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March 17, 1957 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1957-03-17

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SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 1957


SGC Candidates Tell r blem Areas,



Bob Bruton
SGC Administrative W i n g;
Campus Affairs, Public Relations,
1956 Spring Elections Commit-
tees; Sub-committee Chairman;
Phi Kappa Tau House Manager.
1. The primary reason for SGC's
existence on this campus is to
serve as an intermediate body be-
tween the students and the Uni-
versity. It is the responsibility of
SGC to heed student opinion and,
at the same time, to help main-
tain the University's purpose and
policies. In fulfilling its capacity
SGC must try to resolve any dif-
ferences between them and to,
bring about results that are satis-
factory to both parties.
2. By an even closer cooperationa
with the faculty and administra-
tion, SGC should be able to find7
more satisfactory solutions to
some of the present problems on,
{ the campus. The foremost of
these should be to make improve-
ments in the University Calen-
dar. The housing problem, espe-
cially in relation to raising of dor-
mitory fees which cause a corres-
ponding raise in rents, should beA
an important consideration. Oth-
er areas that merit SGC's atten-
tion should include: the bicycle
problem, the parking problem,
and present methods of academic
3. Because of SGC's role as an
intermediary body, it is the duty
of each elected Council member
to do all he can to keep the Uni-
versity and the students working
smoothly together. He needs to be
in constant contact with the en-
tire campus so ,that he is aware
of student opinion, and he must
be willing to contribute his time
to this purpose. He must also be
active in the Administrative Wing


Ron Gregg
Education and Social Welf are,
Library Hours (co - chairman),
Student Representation Commit-
tees; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge;
Gomberg House.



-Daily-David Arnold
NEW FACILITIES-SGC members Anne Woodard and Tom Saw-
yer work in the Council's newly acquired offices in the Student
Activities Bldg. Officers have their own rooms in the background.
ri * 1 erio
It's evaluation time for Student Government Council as the or-
ganization nears the end of a two-year trial period.
A committee headed by Prof. Lionel H. Laing, of the political
science department, is preparing "an evaluation of the effectiveness
of student government under the present program," as instructed
by Vice-President for Student Affairs James A. Lewis.
At its April meeting, the, Board of Regents is scheduled to re-
ceive the report on SGC, first student government group to be of-
ficially recognized by the Regents.
SGC dPlan in Effect in 1955
The SGC Plan went into effect in March, 1955, after receiving
approval from the Regents on Dec. 17, 1954. One week earlier, a
,.,campus-wide student referendum

and willing to work on its pro-
4. The topics to be considered
,t SGC Forums should be the
problems of the campus not only
as they arise, but those which are
likely to come up for SGC action
in the future. They should include
such as those previously men-
tioned 'in my answers and also
such matters as the problems of
an increasing enrollment, North
Campus, and student conduct.
5. The principal weakness of
SGC now, is not in its organiza-
tional structure, but in its failure
to gain student support. If SGC
were to inform students of its
functions and pending actions and
then put more emphasis on stu-
dent opinion, a good deal of the
present apathy would be over-
come. An expression of increased
interest in SGC by the students
would then undoubtedly result in
the University placing more
weight on SGC's decisions, thus
giving it a freer hand to resolve
the students' problems.

1. Student government's one
great responsibility to both the
tudent and to the University is
o assist in providing the finest
possible education available. This
s achieved, at least through SGC,
by the assurance of unique and
concentrated opportunities to the
student, both inside and outside
of the classroom. In other words
SGC helps the student to solve his
problems and achieve his objec-
2. Following from question one,
which places the responsibility of
assisting in the education of the
whole student on the student gov-
ernment, I would urge SGC to en-
ter into these areas of responsi-
bility and to provide some an-
swers to important questions. Let
me outline a representative pro-
We might ask these questions:
What educational opportunities,
both formal and informal, are
there at the University, and how
can the individual student gain


these pages.

Duncan Garrett

World University Service "Trea-t
sure Van" Manager; WCBN Staff;I
Pledge President; Junior Inter-
Fraternity Council; Inter-Frater-
nity Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon
Chaplain, Treasurer, Vice-Presi-
1. Student Government Council
has the responsibility of repre-
senting both the University's and
the Student Body's views, inter-
pretations, and opinions on ac-
tions taken by either group. It
should, in its legislation, respect
the rights of the student whileI
carrying out administrative and
regental policy. Finally, SGC
should function as an interme-
diary between the Administration
and the Student, expressing the
student's point of view concern-
ing administrative policy.
2 At present the SGC does not

The Daily, as part of its annual all-campus election coverage,
asked the following questions of the 13 candidates for Student
Government Council in the coming elections:
1. What is your concept of SGC's responsibility to the student
and to the University?
2. What are the important areas, issues, or problems that you
will bring to SGC's attention during the next year?
3. What do you consider the duties of the individual SGC
4. What topics do you think should be discussed at future SGC
forums? Why?
5. What is the major criticism you have of SGC?
Candidates' answers are printed, with their experience, on




Scott Chrysler
SGC Mem b er;- Orientation
Director; Education (co-chair-
man), Health Insurance, Free'
University of Berlin (chairman) C m it e; S u et A tvte
Bldg. Open House Chairman;
University Calendar Committee;
Sigma Chi. >


One issue - Sigma Kappa -
dominated the work of Student
Government Council last semes-
Other studies and proposals,
initiated and lost in the shuffle
of the sorority debate, have been
coming to the Council's attention
in recent weeks, however.
Initiation of SGC Forums, plus
action on the Lecture Committee,
the calendar, fraternity rushing
and rising Residence Hall costs
are among the major ones.
Falf the Sigma -Kappa problem
was settled Dec. 4 when SGC
found the sorority in violation of
University regulations and Feb. 13
when the Council took action; the
other half will be settled in Sept.
1958 when the Council will de-
cide whether the sorority will re-
main on campus.
Issue Raised

backed the plan by a seven-to-two
SOC replaced Student Legisla-
ture, a group of 42 members
elected from the campus at large,
and the appointive 15-member
StudentAffairs committee which
included student, faculty and ad-
ministration members.
Organized to reflect and express
student opinion, SL derived its
authority from a student-ap-
proved constitution and the SAC,
but held no real Regental authori-
I our-year Study

1. SGC has a dual responsibili->
ty: 1) Recognizing and expressing .
student opinion, and 2) Imple-
menting student opinion to further
the ideals of the University. The
first responsibility entails a con-
stant alertness to be aware of all
issues, no matter how small, which?
any student expresses. When a
general student issue is -at hand, : .
SGC should be careful to support
the majority, but never neglect thew
minority, which could be very can contribute. Present internal
large on a campus of this size. structure hinders this because'
The whole area necessitates ex- elected members are tied down to
cellent communication. As soon as particular committee areas. Singu-
SGC and the students realize the lar interest in their committee of-
importance of each other, this li hrcf-
imprtnc o echoter tisten prohibits s, broader outlook ,



SAC was delegated authority by
the Regents to regulate student
activities. It was not, however, a
body set up to express student
Combining the two functions of
representation and regulation, the
SGC Plan was completed after
more than four years of study.
First suggested by Malin Van
Antwerp '55L, final plans were de-
veloped by a student-faculty study
committee headed by Prof. Laing
and were presented to the Re-
gents by Vice-President Lewis.
Powers Given
While giving SGC complete
powers of regulation over student
activities, the plan approved by
flhp R tC i d Bn a.rd of

The issue was raised last fall I
after National- Sigma Kappa had Review empowe
suspended, during the summer, Council action.
the charter of its chapter at Cor- The basic con
nell and withdrawn that of its government ine
chapter at Tufts. campus groups r
Neither the local chapters nor bers was selecte
officials of those schools were able erendum in Ma
to offer explanations for the sus- Today, SGC p
pensions, but both chapters had the 11 elected t
pledged Negro women the previ- presidents of th
ous spring. Assembly Associ
University regulations state: Association, Int
"Recognition will not be granted Interfaternity
any organization which prohibits Daily Editor.
membership in the organization .
because of race, religion or color." R eview
Committee Set
Meeting on Dec. 5, SGC voted Cheeks
12 to 5 that Sigma Kappa was not
meeting the "conditions for main-
tenance of recognition." A five-
man committee was appointed
two weeks later to propose courses Three times t
of action on the sorority. view has beenc
On Feb. 13 SGC, on advice of Student Govern
the committee, instructed Sigma cisions, and th
Kappa to remove its "discrimina- nodded assent.
tory policies" by Sept. 1958, or ac- The Board ha
tion would be taken to withdraw any SGC action
recognition. question of jur
The sorority's next national quires further
convention is scheduled for the view of Regenta
summer of 1958. istrative practic
A committee established on Oct. Within four d

u e a ru uu
ered to examine
cept of a student
eluding heads of
plus elected mem-
by a student ref-
rch 1947.
olicy is decided by
members and the
ae Union, League,
ation, Panhellenic
er-House Council,
Council and The
the Board of Re-
called to examine
ment Council de-
ree times it has
s power to review
which involves a
risdiction or "re-
consideration in
1 policy or admin-
ays of publication

communication will become more over all SGC problems. Replacing
active. The second responsibility elected members with competent
includes the careful weighing of Administrative Wing people as
student opinion, along with in- committee chairmen would allow+
terpretation of University regula- the elected members more freedom
tions, to achieve a solution in the and also create responsible incen-
best interests of the students and tive in the Administrative Wing.
the University, now and in the fu-_
2. Health Insurance and the cal- E
endar are two major issues facing
students in the future. SGC should
make sure that the students get Michigan Marching Band (two
what they want in each case. This years) ; Kappa Kappa Psi (music
means finding out if students honorary) ; Buildings, Grounds
want a voluntary or compulsory Chairman, 1958 J-Hop Central
insurance program and what stu- Committee; Finance Chairman,
dents want their policy to cover. 1957 Spring Weekend Central
SGC should be active in present- Committee; Student Activities
ing student opinion and students' Bldg. Board; Theta Xi.
ideas of calendars to the newly
formed university calendar com- 1. I feel that SGC's main re-
mittee. The student ' wants are sponsibility to the students is one
the most important factors in ;which the name of the organiza-
each case. ttion implies - representing the
3. The individual member is res- students. To accomplish this
ponsible to the students. It is my there must be a methode of com-
belief that he should representmunico ibt nthetuentsI
student opinion and not manufac- and the council, and at the pres-
ture it himself. This again in- ent, all channels seem to be
volves communication. Communi- blocked. SOC's responsibility to
cation can definitely be improved the University is one of represent-
through ex-officio organizations. ing student opinion, which I feel
I am in favor of establishing a the Conci1 is not doing.
"lower-house Senate" with geo- 2. At the present I can think of
graphical student representation no important issues or problems
to express and initiate opinion. that should be brought to SGC's
4. Only very controversial issues attention during the next year
should be discussed at forums. but I am sure that problems will
Trivial, already decided issues are arise during the coming year that
"dead" forum topics. The calen- can't be anticipated at the pres-
dar and health insurance would ent.
be excellent forum topics since 3. I feel the duties of the indi-
each will affect every student. vidual SOC member are many,
5. Presently, SGC spends most. since it is their job to represent
of its time deciding how to do the students, and because of the
something, and the time left over nature of their job, they should
doing it. To me, all the members be available to the students. Each
should be concerned with every member should try to help the
issue and understand it so they student in as many areas as pos-
sible, but most important of ail,
each member should reflect stu-
an a esdent opinion to the best of his
Number of candidates for ability. And, to represent the stu-
Student Government Council dents, you must be available to
this semester - 13 - repre- them.
sents a drop in numbers over 4. I don't feel SGC Forums are
i no + c , cf a c 1 f - - -1 +_ +1- r+,..- + .,_,,_

v. nvN cc v.
have a constitution. I wish to see i
that such a document is prepared'
stating SOC's duties, authority,
jurisdiction, and limitations. As ,
part of this constitution, I would s
like to see a change in the selec- tn
tion of Joint Judiciary members.
At present, SGC serves as on ap-dC
pointing body for the selection ofdti
the members of Joint Judiciary. Id
feel this is wrong because a legis-
lative body should not select the the most from these opportuni-
people to carry out its laws. I ties? This opens many areas of
would also like to see The Daily, study.
as part of its pre-election issue, a. Scholarships and loans -
publish an explanation of the me- Are there enough diversifiede
thod of voting so that each voter scholarships? Are they given
understands how his vote helps with discrimination to people
to elect a member of SOC who demonstrate real need? -
3. Each SO C member should b Study of the Curriculum - I
represent to the best of his or What additions or deletionst4
her ability the opinion of the stu- could be made? Is there any way
dent body on any issue. This in- to better inform students about
cludes collection of both facts and particularcourses an l pro-
opinions, determining their val- grams? How can we improve
idity, and registering his or her the honors program? h
conclusion by vote. c. Educational quality of ex-
4. Among the topics I would like tra curricular activities - How
to see discussed at future SOC can these activities give the best
Forums is the problem of parking possible experiences with the1
facilities. With the present driv- least waste of time?
ing regulations it isimperative d. Libraries - Can library
that more parking areas be vail- hours be changed or expanded to
able to student drivers, provide better service to the stu-
5. My major criticism of SOC dent?
is its undefined authority which These are just a few of the ques-
does not permit the student body tions to be answered. They cannot
to judge whether the student's be answered in one year, of course,
rights under SOC jurisdiction are but this sort of program is essen-
being infringed upon. tial and should be started imme-
3. I suppose we couldsit down
-. and name a great many duties of
zan SOC representative. But I
think that we would conclude that
his greatest responsibility is to
make a thorough study of all sides
of an issue for himself, and then
rt draw his own conclusion. This
> study would naturally include the
influences of the student elector-
ate, involved parties, the adminis-
tration and other SGC members.
4. Any major problem affecting
the students and being studied by
SfSGC should be put before the stu-
dents in a forum discussion. Cer-
tainly some of the most interest-
ing and profitable subjects would
t be inter-scholastic athietics, cur-
riculum, and an improved honors_
program. The information from
these forums would be invaluable
to SGC insdetermining action in
these areas.
SOC must go directly to the stu- 5. There are two criticisms that
dent residences to find out how I would make concerning SOC.
The first is that SGC, in council,
they feel on the present issues. concerns itself with little admin-
At this time the member from istrative details leaving no time
SGC could explain what SGC is for the discussion of major areas
doing, present the thinking of in which it should be concerned.
SGC on matters of current impor- For example let me quote from
tance, and find out directly how the SGC Plan, Article 3, Func-
the students feel on many of the tions.
important issues. This, I feel, 1. To recognize new campus
would result in the following im- organizations.
provements in SGC: 2 To approve or deny approval
for student-sponsored activities.
a. It would bring SOC closer 3. To make rules governing eli-
to the students by encouragng gibility of students participating
their interest in student govern- in extra curricular activities
aret; takinghey awouldtiv feel thaerest andthey above and beyond a grade point
art aing S . average established by schools
part in SGC and colleges.
b. It would keep the students I These functions are valid and
more informed on the issues cur- must be done, but they could be
rently before SGC. handled. in a committee, leaving
c. The Council would have the council free to consider areas
more support from the students, concerning the whole student
nrr nl n n - n hota en vi of }nr-.e a. ..-..,.,,. ,..,.;...

Judy Martin
Campus Affairs (assistant chair-
nan), Student Activities, Lecture
Committee Study (secretary)
Committees; Michigan Y o u t h
Commission; Michigan Youth Ad-
visory Council; JunIor Panhel-
lenic; Soph Show; Debate; Chi
Omega Judiciary.
1. SGC should represent the
highest element of informed and
ntelligent student thought and
opinion in furthering the ideals
and educational standards of the
University. First and most impor-
tant, the Council should establish
close relations and communica-
tion with the student body to in-
sure understanding of all SGC ac-
tion and programs. It must carry
out programs that will best help
the entire University community,
in addition to serving in a coor-
dinating capacity for campus ac-
tivities. In doing these things the
Council must carry out, in a re-
sponsible and efficient manner,
ts many delegated functions.
The Council as a governing body
miust originate new programs and
stimulate thought on important
campus issues. SGC should con-
tinue to carry out its responsibil-
ity of cooperating and workb g
with the Administration and Fac-
ulty to promote the interests of
the University.
2. The public relations function
of SOC should be greatly ex-
panded. This is an area where ex-
officio members should play a
more important role. The Speak-
er's Bureau should operate
throughout the year and the SOC
Review should be published more
frequently and have better distri-
bution. I would like to see more
emphasis placed on the educa-
tional function of SGC, such as
extensive work in the areas of
student participation in curricu-
lum planning and investigation of
honor systems for more schools.
Also, assistant chairmanships
should be open on all committees
for students on the Administra-
tive Wing to build better leader-
3. The individual SOC member
should represent student opinion


and should contribute his own
thoughts, experience and efforts
to the Council in carrying out its
responsibilities. The member must
direct all committee projects and
should attempt to initiate original
thought in areas besides the com-
mittee of which he is chairman.
4. The Council should not have
to think up topics merely to have
forums. Topics important to 94
majority of students such as the
calendar should present them-
selves. Then, a forum composed
of Council members andothers,
should be held with adequate op-
portunity for the expression of
student opinion. Possible sugges-
tions for forums might be, one
phase of the Evaluation Commit-
tee,. such as the powers of SGC,
or the University Curriculum.
5. My major criticism is the
relationship of SOC to the stu-
dents. Discontent stems from lack
of knowledge and understanding,
and constructive criticism only
comes from an informed student
body. Thus, an effective Speak-
er's Bureau and Newsletter would
contribute both to the student
body and the Council's represen-
tation of student opinion. The re-
cently proposed All-Campus Sen-
ate body which would provide for
more adequate expression of stu-
dent opinion might be the begin-
ning of a solution to this prob-

James C. Park
Education, Academic Freedom,
H e alth Insurance (chairman)
Committees; Inter - Fraternity
Council; Inter-Fraternity Council
Sing 1957 Chairman; Freshman
Basketball; Football; S p a n is h
Club; Greek Week Central Com-
mittee; Sigma Phi Epsilon Rush-
ing Chairman, Comptroller.
1. After two important years
of the Student Government Coun-
cil, I feel a definite evaluation is
appropriate. Approval of the re-
cently initiated SGC Plan, which
was only a trial program, is not
a. The Council should con-
tinue good relations with the ad-
ministration. In this area the
council has done a good job, but
in the other responsibility - to+
the students-a favorable report
is not easy.a
b. Areas that have definite
binding responsibility are: train-
ing of leaders for student gov-
ernment, housing, tuition, coun-
seling, and catendaring.
2. Issues that need action (not
blindly), but with less debate are
the following:
a. My work in the wing has
been in the field of health in-
surance and my feeling is that
some type of acceptable-to-stu-
dents policy could be effected
next fall.
b. A university book store
seems very feasible. This would
alleviate financial problems and
concerns of students on campus.
c. Progress in student repre-
sentation on the lecture com-
mittee is a must and should con-
tinue until a new policy is estab-
d. Fourth, and maybe most
important, is the problem and
need for strong student repre-
sentation on the calendar com-
"mF.T. ,7 ... .. - _e. reia sr ~




duty of a member to always be
thinking originally of new cam-
pus needs.
4. Topics that need discussion
at SOC forums-
a. "Could the Structure of
SGC be Improved?"-I feel the
members of the council should
have well-defined constituents
(maybe elect 16), and even a
second body has been suggested.
b. "Health Insurance Needs"
-Discussion on possible pro-
grams is in line.
c. "University Calendar For-
um"-A definite need for student
assertion is needed.
5. Criticism of SOC meetings
seems in order because of detailed
discussions over relatively minor
items that might conceivably be
handled in committee. This does
not mean that substandard re-
ports would be accepted, but that
the council give some value and
respect to the committee that has
thoroughly investigated the prob-
lem. More members on a com-
mittee would increase chance of
council approval since the recom-
mendation came as a result of
- - - - - - s. - - -4


3 to study the University Lecture of SGC action in The Daily Off i-
Committee and Regent By-laws } cial Bulletin, any member can re-
on outside speakers submitted a quest a Board meeting.
report accepted by SGC March 6. First test came last March aft-
It contained 12 recommenda- er SGC voted 10-8 in favor of de-
tions calling for revisions in the ferred rushing for sororities.
Lecture Committee. In December, the Board was
also called to review SGC's deci-
Evaluation Called sions limiting Galens' "bucket
On Jan. 16 SGC called "for an drive" to off-campus areas and



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