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August 16, 1941 - Image 23

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Michigan Daily, 1941-08-16

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16, 1941


Physical Education Program Suited To Student



Women Must Finish Program
In Gym Before Graduation


Many Facilities Offered
For Completing Required
Courses In One Year
Varied activities are provided en-
tering students who have not yet ful-
filled the requirement set by the wo-
men's physical education department.
All women who enter with less than
two years' college experience on their
record must complete this required
amount of physical education before
graduation. For this work one of the
finest physical education depart-
ments in the country is at their dis-
posal. The program has been ar-
ranged so that the necessary amount
of gym can be acquired in one year.
Based on the students' previous
activity in physical education in high
school or junior college, the courses
which may be selected are planned to.
present a well-rounded program in
this field.
Should Take Team Sports
Those who haven't had sufficient
experience with team sports should
plan to take at least one season of a
team sport. Lack of knowledge or ex-
perience in rhythmatic (dancing) ac-
tivity, including social dancing, ne-
cessitates the election of this type of
course for at least one season. Along
the same vein, students demonstra-
ting poor posture are advised to in-
clude at least one season of body
mechanics in their physical education
Before the completion of the phy-
sical education requirement, tall stu-
dents are tested to show that they
have as least minimum skill and
knowledge in two individual sports,
one a winter sport and one a summer
activity. These individual sports in-
clude such games as tennis, swim-
ming and archery.
Upperclassmen Welcome
Although- classes are filled mainly
from those working on the comple-
tion of the physical education re-
quirement, all upperclassmen are
welcome in the classes, to the extent
that there is room, Miss Dorothy
Beise of the physical education de-
partment announced. Often new
classes are organized to fill the de-
mand from upperclassmen and stu-
dents with complicated programs.
Division of each semester's work in
this department gives the student
two quarters in which to test various
types of activity. In this time at
least two sports can be fairly well
mastered. The outdoor season lasts
from September to Thanksgiving in
the fall and from Spring Vacation to
June at.the end of the year, and the
indoor season extends from Thanks-
giviAg again to Spring Vacation, in-
cluding sections of both semesters.
In the fall and spring programs
have been included nine principal
classes in which most of the instruc-
tion is offered out of doors. Begin-
ning and advanced archers have an
adequate range permitting shooting
at 30, 40 and 50 yards.
Elementary, intermediate and ad-

Sports Needs
Of All Women
Are Appraised
Previous Training And
Physical Examination
Are Taken Into Account

Supervises Sports

University Has
Many Facilities
For Recreation
Students Given Privilege
To Rent Proper Outfits
For Sports Participation

vanced golfers alike are welcomed
into the classes which will be given at
the 18-hole University Golf course,
near the Stadium.
Riding has likewise been divided
for the convenience of the student
The beginners' class is for those who
know nothing whatever about the
sport and the intermediate class is
planned for reaching perfection in
riding fundamentals and gives the
opportunity for learning how to care
for a horse, besides offering teaching
in showmanship.
For students who have had little or
no training in these games, there ar
provided classes in four team sports
-volleyball, speedball, hockey and
Camp Craft Offered
The other outdoor sport offered is
camp craft, which includes firebuild-
ing, camp cooking, hiking, overnight
camping and other special activities
connected with camp. Canoeing
classes learn to paddle on the Huron
During the winter months, four
other activities take their place in
the physical education program to
provide indoor games for the stu-
Interclass and intraclass tourna-
ments are held in conjunction with
elementary and intermediate bad-
minton classes. There are courses
for both beginning and intermediate
The University Coliseum is taken
over for practice in ice skating. Team
sports for"the cold months are indoor
baseball and indoor basketball. In
addition to these are the body me-
chanics courses, which are designed
to improve posture and to help stu-
dents to gain a general grace in car-
riage of body.
Swimming And Dancing Classes
Throughout the year classes in
swimming and dancing are offered.
Beginners learn to swim in the Bar-
bour Gymnasium pool, and the in-
termediate class, which is not only
for bettering skill in individual
strokes, but also for participation in
water games and stunts, meets in the
Union Pool.
Dancers have a wide variety of
classes from which to choose, includ-
ing modern dance for both beginners
and intermediates, a class for music
majors stressing the relationship be-
tween music and dance. Offeed
likewise are classes in both elemen-
tary and intermediate tap dancing,
in American country dancing, in folk
dancing and in social or ballroom
dancing. The latter classes will be
organized for those who have had
little or no experience on the ball-
room floor.
. Students who teke advantage of
the numerous opportunities offered
by the physical education depart-
ment have a chance to gain much in
recreational assets, social benefits,
physical well-being and emotional

The program of the women's phys- , With facilities unsurpassed by any
ical education department, according University, the physical education
to Dr. Margaret Bell, chairman of the department offers to women students
departement, is built largely upon extensive opportunities for experi-
the interests of the entering fresh- ence in this field.
men. Housing the greater part of these
When the student enters the Uni- facilities are Palmer Field, the Wo-
versity there is an effort made to ap- men's Athletic Building and Barbour
praise her needs along many varied Gymnasium.
lines. First of all is considered the On Palmer Field are to be found
student's interest in the sports. A ::'i;'.: ': ::::>12 tennis courts, three hockey fields,
wide choice of elections makes this baseball diamonds, an archery range
possible, and the fact that the school and a golf practice set-up. The ten-
year is divided into four sections DR. MARGARET BELL nis courts are open to men, if they are
gives her an opportunity to take ad-- playing with women students. In or-
vantage of more of these opportun- others from Michigan State and the der to secure this privilege, the wo-
ities. man must first secure a guest card in
Needs tof the freshman come to normal college i Ypsilanti the Women's Athletic Building.
light, In addition to these are the tele- Many of the indoor activities cen-
lihfirst through the extent of graphic tournaments conducted with teranyteWmnsAheisBid
her previous training, and second, anuniversitstud ter in the Women's Athletics Build-
through the compulsqry physical ex- throughout the country, in rifle, thg Fid. He stutd entr to
amination taken by all entering stu- archery, bowling and swimming the Field. Here students are free to
dents and the doctors' recommenda-a. ; use a sizeable dance floor, four offi-
tions upon the basis of the results of Physical Check Provided jIcial bowling alleys, nine indoor golf'
this examination. By way of extending opportunities cages, a rifle range and ping pong
Sport Are Appraised offered entering students for having tables, in addition to shower and
Next, the sports themselves are ap- their health thoroughly checked, Dr. locker arrangements.
praised technically to test their effec- Bell has announced that, as has been Gymnasium Facilities
tiveness in offering college experi- the case in previous years, upper- Within Barbour Gymnasium, onecf
ence valuable in the physical field, classmen will be given the benefit of North University, are the gymnasium
in connection with health, and in the a physical check before graduation. floor which is used for many team
psychological field, along the lines It has not generally been the case and individual sports, the Sarah Cas-
of emotional and social training. This that the medical examination given well Angell dance studio, the remedial
is vital to the development of a well- entering students is repeated yearly gymnastics room and the small swim-
rounded personality. In keeping with for students who have a high health ming pool which is used by beginning
this and with the trend in modern rating, because the original one is a swimming classes. Intermediate and
athletics, mixed classes have been or- thorough one, Dr. Bell explained, but advanced classes meet at the Union
ganized in such sports as tennis. eYery student known to have a physi- pool, as does the Swimming Club.
bowling, badmington, tap and mod- cal defect or intercurrent illness is Golf is carried on at the University
ern dance. 1:checkzd before participation is be- Golf Course, with practice groups
The total four years' training in the gin in an activity. In this way more meeting on Palmer Field. The local
department is lined up on the stu- than 0 percent of the students re- riding stables provide facilities for
dent's record, to give an idea of the ceive one or more extra examinations riders; clubs in hiking and woodcraft
extent of the development of initia- before their senior year. tram the wooded area about the
tive in the student toward varied Duplicate records of a student's city; canoeing is conducted on the
types of sports. Alumnae surveys health status are kept at Barbour Huron River and skating and winter
conducted at intervals have proved Gymnasium in order that the physi- sports utilize both indoor and out-
the value of this extension of initia- cal education staff may have ready door facilities.
tive along many lines. access to all necessary information
Division of the departmental pro- concerning the students under their Expense Eliminated
gram has been planned to give as supervision. I To eliminate much of the expense
much leeway as possible to the stu- Through the use of all these varied involved in the student's owning all
dents to develop their initiative and methods of check and through the of the expensive equipment required
broaden their participation program. almost individual coaching it offers, for the various sports, the physical
Fulfills Requirement the department is enabled to project education department owns certain
First is a group of courses offered its program to the best interests of individual sports equipment-bad-
Fi, crsi agroupof courses offeredeach student. mington rackets, tennis rackets, golf

ments you feel they should take care of. Sorority women always welcome
constructive criticism. With all this advice, girls, you can't fail. And the
Independents will just love having you among them.
But rushing, dear ones, is just a passing phase in your life, compared to
that most horrible of social horrors, the custom of "blind dating." Rush-
ing comes and rushing goes, but blind dates-well, you know the rest of it.
On Michigan's campus, blind dates are things, at the mention of which
strong men grow faint and strong women shudder and blanch. But still they
go on. Personally we can't see any reason for it, except to meet men, and
you all know what disgusting creatures they are! (Gad, Brenda, that re-
minds us; we forgot to pack our bear trap!) However, there it is, and you'll
just have to make the best of it.
You'll say that you have had two or three or even four blind dates at
home, asserting that they have prepared you for your experiences-to-come.
We snicker. We even laugh. They didn't qualify you as a tenderfoot, little
lost souls! But enough of this discouragement. Far be it
from us to turn you back if you have determined to forge 4,j
ahead with your progressive program of blind dating. Bitter
experience will show you far better than any poor words of \
ours. The least we can do is describe to you a few of the
probable highlights of your evening, so that you can approach
the whole thing with poise and savoir faire.
The girl two doors down the hall, whom you have al-
ready diagnosed as an incurable dope, breezes in with the
announcement that you are being given the opportunity for
the blind date of a life time. This one is different.. He's
tall and really handsome and a smooth dancer--(Later in the year you get
so you can say all this right along with the speaker).-You say oh well what
can I lose except an evening and you tear into the black crepe that makes
you look so thin, and you put on your high heels, praying that he's slightly
taller than a pygmy. So there you are, looking your slickest, and the buzzer
buzzes and down you go. You'll have a gone 'feeling in your stomach, but
get a grip on yourself and take heed of our instructions, because here is
where the important part comes in.
When you step into the lobby there will be a gorgeous creature of a man
standing by the desk. Disregard him; you'll save yourself a lot of embarrass-
ment. Just walk right up to the homely one-the ghoul that's sitting over
there. No, not that one; thg one with the teeth hanging down to
his second vest button. That's right. Now, introduce yourself.
As he gets up you will probably find that his head is a perfect
t height for you to rest your chin on, should you decide to go danc-
ing. But keep your poise and murmur something gracious as you
look down at him. Just gaze mistily at him as though he's your
dream man and no one will ever know the difference-much. And
incidentally, you can save something of the evening by eating as
much as you can hold; it's some consolation.
It isn't really as bad as all that, gang, and laughing about it
afterwards make it almost worth the agony. But let the slight-
oh, ever-so-slight exaggeration serve as a warning to take it easy. And still,
the only real advice we can offer you is to have fun, and study now and then
and Hail To The Yellow and the Blue and don't worry about us, ma, we'll
beat this rap, yet.




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filoward2ein a

the student in the fulfilment of the
physical education requirement.
Apart from this study is one of the
most concentrated and recognized
teaching training programs in the
nation's schools, which is given in
conjunction with the School of Edu-
cation, and which offers more spe-
cialized teaching.
Recreational facilities for the stu-
dent are comprehensive.
First are the intramural competi-
tions. Since women's athleticstare
confined largely to the campus, tour-
naments in team sports are conduc-
ted among the various sororities, dor-
mitories and League houses. Aside
from these are the tourneys in indi-
vidual sports.
The Women's Athletic Association
program is developed along widely di-
vergent lines within the realms of
sports. Besides the club element,
which served to bring together stu-
dents with the same interests, the
WAA fosters individual practice in
perfecting ability in diferent games
through the facilities for coaching
and competition which it offers. As
much as possible, faculty members in
the department devote -time to the
club groups.
Exhibitions Planned
Exhibitions and demonstrations of
various sports to the club as a whole
widen the scope of gains which a stu-
dent receives from the club's pro-
Besides the intra-mural aspect of
the physical education program as a
whole there are carried on a number
of extra-mural competitions. Play
days, tournaments of various sorts
and meets are features of this side of
the department's plans. Women com-
pete in three-way tournaments with

Women's Judiciary Body
Accepts League Petitions
(Continued from Page 4)
the disciplinary officer or council in
each residence.
During the examination period in
June, latenesses are to be reported to
the Office of the Dean of Women.
Social Probation: Any woman who
violates the house rules and is brought
before the Judiciary Committee may
be placed on social probation. This
means that she must be in her house
each evening at 8 p.m. during the
probationary period; she may have no
men nor women callers after that
time; and she may not leave Ann
Arbor on the weekends.

clubs, archery bows, fencing foils,
masks, and plastrons, skis, outdoor
sports and picnic equipment-which
may be rented by women students at
a nominal fee.
While it is hoped 'that this pro-
cedure will widen participation in
various sports by lowering expense,
those students who are beyond the
elementary stage in the sports are
urged to provide their own equipment
as an assurance that they will be able
to continue playing after they leave
the University.
Swimming suits and exercise suits
for body mechanics and modern
dance are provided by the depart-
ment at a nominal fee, while all other
costumes are to be purchased by the
student herself. Advice in the type of
equipment to buy is offered freely by
the department.


Campui §fauordle

CdA Footnote

- . -


You don't have to be a Hollywood beauty to be socially success-
ful. But Michigan men do demand that neat, trim, well-
groomed look. When in Ann Arbor make it your business to
use a beauty salon whose operators are experts at their art.

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