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April 24, 1958 - Image 15

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Michigan Daily, 1958-04-24

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Soap, Creams Keep.
Face Fresh; Glowing
oets acclaim the girl with wind
rain in her face; they devote;
net upon sonnet to' her fresh-!
d loveliness.
oodness knows that Ann Arbor
Is, get more than their share of
e elements, but in spite of what,
poets say it takes more than
I and rain to keep a complex-
clear and glowing.
rdinary washing with soap and
m water does more than any-
g else to benfit skin, but like
hing else, there's a right and
rong way to go about it.
Start with Lather,
art with a rich lather, strok-
suds upward from . chin to
kbones'to nose and finally to
Ales. Heat opens clogged pores,
keep the water as' warm as
ible. Rinse well with warm,
icold ,ater..
idly enough, that teen-age
boo called acne often persists
nd the .teens. If this is your
lem, an even. more thorough
sing ritual is in order.
he best way to eliminate acne
hrough three face-sudsings a
followed by a scrubbing with
nsings grains. These grains
nixed with water, then worked
the face to eliminate oil and

Pajamas Copy Chemise Sack Styles
What could be more appropri-
ate attire for 'hitting the sack'
than a sack?
Lingerie manufacturers agree
with this logic and have extended
the chemise style into pajama
Local buyers report that the ..--

new chemise pajamas are their
best selling items and have far
outstripped last year's rage, the
Ivy League nightshirt.
Chemise Influences Pajamas,
The chemise pajama tops, like
their predecessor, the dress, have
a long hipline with a low belt. All
possess this basic identifying fea-
However, this is where the simi-
larity ends. Some styles blouse
Just above the belt while others
hang perfectly straight. Some are
pleated below the low belt; others
have layers of ruffles and lace.
Trimming ranges from colorful
embroidery to pastel satin ribbons.
Even pajama bottoms, have
made' their departure- from the
ordinary. Instead of plain long
pants, the most popular new
styles are shorties, pantaloons
which are gathered just below the
knee and striped boxer shorts
which are worn with a chemise
top with a matching striped sailor
Blouson Makes Appearance
. The blouson too has recently
made its first appearance in the
pajama fashion world. The blous-
on is similar to the chemise as it
hangs perfectly straight. However;
instead of having a belt that is
merely low, .it has one that is at.
the very bottom of the pajama

I'ABRICS AND FASHION-New Chemise fashions in cotton,
sharkskin, seercord and frosette stress versatility. Perfect for
day, evening or date wear,, these fabrics hold their press and
freshness with a minimum of care.
Versatle Fabrics Featured
In New Sprng Fashions

Creams Add Moisture
Don't restrict your complexion
care to the daytime by any means.,'
Let a rich cream add moisture to
your skin while you sleep; let it
cleanse your pores while "cat-nap-
ping" or relaxing before a date.
Low humidity and high tem-
peratures do much to rob the skin
of its natural moisture, so fight
back with a water in oil prepara-
tion that rehydrates. Many mois-
turizers are designed to be worn
All day under makeup, and serve
as foundation at the same time
they're doing their work.
"You are what you eat" is an
oft-repeated adage, but one that
bears consideration. Pallor, rough-
ness and eruptions can be caused
by malnutrition.. Pimples, - black-
beads and oiliness can be caused
by too many sweets. It's just plain
common sense that healthy foods
are accompanied by healthy faces,
so perhaps a. change in diet is your
Pamper with. Packs,
Don't be afraid to pamper your
skin; look what it does for a baby!
For that "velvet touch," try a milk
or buttermilk pack. Add a bit of
almond meal to the milk, and
cleanse with a gauze pad. To
stimulate circulation, liewith your
feet higher than your head. Rinse,
with 'warm water after .twenty
Cleansing cream should be ap-
plied with the backs of your hands,,
starting at the throat base and
sweeping upward. Always use up-
ward strokes, both in cleansing
and washing face. After paying
special attention to the areas of
nose and chin, remove cream with
tissues followed, by a skin lotion.
If your skin hasn't yet awoke
from its winter sleep, a good stim-
ulation is in order. Complexion
brushes work miracles; so does a
splashing with cold water. A
simple way to bring the blood to
the surface is to hang your head
for a minute..
Fight Flaky Skin
Dry, flaky skin can be as much
a "beauty bug" as oily, acned skin.
Emollient creams are good for
combatting this papery patches,
as are oil masks. Try a mask of
warm olive oil, applied with gauze
to face and throat for fifteen min-
8 stands for Sunshine and Sleep
as well as Skin. The three just
naturally go together, so never
underestimate the importance of
general health to a particularly-
beautiful complexion.
"The skin you love to touch"
needn't be just an empty phrase in
a magazine advertisement-With
conscientious care you can turn it
into a description of YOU.

F is for Fashion; F is for Fab-
The two just naturally go to-
gether this season, for the new
finishes make today's fabrics per-
Fect for ;-daytime, playtime and
datetime wear.
Cottons have never been so ver-
satile; Cotton blends and cotton
knits retain their perennial popu-
larity, while cottons that look like
silks and shantungs are gaining
new audiences. They all ask only
a. minimum of care to stay fresh
and crisp in the muggiest weather.
Sharkskin Stays White
Sharkskin is a blend now strong-
ly established in the style spot-
light. The white actually stays
white, and the fabric maintains
its original shaps through many
washings. The pleats, too, stay
knife-like through all kinds of
weather and wear.
Seercord. is a smart newcomer
to casual daytime costumes. A
combination of fine seersucker and
cotton cord, it has been trimmed
with a sophisticate touch of cotton
satin binding to match the color
of the stripe.
Cotton that tailors like wool?
Tarpoon is your answer. There,
are small black and white plaids
and .,sleep stripes--all wvith that
new "haberdasher" look. Also in
its favor is its resistance to water
and beverage spots-
Frosette Sheds Creases
Frosette is the name of the new
summertime fabric with the novel
surface treatment. You'll be see-
ing often in dresses and blouses
for daytime; dark tones for streeta
wear. Coeds acclaim its cool youth-
ful look and 'its resistance to
Ever popular are the synthetic
fibers for cool comfort. Rayon andt
nylon with large open-weaves are
seen for daytime. dresses and'
Organdies,, crepes, taffetas andf
satins are seen in this spring's eve-i
ning wear. Traditional shades of
white, pink and blue share the
spot light with the new colors' of

oriental yellow, fuschia and bright
No doubt about it: This is a
fabric-first season!

-Daily-George Keefer
"HIT THE SACK"-Chemise and sack pajamas, with long hip-
lines and JoW belts replace last year's fad-the Ivy League
pajamas. Layers of ruffles and lace, embroidery or pastel ribbons
decorate the colorful styles.

Customer's 'Advice' Adds
ompicaions For Designer

Among the most unique new
styles are the one-piece pajamas.
These come with a matching
pleated overskirt and can often
double for a playsuit.
Pajamas no longer stand alone;
they have become part of an en-
semble. This year no pair of pa-
jamas is complete without a
matching housecoat. These house-
coats are usually made of a light
cotton . fabric and carry out the
color scheme of the matching pa-
Lingerie manufacturers have fi-

nally sympathized with the laun-
dering problems of the students.
Now practically every pajama
style is being made in a drip dry
cotton and dacron blend.
Whether the style be the che-
raise, the blouson or the one-piece
pajama, the trend' is markedly
away from the man-tailoring
which so . thoroughly dominated
last. year's fashion market.
The true feminine nature has
emerged in full force and the
three-button collar is being re-
placed by ruffles, embroidery and
lace trim.

"Everyone seems to have a dif-
ferent idea," sighed the designer,
after a parade of "experts filed
out of his, office.
Keith Adams is.a designer for a
dress manufacturing firm, design-
ing sses' dresses from sizes 10 to
Adams said his greatest problem
is that other people don't see the
dresses through his eyes; yet they
have their own ideas on what the
styles should look like. "But," he
replied, "we designers must listen.
WQ know we're not the last word,
but in the end we must be satis-
Names Rey Words
Fabric, fashion and customer
are the three key words in a de-
signer's vocabulary. "What kind
of woman would wear this dress?
Where would she wear it?" This
much the designer must know
about all his customers. His ap-,
proach: "objective familiarity."
Commenting on the predomin-
ance of the chemise in his show-
room Adams attempted to an-
swer the question: "how long will
it last? " "It's got a definite fu-
ture," he explained. "There are
at least five variations on a sack
theme, giving a wider choice. Here
a woman can express herself in
terms of fashion."
Adams aiso has advice for wom-
en who want to enter this fashion
by altering- last year's styles.
"Don't take last year's dresses and
shorten them," he warned. New
shorter skirts are a natural out-

growth of the fashion trend and
are proportioned accordingly.
Eyeing an especially exotic new
model we asked if such a creation
is considered art. Adams laughed.
"Not so much here as it is in
France," he admitted. "There cou-
ture is a real art, in the United
States it is a business."
A designer must be aware of
businessmen, prices; labor costs,
and fabric costs, he said. My role
is not only as a designer, but as
a diplomat, "who calms every-
one's ,nerves;" a politician, "who
makes eeivyone happy;" and a
gigolo, "who charms the buyers,"
he added.
Almost contradictorily, seeing
his dresses sell doesn't give the de-
signer= his greatest satisfaction.
"More important," he emphasized,
"is having other people realize
what you have striven for."
Similar Fashions
"Actually fashions are very
much the same all over," he added.
Someone starts a trend and the
"new models" are often no more
than subtle takeoffs from it.
The workroom and the design-
er's assistants are important to
his success. Assistants have to see
things the way the designer sees
Adams' credo is that he can't
design in a vacuum. "After all, the
public has the last word," he said.

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