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August 04, 1925 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1925-08-04

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PSian by

ess is exclusively en-
epublication, of all news
o it or not otherwise
and the local news pub-
Ann Arbor, Michigan,
,lass matter.
irrier, $i.so; by mail,
ilding, Maynard Street,
signed as evi4ence of
blished in The Summer
n of the Editor. Jn.
s will receive no con-
ture may beromitted in
iby the writer. The
not necessarily endorse
sed in the communica-

Telephone 4925
s Editor...........Robert S. Marsfiel
Editor ...........Manning lHouseworth
nen's Editor.............Marion plead
it. Editor........... LeRoy L. Osborn
it Editor.........W. Calvin Patterson
t Editor.........Chandler H. Whipple
am T. Barbour George ,. Lehtiner,
n Boron -Marion Meyer
Ruth Brown Ralph B. Nelson
)thy Burns Miriam Schotterbeck
erine Lardner Nance Solomon
Ellen Lehtinen Wendall Vreeland
Telephone 21214
lation............... Kermit K. Kline
ication.................Frank Schoenfe
a C. Finsterwald Thos. E. Sunderlatd
ght Editor-W. C. PATTERSON

Aaonymous communications will be O
Idisregarded. The names of communi- Ul
eantewill, however, be regarded as c e us.E
confidential uLon request.EE TE
ro the Editor: Today we got our invitation to the"
As I take many meals at the Mich- Phi Delta Kappa beefsteak and wat-
igan Union, my attention has been at- ermelon roast. As a matter of fact
tracted by the groups of visitors that we weren't invited, so we are men-
cluster about the bulletin board-the tioning the affair so that the pub-
most conspicuous thing in the build- licity will rate us a bid anyhow. Al
ing-upon which are posted the names
of the alumni who have not paid their
pledges. to be there early, as watermelon takes
From my observation, it is evident a long time to roast thoroughly. We
that the attention paid by these visit- forget the time and the place, but
ors from all over the world to these be there anyhow.
thousands of names is having a very s * *
bad effect upon the good name of our Daily Dissertation
University. Today's Topic: Dinner.
This malodorous publicity not only 'Dinner as you may or may not
discredits the loyality and good faith know, is one of the more important
of the alumni who are in arrears, meals of the day, sharing that honor
b4t also the spirit of the Union, with breakfast and lunch. Next on
which is debasing itself by using your left is the Woolworth .building,
"black-hand" methods to club its ladies and gents-ah no we are forget-
members into paying what, after all, ting ourselves and harking back to
is not a debt for materials consum- the good old days in Manhattan when
ed or services rendered, but a free- we barked on a rubberneck. But we
will offering. Church organizations, were speaking of dinner.
no matter how badly they need the In view of the fact that Revere was
money, do not publish the names of in town, we went last night, in com-
their members who are not Vp to date pany with .Olaf the Great and Peat
in their subscriptions, and our Union Bog, who is back home too, and the
should be no less dignified.g reat Revere to partake of nourish-
And after all, is this posting ac- ment at one of the local tea rooms
coomplishing its purpose? As this instead of our usual "grab-it-and-
list apparenntely has tot been appre- growl" joint. We surveyed the bill
ciably shortened in the year that has of fare while Peat Bog ate olives
elased between Summer sesions, the and flipped the stones at the ladyl
answer is obviously "No." With the at the next table. Having written
number of names running into the the order, we all settled back to play
thousands, many of them prominent with the salt and pepper and other
citizens in their localities, the old say- condiments profusely scattered about
ing that there is safety in numbers the festive board. Then the food ar-
holds true, and no one- member ap- rived and we ate.
- parently feels disgraced to belong to "Aye wass t'ink dar har now spin-
these cohorts.. ach she's too by dam green," says
From the standpoint of sentiment Olaf, by way of making conversation.
and efficiency, it would seem that the "Oh yes," says we "doesn't it, now?"
better method would be to employ a But you know, the beauty of din-
d representative of the Union, on a ner is that you can say a thing like
commission basis, to visit personally that and then shut up and pitch in.
each alumnus in his own town, and If you clatter the tinware vigorous-
* secure from each, if not the whole, ly enough the conversation will die
r at least a partial payment of his of starvation, and your logic is sav-
plege, and continue the process as ed.
long as necessary. Will you knidly consider that we
A MICHIGAN GRADUATE. have shut .up on the subject and
t _;4 - ~ TT.. ., 1 1 n6 ~ '

Chicago, Aug. 3.-The bomber
followed the six army pursuitl

to the

Pacific coast, left for Its base

i. a1


Woodward at Eliot-Glen. 9792. Downtown Ticket
The Bonstelle Corn



High Grade
Painting and Decorating
528 W. Liberty Dial 7594


from Selfridge field, Mt. Clemens,
on its test tour of the air mail route

The Most Brilliant of Comedies


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 175 1


"Grounds for Di

Ir r

Oh Henry!1
"The loyalty of my Legions was un-
questioned and now for the first time
I'll bare my secret. I paid theme ywou
see withbars of Oh Henryt
A- Fine Candy
tOc Everywhere
Oh$ slthe gisaltt9 dlemsrk @1theWiliasm-
!s~~OA .., GQh ss g .G.. Wt11l71ysie, lrs.

Next Week--" LIGHTNIN'"--A record Brea
I: New York and London.
! rraar.S......urrr/rra.... . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Del roit's O0vn

' ® , ,
". _ $, ,
. o

It's an



to get light meals in
summer with one
of these $5.50 elec-
tric table stoves

the United States had sat on
~ouncil in the League of Nations
ment of the Saar problem, there
doubt but that a fair commis-
would have been appointed," Dr.
am E. Rappard, Swiss member
e permanent Mandates commis-
of the League of Nations, told
nstitute of Politics last week.
Rappard is of the opinion that
prehence of an American on the
cil would have given the Saar a
government and would have de-
d the Germans of a fair griev-
" He believes that the United
s, being far away'from the trou.
areas of Europe, is in an admir.
position to bring impartial judg.
on .the problems of the Europe=
ations. "The absence of Amer-
as been a great weakening infiu
on the League," he insists.
d these statements are undoubt-
correct, absolutely correct, as
as they go. But then Dr. Rap-
continued to say, "In'order to
Ist, the League must be strong,
must not be in a position where
s to give way when some strong
n threatens to withdraw if a
in question is not settled the
she wants it settled. If Amer.
vere in the League, the bluff of
a nation would be called. The
ions of the Ieague have not al.
been exactly just, because the
responsible for those decisions
ot want the League to perish."
d in this latter admission, Dr.
ard seems to have pointed out
great weakness of the League.
orting to be the turning point
t which international power plv
;he League in reality is so weal
it must cater to its more import-
nembers in order to keep them
led, and keep them from tak.
heir dolls and going home." We
ct minor organizations that are
ly struggling along to offer in-
nents to their more valuable
bers, . but an organization of nab
supposedly founded voluntarily
*e nations themselves because of
ling of a common need, surely'
>ens itself by allowing special
[eges to its more influential
Rappard says that this would
onitnue if America were in the
ue, he is quite confident that
ica would call the bluff of such
tion. But what guarantee has
at the United States will not be
such a nation? Does he ask the
d States to join the League be-
of the poker ability of our di-
ats? 'What advantages is the
d States to gain from an organ-
n that requests our membership
cur buffer ability?
e League of Nations is an admir.
institution,-when it is properly
rued. But there is something
:nant about the proposition as
appard has presented it, some-

I N our general business course.
we teach you all of the
essentials and details that go
into the making of a business
day. Enroll today in our filing

The Detroit Edison

Main at William

Telephone 4226


. .

I_ _ _pitched in. Wow we will all change
the subject.
Greater Movie Season
Win that sedan! Win that sedan!
(The New York Tines)Greater movie season is on. No
The melancholy plight of German more than one a day per license, now
familities evicted from their farms in boys. Play fair and shoot 'em on the
Poland, and of Polish miners deported wing. Aw, Hell, what's the use? We
from the Ruhr, is symptomatic of the don't know anything about the idea
tension on her eastern border which except that they want to give away
Germany hopes to lessen through a car, and if they really feel that
membership in the Leauge of Nations. way about it, we'll take the damn car
That Poland acted within her rights, and save them the trouble of the
as defined by The Hague Court of Ar- greater movie season and the contest
bitration, Germany does not question, and everything.
but she protests warmly against the * * *
suddenness and violence of the evic- The Last Long Week
tion. Poland retorts that she gave There is a rumor afloat (don't be
due notice long ago and that an or- absurd Algernon, we don't know what
derly exodus was prevented by Ger- it's afloat on, it's only a rumor) to
man consular agents who lulled their the effect that this is to be the last
nationals in Poland into a false se- week of publication of The Summer
curity. The implication is that the Daily. And if it is--ha, ha,-we've
German authorities wished to keep -only five more rolls to write. Isn't
the peasants on what is now Polish that funny? Now go laugh your
territory with a view to a "rectifica- heads off about that.
tion" of the frontier. There is some * * *
evidence of such an animus in the Uncle Olaf Returns!
German retaliation. Even more sud- Wan of Uncle Olaf war tahooring
denly, some 12,000 Polish families are the wild from Canuckland among
being shunted from the Ruhr to the Lake I4ouise, Bamph and the No. 4.4%
Silesian mining region, already in the of Auntearlo he nefer could forget
grip of a crisis of unemployment. from him of'all the little deers back
Poles and Germans together, the num- among the sweltering impatient'
ber of unfortunates is estimated at trainers and the competing Fi Bet-
50,00. - . ter Cappers, of the daes of yore. Hiss
A somewhat ironic contrast is af- luffy' vas so great daat he could not
forded by the recent handling of refrain from drugging hamself
Greeks fleeing or being transported (chance for a dirty pun V '63) avay
from Turkish dominions. Mainly un- frum the grate outside to come hame
der control of the League of Nations, ta yu. The past load of pig iron
upward of a million and a quarter that produced a marked lordosis (see
were adequately cared for and are any dictionary) on the podfr old Olaf
rapidly being assimilated economical- waar the plahageerising Wee 63 hoo
ly. The present disorders, in all prob- she seamt warr traheing tu bee gude
ability, result from German official as gold Hank Winter's imitators with out
distinguished from German govern- even thanking Hank for hiss little
ment action. So far as they have hulp in furnishing all uf the beany
any effect beyond the suffering in- ideas. Uncle Olaf he hass his friends
volved it- must be to increase the and then dear old -Hank skul bane
bitter feeling against Poland while an old one so Olaf he say he moost
making more dubious Germany's ef- axe dot dar Wee 63 person tu send
fort to regain former territory. tu pur old Tammam only gude con-
tribewtions wat he hass thot frum
"Stout and lean girls aided by diet- his own spacious attic and plees not
ing scheme."- 0. 0. D. headline. steel Witwer's brass band. Uncle
Strange affect these Venus pencil ads Olaf iss still mootch tireds frum hiss
have. We wish to assure such girls longs trips but tomorrow morning he
that Venus when used as the name vill pull thee sheets frum yu an tall
of a pencil has .nothing whatever to yu all about hiss strips. Now bee sure
do with figures. an get behint the ears an dont leaf
youre little pails u ffsoft soap behint
Two men were indicted for receiv- or da classes waal bee awl E minus.
ing graft amounting to $1,000,000 and -Olaf, the Great,
the story ends with "All of the ac- * * *
cusid deny the charges." That writ- We have wondered who he was
er certainly had great faith in the draiwing from-thanks, Olaf.
intellignA n fia ernA . I) , I nn.

SJEWELRY--the Popular)~

Prepare here for Success

State & William
Ann Arbor

To be smartly dressed this mid-summer
you must follow the vogue for gay jewelry.
Fortunate it is that there's a wide range
of novelties here for yourselection-inde-
structible pearls of various tints in the
single, the double, or the three strand
beads, crystal beads, bakelite beads of
black, white or amber, button 'beads of
all colors, tiny jaweled pins for lingerie,
bright set brooches, and coral cameo rings
of bright gold finish.
Pearl Strands ... .........$1.00-$2.75
Jeweled Brooches.........$1.00-$1.35
Crystal Beads. ..........$1.0 Up
Cameo Rings................59-$1.59

,l 55


Sweetheart Bags
Adorable mesh bags in various colors sell at $3.50. -Fr
flat fish scale, silver plated in blue, black, green and
design, with odd shaped jeweled tops are priced at $
-delight you!

Don't neglect
those anniver-
sary greetings
which mean so
,.much. Long
Distance w 11
carry your voice
right to friend
or menrIber of
your family and
nes s will be
appreciated all
out of propor-
tion to the small


Dainty Ribbon G
When ribbon garters peep from
skirts you'll be glad to have -su
ive ones as these. Wavy ostrich
as daintyscreations of lace, ri
Uet. Flimsy ostrich strands, fil
heads, net rufflings, rosebuds a
stones trim these garters, priced
to $1.75.

Smart Handbags
A lady is no smarter than her hand bag.
Silk bags and leather envelope- purses are
the smartest you can carry! Fitted bags in
a variety of colors are moderately priced
from $1.25 to $1.95. Black silk bagsin a
variety of shapes, some embroidered or
bound in contrasting colors, sell at $3.50.


Telephone-U's Per-
sonal and Direct

_ r ,.
;d .

"Rolling them" takes time
Bobbed hosies do away with th
by means of a cleverly finisl
knee length hose. Dainty silk g
with the hosies and an eyelet
makes room for the little ros
garter to show. In white, tan

Hodies for,



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