly $250000o. Tie sneeeser-
shitp fee is $io, hsowev er, wheresas is is
loesse theat theat of the liihigan Uneione,
n0w $2.50 sannusally, can lee helsd toa
mcth mcoere modeeerate nsm, so theat it ewilt
he poessibele foer envery ose Is en joy its
tHouston Hiatl sst the Unsiversity of
1 Pensse lvaenseia is nest deearly no exelas-
see as tse Htarvard Unsions, for tse dues
are ineluede ins the te rme fees of every
stuenest. Biesidtes a large geeceral re-
cetion. roome, there are writineg seed
readineg rseos, a libcrsry, hrsanch posst-
eficse, restaurassnt, assemsslly sail, sinse
tropthy roomes.
sensnssI;S ecV Ness BcesILIeNee5
Tie masin featuere of lice beaseenet weill
lee tse serge swvimmesing pooel, whlich se-ill
lee meost attraetive heeause it is thse onse
thoing es-icets al5ways bseens emissedethlie
mocest amsoneg Msieciganc nsdenssi. Lioeler
roomes, sheoweer issues, six bocwliseg al-
leye, se hasrpler shop, sance a serge roomci
fcor "smcokers' cwiii all lee ice thce bse-

baneqeiet hlls , aosmmodatineg eighst huse-
itsd eelrsconsewill lee direcetlyshoe e c
dis eec sees andeseto ee eeused for all
elas an sue ociety-larsen,,seed usher srge
sffaise Os the sefloor, the ieve-
/ a se cwiilsliotesreining recossfor
lice use of commieesttees, ete., asdeeri ee,
lsoe w i lbee the eluble offlees sisd resed-
ing roome.s s i balec seeillov-erlooks lie
lobby.e The tirdee floserxsill ice givens
uses tilliards, seal,saed oilier gamees,
seed the twnty tabllenswitl enabslemsan
"kneights of tie g-reese tale" to pas
tlceir ieisuee orse . Iheee, also, wilt he
tie grill rosomeancd mseetisng roomis for
she sneior sceetis sasciicmssiesel csuhs.
Onse efourth flose are isoice sleepiug
rcos ndsissdsormcitories for te useof
alumnesi asse visitors, asse a special ssuite
en iroevidesd fer a guess of honcor. Ou
this floocr wililice the servantis' qusarters,
sndcth lice nesasciioilier stosreresos.
Tihe ,cmniciifor acJarcer Unioncis

arcmplishs isA Ass irbcor. By teis nd etin seesecases stopisentirely , Tihy
meees asciithrosugh thi'esmisettees it siter wsnthe easne laestight. {
in seeped that tie-alisscewiuill ice educsatedi Tierlecessecloesedissisle aediscsessicnsi
seed sffiienstly interested iniuse uwsetksiaed exibitione of eleesele sigenallineg
befoiretiee sctualssnoliiing of subhscripe- sthroughensaee. Blienssesos fthlicze Eic-
hiossbeginss. ser' tubee whhle ighetns tspwen esit eomes
Theesmanasgemeenct 5o1the Unsissneins cent- 'lloeeat weiths seeeleetriecevave, sees-
eel ini a hoard of edireetors, cofswhomeecsages 5in5y le resist st a dstcese-
secven are stuedentis, four are meebuers pendsinig upons the stengtih of the sed-
cif the facultys,seed onse ass alumnesus. Its in lieuerrents. Byscangsirthe tue,.alite-


bussiesswill he msaiclyt rasacted lay
ass sippisntesdcommesittee, since e ceboarsd
is of sel unseemsirdis si-e. 'Tle lesse
seas no onestitutedsito give a meore ogee-
eal nspccrt saetstabciliBtytoitce C-sere-
icrise, asuitoIinsure isterentset iehemone-
menteintlesi parts of the counstry.-
(ConitinedifrisesPage i.
sesiti at tieecel of the leetureC, itseas

rase nelliusereesway, apass ncsectav eovisncin a grester siamplitudie thanises
alresidy ibeensdrawne-hy arecitects Fossilfirst cite, wiscstshaeeilbeen almstcseoms-
saet lPcies,(if Ciceago, hothc alusisis, wvhotletely e"damped"
sane ewnorksed unisparingy for -the pro- A neapie of forced vibcrations,
jeet. The plas are foe a bcuildineg to fiv e pendusussisewse-rc neseed fromesa
cost $hoo,ooo, seed es-eecthsumis deesesed roepe theat waensireichesd acroass the room.c
inaequalsistely byi some salumcnei. It has Nusmbelerseoce, foser anid fse weefcclthe
cbeii estimedsisthast the furnisiings swill sime liillstee to"iislongses, suedthree
esest $ijo,ouoacsrdsassredo-enet fee assore. sNmer neewrciscmsos-edsile
is sdesiresd of $25o,eoa. The essampasigen s CC ctins seriodi. Soisncsfter fouer lee
sleeli epoene by the advsoscry ecemitte-e, gan ,to taIe its,suetdeemises in eelc
cs fior $i 00 os c i wicl, it insicoiped,,wisit m eeisodinecreasingeigts siepitusde as
ice raiced bysucrirptio,ialsthosugh else slit if thefircistdereasesd. Itseanseest
tieces enotiiyet elen set fur the solicit- a mom aent c after lthat iseember fine Ibegane
insesfnd. inemle filgure his leen oiscllte nsimilar 5ciiieliieinps-
ai e 'ocr or the still greessnfeevaileet.'Nueesrnties seneihree tried tio
ssueent co nttuencey,ansewell an feerlice issueisis their eeriest conflicetelieh
slumeniiisis areeterineueg leegreater thcat of liecitiesenso itcey remeseuesriacc-
sumee ec e eryec'year toIi 55sis eir selmaseeieal1 sntationarye.
is r Tih elcpigen ssork less cccii The isetuere icxt t site tierqes-
ore-aniziediewithi<,ieeeral ecommiettee, t-tie liii 5 eel esa n ci islree sies.' Its

ether With TAS sub-committees scatter- I

sines ane esisslel iegearc lbbe- sre hao lee oii eelosesr teis n dcciosier caseeries, asse
tier groseedc flour, to eseehsside of lice ┬źnadis 15crmit . T'l stter hes
eistrse e dsisi e e ec ewill sins lie 5 easro iced feesaslicerdciof trustees wen c
waiiig eecoci suetcaswomese ecepetione eewiis ol iiitrust ties' fesend s s scribedi
roceem. Tier sis ie ineg roomes st tier sthi- eset iii f eelliegreater iligZae
ressr snill seatit soy persosndetsheer I e sp ile is ss ereeesle
u-ill lee smalsler delieieg roosms for esegassi- exerey sliesnusnoeelths eesnisernils , s -
essteeese asset inorsl eeocasiosis, bsides ilee, tieh ee a semid illstrinso ef lice
asuces i sal sig uoes feesladies. The iproposed l t, ris ed tee onkset tnwil
The Kemipf MPicp tui UBIBo ESFYe
p~Mlaso ipelli S ORgaManagert Iea
V o ic5e x s s e , t C ultO u~ r e es 7 r a n cis . R io dan M an ag ing E diso r
of tI-s
University o f Mi c hl iathn
Complete information concerning seven departments:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Den=
tistry, and the Graduate School and
the Summer Session.
Special courses ice Forestry, Newspaper Work, Lacndecape
Design, Higher Conmcercial Education ineludineg Raiiway
Administration acid Insurance, Arcihitecture, Conservation
Enugineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Annc Arbor High
Schsool for Observation Study), anid a uew course for those
preparing for the scientific administratione of departmeccts
of sanitation and pusbiic Ihealh.
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement or
Individual Information address
Secretary University

said, W'hien ee e-caie awaseseravsie-lieng
alon anidse it us reflecuedh,we-chsese ass in-
teesr i l eheoenosiee-. iishest isslce
h ersso eis ciass elevatione, aend
seet "i Istil sil ii i c wv. Acsuesl hiss-
Brto rf eret serfesresed tier
iiede Ci eieerienst. A tuninge0foels
wih aue dsefiise heriset eel sibration ssu
connscehelte a xtrinegA light Ifroseesac
leisheris 5wasc u1relies suice' it,seed icier
cosuldt see theenoscencud santiresse nclear-
'h lhecturecsoefcrlwes i pui elrin etro-
electoryi-nee caracter, tieer aliesi-
ts edin g ta sitoue-tier roneeteionsbetwseen
orieee isie asndciletic uscillationss. The
s-iee ilies seciewere tocb eee, lee
sail, isseeelecurical uositlatiosE n u-
lerineg upuoen thefeslitofeel rectricity heeds-
Cr, Pr5of. R-eedi gurueci shoct histoery- ee
lice devespmesietIof thee LeydrenusJace. ait
tee ushici lee teenies tohisa ediscssolo
tier subhject eel"sel f-inucteeion,"se-islet
inee le-cisicit ieac-ustier sime tinascu
teisncr1tiaif a heoeels"-Self-indeucion"
ini ciiielectric esurrenit wus idelto re slut
ash- attempuut to chartacuelsetelsthrough
thin circuit, heit wen rsthee curret ius once
started the self-inuceiontleers ho leepu
it 1is5g.
Thiedceelofeleectrial ociiiatiossueandse
eecrical resnan5cr ewas 'rxt illustratied
)i vegleasofl"Loutge's"exprienuset,
ehrer us Loee's oxsillation jar" -isieg
ai slight disderge provokeel a sympaue-
theetic dischargefeesmusassothere jar sear-
ly mtr aweuchre essuea serin
no usau conn eces Prfe.i Redsonweel
thatnc dut ori eis sni a v ee so rife-itucces
the traelnghi ofgeatlestsicciiisaiesuproeduc-
lng she sympc~athi eesusark heist conuducr-
hors of cliiisoeel usterceptuetir epasscuge.
F~or nssue eurarils elite phisitissi-ro
neot -et uItch neure sndif the utes-
iclet ras asre souchoff, the ss sepaletic
cischasrge takenshare muuche Iessreei' -

susie spacues of ightcud Carisapeare,
thcuss seeming thpoeeethteletricsellesI
see oscillary il Character.
SCHOOLOForsUSc eeeecea.
Thur onty concert toer giveni ythe
faculhte of tier School of Mcusithis
essumer nill e givens nex Tuesedas
evenuineg t S O'cockinithes Highs Schoeols
;uistrium.eieee Thur concert sill ee coes
ieueetsri- iccthee generalculli. Mrs.
JesieLD. Bee, cotalo, Aid Grace
Johnluson, sopuranos, asset iises Nell B.
Shockel l, and FracsiLI. Hameilteon,
iccisirs seill paricipaee. Te pregame
us le giv-ec follos:
La fGitans ................- - Ireful
I Bidelist)Lesse.........DHuedehecl
Ihue ic aOrks- - --..........Daiel
Thur ilt, iSkvc .- - -.....Harr-is
Aios. jssee . Rrevu.
( 'Celticoobligto yDOn . hl.thes.)
islero de Coneirt- --......sGirneed{
issu Mieer----.......chiseler-Usift
Las Picrce- - - -f..... :.Ixuscliiocy
Ness. B. Sreee,5veeli
illsthNiresand Singenes '- Hltal
Thee Rbin .....ee- - - -..cirifiger
Blladhcec i Gl esslsee---S he ff51rpi
Bfisetsdases- icc,- - -Ji..Dcb e
isctiereisgiogosoi... lccacowscoh
I) sVert Those initier Cauldh
Blast- --......... eehlsseh
Bacrole ...... ....... ffenbahesl
iscceompasneimentresshy Nce . ItB. Sceec<-
'The siller conecrt, whlose postpneou-
sure st cci eesi ucesary hbystheedaths
ee lrs Ale. is.i.Staneiy il nothe gien,
as it s encresieredetosees ate lee giec tso
Skininer iwasuts yoestosee sehis shokorsf
chcks, watschesrndsefountalines. -Ciii
a-el tisse, lois S. State.
GLie a drinsksof hres,eol utermsik,
thick frost tier curu? Askc for it at
nouun. Wurster Bros., Cue, Det. and
Catherince Ste.- Beth 423;I Houe 140.
For all lMusiesl tnshrumets, supplies,
populsr snd classic music, serrSchaeele
amd Son, Moie House, Iio S. Maiu St.
College In is stilt opeusthrough suit-
eser chool. Sandwiches of alt inds
Me. Starks is giving smsal dancig
parties elcit'Ttusday eeig flolow--
mg ee generousdinemrs.
ishy Inoe hisser y os foseutainesem
wnrile s thery ought o' Bing thermestse
Skiner. Be i ii fix them. 36 .

ll. C. Aler, hioruerly suesisrucor
ini this eegineseringsegprteneet,ehoe eft
liciigaslasut iyear lee puruen e n gi-
neserineg couse at Hareesre, is siensding
aew hesasycisus i is-Ann r risr-use re-
tinisg hoefoler ele ret eel ele susi-
"Bi3g 1B11" Semit, foreser censere eel
lice vasity,ccilcoaschite uereeresethin
hus. Drecwiii also sct asan assseisnt
cosach at cake Wshitmoresuet py lar-
ticulsrsattetinto thee developmuentlof
tier gleardssed cruier.
It ewas a pesure to go to Tuttle's af-
tere mie dance ash Friday evening. Tier
seesvice esas promipt amd everything sees--
ed ness freshc sed ceas. 338 S. Sste
Yumesgitasunweslgelt yurseboeoks
ficced andshisoumntnwseem foercollege
oesen ithlie fal. Skinner rueill tret
yeem rght. 306 S. Satee.
U. of M.and
P. G. TESSMER, Proprietor
BtPhns65Youeeil lwys india5lrge le oft
Thce East Univrsity Pharmacy
55559 S. L'iversidy cAvc-.
I h TrYost of tseeSh5oeuRepairng
Busiessisrn5eid yours rvos
in. a srry-up style.
Laces, Polishes, Etc.
The University Shoe Shop
G1 Eedst WiliamseRusor
You-all who come from
the South
Do you knows just how delicious
rieb cream can taste with genuine
maple syrup poured over it and
a dash of fros hulled nuts?
You can find out at
208 S. Main St.
Rovegro asks you 5 cents for
his sds-any place else you
would pay 10 and IA cents and not
get as much, Give him the
chance to shoes you. If you don't
you are the loser,

Sahscrihe now and bsecome a memuher thereby of
The University of Michigan
A.lumrni Association
(112 ats Th Altumncuus in thee largest collegcenmonthy its the coucntry. Q11 It contaicns the latest news
about the University, ancd editorial commcent omisportant events. (112It contaicus persoccal items
conucercsing cuecmbers of yotcr class every msonth. 412A. volume of the Alucus contains the history
of thr University for the year. Q11 It publishes a series of swelI chosen pictures every cuonth.
$1.50 year. $3.00 for 3 yecars (specianj for 1911)

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