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July 22, 1934 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1934-07-22

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Farmers Organize Own Produce Market

Balloting For
Football Stars
Ends July 25
Three Michigan Players
Certain Of Position On
Maintaining relatively the same
positions, the cream of the nation's
senior football harvest of last fall
went down the home stretch this
weekend for the honor of represent-
ing collegedom against the profes-
sional Chicago Bears at Soldiers'
Field, August 31. The balloting will
conclude Wednesday, July 25, and
Michigan is almost certain to be rep-
resented by three of her outstanding
players of the past championship sea-
When the final selections are made,
two players for each position will be
picked from the highest two or four
in their divisions, as the case may be.
As the vote stands now, the first team
should include: Ends, Skladany 'of
Pitt. and Smith of Washington;
tackles, Krause of Notre Dame and
Schwammel of Oregon State; guards,
Rosenberg of U.S.C. and Schammel of
Iowa; center, Bernard of Michigan;
quarter, Laws of Iowa; halfbacks, Lu-
kats of Notre Dame and Everhardus
of Michigan; fullback, Sauer of Ne-
Reserves would be --ends, Canrinus
and Petoskey; tackles, Wistert and
Torrence; guards, Corbus and Jones;
center, Gorman; quarter, Pardonner;
halfbacks, Feathers and Sebastian;
fullback, Mikulak. Twenty-two men in
all will go into training in Chicag'o on
Aug. 15 under a coach to be elected
in another poll early in August.
Coach Has'Complete Power
Of course the team mentioned
above does not necessarily stand, even
if elected in that position. Whereas
Michigan now has two potential first-
team men and 'two reserves, all or
none of them may seeservice in the
game, depending on the whims of the
coach elected.
There is also some doubt as to
whether all of the players elected
can compete. Chuck Bernard, almost
certain of the center berth, may be
prevented from playing by personal
All votes should be addressed to the
All-Star Game Editor, Chicago Trib-
une, should include an eleven man
team of last year's senior players,
should be signed by the voter and
mailed before Wednesday, July 25.
Anyone who desires may bring his se-
lections to The Daily before Tuesday
noon and they will be mailed to the
Tribune in a bunch.
Yesterday's voting resulted as fol-

-Associated Press Photo
Their sales curtailed by the Minneapolis strike of truck drivers,
farmers in Robbinsdale, Minneapolis suburb, set up this temporary
market to get their produce before buyers - and yet remain out of the
strike area.
Bleriot Recalls Channel Flight;
Discusses Future Of Aviation

Reign Of 'Boris 1'
O f Andorra Ended
Before Well Begun
BARCELONA, Spain, July 21.-(P)
-The man who would be king rode
today in a police car instead of a
royal coach. Stalwart detectives ac-
companied him instead of a body-
The reign of "Boris I," pretender
to the throne of the little state of
Andorra, crashed before it began.
The charges were plebian; disturbing
the peace and being an undesirable
Thus falls the curtain on a comedy
that diverted Spain until the gov-
ernment decided it was not funny any
"Boris," in reality Boris Skossy-
ref, a Pole, appeared not long ago,
speaking six languages.
He declared himself a knight-er-
rant and proceeded to lay lavish
claims to the throne of Andorra.
Thereafter he occupied the center of
an imaginary court in Seourgell,
"awaiting the call of his people."
"Boris" scattered royal prerogatives
and proclamations hither and thither.
He was considered harmless at first
and an amusing visionary, but finally
the government decided to close his
performance. Andorra is a touchy
spot these days because the rivalry
between French and Spanish interests
in the tiny principality between them.
The pretender was arrested Friday
at Seo de Urgel and ordered brought
here. He may be deported.
Greenberg Is Star
As Tigers Win, 4-1
(Continued from Page 1)
Flohr walked Auer and forced him
Again in the sixth Greenberg came
through with a d juble to open the
inning, but was subsequently caught
between second and third and called
-out for offside play. Before the in-
ning ended, however, Doljack scored
on Auker's single to center, making
the score 3 to 0.
But that was not the end for Hen-
ry. With "Indiana" Wilshire in the
box and Hayes catching for the Ath-
letics, he polled the ball to the farth-
est corner of the park to score Geh-
ringer. This ended the scoring for
Detroit, and a perfect day in the
Field and at bat for the lanky first
Where To Go
1:00 -Michigan Theatre, "The Life
of Vergie Winters" with Ann Harding
and John Boles.
1:00-Majestic Theatre, "The Key"
with William Powell.
1:00 Wuerth Theatre, "Men in
White" with Clark Gable and Myrna
3:00 - Same features at the three
7:00 - Same features at the three
8:30-- Sheridan's "The School for
Scandal" by the Michigan Repertory
Players, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre.
Canoeing on the Huron every af-
ternoon and evening.
Dancing at the Blue Lantern Ball-
room, Island Lake.

LONDON, July 21. -(AP)-Two one-
time co-workers, friends no longer,
are presenting enigmas to British pol-
itics - one for his temporary exit
from the affairs of state, the other
for his promise to return to the
One is Prime Minister Ramsay.

The question people are asking
about the prime minister is: "What
if three months fail to give the relief
to his eyes that is expected?"
Snowden has given them a different
riddle: "How does he propose to make
his announced return effective?"
His announcement created scarce-
ly a ripple in the London press, par-
ticularly since he said in it some-
what the same things he uttered when
he left the national government near-
ly two years ago and later in one of
his rare speeches in the house of lords.
The concensus is that he may
make himself into another one-man
party, sniping away with the gibes and
scorn that made him the center of
sharp skirmishes in the commons.
Whether his barbed tongue has
been dulled, the country has yet to
learn. One critic made the suggestion
that his comeback must be the
emptier because he no longer has
Winston Churchill sitting in the same
chamber as a target for his shifts.
Heavy Trucks Must Go
Faster Or Get Off Road
LANSING, July 21. --(kP)-"Crawl-
ing" trucks will be banned from the
highways if a new ruling by the Mich-
igan Public Utilities commission is
All trucks under the jurisdiction of
the commission must be loaded so
they can make at least ten miles an
hour over the steepest grades on their
routes. Complaints were filed with the
commission that heavily loaded trucks
moving up hills three and four, miles
an hour constitutes a hazard and in-
convenience, as faster moving vehicles
are unable to pass them with safety
when the highway ahead is not vis-
POMPTON LAKES, N. J., July 21.
- (P) - The contents and equipment
of the old municipal power house,
where Howard Scott, chief technocrat,
first elaborated his theories of tech-
nocracy, will go under a bailiff's ham-
mer July 30.

British Riddle Presented By
Ex-Friends M'Donald, Snowden


I was using crutches, because of an
accident several weeks earlier at
"The government sent a torpedo
boat and a torpedo destroyer to pick
me up in case of accident, but the
plane soon outstripped them. I could
see clearly a submarine which was
submerged in the channel.
"In landing the plane was damaged,
but I wasn't hurt. Journalists -and
English officials greeted me."
Bleriot showed a photograph, which
pictured him in a pre-war automobile
beside Lord Northcliffe, who donated
the cup and the $5,000 which con-
stituted the aviator's prize.
Smashed Up In Tests
Bleriot smashed ten crate-like con-
traptions in test flights before he ac-
complished his channel hop.
"I must confess that I am proud,"
he said, "that the plane in which
'Codos and Rossi twice flew the At-
lantic is of the same mechanical con-
ception as that in which I flew the
"The airplane, of course, is still far
from its final form. I envisage the
day when aquatic autogiros, for in-
stance, fly the Atlantic. The auto-
giro principle would eliminate the
present difficult take-oilofma sea-
plane from the water.
"Stratosphere flying is possible, but
is far in the future and is unlikely
to be used for passenger service. If
something went wrong while the
plane was in the stratosphere, if the
cabin cracked for instance, the occu-
pants would be lost.
May Visit United States
"Except for sport flying, perhaps
the next generation won't see much
greater speed or altitude from air-
planes. Lindbergh and I agree that
a speed of 155 to 160 miles an hour
is the best for regular commercial
flying, including that over the ocean."
Bleriot has not flown the chan-
nel since 1929, on the twentieth anni-
versary of his famous hop. He has
not piloted a plane for ten years.
His health has been poor lately-
he is 62 years old - but if it improves,
he intends to visit Canada in August
for the Jacques Cartier anniversary.
If he does, he hopes also to visit the
United States and see Lindbergh, who
owns a piece of the propeller of Bler-
iot's , channel-crossing plane, ex-
changed for a strip of fabric from
Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis."
WATCH hILL, R. I., July 21. --UP)
-Prof. Albert Einstein, commenting
on the announcement of Prof. Em-
manuel Carvallo, French savant, that
the relativity theory had been dis-
proved, said that certain of the find-
ings on which Carvallo based his
criticism were in contradiction with
the experimental results of other in-

MacDonald, who has obeyed the in-
structions of his physicians to seek
rest for his over-worked eyes in a
three-month holiday; the other, Vis-
count Snowden, who has announced
his return to politics.
Careers Parallel
MacDonald, son of a .farm worker,
and Snowden, son of a weaver, made
their first ineffectual bows in politics
the same year; worked side by side
as architects of the labor party; stood
shoulder to shoulder in the first labor
government, then in the national gov-
ernment - and parted company.
By coincidence they come into the
news again at the same time.





Skladany, Pittsburgh .,.
Smith, Washington ....
Canrinus, St Mary's ...
Petoskey, Michigan .....
Manske, Northwestern ..
Devore, Notre* Dame ....
Krause, Notre Dame ....

.... 23,469
. . 12,743
.. 10,019

Phone 2-1214. Place advertisements with
Classified Advertising Department.
The classified columns close at five
o'clock previous to day of insertion.
Box Numbers may be secured at no
extra charge.
Cash in Advance-11c per reading line
(on basis of five average words to
line) for one or two Insertions.
10c per reading line for three or
Minimum three lines per insertion.
days from the date of last insertion.
Minimum three lines per insertion.
By Contract, per line-2 lines daily, one
4 lines ..,2months. c
2 lines daily, college year ...7c
4 lines E.O.D., college year . .c
100 lines used as desired .... 9c
300 lines used as desired ....7c
1,000 lines used as desired ... ,c
2,000 lines used as desired .., .6c
The above rates are per reading line,
based on eight reading lines per inch
of 71, point Ionic type, upper and lower
case. Add 6c per line to above rates for
all capital letters. Add 6c per line to
above for bold face, upper and lower
case. Add 10c per line to above rates.
for bold face capital letters.
Telephone Rate-15c per reading line
for one or two insertions.
10% discount if paid within ten
more insertions.

LAUNDRY 2-1044. Sox darned.
Careful work at low price. 1x
suits. Will pay 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 dol-
lars. Phone Ann Arbor 4306. Chi-
cago Buyers. Temporary office, 200
North Main. 2x
large double room, shower bath.
Continuous hot water. Dial 8544.
422 E. Washington. 37
take individual interest in the laun-
dry problems of our customers.
Girls' silks, wools and fine fabrics
guaranteed. Men's shirts our spe-
cialty. Call for and deliver. Phone
5594. 607 E. Hoover. 3x
Read The Classifieds


Schwammel, Oregon State ....20,211
Wistert, Michigan..........13,796
Torrance, Louisiana State ....10,005
Mehringer, Kansas..........9,046
Rosequist, Ohio State ........ 7,482
Rosenberg, S. California......23,582
Schwanmel, Iowa ...........21,376
Corbus, Stanford.............17,211
Jones, Indiana..............13,924
Hupke, Alabama............12,009
Gailus, Ohio State...........9,651
Bernard, Michigan..........18,953
Gorman, Notre Dame........16,836
Vuchinich, Ohio State ... 8,902
Laws, Iowa ..................19,939
Pardonner, Purdue ..........14,484
Griffith, S. California ........11,836
Lukats, Notre Dame ..........23,561
Everhardus, Michigan ........18,868
Feathers, Tennessee ..........18,018
Sebastian, Pittsburgh .........10,192
Cramer, Ohio State .......... 9,869
McNeish, S. California ........ 9,842
Sauer, Nebraska .............30,178
Mikulak, Oregon .............21,062
Hecker, Purdue .............. 8,144
CORBEIL, Ont., July 21. - (P) -
Radium treatments at some time in
the future are planned for Marie,
youngest of the Dionne quintuplets,
it was revealed today after what was
heretofore called a birthmark was
identified as a naveus type of tumor.



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