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August 05, 1911 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1911-08-05

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Vol IL.


(icIIP CN h k's~h PCILilSTS
TEACHING COURSES Libtorian, Keic has acpe h ni
-actionto xdieliveri'the opeig a-
dles in the "Miod(rnm tirare i oxe-
First Separate Pamphlet of ,extat the joit meetig to ibe held
atCedr P ot, Ohi, Spt. 2-.
Classes in Education is [rofeso eles' sell gve a address
Printed o th "Pleasures of iReaiig at the
sae eetig.
The fist seprate ,iaxxxneese t f te C. S. Vibbert Says Paris Collegian
courses it euctatio fferedl t tiexuni- isVery individual
versity has jst appteared. ieginixthtg There are more siu ets aithis alt
wihIt afairr exhautire history of the iamile f the aiersiti of Paris tlaoni
ayother eul aslce i the wxesier
develoipmein tf theideiarienx t the att-worix,'said hir. C. It Vibet Thitrs
ionement goes asis tell f the "ciidy aftersoni his lecture ous "Shu
credited schools'' systemx.teachers i- det Lie i taris'' 'anixitescostitie
poat ix t auti certiicates, lxetfacities f xismreicosmsopolitas rossptsan any
iistrtuctioi, partiulary 5sinc the ireeixt othercollege bsitioil eartilt
affiiationsifthi ie eartmeti h he "ie it te xtulitie oi the FrIc
Axai Arbor-i' higit school, aliii tie .a-clege mi, that is' imoxst noticebis to
loixxtext cmmittee''setsteim. Te aiSan imeria osereris iis xtexse in-
tiiotceeett eocuitees withla-x iescip- 5 elis ttalsxx. Te re is xo commutixixxi
tion ofxxttie'thirtysfivecouxtrses inx exuca life sxchx extis fouxixxxn xte F'ngxlisui-ix
tingivent eee. vIsities; nior detth ue ier theidrinkicing
litt speakecixt tof ie istortyx xf te dIcclbls so nxixme rxxsin xte Gemncol-ci
Ipirtmtent, the eixxxxxxtxement sis: The Icoes, oete raterxities swhiciabouxndtxx
deiartmnett otf reduitioniofuthtie un i- tias cunx ty. Thie explanaietin, gieix
versity f iihiigani xxas c eted e iithe fr this, is tat the ixtllectuai eeloex-t
bixarti it regents i Jutne18, a'ituine cit osithliar Irenciilis croixdteitx
chair of the sciextee anxd atnof tIcinixg suchxaix extext that leis little timae for
Dr. J. M. Gregry, sate sperate ixtext associtienxixtahixhis feltass.
f piin tstructiosi, asotxxthte ear i6o Te Frencxiv txersities xiiinotdits
gave ai briet course f peagtical loo-teeto gie the geersl eutctiotnxthat Alier-
titers, two a weeke lo the seioir easxicantendritish literary coleges fr-
sixtiseera mxore or less, sprrait xxspa, Peixix lthe tixie a sudentencter'
tempits to givxe smndae insrutionxxx aere the seeondiary shoeolsthte seciaies;Ihis
made in sexerali itier colleges, lit the wmix ' Ic sloto lisecure a prfessiosnali
estaiblishmxxen ttfthis chair tat the fist euttatinxithliithe reultitthat musltitues
ini aixy Amiericaxn colege tes'otedix- of stixentstre lture te ixiianuialy, alii
euivieyto i the training of teachers. tech ue geeral iftormaxstiunxaxiiicii-
"Thxe credit fortis innovactionx is tixe tre a-wh ich sxspsed t iiiifiy exollege
tox the foresight axnxi wisdomxa of Presi- sixdents inx oter couniitrie. 'T'he reasonx
deint Jaimes i. Atgel, who cleart'rer- fr such appascrent neget is tht this
oigizieti the retpontsiity of the tittier- ihsxe of It irldi'sietucatioti is left to
sity as iheadi f tie puxltiscol sytema the parets.
to iprovitde soier with tacihers. He "The Frenc tiudixenti is a workr;eel
csaled the attextion afthue oardi of re- taes hit cores ii a mtore iprofesiona
gents to liareimatter inis hit aiiia reposrt siirit thni is maifiestedi lit the colege
for 1874, catnxifour tyart later le againtmiOfitthis ontrt. 'The eix iiatins
ixroghxt the tsubjet tforiard and urged wixiehle is cled upioi to pass ire' iore
its adioition. tdifittiananysitshixg ecueesxxrexinithue-
"Thit aixiecl, suppitorted1lit' c roil- axerage Amierican'iolexuge.
moenititon of uhe facueltt,hidthi e lirde- "-Drinxking saxxontgthe sttrxs oithia
sireti effect resuxtinginxxthe establishixg Parisinuiviiersities eees1otftexi lecad
sit thechsir sitsitboxe satex. Tie i- tlxruenniexess. slthoughxai drinkihigxeis
jests of this schair, citcixtxnxuinted iniiiai geiercl. Tet havealais hd ine aletx
offcia ircuxtar sentoi n i August fis- ]aineliiteir hxmxes adx it tioes litsi-
owigsre the samie asitpiublised i, fxrdlth emptatxincii toxthexmliriict etxi
esich nlxxiicaextxoge s5n1e.salo cist txffix' txisxdets iithe
"The creaitionx oxf this chir xxwas onie UniitiiSicate. The Prisin sudret is
tinxg, cxxiiiis'minitenace'axxixthe rTsisnot howxeer. esentialribete' tani liii
departxre cruisedi ailxaxxiof hoxstie xxvercge clleg' maniithe woldrutvxer.
criticismxicxxii tpositionipaicularlyt iiiTe cfe is toilcIentxer ofclxiege
fronxt tielelxhegeistf tie sailsen xiie life, hinig thefrtrn'ity rdcxihiegcan
eastx, axixfottix heii'noxrmalxcshooixls The CUniinrlinto xoiinxe. ii en' th lieu
tea' professxorsh ii1,5hii ip a ile ytie aP- cxngregtetoie iil'etrtcained iii tieex'-
ioixxtxxext o ilh\iaIs tx . Pisyne Prof ellentimiusi iw-hihithese plee frs xx-
Psirie fexedi uiyitwIoxcorexsetthe first isix, xidi perhacpis, iieiiexxtcito Ie ive
ytar, one irecticl. embxhracingischotlxoa eli alht'ehriers wxx xconexgrgte
Superisui, graxiniig, cuesixi oft isitu, tere.
e., taxi letres eachx iseri noe i xr "it i, lhoiweer, in is attitiudee towacr
hitoil i, philoshxxxialand cxiriticcl, tires public qusrtixns andii his etotoexxlxubti-
hourxs iepere.' Tih exiorktesatgraex- ievriexts tat tae suden'xt extFrane
aiily expancdiex t xilisexext distinctoer- standxs i grecter cntrs totar stdet
_ xs, embxircing at houxrs' istructixon. it this econitr. 'Thexenuraionexxoci a
were toffereed. hisxricl thor at vscriaxice isitte
"lxx Februacir, 1888,iPrxf. fiane e- ipesulatcr xpiniotiiofxtacxintiaith teroine.
igned. lie ws succ iteeedebyhiti. A. stichi as Joanix of Are, hs heex siffeiixi
in xsdalr ewhosservex ut iili hiltdetch in to hxderiee axrisfessor frxomxthe eultersits
xgoo. Pros. aynewsat hintreled to iaadtoexcause 'the gxxernxxxetlseraxs
his oldi chair, wsichei lie held utilis tdiffirult."
Ircath ia 1907. lxn the satae ear the ______________
titlte Scientce ,Art of Tiacheig' exis-
ei, axdxinsice txcii date the nirartietseii 5 ill Siu lx70 c' t xtan.
lxais beeni designactedi ' Ediuctixon.' The'-A llrleie x'xxrx tis ixidinrtlxxxithe IHar-
irarinixg saff xnxow.xnumbers lients, i-ivareCo'liege ihiarcr(IGore Bile) swil ibe
eluixn~xg ani isetor oft'igh schoxxs. cxsil froxixaAug. T4toisSei. 4, icleies
axndtIthe ecoursrtseoffe rexd exceredi ho idrixg sx'iiehxpeuxuisd ew ctaloxgue
ixoutrs.''csae siw ibe xisitedtcxiiithectliegxe

Folliowiig the histoiry is cx recxsxxxxxexx- xilineessail'e.ienaces'csie.
ationitfon than'estblishtmeni t f a tate Schoxlars idesirixig iio swxrkin xCama-
schoolx it reducaxtionx, whiere tunisertity' bridlge xilise gisveni, oixnaplication, suxch
stuxdxents taughtit hxe anii xppoxrtnity tel imiitedi xsxe ot the ibooktscollectionxs as
(Continued on rage 3.) is praxcticabl~e.

Hygienic Laboratory Analysis
Includes Series of
'iatjustwht 11 x xiais thexwater call)
aonly hesertainuedxibhy axhxong andi xcom-
plicateduprxcess, xxxisdemonxstrtedto axx
reporten tr 'tie \Vaix~tERIsc tdayciAll
the Nar rxxudu, ad sui pceciall lxn sm-
meuirthuremcxii six frie e g - cl-
erao. arx e u xcecii husxtxiiithsmplexhxs xt
isaex senltiomaxi lls oflxth u t'ehxx
lie tested.
Flax tests xxchuxi sanx xxxiisisxxi hic
microscoiac u l andx ba-terioxloxxical1exm-
ina~tionxs , adinuouxcula t in xpeimiienti s
ssix siusqhuentxie'xmination.xx Thephus
icili proeresi 5xhixh arexexminedusu are
colxrx odorireich xiiii ion ad hardness. A
sandii tithe s flhun i wtxx e, andi the
itepthtolxhxxluh ,a suspendedx luium xi
uire cciii le sexnxtherein,xxixasures the
degree at the cxxiox tie shaeis inxxiiext
xxnix' approxxiately. Ti est the rectcin
it thueexater, limuls lpers cue usd; it
the swater is acid, thur upaper nretis its
xriginluxipuk;it akinciie, tusperiex-
coes ucehx. 'The cuxxuuxux t fsxahxeces-
a cito it55 .i p i-a'iuii lather s liar
test for the llanuhuxss. Stuxhx thu ruxesecer
in abtsrnccxxftodlxxxis dterhemuinieter
evaposxrxtion t ciir10 degrees centgradxe.
Iii te ciemuica le ysx ixsi the residue
from a cxknowns x epx xx lix xxf the isaten is
wxefixghedcuanimeaureinici par suts pexr xi-
lxi.This residuexcis bureditius rimu-
ixinaig thur organuic imatlter, xxnithe.inoxr -
ganxic aaternis thunxanalysell Teamui-
uuxlof cine u ichee rmieulbyiptue-
ting a staxucndr usiutixix of sitsvenitrate
icothe uswcter; this xxix xxii xx orgnic
maictter, hut'thur ln~atits of otassiumut ter-
xxtxxxgte swhichx it xilecoixuie.Nit-
raeiscreude termained b hatoler cloxr-
Sion mxxte thodsui.
.Thxe acterioloxgiscl examcxinxaion xis e-
gilt)xbxcpustting ca luesurex amunusitt li
swater n n xieitagr platei, usually xxilt h
cuhic centimetrerI('xbout i ftuee-nxtreps.
Thuspheir is of gaxss, cxdis cusseextxwit
agar, ax gatixe-ie substanxce wxhichx
hardenxs inxcooluing cuter mixc ibeig
heated. Thur ateri in xed irth liithis,
and illii it the gens reprosdiuce. 'T'he
coloieis of gens cre cunitedl afiere a
24-110111- wxit ciindxetagean cter 4 hxurs;
hiy this mxeanus thu riogia xuxxuur it
genmit)ithe t3 dropis otxwacter is detcer-
minxued. Tos isoer ecthan presence it
clngermis thu rthigasih mei, axhlue
prepacrationxuoatlitmusti, lactos, andet agr
is usexxxithe plate;sswithu this thur coosn
genus lxoxixcxxxaci, tuning thur xmei
rred. Typhiduxnigrmxxs doxnot pouxcxce thur
saexfcct, utinxxornern lxx distingugishx
itresicic huts-cruxihue tic sosrs iis
niecessary iti follow III)xxixtainioecuatinx
experimentuxs axniiexaminaiuctin. -h\imr
scupic examiniiations rexexit unxit-casset
tox wxhichi certaixi gens heonug.
A guinxe pig is usualt ioucuatiedlca
cublic cenxtimuete r of a cuturxsne e auoped
ini usexileliefiteduinuig 24 ihous ii an
incubxhar, is ixjeted iithx a is odenaic
syrnuge. if there arc'an}x hxicgeiic
germsit hey imacskilt thur a ial, but ice
charactcristic smpx~tomus apuer. Txi-
coeuric germxs arc thouse tot suds a caer-
acter s t lealithur loiser cnim asunotxi
maind;isiucpatxchoigniic uermsinciude this
cass weli as those iswhichx cre ftal to u

It is nexcessairt. further, is examsinue the
grmsilfoxundxinxxthu eitd. Ill a numbuser
ot tests, coloeraitioni, grouth in xxses-eral
t icdicc sniixix ectxins, etc., the next
tinture afthue genms is finallty detcerm-

hVEDE ihE 1'c'G NT IuS ,']I N-{C.'1.
CongrssmanWiili ic «. xixemyciSCH1IOOL AND STATE
9.-gd ,Priiae etra o h 11Vfrst timxe slice tiltelecion tohuthue fedteral____
legislturer, lxc i s eate xliithe dxxxix xx
thur hoxuse, accordiug ha the ihetroit Noted English Educator Calls
'lexe's. Thxe debte ain si- e t ein s xxesix
geutioxxnt lxithe uparmets xfat vo uuchere For M~ore PublicSpirit
drawnu lxv hue late Secretart Joh ayxI i Ad Prd
A d C V fo a po t at o J u g D a.MA N Y V IS IT O B S E R V A T O R Y L A U D S D E M O N STR A T IO N SCH O O LS

Large Crowd Lookat Moon Thrugh
Old Telescope
Thseurere cxii tlookig ct te uxmoxue
'Thxusaytnigt. Ni, it wacs't cclt
for sentimealch rasonxs: int seewanted
hex seixhow ss hxookedttroughi axtees-
coexxs VCisitors' nigtxx the-uuiscrextxun
iraux i xii. ~inuxoni stuckiniviualcxs.
Pverxhx xxix Iooh, cx 'goodst louok atx
xxunathrughxxiiticaictileixuhsrf rctingu
Ielescope an semedi-itpsetyxcl hinu-
tie liiiTh eerac r ses'asedi qiuestioxis
andi tfoxixd xxxit xxherenu'te s-neter uof
U-Copernxxcuxs xxnii ue' mouxxinxiianugs.
the Alps, tic' C eiuxxxx s. candithur Cuc-
asus axe.The cates it thur oldxtosanesu
werxinlyiisi ls is extll -has thurplsinxxs
andxiisea. Profestoin R. It- itaker wa s
the tarxget it alli theuexsstionus.
'Up ithliclone alli'xxx assistantI uas
maip~ula iting thesi mons truscitnxci, xe-
flecting teescope before a wondeing
crow. Hehisandxxlethe lg felowt s
tough ithirer e camire Ituy, and movedxci
it at aill bxx electric cxxxirox.Ilie x'-
plinedii'xtha t itt edi mostly fun phout-
graphiiand secroscopiuc swrk,. etne
uurneedxxiithureurrentl hisshowirthe vshue
cue"klin ue sectreoscophe. This istu-
menit it usen t xxix oras- exn'xigts romu
lxxx xxiiithreero'cock. Thin sigh-eers
wer din biht xdisapposuinted'no ut to he abetoii
tpee throughx this cxl Mar, an sustai
oter eually iterrsting plantcx, lxii xhxd
to consoe temxtslvess iii ue ikno-
eign that it is sldomt used for persona
obtsrxatoin. The cock tah dries thur
telescope s it with olsoe the oetuln
its csurse, runuss iracticaxlly witut oiseis.
its huesig govenotrs iwhiliing reglarlny
ini thu roomfiui beeahistue xdome.
thewnxeinl thin front hal wsa the chonu-
ogreah,registering cers'econd;sneuuuiexti
thur nxt romi i-extthin umeidanxcircle.
by wi-hntobsrvtixonsarutakei xtuon
tu oget than exact ian wheseux liruunxs
tnt os ssthur umeridilan, to ahinhthue istuentxr
is paralleln. Theur iioutlokduilxxccxli
for tsc seismtographs, atd tere tsh
that they see safely unduer ock andi
Alt the tickets on Moday evenuing
havexbeenagiaentoux, go is al, manyxi
heog disappointed.
Two comeis, ioh, i scsveredt last'
mxoth,earneisceruible in AnnitAbor hy
rthe caidi ostordnhar-mue raxor deed gasss.
('tie of themx, Nief's coeut, is located
nearuntie star fIotax inthin costeltioinx
it Cuniga cmxxxican he peeciedi bstw-en
z mmd 2 :0.inxxx.Thanoshar, Brokes'
coxmxetix which waes discovered tooeeks
huotb Prof. Brokes, of Gnemva, N.
Y. is et resentulohcate 0ondgrees norhi
it at, cmxxxisaperceisvable at thur sme
morunmig hour.
Iinef's cmetmris than brightere mittie
lxiwx, amd il eaproacxeixlirat utduring
thi nemmxltwo weeks, cter wh iich it sill
rcede. hBroes' cxct sll1 be xt its
instl aboumutthe'middedofmatSeptembsher
whencusit sillt hundiscernihlisbteh ie nakedh
Our hundrd eusople eft thutsxmornming
mauithin hlician Cnral excursionx t
Put-i-Hay, Lake Eri. Beides thur
geology cass tcereereoiler stuxdnt
anxd membxuers of thinaculht amioxg thur

'Fe lu s e aic tmioshipit exi s.1tig tic
lxx un than slimeyxaxdipublhic educax'tionale
instintutiionus paricularxxixthi seccndart
schol waii s thsli isusomittie eaddress lxy
Frui. J. Jh milyofteUn tiivritycoit
.hicshmstx'u IEnglxandmlalst sivenig uponx
''Sc'hooul and So'xxx x i
"lxxn.Amercica, saxid li sumeuer, 'this
proble is' a difficutoe 'iiu I-
grnxit comisctolxxyxxiiisixus Wi thu axhIeri-
tageo rcialxxpoetmcxxxanxiisentimuet w-hichm
youi mutiii ncssr piminary cx',
gel miiiri s- bforn he caxix emagxmted.
Whact crs'ytuu ~itixg inits place'S
"flue schomuxluus sleisul tuihuemx.
Thueuteachinguxof lcal hisltory'sill sep-
ply toix xeige' exxxi this matexriali xupon
ithlichx huohbuildi patritismx. he oderi
peopler scarcelym- realie that tie dxlli
e-cits muchmlithin seu rlationuxtoitie adult
es nies tie semiegtoxxciiizedt mn. in
mmcxxxisastroxig authritoex is-rmx. Stor-
ies mit tioneue r disc, nioimaterumwhter
mm notx tetle' tal omatouiaus axise-
turxpeae iad eaech im.h"u
r. tFinlaii ntaxeixalnthat xthe cheft
prbmxh befor he te teaiecherssotfxnglandx
andxi Ameica ixunay istiii nucteinxx
than touuthx ofttie nationm autn andgen
erxus publmi tpiri. "I believer ot
ever," tar scd, "tat in siateomatalt the
excettetmit jimguis ndsprade agl cx "e
tutu this publisclspirit wilthe deeopd.
I wtould that cxii Amianni ctis an
townss mtigti tolow thin exampe of
Sprinxgfield, Mass., iu the teaching of
local h iistors."
Thanemutona loeimernst i tieietsh-
tg of civics was dwet upio. Thin e-
tuner relatedi a schemue of his which
tie introducd at Cardiff, Engaxd, where
he waex heandmxaser of tie Interxeniain
Schmool foe :Boas front xh8ihto. PBy aix
arranxmntuwsith the orough officisti
tsr institxutda "Ciic Dxi," ottwhicihi
the school childenwsee adressen y
thin mayxor uponsthe mual histort cxxxi
metrhodunomitgovrenxtut. "I hknows mafxxx
hetter sat" udeare Prof. Fixday,
"tuauntese jointmt inlgs of ciimxffi-
crntantchiluren byh lich to rite cii
Than seaaer heaxriyncuimmietne thin
schemeof itrecrut Americani deeop-
metxu, ot making thin school a "social
centeur."' The "Boy Soxt" moivemesnt
wasxtalxso prased. "This mxoeeintu,"
said Pes. Finday, "headed y Ertest
Thompiuson-Seton, is axotiteem'ueri-
toriousptahnt. T ingxulig of author-
ht- amd obedience is good on thi n xg'
sot, cxxxiitie enucationalxtauhorsiiis
shxoulcd subistaxntiallyt suxpposst i."
Prof. Fndulat spoehinx the aftennxu
befor srvera uproessors anxd aevanced
studntms uponx "Demioxsraiona Scoolt:
Their Purpoase, iMe xtho, andetResult."
AfCtr showitg'the ned on thin demuo-
straxtionmxschool, whichtaneitougrowt'ht
of tie "mxodechotimol" uot Laxcaser, cxxxi
ext DhavihutStow the speahespoken of thin
labouraoryt xhod pursuedxby hi'iichxthin
embhryoxxtearter oseves hit puptis oils
as axgnoups andxas inudividhuls. Ispsesak-
at o thc results, Prof. Fidlayxsasid:
"First, let es considern the effect aix
thin tacuxty. Wonkklin such a school,
wthil adng 'xxiichx tox un lahor cxxxi
repntasiiliities, tpromoes immeuunxseit or
effice. I prov is a tsafeguar
againsi reckless adentuuur lin thonr, amd
kerps misc thinker ; lo eh cntactuie ilt
than product of lixstpcializationt.
"Secondlyit, the tstudents truth their in-
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