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August 16, 1931 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1931-08-16

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Edward Kraus Bares


Examination Schedule PRESIDENT GHILLE D


Edward H. Kraus. d
What This Campus Needs Is A t
Good Five-Cent Newspaper. b
HOBART, Ind., Aug. 15-(IP)-
Wheat, eggs or what have you, ups
to the value of $4, can now be ex-g
changed for a perfectly good wed-
Justice of the Peace A. J. Smith
announced he would accept mer-
chandise for wedding ceremonies.
Northwestern Coeds
Demand Smoke Dens
EVANSTON, Aug. 15-(DP)-1
Women students at Northwesternt
university here demanded at a late
hour tonight that smoking rooms
be provided for their use.
Sorry, People, This
Got Here a Bit Late
SAN DOMINGO, Oct 11, 1492-
(Special Wire Through Ann Arbor
Exchange-Christopher Columbus,
Genoese seanman, landed here ear-
ly this morning with three ships..
Columbus told local authorities he
was sailing in the service of the
queen of Spain, but local authorities
knew damn' well the king and
queen had been deposed.
"Desa man verry funny," Colum-
bus told reporters when he saw the
natives. Columbus talked in brok-
en English, tinged slightly with
Upper Bowery.
Ho Hum; Globe Flyers
Still MakePage One
TOKIO, Aug. 15-(YP)-Climaxing
a series of mishaps since they start-
ed a projected globe circling flight
in NewYork, Clyde Pangborn and
Hugh Herndon, jr., American avi-
ators were fined by the district
court here today for violation of
the strict aviation laws of Japan.
Each fine was 2,050 yen ($1,025)
which the flyers paid.

Australia Prune Tamers, Miners,
Growers, Or Whatever They
Are Jubilant.
A Prune A Day Is A Friend In
Need And Have It Too'-
Old French Proverb.
SYDNEY, Australia, Aug. 15-(D
P)-Prune tycoons here were jubi-
ant today when it was learned that
7,482,749,568, 596,718,782,890,000 of
he little fellows had been exported
During the fiscal year.
Sex-Mad Toothbrush
SlayerKills Heiress
PEORIA, Aug. 15-(DP)-Search
or the whereabouts and identity
)f little Yvonne Fagan, 3, who was
murdered or ran away or some-
hing yhen a mysterious stranger
beat in her brain with the heavy
end of a tooth-brush yesterday,
still continued furiously.
"Who' is little Yvonne Fagan?"
said Police chief O'Murphy, when
questioned. "I never heard of her."
PETOSKEY, Aug. 15-(A')-A
state-wide campaign against blind
pigs and dives was ordered today by
Gov. Wilber M. Brucker as a result
of the murder of four persons in
Washtenaw county.
The executive announced his plan
in the address here today. He de-
clared he will ask enforcing offi-
cers in every county to stamp out
such places. The governor said he
will confer with Oscar G. Olander,
commissioner of public safety, and
direct the co-operation to the state
"I am convinced there are a large
number of just such cesspools of
vice as that of which this mon-
strous crime developed," the gov-
ernor said. "I am conferring with
Commissioner Olander on this sub-
ject today. It shall be my purpose
to encourage and assist all of the
sheriffs and other law enforcing
officers in a concerted effort to
stamp out such places. I shall re-
quest local officers to go forward
with such a program and shall
stand ready and willing to co-oper-
sate and assist with every agency
at the state's command."
According to the confessions of
the three men who committed the
Washtenaw murder, they had vis-
ited a blind pig where moonshine
was sold and was intoxicated when
the crime was committed. The gov-
ernor promised to continue a policy
of keeping prisoners in prison.
Likewise he reiterated his stand in
(Continued on Page Seven)


(Editor's Note: Some gent tele-
garphed this story collect from
Oklahoma City, and are we sore!
It cost us $1.53, so it must be au-
thentic. Go ahead and read it;
somebody's got to get our money's
worth out of it.)j
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Aug. 15
-Shot by a carefully constructed,
gun trap set in the corn field of
'It Is Hard for an Empty Gift
Horse to Stand Upright'-
Old French Proverb.
. . ALBANY, N. Y., Aug. 15-(A)-
Governor Roosevelt today issued a
call for a special session of the
legislature to convene on August
25 for the purpose of enacting
legislation broadening the powers
of a committee investigating the
New York city administration.
The requet for the special ses-
sion was made by Samuel Seabury,
chief counsel for the committee,
after the court of appeals ruled
that a legislative resolution em-
powered the investigators to grant
immunity ti a witness was inva-
lid. The appeal was inthe case of
William F. Doyle, a retired fire de-
partment veterinarian, who was
sent to jail for 30 days for contempt
because of his refusal to testify
regarding fees he collected as an
attorney before the city bureau of
The committee had offered Doyle
immunity if he would reveal with
who he split fees Itotaling more
than $1,500,000 in the past few
(Continued on Page Eight)

Steve Munzy, local farmer, Olin
Godwin, one of two brothers charg-
ed with theft of corn from Munzy,
today was released from Capital
City hospital and arraigned before
justice of the peace E. L. Lippert,
who set the bond at $500.
Godwin, who is charged jointly
with his brother, W. J. B. Godwin
with the theft, narrowly escaped
death from the shotgun wounds,
according to hospital authorities
here today.
Both brothers pleaded not guilty,
however, and bond in the case of
W. J. B. Godwin was set at $1,000.
'The case evcited a great deal of
interest in Oklahoma legal circles
because of the fact that lethal traps
of the kind have been specifically'
outlawed by statute during the ses-
sion of the last legislature.
Common gossip on the street
holds that the court will sustain
customs of the country and carry
further the extra-legal activities set
in motion by Oklahoma's militant
governor and presidential possibili-
ty, "Alfalfa Bill" Murray.
Linderghs, Aviators,
Ready for Shrdlu Hop
SEATTLE, Aug. 15-(A)-The
Japan-bound monoplane of the fly-
ing Lindberghs was made ready
for an early start tonight from iso-
lated Karagin island off the Siber-
ian coast for Petropavlovsk, 554
miles distant.
Rested after their long 1067-mile
flight from Alaska over the Bering
sea, Mrs. Anne Lindbergh, radio
operator and co-pilot for her cele-
brated husband, Col. Charles A.
Lindbergh, messaged to St. Paul is-
land radio station they would take
off tonight.

He Was A Beast,' Sobs College
Executive, I'm Glad
I Done It.'
It Certainly Was Tough Fight,'
Says Reptile, He Beat
Me Fair And Square.
LNN ARBOR, Mich., Aug. 15-(DP)
-Stirred into action by frequent
,eports during the past two sum-
ners that he had been bitten by a
,nake, had bitten one, or something
Ike that, Alexander G. Ruthven,
rominent University president, re-
eased the following statement ex-
lusively to The Daily. (As a matter
>f fact, we had to ask for it).
"Iv ery much approve of your
uggestion of a moratorium on
nake stories. If you cannot es-
ablish one, I recommend that
very reporter be required to buy
copy iof my book on reptiles,
vhich may be had from the mu-
seum at a cost of one and one-half
adopted the newspapers would
earn how difficult it really is to
et bitten by a snake in Michigan,
ut, more important, the sale of
'he book would be stimulated."
The statement, Whoosh edition
>r no Whoosh edition, is genuine.
Ruthven is a locally prominent
ducator, administrator, and au-
hority on pickled snakes. It is
his custom to spend the summer
rnonths away from Ann Arbor, and
inevitably a rumor develops that he
has been bitten by a snake. News-
papers play up the stories with
lurid headlines, but it seems that
othing can be done about the situ-
This Is Another Story on Cuba,
and We're Getting Pretty
Tired of It All.
HAVANA, Aug. 15-(IP)-President
Gerardo Machado continued today
his efforts to halt further fighting
In Cuba, while General Mario G.
Menocal and Colonel Carlos Men-
dieta, the two men said to be the
chief supports of the revolt, were
on their way back to Havana on a
gunboat under arrest.
Ann Verner Half-Caste?
Insurgent quarters said, however,
there would be no compromise not
based on President Machado's resig-
Newspaper dispatches from the
north coast of Santa Clara province
reported a group of rebel sympa-
thizers from the United States had
landed between Ganuza and Men-
endez beaches. It was near this
place that eight men were killed
and several wounded in a battle
Girl Moron Missing.
The towns Corralillo and Sierra
Morena were in rebel hands, news-
paper dispatches said.nBoth towns
were reported burning, and all
means of communication with them
were severed.
No confirmation of these reports
was authorized by the government,
Military governors throughout
the six provinces today posted proc-
lamations announcing the capture
of Menocal and Mendieta and call-

ing on insurgents still in the field
to bring in their arms.

LANSING, Aug. 15 p.m. Meetings of the Conservation Com-
mission will be held the second instead of the first Friday
of each month in the future. The change in the time of the
meetings was made so that financial reports of the Depart-
ment for the preceeding month would be available.

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