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June 11, 1930 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1930-06-11

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FRMAY, JULY 11, 1930

- -


r I

tr Batty,
Published every morning except Mondry
during the University Summer Session by
~the Board in Control of Student Publications.
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all nrews
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news
published -herein.
Entered at the Ann Arbor, Michigan,
postoffice as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier, $1.5o; by mail,
Offices: Press Building, Maynard Street,
Ann Arbor, 'Michigan.

that they permit themselves to be --PORTABLE
led into this melee of charges and oTYPEWRITERS
counter charges, of prosecutions D We have all makes.
and persecutions, of politics of all Remington, Royals,
varieties, both pure and tainted, A FEW WORDS Corona, Underwood
must certainly present itself in a CONCERNING ANN Colored duco finis
more or less ridiculous light. ARBOR DOGS
Mayor Bowles entered his present Th0. D. I
ofce on a platform that involved The editor of the books column3S
olce on aplaform thatcinvylved ;has been stamping about the of- 314 South State St.
promises to clean up the city as its flee and slamming doors for the-
had never been cleaned up before.;p t e d s orm sogbd car s or
Even the citizens of the motor- past three days or so because our
metropolis admit that it was in dis- column has enroached upon his
repute and disrepair second only, rights and privileges.
perhaps, to its larger neighbor inI Consequently, there's been a
Illinois. However, the citizens were peace :pipe smoked, and ,a hatchet
probably not expecting those prom- buried, and a love wreath woven,
ises of the mayor's to be kept; and bouquets and champagne din-
campaign pronmises seldom are. ners thrown about with as much
Hence, when the renovation was liberality and abandon as if there
begun, it was viewed with surprise had really been flowers in the bou-
and suspicion. Heads of depart- quets and champagne at the din- Z
ments, police officials, clerks, one ners.
a f t e r another the questionable And now bf course everything is
characters in Detroit politics were all right, and we all understand
escorted from their posts. Some one another again-the Books edi-_ '..

shes. Price $60
Phone 66151

State .Street at Liberty




Telephoe 495
Editorial Director ........ Howard F. Shout
City Editor ........... Harold Warren, Jr.
Women's Editor...........Dorothy Magee
Music and Drama editor. William J. Gorman
Books Editor..........Russell E. McCracken
Sports Editor................'Morris Targer
Night Editors
Powers Moulton Harold Warren, Jr.
Denton Kunze Howard F. _Shout


.-i ,
,",." ,., .," ti..

a brief pause
for station

Helen Carrm Cornelius Buekema
Bruce Manley .Roberta Reed
Sher M, Quraisjii
Telephone 21214
Assistant Business Managers
William R. Worboys Harry S. Benjamin
Circulation Manager......... Bernard Larson
Secretary.......... .. Ann W. Verner

such wholesale fumigation was nec-
essary to make certain of the prop-
er result.
This was the opportunity t h a t
had been awaited by the disap-
p o- n t e d office-seekers who had
failed to secure control of the city
government in the election as they
had hoped. They began by bewail-
ing the terrible state of affairs;
they then went farther to condemn
this and that minor executive as
incompetent; and -now the -stage
was set for the denunciation they
had waited to make: C h a r l e s
Bowles, they said, was the cause of
all the corruption, vice, and crimeI
in the city, and was even aiding it;
and furthermore he was showing
the grossest neglect of his duties.
It is to be 'hoped that sufficient

Joy.ce Davidson Dorothy
Lelia M. Kidd


Night Editor-Denton Kunze
FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1930

tor, the Music editor, and we.
Which means that hereafter these
two columns of this morning's
news-bee will be shared equally,
amicably, and inanely by the three
regular contributors. As a conse-
On the days that this col-
umn does not appear, we wish
to recommend most heartily
the Books Column to all our
many ardent followers as no
unworthy substitute for our
own humble efforts.
But we intended to speak about
dogs in this column-Ann Arbor's
dogs, not the good old camCpus
crowd that never hurt a flea (or
missed one, either) and that frol-
ics about from the library to the
Natural Science building and back.
again and that is always chastely
ignored by Mr. Hobbs' "Sandy".
No, we mean the "town gang", that
motley assortment of brindled mon-
grels which is scattered around the
edges of the campus in adjacent
residential sections and which pre-{
sents a grave menace to anyone
either trying to get on or off cam-j
pus. It is getting so that a lady
graduate student can scarcely dareI
walk from her home to her class-
room without being charged four
or five times by sn-arly (it wasn't
that in the original, you can betj
I-EDITOR) brutes which hide un-
der _porch shrubbery and wait for

KULTUR common sense will be shown at
During the world war the term the polls to insure to Mayor Bowles
used to sum up all the feeling the opportunity to prove the prom-
against the philosophies and prin- ises of his campaign.
ciples of the German civilization I
was "Kultur". It was made to rep- -_
r e s e n t dominating imperialism,
greed, cruelty, deceit, and a hun- Campus Opinion
dred other evil characteristics. Not Contributors are asked to t. hriet
until recently with the lessening of ',nfininathemslve. less than io
words if possible. Anonymous corn-
animosity against the central pow- nunications wi lhe disregtarded The
ershasthetru sigifianc of names of communicants will, however.
ers, has the true significance of he regarded as confidential, upon re-
"Kultur" come to be understood. quest. Letters published should not be
construed as expressing the editorial
The word has a common source opinion of The Daily.
with our English word "culture",
but has retained its original mean- "CLQSE HARMONY"
ing of .a body or level of knowledge Thank you, Mr. Gorman, for your
permeating the minds of a large courteous remark-"the production.
group of individuals, whereas the is competent enough." I am al-'
term in our language has been most inclined to doubt the validity
made synonymous with refinement of it, however in view of the know-
in the highbrow sense. A "Kultur", ledge you displayed in the remain-
then, is a body of thought perme- deer of your satirical remarks.
ating or characterizing a race or So the play itself doesn't appeal
a nation; it is a group attitude. As to you? The players are not re-
such it has been recognized by so- sponsible-they didn't write it.
ciologists as a prime essential in Pritics of reputable ability to pass'
creating that spirit of cooperation, Judgment have so acclaimed it as
of mutual will to achieve, which an excellent creation that we feel
results in progress of the most rap- the 'directors of the repertory work j
id and, at the same time, perman- owe their public no apologies for!
ent sort. selecting "Close Harmony" for this!
The German application of the week's presentation.!
spirit embodied such things as im- Why should the public come to
perialism, to be sure, but also such a play at all? They can see 'al-
things as science, method, stoic- most any situation about which a
ism, obedience, recognition of the play is constructed by going where
value of education, economy, and that situation is in actual life. Af-
national pride. As such, it led that ter all what is drama but the set-
nation to a high position in the ting forth of actual life as we find
world of men; as such, it has it? We can find the "Holiday"
brought about one of the most rap- situation without even going as far
id post-war reconstructions in his- as the suburbs.
tory. We must recognize its value We are so sorry, Mr. Gorman,
as demonstrated in these ways. that along with Miss Carrm, you
Nor has Germany been the on- feel that the Michigan Repertory
ly nation to show the power and Holy -of Holies has been invaded by1
influence of this group spirit. amateurs and infants. Perhaps
France has long been recognized they are strangers to the Mendel-
and taste are developed to a high ssohn audience but that hardly1
as a nation where art, refinement, makes them either infants or ama-
degree, as a nation of great eco-' teurs. It might be well to remind
nomic and political astuteness. you that the Michigan repertory,1
England too shows the effects of stage is not the one and only sanc-
a national spirit or feeling, char- tuary of the dramatic art. We ad-r
acteristic of it alone. mire your school loyalty, but wet
There has been a doubt in some hope that you will be conscious of
quarters as to whether the United the fact that occasionally theret
States, young as it is, has as yet F breezes in with the summer school
developed a body of tradition that enrollment a good actress or actor r
is so much a part of its life andIwho is quite capable of upholding, g
being that it can be termed a "Kull- if not surpassing, the standards of
tur". A little thought on the mat- 1 this. repertory group. It is ac
ter, however, seems to convince shame, I realize, that three people ,
one that there are certain habits with previous professional exper-
customs, and attitudes which are ience in stock companies and little r
essentially our own. Those Amer- theatre work, along with six oth- 9
ican institutions which we have ers who have no mean record of r
been so careful to preserve through commendable experience, should

} J::
. .
}f :
: 'r. ...

F ",...'"x;,:.-
i as, iDrink
Delicious andRefreshing,
the Piaufse
tha t refr┬░eshies
Stand byeverybodyI forCoca-Cola broadcast-
ing a program of delicious refreshment from
every ice-cold glass and bottle. Operating
on a frequency of nine-million drinks a day.
The happiest, shortest cut to refreshment is
thebriefpausefor Coca-Cola. The drink that
tunes in with all places, times,.occasions and
moods. The easiest-to-take setting-up exer-
cise ever invented, while its delightful,.tin-
.ing taste will provide you with one of
ife's great moments.
The'Cue-.Cols Company, Aam, Go.

a day

--- j+. i e VybV -~
unsuspecting innocents to venture
This column ,always a crusader
for the trite and true, welcomes
any suggestions for the remedying
of this sad situation. Just as a!
starter, the following method of
disposing of canine annoyance has
been forwarded by Livina Backus,
one of the fairest blossoms in our
women's staff, that garland of,
flowers which keeps the old wheels
turning in spite of dull care, wear,
tear, swear (Here,here, here!-ED-
You procure at the nearest drug
store some good-sized sponges and!
coat them with bacon fat. Then,
when you see one of man's best
friends bearing down upon you
with an intent look in a bloodshot
eye, just toss him one of your spon-'
ges, like Psyche throwing the sop
to Cerberus (classical reference to
be clipped out by all A. B. and M.
A. Lain teachers, pasted into their
notebooks, and carried back to
their "eager" classes in the fall as
another convincing proof of the
usefulness of the classics in later
life)-just toss him one of your
sponges, as we were saying, and
go on in peace. Come back again
in about two weeks and if he
isn't lying in the gutter with a
rather sad look:in his eye, he ought I
to be. *
The editor has just had us up on
the official carpet. It's about our
name. The Drs. Whoofle, he ob-
ects, has no meaning. Just why
the plural has no meaning, he



so 6 0 0 'D


t -




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CA Fied expense pe; day .,
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Compound.....2.16 6.0
"" ..t Pu '*W Crucibles . "00
-a-- .00 3.80
C" -#- - ..-.. ...20.79 $49.74
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." Cost per thousand pounds #27 .
hothatged e9.90 $27.63
most economical'in-the long r Yurga
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most economical in the long run. Your gas
company will prepare comparative figures
on your own problems. Ask them.
420 Lexington Avenue, New York



didn't make any too clear. And
here we considered we achieved
quite a distinct feature with a plu-
ral name. There are enough sin-
gular people writing for this col-
umn as it is, we maintain.
Be that as it may, something has


the hundred and fifty or more get the opportunity to grace the got to be dcone about the name. The
years of our existence have assur- stage in "Close Harmony." I am editor objects to the plural: the
edly left some mark on our being; even more bewildered, Mr. Gor- Doctors and would like to see it
such institutions as: equality of man, by your characterizing Ar- the Doctor. We prefer it as it is.
opportunity, universal suffrage, thur Secord's presentation of Ed After all, we do have a dual na-
the public schools, the written con- Graham as a "poor performance". ture, as remarked by Carrm, '31-
stitution, the independence of In the estimation of men who although it is not necessarily pedi-
church and state, the town-meek- jreally know acting it was far su- cular.
ing, all have had their parts in perior to anything seen so far this Now, boys and girls, here is your
creating the temper of our nation. season here on the repertory stage. opportunity to have something to
May I suggest that before you say about this column, YOUR col-
THE MAYORAL RECALL attempt another review of a play umn, remember, and we want to
Detroit, casting all sanity and ayou study carefully just what it is hear from each and every one of
caution to the winds, is preparing you are trying to do? Of course you. What do you think we ought
to waste some $65,000 on a recall amnateur critics must learn. Here's to call ourselves? (Now, none of
election in an attempt to oust May- hoping for a more intelligent dis- your nasty cracks, you sly minxes).
or Charles Bowles from the mayor- cussion of "Criminal Code". It is I Would you rather have us
alty. While Detroit is going seri- whispered that Professor Wallace The Doctors Whoofle
ously about this business, the rest is going to play the lead in this Doctor Whoofle
of the middle-west is looking on himself. You know he is just a ............ . .
with amusement. The spectacle of young actor. He will be waiting (You may insert your own







m __ I

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