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July 12, 1928 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1928-07-12

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XlJ1$t t mpr poses. If he has neither of these, he Subscribe to the
is bound to have a relative or a Md
M T r r t I g ~a t friend who is benefited by education MUSIC And Drama Summer Daily
Published every morning except Monday dur or he may in some way have a direct
ig the University Summer Session by*the relation to some educational system "T E PEARL OF GREAT PRICE"
Board in Control of Student Publications.iTH PER OFG AT RI"
himself, regardless of how crude or
The Associated Press is exclusively en eoA Review, by J. Stewart Hooker Aways Cool
titled to the use for republication of all news far advanced that system may be. In
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise other words the problem of education The sublime optimist will tell you Comfortable at the
credited i this paper and the local news Prc,
published herein. is practically of universal importance, that "The Pearl of Great Price,"
Entered at the Ann Arbor, Michigan, post. and to continue to refuse to give it which opened at the Shubert-Detroit
office as second class matter. i
Subscription by carrier, tt.so; by mail, $1,75. its proper representation in govern- Sunday night as a so-called modern
Offices: Press Building, Maynard Street, mental ranks is nothing short of un' morality play, is doing a great good;
IIAust discrimination the pessimist will tell you that the
EDITORIAL STAFF Each department in government has play is both lewd and lurid; the critic
Telephone49 been established and instituted on must realize that his is the difficult
MANAGING EDITOR when conditions were such that their task, for neither opinion is without its TODAY
organization seemed necessary. At .
Editorial Directors.........George E. Simons first, when our present Union saw its Say what they will, and regard it as
CityuEditor.............ar cRl birth, d a they may, "The Pearl of Great Price" In the Hectic aunts oF the
Feaure Editor............... Eleanor Scribner! of departments, among which were theisntwaitpendtob-gm
Music and Drama Editor......Stratton Buck departments of foreign relations, now .a.bPleasure Seekers they met
Books Editors..... ......T enneth G. Patrick with a moral that will live beyond the
Kathryn Sayer the department of state, and the trea- He Knew that he could e
Telegraph Editor...........Daryl W. Irwin sury department. The organization limits of its run. It does contain
Night Editors of other departments accompanied some of the finer points of the old
Alex Bochnowski Martin Mol these ,and then followed a line of addi-- morality play "Experience," upon
Robert Dockeray George Simons which it is based in part, but it also
Jack Davis Clarence Edelson tions, culminating in the establish- .I
Howard Shout ment of the departments of agricul- includes a great deal of tawdry stuff
Reporters t and labor within a comparatively that overshadows the final effects. The ,
argare Jahn Robert O'Brien recent period. Now, by following a play goes too far in both extremes; t,
rapid growth of educational systems it makes 'a spectacle out of a time- A N
BUSINESS STAFF hih i t f r will doubtless worn plot, and in doing so destroys , /ALOUSY AND INTR/IGUE
Telephone 21214 continue in the expanse, there is a whatever good some people believe E
BUSINESS MANAGER renewed appeal to bring about the results from morality plays, and whiph
RAY WACHTER incorporation of a department of edu- all producers like to pretend does.
-.cation in our national government. Simplicity is the keynote of the plot.
Advertising.................Jeannette Dale A criticism is directed, however, at Pilgrim, the girl, is told by her dying
Accounts..................Whitney Manning e move here discussed. There is an mother to guard at any cost "the
Circulation............... Bessie V. Ege land temv eedsusd hr sa
Ciruelatei.. BAsistants . element that believes that the estab- pearl of great price which comes to
Janet Logic i lishment of an Educational depart- you as God's heritage," until the time
THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1928 ment would set up a bureaucracy in when it may be bestowed upon True
THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1928 educational administration that would Love as a dowry. Upon the death of
Night Editor-LAWRENCE R. KLEIN be detrimental to the present func- her mother, Pilgrim is hounded by
ioning of the educational systems in Want, Loneliness and Greed. In time
the various states. If such an alle- of need she is befriended by Idle Rich
THE ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION gation were true and the state and who covets the priceless pearl she
TeE Alocal educational boards became mere wears. Pilgrim accompanys Idle Rich
As a result of the announcement of pawns in the hands of .a national de- to the city. There she discovers the
their course for 1928-29, things point partment of government, efforts in be- price of luxury, resents it, and is cast ,
to another banner year in the history half of this newer department should out upon the world by Idle Rich. +
of the Oratorical association. Any be checked. But under the proposed Eventually she seeks shelter in a
lecture series which numbers among plan such a condition will not pre- house of shame. There she becomes
its speakers such celebrities as Step- vail. It is aimed to have the Educa-. suddenly disillusioned soon after her
hen Leacock, Graham McNamee, tional department cooperate in a way arrival and murders a man in defense
Richard Halliburton, General Smuts that will be beneficial to the state and of the pearl given her by her mother.
and Peggy Wood, not to mention local boards. Through it much valu- She is seized by law and a court trial v TY3LI AM FOX PRES Ys
Count Von Luckner, Madame Sun-Yat-- able information will be rendered to ensues. Pilgrim is finally freed and 0dm,
Sen and Emil Fuchs, is one of un the smallest educational unit in the returns home to find True Love await- AJ9 orCS D elRi
usual excellence, land as well as to the largest, and, ing her, and the curtain descends with t a Hh-Powered EotaxDraw
Since its inauguration, the Oratori- all in all, it will make for an eleva- Pilgrim in his arms.
cal association, more than any other tion in educational standards and an If that was the sum total of the -Added-
organization on the campus, has done advancement in education policies worth of the play, it might accomplish
an inestimable good in bringing which ultimately will produce a bet- more by attracting fewer theatre- BUSTER S
lectures and personages to Ann Ar- ter and more intelligent citizenry. goers; but it is not. The whole play BIG CHANCE
bor. Last year such men as Com- __is a succession of scenes, nine of
mander Richard E. Byrd, who is now WORTH THE PRICE them, in fact. In that respect it is The Comedy
making preparations for his South According to the most accurate ac- unusual and consequently attractive.
Pole flight, Will Durant, famous phil- counts available, the cost of operating After two very mild scenes which con-
osopher, and Dr. Nitti, Italian editor, stitute the prologue, the play proper LATST NEWS EVENTS
appeared in Hill auditorium. In the lplunges immediately into the elabor-
past such personages as Theodore of the proceedings of the National Re-; ate "Abode of Luxury," the home of SCREEN NOVELTIES
Roosevelt, Jr., Will Irwin and William publican convention at Kansas City Idle Rich. Here the producer seems
Howard Taft visited Ann Arbor as over the radio was $77,000. Collec- at fault, for the suddenness of the
guests of the"Oratorical association. tively these stations paid out one dol- scenes takes the breath away and
Not organized for the purpose of lar a second while the convention wa. lessens the possibility for a strong
making money, it has always been otaseson. whte the cvknti k- climax later. That is accomplished,
makngmoeyitha alay benin session. Every time the clock tick-j however, in the vivid courtroom'
the policy of the Oratorical associa- ed another dollar was spent, which scee, b n the expensetof
tb-n to bring to Ann Arbor an array ,counted up to $60 a minute or $3,600 scene, but only the expense of
of speakers such as are seldom found an hour. melodrama. If the court scene had
'on- any other single course in the It estimated that more tha ended with the lawyer of Pilgrim's
country. Next year's program, accord- proof of the fact that the knife with
twenty million persons, includingproofteacththekiewh
ing to the initial announcement, seems p . d which the man was murdered was
radio owners, their families and .
to be anything but an exception. Co friends "listened in" on the speeches carried by him, it would have been a
sequently, the Oratorical association vastly better. Instead, Pilgrim's law-
seqenty, he raorial ssoiatonand ceremonies of the conclave. The'
and Carl G. Brandt, manager of the exact numnber which constituted the yer calls as the last witness, the mem-
'course, in particular, are to be con- wxrd' gret uic cn ne ory of her mother, and the remainder
gratulated. If merit presages any- worldws greatest audience can never of the scene is too melodramatic and
thing the 1928-29 lecture course enoh to allow sm dections. spoils the effect of reality necessary
enuht lo oeddcin. t h ucs fteshould be the biggest success ever. One twenty-millionth of $3,600 was't h uceso h play.
te ostweryailtperhofor the The cast is outstanding, both in
A NEW DEPARTMENT the cost per capita per hour for the j quality and magnitude. The per-
Aentertainment and education of which formance of Miss Lee Patrick, of
Recent newspaper accounts indicate American people availed thmeselves. "The Shelf" and "Mr. What's His
that another organization has contrib- Not only was radio responsible for the Name" fame, is splendid, which is say-
uted its' resources and the efforts of pe nsb tio-a ente- _
chepst osibl edctoa ete- ingm someig swhendon, hconidssy-

"Old Town Canoes
Used Exclusively in Our Livery
Very Safe and Easy to Paddle
Oan the Huron River at the Foot of Cedar St.
"-Il I





After you have spent a pleasant evening at the
Michigan Theatre you often feel the desire for
a bite to eat.
Have you tried our sandwiches and light
Perhaps you have a special dish that you con-
sider your favorite. We are certain that we
can serve you anything from our menu to suit
your taste.
The Michigamme is so handy too, in that it
is next to the theatre.
The next time you go to the show on your
way home, stop in for a little refreshment.
Liberty Street Michigan Buildnig





Suggests That You

ng Distance Rates Are
Surprisingly Low
for Instance

its members in the campaign to bring
about the organization of a Depart-
ment of Education in the Federal gov-
ernment. This organization; is the
National Education Association which
early this month held an enthusiastic
convention in Minneapolis at which
the delegates in attendance pledged
their individual and collective support
tU bringing pressure to the proper au-
thorities regarding the need for the
organization of an Education depart-
The purpose of this great teach-
ers convention going on record as fa-
voring the organization of an educa-
tion department is obvious. For some
time now there has been a long felt
want of the establishment of a depart-
ment which would have equal footing
along with the other principal depart-
ments of government which are repre-
sented in the President's cabinet. The
growth of our educational systems
throughout the land has made it im-
perative that further steps be taken
by our national government in the di-
rection of lending its support to the:
project of perfecting our great school
Education of American youth is a
project of concern to every citizen
of the land. It is safe to say that
there is not a citizen today who in
some way is not affected by our edu-
cational system. If he has no chil-
dren in school he may have land
which is taxed for educational pur-

L~x pvatuG uua~cfsaieuei ting something when one considers:
tainment, but it also made first hand that she appears in every single
knowledge of convention proceeding a scene. Harry Metayer, who played
available to millions who would never one of the leads in "The Play's theC
have been able to have it any other j Thing" turns in another excellent per-
way. Certainly it was a profitable in- formance as Idle Rich and Prejudice.
vestment, not alone from the stand- His final court oration is one of the
point of entertainment. It undoubt- I high spots of the show and well worth
edly served to stimulate interest in any lawyer's attention. It is this re-
national politics-something which viewer's opinion that Mr. Mestayer I
seems too often to be lacking. has acquired much of the fine acting
ability of the late Holbrook Blinn,
OUT-.OFDATE TRADITIONS iwith whom he was so long associated.
When the commander of the Chilean Jessie Brown Semple as Wanton,I
transport "Angamos" committed sul- Mabel Bunyea as Envy and Dorothy
cide, after learning of the loss of the Wolf as Orgy stand out from the rest
i of a fine cast. Mary Morris, as the
rudder of his ship and knowing dis- Mother of Pilgrim, lacks much of the
aster was almost inelitable, two tradi- true spirit of motherliness; she is a
tions of the sea clashed and the older little too cold for the part, a fault she
one won. It is ancient custom for ship may overcome in time. And, finally,
captains to take their own lives when James Meighan, as Love, needs a lit-
their ships are in danger, but there tle more practice.
is another tradition that calls upon In all, "The Pearl of Great Price"!
the commander to be the last to leave is at once mild and wild; ugly and:
the ship. beautiful; realistic and melodramatic;
Suicide is always cowardly and commonplace and dazzling; moralj
particularly so when it becomes de- and immoral. In other words, the:
sertion in the hour of need. His act I play has its moments, but not enough
doubled an already serious loss be- of them. It is not consistently good.
cause the ship was left without either Therefore, to those who are able to)
mechanical or mental guidance. It enjoy olives, cherries and fish because
would have been far more in keeping they do not mind the selective process
with his responsibility to have made the consumption of such sustenance
an effort to direct a rescue and quiet entails, "The Pearl of Great Price" is "
the panic that" prevailed, leaving sul- recommended as a play whose merits
cide for a last resort as the ship went almost, but not quite, counterbalance
down. its demerits.



or less, between 4:30 a. m. and 7:00 p. m.

You can call the following points and talk for THREE MINUTES for the rates
shown. Rates to other points are proportionately low.
From Ann Arbor To:
Albion..................$ .50 Grand Haven.............$ .90
Algonac..................50 Ionia....................65
Allegan.................... .80 Kalamazoo................. .70
Bay City................... .70 Lake Odessa................ .60
Battle Creek..............60 Port Huron...............60
Benton Harbor ..............95 Saginaw....................60
Dowagiac ....................85 Mt. Clemens ................45
Grand Rapids .............. .80 Muskegon................. .95
The rates quoted above are Station-to-Station Day rates, effective from 4:30 a. m. to 7:00 p. m.
A Station-to-Station call is one that is made to a certain telephone rather than to some person in



Rates to any point, and
distant telephone numbers,
can be secured by
calling Information.

'' wxpa ,

Station-to-Station calls
may be made collect,
providing the
called party approves.





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