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December 04, 1955 - Image 15

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Michigan Daily, 1955-12-04

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Trees Contribute to Holiday Spirit

Do-it-Yourself Gifts Save Money

Toys for Younger Set
Take On 'New Look'

What would Christmas in the
United States be without a Christ-
mas tree?
It would be the same as Thanks-
giving without a turkey, a birth-
day without a cake, or the Fourth
of July without fireworks. Christ-
nas and gaily decorated evergreens
are synonymous in this country,
and if the Christmas tree is miss-
ing, a certain element of holiday
gaiety is also absent.
Even though we generally asso-
ciate the Christmas tree with
western culture, it probably origi-
nated in the Eastern. hemisphere.
The idea of the Christmas tree is
the per

thought to have come from the
ceremonial use of the palm tree in
the worship of Isis, the Egyptian
goddess of nature.
Winter FesUval
A palm with 12 shoots, one to
represent each month of the year,
was carried in a winter festival
honoring Isis. This festival cele-
brated the completion of one year
and thebeginning of another.
In northern climates this asso-
ciation of the palm tree with the
celebration of the end of the year
was modified by the substitution
of the native evergreen.
Many types of evergreens are
used as Christmas trees in the

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northern United States. Among
the most common are the balsam
fir, the Scotch pine and the
Retains Needles
It has been found that the
Scotch pine will not lose its need-
les as quickly as the other types
of available evergreens. There-
fore, it is probably the most prac-
tical Christmas tree.
However, a great many people
choose the shapely fir or spruce to
hold the place of honor in their
homes during the holidays.
The choice of a Christmas tree
is strictly a matter of personal
preference, and no one cap} really
Judge which is the best kind,
Add Merriment
Any type of evergreen can add
merriment to the holiday season
if it is colorfully decorated. All
types of ornaments and lights are
available to make the tree more
There are also other decorations
such as tinsel, roping, stars and
angels to add to its beauty.
The Christmas tree is a part of
the American scene and as such it
has taken its place beside Christ-
mas carols, Santa Claus and gift
giving in making Christmas one
of the happiest times of the year.
Children Enjoy
Helping Prepare
For Yule Season
Half the fun and sparkle of
Christmas morning lies in seeing
it through the eyes of children. It's
a day that really belongs to them,
so why not let them take part in
the holiday preparations as well as
the day itself?
One of the best ways to do this
without slowing down the neces-
sary 'preparations is to let the
"small fry" wrap the gifts that he
will hand or send to others.
Youngsters like to feel that their
parents or older brothers and sis-
ters are putting some responsibility
on their small shoulders.
If, for instance, the gift is light
in weight, it's a simple matter to
cut two socks from any gift paper
and tape the edges together with
matching colored tape. Or show
youngsters how to wrap each gift
separately in tissue paper, paste
on gummed stars and attach rib-
bons to each box. Then cluster the
gifts together and hang from a
huge bow. These methods are also
good solutions for odd-shaped

"Short on cash?"
One of the most frequently
adopted solutions to this prevalent
student Christmas problem, is give
a "make-it-yourself" present.
With a little ingenuity and crea-
tive ability, almost anyone can
make an attractive gift with a
minimum of expense involved.
Material for most things is not
highly priced, and if the labor
costs can be eliminated, the strain
on thin wallets can be reduced.
Knitted Articles
Perhaps ranking first among the
make-it-yourself projects of coeds
are the endless variety of knitted
objects which can come off a pair
of knitting needles.
Besides the traditional hand-
made argyles, many other decora-
tive sock patterns can be worked
out. For instance, if a more per-
sonalized gift is desired, initials
can be worked into the pattern of
each sock.
Beer mugs and champagne glass-
es are not only found in a bar
but also under a man's trouser
cuff on his socks.
For holiday parties, these de-
signs, along with playing card pat-
terns, cigarettes with fluffy smoke
made of angora, sailboats, deer's
heads and an endless list of sub
jects, all find their way onto men's
ankles in the form of socks.
Gloves or Scarves
Sets of gloves and scarves can
also be knitted if a present en-
tailing a little more time and
energy is desired. Or for a really
impressive Christmas gift, how's
about one of those bulky Scandi-
navian ski sweaters?
Another popular knitted present
for children this year is a. long
Christmas stocking to hang on the
fireplace mantle. Complete with
Santa Clauses, candy canes,
Christmas trees and reindeers.
Names can be even incorporated
right into the pattern if desired.
Little sweaters and bonnets for
the small tots, soft angora sweat-
ers and angora-topped socks for
sister and gloves for mother will
almost fill the bill for family pres-
Needlepoint or leather wallets
can also be made for gifts. When a
small piece of leather and instruc-
tions obtainable in handicraft or
department stores, are combined
with a few stitches here and there
and a little time, the result may
be a "nifty" wallet or leather pic-
ture folder.
Jeweled Collars
Great favorites among women
this season are the jeweled collars

-Daily-Esther Goudsmlt
MAKE IT YOURSELF-The answer to a coed's problem of a
long Christmas present list versus a thin wallet are make-it-
yourself gifts. Ideal for children or "animal lovers" is the yarn
octopus. For those who like to knit are all styles of sweaters,
argyles and Christmas stockings.

Delightful enough to make one
wish he were still young enough to
believe in Santa Claus, are the
enchanting new toys slated to fill
1955's Christmas stockings.
Gifts with a seasonal slant in-
clude a roly poly stuffed Santa
who plays "Jingle Bells" when his
cherry nose is given a twist.
Other stuffed animals designed
either to entertain the young in
age or to adorn the beds of the
young in heart range from. a wee
kangaroo in his mother's pouch
to a life sized white terrier, cuddly
soft of real fur.
Pajama Holders
With a zipper down his tummy,
a floppy cocker provides a place
to tuck away a pair of pajamas
during the day.
For the strictly feminine ele-
ment in the young world, there
are pastel pink tricycles and fur
trimmed brocaded slippers to fit
a tiny foot.
Also for the little miss are the
rustling, swirling petticoats be-
ginning in size one, while for the
boy who wants to be "just like
Dad," there are minute oxford
cloth shirts, complete with button
down collars and rep ties.
Practical Gifts
With an eye for practicality,
gifts for the extremely small folk
will include washable books and
tubable cozy orlon stuffed animals.
Among the new pull toys is a
walking doggy whose tiny bells
tinkle each time his legs move,
and a fantastic caterpillar, creat-
ed of plastic and wire coils that
stretch and slink along the floor.
For the little "mother," the lat-
est in doll accessories are sun-
glasses and especially designed
jewelry. Showing in doll fashion
revfies are white bunny fur coats
and outfits to perfectly match her
young mistress's.
Kitchen Miniatures
In the kitchen of the playhouse,
one will find a junior cook book
and a cooking set with real cake
and frosting mixes.
For the younger dolly there are
diaper bag sets with preparations
to meet emergency situations,!
while for the older dolls there
are make up kits and shampoo
sets, complete with wave set and
Sewing machines that actually


"sew a fine seam" and magnetic
plastic dolls whose paper dresses
cling to them magically will also
charm young ladies on Christmas
For Potential Rembrandts
The potential Rembrandts may
find brightly colored artist's
smocks under the tree while the
little ballerina will carry her slip-
pers and leotard in a gay new red
felt bag, trimmed with white danc-
ers and sparkling rhinestones.
The more practical masculine
set will be fascinated by a shiney
red fire truck that can be oper-
ated by remote control from way
across the room.
Combining fun with learning are
the educational hobby kits on such
fields as medical training anc
electronics which have been pre-
pared under the direction of lead-
ing companies in each area.
For Young Scientists
The electronic kit will enable
the young scientist to build a radio
transmitter and a two tube radio
receiver, or to 'study the flow of
electricity, while an elaborate
miniature planetarium, which can
be plugged into any light socket
permits an accurate and fun study
of the constellations in the heavens
Tuneful tubas, saxophones, clari-
nets - musical instruments de-
signed to play real tunes, will add
to the confusion and noise on
the holiday.
Books this year appear more
attractive and worthwhile than
ever. In the "fun-to-learn" books
the child becomes aware of the
world around him through many
brilliant illustrations and factua
texts pleasantly presented.
Panorama Books
For the very newest comers to
the world of literature, there are
the panorama books whose page
unfold to a length of ten feet
Games too are designed to inform,
with one. new one based on the
new testament of the Bible.
In the expensive gift line, the
spotlight is held by a chain driven
dump truck that really dumps
which will provide tranportation
around the neighborhood for som
lucky boy.
Children this year will have ex
citing cause for those "visions o
sugarplums -- and fabulous toy
-- that will dance through thei
heads" on Christmas Eve.

which are actually very simple to
make. Beads, pearls, sequins and
an endless variety of ornamenta-
tion for the collars can be pur-
chased in the dime store at very
inexpensive prices.
Attractive jeweled ties can also
be made to go with blouses or
sweaters for women. These ties
are basically a velvet ribbon in any
desired width or color with se-
quins, spangles and all the other
decorations sewn on. All sorts of
patterns can be designed.
Slippers, just plain or jeweled,
are also easy to put together and
make attractive gifts. They can be
made of velvet, felt, or even heavy
wool or cotton quilting.
A little string, paste, some but-
tons, nuts, beans or shells can be
combined into stunning jewelry
sets. Shell, ear clips and pin backs
can be obtained at a craft supply
store, or dime store.
With a little effort and time
spent, one can create original ear-
rings, strings of beads, bracelets,
hat pins and necklaces.
For those who are a little doubt-
ful as to their creative ability,
ceramic pieces suchas ash trays,
jewelry trays and vases may be
shaped in a "free-form" fashion,

in which no one would ever sus-
pect a lack of artistic talent. .
With a hammer and a metal
cutter, pieces of copper can be
transformed into attractive pol-
ished bowls, vases, trays or ash
Yarn Animals
For the wee ones on the gift
list, soft toy animals and dolls can
be made with rags or yarn, with
buttons for facial features. '
Advice to the lovelorn may sug-
gest that "The way to a, man's'
heart is through his stomach," but
this may apply to the Christmas
giver as well.
What could be more appreciated
when away from home than a box
of fresh homemade cookies, fruit-
cake, cake, popcorn balls or can-
Ingenuity seems to be the key to
many of the make-it-yourself pres-
ents but many of these objects can
be obtained in kit form, making
them available to any who have
the time to spend on them.
With such a wide choice of
make-it-yourself gifts available,
students who seem to have dis-
covered a hole in their money
pocket due to an extra long Christ-
mas list, may discover a way to
patch it up and still fill their list.

Gay relaxers for fireside pow-wows... or chilly dorms.'
Warm, soft felt moc-stitched to a deeply foam cushioned,
roII-up-soft platform with comfy inside wedge!




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high on your list:





Hand-Embroidered Delicacies by Blousecraf
Four from a lovely Christmas collection...
blouses a la mode for holiday toppingo
Dacron crepe in snowy white. Sizes 32 to 38.

1. 4

r ' ' . 4
- ' 1
kl'" " ,

'o t r- ' v
wM rw ' Y r e .e . ii;. r~w -,?' y '

For Discriminating Givers
Dalton Cashmere Sweaters
17.95 to 29.95
Imported Argyle Cashmeres
27.95 and 29.95
Wool or Nylon Sweaters
5.95 to 12.95
Haymaker Blouses
Eton Britisher Blazers
Genuine Leather Handbags
3.00 to 17.95
Wool or Cashmere Scarfs
2.95 to 6.95
Pure Silk Scarfs
1.00 to 2.95
All Wool Knee Socks
Plain...1.95 Argyle... 4.95
and Many Others
Too Numerous to Mention
Just Say "Charge It" at



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