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July 27, 1935 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1935-07-27

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mnn - ~ a--- -. - - - - - -- - -

the pages of their newspapers are no more. They
are gone, and only the pleasant memory of men
%ho expressed opinions freely and fearlessly re-
Conformity rules, and the great majority of us
bow humbly before it. Were we speaking of
f-eedom? Americans had better do a little self-
analyzing and stand for what they really are,
before they talk of exercising other freedoms.
After all, without freedom of personality the other
liberties we cherish would soon cease to exist.
Good morning! . . . yesterday our wanderings
about the town brought us over to the -Physics
building . . . we were after a story about the con-
struction of the new "cyclotron" . .. which . .. in
case you don't know is the atom-splitting machine
that will manufacture "synthetic radium" .
after having the apparatus explained to us for over
two hours . . . we still admit . . . that we don't
know what it is all about . . . HOWEVER . . .
after receiving a package from the local post-
office yesterday we had developed a theory all
of our own . . . in the interest of science we pass
it on . . . all one has to do is drop an atom
in a box ... mark it "fragile" . .. and mail ... that
atom will be split . . . and at least six ways!
* * * *
Did you hear the screeching siren of the police-
sauad car late yesterday afternoon and wonder
what it was? ... so did we ... and so we followed
it was worth a summer tuition to see them
careen about the corners . . . and watch everything
melt before them like butter . . . and the gallant
manner in which they came screeching to a stop
in front of St. Joseph's Hospital was a joy ... and
then when they breathlessly (yes, breathlessly as
they're all pretty stout) .. . rushed a woman into
the emergency door we thought we were on the
trail of a real story .. .our hopes skyrocketed when
we noted that she was registered as a poisoning
case . . . it was a Mrs. Emily Bodeving, 58, of De-
troit ... our hopes kept going ... up ... up ...
and then bingo! . . . the white-clad doctor came
out . . . and said . . "Nothing serious, boys -
she just ate a cheese sandwich, spoiled by the
heat." . . . We're looking forward to the thrill of a
life-time when we watch the squad car take a
REAL case to the hospital!
* * * *
We sat in circuit court yesterday while Judge
George W. Sample sentenced William Lowe, 28 .. .
to 72 to 10 years in Ionia prison ... and John Nad-
ack, 19, . .. 1 to 5 years . . . they deserved it ...
BUT involved in the case are two 15-year old girls
. now being held in the local jail ... they're little
kids ... bewildered ... scared ... and wondering
what it's all about . . . it's funny but we see some
case like it every day ... its developed a philosophy
in us . .. which we pass on ... living's a funny
game --you gotta see a lot that ain't an' shut
cut a lot that is to keep laughin' an' lovin'.
And before we leave you . . . here's a story that
comes out of Angell Hall .. . and deals with one
of the professors ... coming into his class yesterday
morning, he announced ... "I refuse to begin my
lecture until this room settles down" . . . and did
we smile when one of the sympathetic school ma-
ams ... in the back of the room . . loudly whispered
. . . "he better go home and try a tomato juice


supreme court sees the overthrow on constitutional
grounds of other administration measures, could
he still leave it unused, or would Congress take
back the discretionary power of currency inflation
conferred upon him? That thought might give
pause to the anti-New Dealers as they contemplate
the possibilities that lie beyond supreme court ac-
tion on so many major constitutional questions
next term. It could become a case of "out of the
constitutional frying pan and into the inflation
fire" for the conservatives.

Letters published in this column should not be
construed as expressing the editorial opinion of The
Daily. Anonymous contributions will be disregarded.
The names of communicants will, however, be regarded
as confidential upon request. Contributors are asked
to be brief, the editor reserving the right to condense
all letters of over 300 words and to accept or reject
letters upon the criteria of general editorial importance
and interest to the campus.
Reflections Of A Bon Vivant
To the Editor:
Suum cuique, Indignant - suum cuique!
I do congratulate you! The front pages of our
newspapers are full of such burning issues as the
threatening war in Ethiopia, the persecution of
religious minority group~s in Hitler-Germany,
the strike in Terre Haute. Besides worrying about
them, (I hope you do) - good Indignant, you do
find time to worry in addition about such minor
issues as front-page advertisements of beer gar-
dens. Thank you, for calling my attention to it,
because I had not even noticed it.
However I am most indignant, hearing you refer
to alcoholic drinks as "foul liquid." Have you
ever tried a glass of genuine Pilsner? Have you
ever experienced the joys of the Munich "Bock-
bierfest" the Vienna "Heurigen?" Ah, there -
I knew it! And how about the queen of drinks
"Veuve Cliquot" that sparkling, bubbling French
champagne; and how about the minor "liquid"
stars, Assmannshauser, Liebfrauenmilch, Mosel-
wein, etc.? What? You never heard about them?
You do not know what you are missing. Please
do try 1911 vintage - that was a very famous year
for wine. Oh, how I miss it.
Cheer up and do not worry about the younger
generation who are well able to take care of them-
selves and who also know the charm of an
aperitif (that's what the French call drinks. And
you know 50 million Frenchmen can't be wrong).
Besides, notorious beer drinking pre-Hitler Ger-
many produced, in spite of the "foul liquid" (may-
Le because of it -you never can tell), a Goethe,
a Schiller, a Beethoven, a Lessing, an Einstein
(with emphasis on stein) - and none of them were
exactly abolitionists.
In closing, let me cite the last verse of that fa-
mous German student song "Gaudeamus igitur":
Pereat tristitia,
Perant osores,
Perat diabolus 1
quivis antiburschius,
atque irrisores!
vwhich means-as you probably know, in plain
American: "Down with the bles," the grumblers,
the devils and with all narrow-minded pedants
and sneerers."
Here is how and "prosit"!
-Amused, and sorry for you!
Disdain For 'Indignant'
To the Editor:
As I read the article written by the contributor
who signs himself "Indignant," a feeling of disdain
arose in me.
These lamentations apparently are not based
upon the moral aspect of alluding to alcoholic
drink in advertisements, as is inferred in the first
part of the item: obviously it is a shallow pretext
for the voicing of the personal grievances of an
ardent prohibitionist. May I point out that reput-
able and respectable magazine publications such
as Scribners, Time, Forum, American Mercury,
and American carry advertisements for whiskeys,
gins, Cognacs, wines, mixers, and cocktail bars!
Such an innocent advertisement as is referred to in
the article could not be construed by most in-
telligent persons to be inappropriate or conducive
in any way to the moral breakdown of youth.
Perhaps the younger generation of today is
not as deluded in this matter of the consumption
of intoxicating drinks as are those "drys" of the
older generation who cannot conceive of such a
quality as temperance and who turn a deaf ear at
mention of the word.
The regret expressed by this contributor seems
no less than ludicrous.
-Dr. B.B.C.

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Hotels 'Belong' To City,
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A Washington

WASHINGTON - The verbal turmoil over con-
stitutionality of the New Deal, set off by the
NRA decision, served to obscure a major political
topic that theretofore had been batted about by
every Washington tongue. What has become of
the currency inflation bogey? Not since the pay-
the-bonus battle so narrowly won by the sus-
taining of a presidential veto in the Senate, has
anything been heard about that.
The question is suggested by excerpts from the
report of a bar association committee at Los
Angeles. It had to do with commercial and bank-
ruptcy law changes. It foresees a "political crisis"
not long to be deferred because of the "inevitable
conclusion" that a "scaling down of debt super-
structures" without currency inflation must be the
foundation of any successful recovery program.
J N PAST financial emergencies, the report said,
Congress had permitted "universal collisions be-
tween debtors and creditors, followed by panic,
acute distress and later reconstruction" as pioneer
spirits turned "from their bankruptcies" to build
"a new economy, bigger than the old" from "un-
garnered pools of natural resources."
The present policy of government, it was held,
was to avoid coming to grips "with the excess debt"
problem by moving "the crisis point" along by mor-
atoria and debtor-creditor conciliation measures of
an expedient nature "to the indefinite future.'
"If the inherent recuperative powers of the
country, which have not failed in the past, should
bring about recovery, these policies will be vin-
dicated," the committee found.
But if not, what? The lawyers of the committee
foresaw a constitutional amendment battle to free
present trends "toward collectivism in the man-
agement of wealth, debtor and creditor relations
and dependency" from constitutional restraints.
Might there not intervene another currency in-
flation drive in Congress

We Want Movie Reviews Only
To the Editor:j
"Black Fury" is admittedly a good motion pic-
ture; whether it deserves four stars is but a mat-
ter of conjecture and it is not my wish to dispute
R.A.C.'s right to give it this rating. What does irk
me, however, is that R.A.C. does declare the pic-
ture superb and then relegates to one scant par-
agraph the explanation for its magnificence. In-
stead of a logical interpretation of this picture's
merit we find instead that R.A.C. has attempted
to wreak his vengeance on the capitalist-infested
movie industiy with an ardent plea that all movie-
goers be certain to recognize the misrepresentations
against Communism. What any reader of a mo-
tion picture column desires is not a pseudo-political
harangue but a sensible valuation of the picture
in question. -J.J.L.
London's county council asks an appropriation
to advertise London to the world. Some of these
out-of-the-way places are veritable bonanzas if
tourists are merely told.
-The Detroit News.
It is orneaedth at i -r , mmaimpr c ~ a nn


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.. N

11 11


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