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August 10, 1911 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1911-08-10

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Vol 1I.


SET LIP COLLECTION 'mother crowd of star gazers, ta ort
JTeo n0 numbhercli'nbied the lderilth
osao ry lsnit to lok through
the tswelsve inch telescope at the res of
Antique Latin Inscriptions from filie universe; only the nioooT iwas on-
spetioni however anod the tl eope re-
Neapolitan Region Will mame ixedi ini lie diecti stf
Be Exhibited tie eeing. Altost at its ftlthle moon
GATHERED BY SIGNOR DE CRISCIO fot observtionii to then siottsees.
Eatl in the evn ncuid he seen thtn
coos ofi the votcanii crtr whc augit
a In ordlcto di efraye the extpetises of aini r eflectedi the rts of the rising sun,
nmouintinig the Signore Gitusetptte In ater otnt the vs istocs weealet
sei the interiot of the craters, someofo
Crisclo colection nf Lailin iniscipions, wicht ice sixty ile no e ol
wicnh tice stored ini the btsnemiit of setiion oif the i1i00io cotld tn seen
Memitoriail toll, tte hor of tregents set tiriough the telescoipe itself, bit the
tisitte an appruopciattin at its last ntect- l'inden" gave a ftll view. The lig e-
itig. Vthlen the tocigitiol culors hiiie fetitig'tetesetim talso claiiieni its sliate
if attentiont antI the tssistant wats kept
teen restitredl andt othet cioessary ci- hits exhibiinig uts itituents ant ex-
pairs nmate thte collectionill etti pitma plitintg its tise fun tphoogtcaithicnd
netti inttlet foti exhutlititoti ini Mciiii tithetitrposs
octal hall. Tite ssotik of r estorattotn is _
hetig cndtuctedt utndet the sittecsvisin
ofi Prof, F ianis Wi. Kelsey of sse as i pc~ t LECTURES ON INDIGO
The tde Cciscio collecttott a pe Explains How Persistent Chemist
seted to the univetrsits hy Hettry P. Made Great Discovery
Glovec of Ypsilatnti. Sc consists oif "Snetebgnigohsor ma
oiver z50 inscittionts, toast of tloetmo be- Sielo 'ugttigofItiewi
itig upon slibs of mactole. Tsso oce tip itas adttmptedtoi encrnci his piesiial
ott tecra cottla cierctacy urno otne on in surroundtincigs swti noioc. The tily
amuphioro, the test ito brick ant Ott trait phlance tiee e niottld obtant these weas
pipe. They rotige tn oge fto th te ccig in natuttc itself. U.tnec usual icumi-
of Autgustuts to the thirtcceintrs,'A. tne0a icoee hth ol
Sigitoce Gimoepute de Cctscto is tthe tnsuoi toooetta i ot
tarisht pciest of Pitzunit tats, the ott trtitsfer the coltir of tiatutrti prtcttts
cietnt Puteitti isest of the city of Nautle). to tirticles of lilt ownt iiaintfaturtie thtee
Early itn life toe oetime interested iti the is noi rcorud, yet atnneint literattie
stutiy of atiquities, anti for forty years ahomuds switht referenes to dy~es aiid
he 'has boeeo cotlecting She itsriptions ttveit articles."
fitntd front titme ito time int the vicinity. Wt hs winoAo rf .H
Thtese he stored away itt 'his thotoo.
A nnnther of years ago the existence Conr, opetted his lectnre Titesday after-
'of the collentiott herame kn'own to Ger- noon. He then cotmines to explain
man snhotars, and many focsimiles of with a pleasing perspuitiy thte develoto-
the inscriptiotts woere puhlished. TIn T87 imetit atod' imtportamnce of the trade ini
Dr. Wealter Dennisout, now professor of bioth itatitral an artificial indigo.
Latin int Ohertin college- visited Sig. de "The art of dyeinig oat probtahly dis-
'Cricieo attd readity ohtained his pernlis- cosered hy soite titdy tf ancinti society,
sioit to puhlish the noore recent aditi- as site presidedt over a social bolel
, ions to thte collectiott in the American whiih tad heein hbreedt front -ielis
Joutrnal of Arnhaeology. While enga'ged fotiti it her mnative woods. She noticed
in the copyitng of the inscriptions Dr. toat the cloth thtrettght which the liqtitit
Denttisoit stayed at ttoe htouse of Sig. hail heent strained, seas strongly cootredt,
de Criscio, wtho contfided to hint his per- s0 thte text titne she prepared the drittk
plexity as to the dispositioto of the cot- a few pieces of hiomtespuis were added;
tectioto. The priest was advanced itt tte color was noore or coos permtainint
years and 'had too relatives interested' itt attd sloe realized that she tad fouttd
the antiquities. Dr. Detttisott suggest- ont somtething inportanit.
ecd that the coltectiott bte brougttt to "tIigo, of alt dyes, seas thin easiest to
Anmerica attd placed in thte University of tapply to tite fiber; fur tiis reasoit it
Michigano, where it wottbhe of itoestitoo gainedt a prceemoinetiltoace attd tan' imi-
ahle valtte f'or advattced 'ortk int Latito. tainted it to tte presetit day'. t owas ott-
Williamo Warner Bishop, a feltows in twimed itt ttte earliest timtes, exantly int
the Attericato school in Rotto, was ohk- the sanoe waty as the dye seas derived
ed ho noahe a trip to Pozznoli anod copy' frimutheo pttant dutritug the early pat of
'the etntire coltetin. Promo tese eopies 'the tnitteteetth ceturtt
the greatI arctoaeotogit svolne of the in huTe t856, 'Williamt Nfcs Perhiuts, teni
scriptiotts svas perceived, and H. P a voun umuot seorhinto ito thin lboroatore
Glover, at the suggoestiont of Dr. Den- of the Rosyit Socuis oh ILondeon ittnter
ttisotn, arratonet to tlate te collectiout the udirections of a ogreat Gerutiou cemto-
brought to the tunivs'rsity. itt tognou work1 ott o prolemo sohitcI
Itn atilton to the de Crisnio cet- tiersistetlys desvelotuetd colone itpotoductst.
tion oit tiscritonts the tirsiots pos- Fttinn tnuo usy itu hicht these eouldbuthe
sesses a smoatier butt sees s'luleol - elitmttuatee. the Getrmanii otrnereud tutu to
lection ftrutt Route. Tthus cntins tinte- druit thic mtttter ontihent assiogted tutm
p' ituscriptiotus luesiudes o tomge uunuluer of a nit ptoblem. Ptekins ssas in terestneb.
fragmtents. Three of the iptons ad cnitintued to us.k bn Otib snieit ini
mere sit utp ini muemtort of Slot faouis i smaill Iahotator st bis hottu. e tue-
puraeboriaun guiardt Tis secndie nolle- mit otid fily ibis oduc eil thin First irti-
tioin us'as ota ie itIt Dr. Bunso n -out tn ritd
uis tint vsit toi Rome.u "Itl i878 -. vo Baer dicii e h
ibid W iIfL GIVL 'IL terar usm llb thin dinfcore egnt
unit atnitlk i iuuetbioi it ch utu is
SN Mt. 'l 1.91 EC tCRT SI'm t i t ii tnohi liii tu mlin if nho'llarms
Owig o te repraion bingm ueit' spn~mtiui buttee tuiiiis t reni ts
illu'thigwtst letueutcttiu roo tuf u pyical be' tinm ashnd lii noytegea e a
1 ttiibor- fort Profui ensor J. O. lRnt is us is brtugto" igh nacdn.i
lenturne iin "iletrintit QOnclain mu--10 l,2 eta the mu utt onii
cltae conmtmii inoetutre wilil hie udcliveedi for ai hitetl int"io t bie'"uin ileane

tthere at 5 d'cnocknby i Assi' Prof. F. S. 'iThis proidiunt lis made ill Stich hinge quatt-
breed. Itnstetd ithe still udeliver mis Inn- 'liles m1o. t11t4 nut stunh at chaup prind.
ture itt "Instinct as Relatedt bto terest'' , ltt it lots tittninst foirned th ntumrtal
ini the mtussetum lectue room. tarticle off blue markcet."

!RBOR, MICHIGAN, Tu,11lISDA'Y, AGU'ST to' mgmi. INo. I'.
t heol 'eTSal sh'CdI 'mTeNtION.h
rgns an will ti ffeireud tot'the inrist ____
f tie t th 'gradute tudntsthuis fahh,
Tells of Land Where People Are ;satrcinhidunlezt !sinitis Last Year, the 8th of Its His-
ll Quaint and Where Lofty trtgol h onr omn t n
,1 anyleter' hvc )Cel rccnudb iy the tory, Surpasses in Achiev-
Cathedrals Abound setaryiiof ii theietbica e iiihittsot 111 et-ndMmbrsi
'mnrlite - utthsiu e cias tettientand__ e bershi
tSEVILLE HAS GREAT CATHEDRAL "nuituote stut ,ad as i Iithn
mtethltitnutut eniuice'ntiu," tititlaiBIG PLANS LAID FOR FUTURE
tiehi iitmitis. I t ov is aeidti o f liii.
ate irst cai' him" il's' edIi u i ,-
'''hem' Spiuttsm piotlhe' areunh tu tit'' aae ia w r, ald a cctil T upsh te titus heel t hhunbmsinsi thn
1thir ]tnsmu lifIn uelightfiuh. thumir nuistittos oamomuntot iitt n altuu resear wrnit o be ti as dinerIthad, mot tho say 'thnutmost
ni tnm q~uaint.tt, thu el i -ion o mmiprhm-nsent'sum m-hd tup l he'tT~e scjd tc sub. IT h isntlvea mitt' nis itt Sepi-
thenir snstia tia tncessiti'. Thn' ainsit reii uutiaiu t iih pinc f r er o es a ti 5th atutuintuit atunmts atim- n iuem
itit 'thaSmi'ahe''mut l'l VSi.T uhuetieit nearcmitoritomhat itllh nb ulile 1)tu,',' . mms cnnoiuutimel e hihu' I 'stut Thme
tate mmiiiall lieu, fitr ftutu it. 'ITie saum-thesis ,vsicint mt hm nhe mused toll anduth iii niu hi as3I alincruetase of
items ari ts tit h torim ant imitscmiii defemnedbut' tiiu alhithn em es fthiii ve s ear, makng.1 jmpilitftom
ad the me en areiiniotin' lit h a nldi'tsome.i ticutty u emirnttub ;nuthe iin g omia irots atituaul 'itt'r'get ofiahoiut gmoo
'mliiiscutere thineWnurds ith xci m in~m 'm- coilrse. Iii May thn cei t utu tmiumitus it the
Pr .Pit 1;, sceay o ted - - . intit w ren gaged ftuontfr almitlt thrcec
nighb uts ilttoteexcep ti if Smunda s,
ptuttucit if Pii.nitiei t~oniliid is FIRE PLAY'S HAVOC IN CAMVPmuthrusentimtttnshnitfintos
subjeti "A TritiThuuim h p'm iiu the iamlti'e ing. i l thu mtotttu day i u r-
t tous the ales time limdit s inrciftntle. Reighard Loses Many Valuable Books ili 'Colieuunue~nuuntsneekm threesmepara te
S hoe tutue, th ngeuumom'nmmiith n umidand Manuscripts hutch ciiis cern servenut o'noot, on nmi
gramn 'eutnd uin abundance;mut h'mmmlydstoiiig oth e n d mum amttihimLage'n inug romte Ilmu i teori-
gre' of01 ut o ha ot ot sll n sitnutte un iimlhntinary", ufSmnte aut nd Ione ill the sumoktui.niuuroom.The
thn conitru ft ms slenidu fourests. I i ii iu nt etisubtohh re"gub-ic servicm'wiss ee t edto liii lii
tihes iand i sins ha cenutral Spatin tt sitsnuiu
eiis invem maaim treu.mhoavoc at t ih ilogimal ao ptiiDIougolais Th it th~ in al luI 'utuoutmonwenner is
'he amenrage Spaniared us timouu i ohae hint T us . N n thrta w nwit titswhas ]hut uen"it
proporion t his overty A stdent he onetent f theprlieitr wauburi- a fin I'mu'ly Ifter yeght ryar ofo colt
muil time unuiversity saidm e ryses confid enl eiuthie hissoitmitt tut uautle n iii-susht ut r, much tha tts instuitutono
use turnwatingtop. tin lioet isentsermols tandl Iare scuneutific voolumess whueh1 ithmall Isatvtis lmit hot i
muwith th n iitedt Stoles foe oilh losses tonic his tiersonal poinssessitutu makeit. sstoands, fo r, isytiniploness nut no~i~ioii
men ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h isiosstscu ao I;nc;inealsmt mimicfon mmmii is blue feeling, ittthein on utt mthorities
ttasked hy unhenomn thadod utleaitned 'Thn enxtnt casumm o fthn tire Is ttuill-' s iemuring thus scumuut'cmr llulluey look~

him retua aed thin young omau isod:'Theny
ace butte pmwernimg thirfatoes ollittay
bung, dierithtler utimifoumro'lcwhnt
they salty forit foe a waoth or a drie.
ears alert to 'hear the comimhuaentary
speechues from the toossers-lit if their
heaty-cails forth mo exlmoations Shiny
go htomme amid weep fromotdisappuiuntmoent.'
'This ynoug mtitaload a swneetheart amid
he toldulis lion-he stent each esvenimng,
raini or shinie, after nimmuco cklibetnearto
toer blcomos.
0000NnnSun mu'IMOSING nssiiTuDAeS.
"Bitegon, anciyof 30,o0o inh'labitats,
ha s a gteat otutraon i nm I ito agnifcenut
cathendratli egnouinito2tootamidfintished ini
1 567. Its tossens are lofty atud graneful,
lout tiemebost impoosinug feature' of the
sohole extermort is the octagomnallanternu
almsve the central crossing, which tee-
tminates mum eight pnrforatnd pimnins.
adornued sowiii statutes.
"Atthelion humsotpoinut in time old nile
ot Barcelona, stands anothhnr imoposinug
nothedrob. S 's a nohlecneotionm of
SpanmishtGothic aote ctnutre. Sntitu
now cite toite onth, is the eumniversily
soth unoarly three thousnadtouidenths.
Oue of time finst tings senwsubntenter-
mu" the harhor us tloftymontumoenttoli
Colubmius; leie s ntmresenuteetaon standeingo
out a sohartfiaid loinguout ho sea.
7oaragsus itated 01)She SEiro
rrun mmhas a poptbultii of toeo ound is
itdnnstttuo' 's onte of thie monst oancient
ande at thme samemtiumc.lo themost mmodernt
cities itt Spinot' TIe oltin owusmuith its
mauie ol ueho ptiintttdimellitig's
us keimnactwho i ble mutderniinuennitm-
sil is buiuldii"timp a tutu ciii.SitZtarat-
man6 i o e o I m e itiioti s pilltar
onth imI t hue l I 'ubrus ai t
butte appeoredmto 1 aint J.noestdriitg
ims jotuni''iiS'mpain.Itisi 5isiteud nows
hi thtousas ub fiipiltri muaiu li
a hdmrt: rentess o n fth0ahda
nihinls i ns tieti crds pllaupotect-
ed ly asilvr sreen Inth allbun-
hind ith tipillarm us 'ahuliule uthruhiuss
thin pliiit 1 tts Iiss t e el .
:Thahinnuhedrltu evllh i telarig-
n-h nhurcnm t'~e unitlmdIthein utenutiion
nai-be oennit it ontso magtudl-
cent a sn-lthtit iinhouiildie itithoiuta
rialu' a fnshednus tt 4dO yetans
(Continuted on Page 4)

nerti. Aii .stunve uwitinmtheint a ac vritus history ftumltits iuneptionm
humnn m wtt hsein tetproifessori'left to g o thble innesemint day.'"m''rlby atin 9tte hue
muistieC.nItthdnclosedebtovoorideawatorigintedi lofi lavng sonme
beufotre coaving, wentsoomn a suddenm place soliene stuuemnts couldetftnd social
nommttiuont mmncamtp caumsedev eryone hum receato n di hm a n itlscuttct, amidtotals
haruyetsho hustsent. The ilacenws i mumahue outbuteunfiormted ml thamt timue.Alh-
tanoes imnd seatertnttuing edirectly ready tHaennett ond Peninsyvnathad
asvailbe eanly esverythinig wa osho sunh plines, heHavadUnuinaand
Houtonm:Oath.iu-is toot until Be-
IT its. ENG. GMnic STosrusuxus cembenr, 1903,however, that a call was
Thon basebialoglte etwseenShoe etugi-sont omit for aomtong'mometafronm all
nertstandelits fortShe ba sehboll suptrnmoacy' cautmus organieatomns to stork omit a plan
of thincamtpustshots sumtmertschmool stilt of cammpaigno The coltlseas officially
tnt lie playeuhonut hurdayp on four of issemed buy the society o~f "Miehigainun"
time enginet s lienstoamunstill tue uahle thouigh mntyothetrs itereintreted at
to pltay this useeh. Thnenontest will tahneithat hume
placen a we-ek ftroum Saitmurday if it cnm Afler outnunthuiastic respomise frono
not he arraned for out earlier den. faanty anmud mets a "comtttetoe
time organizeationuu of a Uiomnwtas focim-
MnIunnTGnuPPemARn WITH INDIANS. ed" woithm Petit F' N.Sniotas nhair-
'Mhmiup-lettemrs of indqurn li-i beenmre- miami. tUnmdnrits edtrectiona the "Uniions for
ceived it thus office of the secrtare- of fanulty, alutmnit studntsamid rngents"
Shun meodinal departmnt fromtoIndiani tas inoporated ouduertir laws of
stnhtus shouo ntenmuptentahimsn ork in 'MichiganTfistrt anuual GUniotnbaui-
that edeparntutemlthin fall. thichuigano is(qust n-as hueled Novembuler1i, io04, in
alreadeypwelusreremseustedusibhi'native stu- Wiaterntimtgy-umnasiuum, the lbiggeshttoun-
dents ofIttnditi, tumd thur muumober nmran- Itiomiof itskindelimp to that timne. Br.
uss each yesar.4 (Conttiued on Page 3.1
Achieved in the First Three Years of Its Existence

Thme .MttinhtiyU n iinCluhmmfouuse,

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