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December 04, 1955 - Image 14

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Michigan Daily, 1955-12-04

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Gadgets Make Unusual Presents

Jewelry Has
Wide Appeal
For Women

Wrappings Add Color
To Christmas Gifts

with big satin bows and enable
the wearer to dry her nails without
smearing as she walks around.
For the smoker there are holiday
cigarettes in red and green paper,
aptly engraved with "Merry Christ-
mas and Happy New Year" in gold.
Something more elaborate for
Christmas giving, an electrically
ignited cigarette lighter operates
on a small flashlight battery and
makes for easy lever lighting. As
an extra, it features a tiny beam
of light to double as a flashlight.
Small Radios
Radios, this season, are cleverly
concealed as books. Authentically
bound in leather, the admirer of
the unusual will love this portable
model "volume" as a gift.
Useful as well as decorative, the
many gadgets for desk tops make
thoughtful presents, Wrought-iron
letter holders come as various


with a splash shield. In pastel-col-
ored plastic, the shield has a see-
through window and is open at the
bottom. This may be tucked inside
a set of perfumed or sculptored
If you like to be different, give
the friend who "just has every-
thing" a thermometer pin. Little
but accurate, it is set in a gold-
tone lapel pin base with a tiny
bow on top. A masculine version
of the thermometer is a tie-clasp.
A "must" for eyeglass wearers
are "crazy face" cases made of
straw-cloth decorated with felt
cut-out faces. Each one comes with
a gold-colored braided strap to
secure the case to the inside of a
"For Colds"
For the friend with a constant
cold, hayfever or just plain aller-
gies, a purse-size tissue container
made of machine-stiched needle-
point would be most welcome.
No one can deny that the caf-
fein habit hasn't hit the dormi-
tories with impact, noting the ris-
ing sales in ready-to-drink coffee.
To replace the unsightly jar on
the windowsill, show ingenuity in
giving a crystal jar etched' with
"Instant Coffee" and topped with


Cuff Links,


Yuletide Ornaments
Featured This Year



forms of the animal kingdom, in-
cluding a dachshund, pussycat and
The former may be obtained
with its own ball-point pen con-
tained in the tail. Available is a
personalized clipboard initialed in
gold and black, or in revival of an
old custom, a sealing wax set that
consists of a meta? stamp with
initials engraved on it and a sup-
ply of bright sealing wax.
Splash Shield
Perhaps the everlasting problem
of how to keep soap out of the
eyes while showering is answered


Sparkling lights and gaily-deco-
rated ornaments are symbolic of
the Christmas season. This year,
the jewelry follows these same
dazzling lines.
A favorite of University coeds
are the miniature Christmas-tree-
ball earrings which come in many
bright colors and reflect on their
shiny surfaces the festive Christ-
mas season.
Other glittery accessories which
are being shown this year include
rhinestone-speckled "diadems" to
"top off" coeds' formal attire.
These tiny bejeweled crowns,
which are being offered this sea-
son in many colors and styles, are
fast growing in favor over the
once-popular tiaras.
In line with therseason, coeds
are wearing numerous "bangle"
bracelets up their arms, some of
which feature small bells and
other Christmas ornaments.
-Semi-precious stones are always
very popular with coeds on any
campus. The University is no dif-
ferent, as local merchants report
that rings set with semi-precious
stones have been their best sellers
so far this season.
A fad which has spread through-
out the campus is the wearing of
small metal disks, usually either
silver or gold, which may be en-
graved with anything from initials
to name, address and phone num-
ID Bracelets
Engraved identification brace-
lets are always popular with both
female and male students.
Pearls, an ageless favorite, have
taken a new look this year. A
leading jewelry manufacturer has
come up with what pearl wearers
consider a "miracle."
They have eliminated the all-
troublesome string, and have re-
placed it with what the makers
term a "poppit," which is a device
where each pearl fits into the pearl
next to it in a "snap fashion."
"Snap on Right Size"
This has eliminated clasps, and
enables the wearer to use the same
strand as a bracelet, chocker, or
long necklace. Just snap the size
you want." It also prevents the
all-too-familiar scattering of pearls
over the floor when a faulty strand
Pearl encrusted collars are a
popular way to "jewel up" a coed's
favorite cashmere sweater or dress
for the Christmas season.
Cuff links established themselves
last year when "man-tailored"
shirts were considered high style,
and are agairi a favorite trinket
of most coeds.
Variety of Cuff Links
The range of styles in which
they come are too numerous to
mention, but a few Christmas
specialities include cuff links in
the form of tiny belts, which
actually loop through the cuffs,
and buckle.
Others come in the form of
Santa Claus heads, Christmas
trees, and even miniature angels.
It's obvious that the range of
jewelry offered this season is so
large that the University male
should have no trouble in selecting
a gift that will literally dazzle the
"jewel" of his choice.

Gaily wrapped packages have
become a very important part of
any Christmas celebration, for
they seem to make a gift even
more exciting.
A wide variety of materials is
available which makes gala and
interesting wrappings very easy to
There are many kinds of
wrapping paper - thin tissue pa-
per, medium weight paper and
heavy foil wrappings.
These may be obtained in solid
colors, stripes or patterns ranging
from bells and fir trees to religious
designs; from the sophisticated
dark colors of modern designs to
the bright reds and yellows of
Santa Claus and children's toys.
Glittering Paper
A recent design on the gift wrap
market which attracts the artisti-
cally inclined is paper ornamented
with glittering sparkles of many
colors. Sparkles may also be ap-
plied to plain paper by means of
glue designed specifically for this
To finish off the neat wrapping
of a package, there are patterned
cellophane tape and gummed
stickers of many designs.
Brightly colored bows add a fes-
tive note to holiday gift pack-
ages. Satin, paper and tinsel rib-
bon can be worked into a multi-
tude of designs, ranging from a
simple knot to larger bows and
Various ornaments may be added
to packages for the finishing touch
on a beautifully wrapped gift.
Bells, candy canes, peppermint
sticks and holly leaves and berries
placed in the center of a bow give
a final festive air.
Fancy gift wrapping is not re-
stricted to small personal gifts, or
even to packages which are easily
portable by hand.
Large items such as washing
machines, children's bicycles and
luggage can also be wrapped in
gift paper and ribbon, and al-
though it is difficult to conceal
their identity, the wrappings still
make gift receiving a more excit-
ing process.
Air of Festivity
So whatever the gift that is
given, if it is gaily wrapped in one
of the many available styles and
designs, it will have an extra air
of festivity and gaiety and will
give pleasure to the receiver even
before the gift itself is seen.
These gaily wrapped packages
are a relatively new custom in
our country.

Until about 30 years ago tradi-
tional holiday wrapping was 'con-
fined to white and occasionally
green or red tissue paper. In the
1920's an American businessman,
an importer of fine papers, receiv-
ed a shipment of envelope-lining
papers from abroad much too late
to use in his Christmas line.
New Custom
His problem was what to do
with the excess paper? The busi-
nessman found his answer, and
before long he had introduced a
new custom here - fancy gift
wrappings for Christmas pack-
The discovery led to use of more
elaborate ribbons, ties and decora-
tion on the Yuletide bundle, and
helped boost the production of
companies manufacturing tinseled
cords and ribbons of artificial ma-
This custom of the ornate pack-
age cannot be credited to Ameri-
can sources, for the Chinese in-
novated gay wrappings as far back
as several centuries ago. There
was a special symbolism in the
manner Orientals used to wrap
their gifts. Red, the first choice
-among Chinese gift wrappings, has
always been the favorite color to
use at the Occidental New Year.
Instead of using seals as Ameri-
cans do to hold the gift paper in
place, Chinese have always made
their own signets in gold leaf and
colors, using designs that have
symbolic significance. The Fu Dog
is used for "protection," the fir
tree for "long life" and the bam-
boo for "virtue, long life and many
Made of fragile rice paper and
embellished with gold that has
been pounded tissue thin, many of
these ancient wrappings can be
seen on display in several Ameri-
van art museums.
Unlike the Chinese, most other
people of ancient times presented
their holiday gifts unwrapped, but
they were contained in anything
from carved wooden boxes to gold
casks studded with jewels or on
satin or gold cloth.
For practicality's sake, the Chin-
ese version is accepted!
The Christmas pantomime
still is the favorite holiday en-
tertainment for the English.
The modern pantomime, a
type of musical comedy for
children, based on fairy stories
and nursery rhymes, goes back
in origin to the mime plays of
the Greeks and Romans.


TO YOUR L.pnn t)na4 t PROBLEM
There are Cameras and Accessories
to fit Every Taste and Budget
CAMERA KITS priced from $9.75

a sterling silver lid. For those
that prefer "tea breaks" instead, a
similar jar is aptly inscribed.
Jeweled Gifts
This seems to be the season for
glitter with jewels also invading'
the gadget world. A two-inch high
fleecy poodle becomes transformed
into a tape measure with a pull of
the tail, and it wears a sprinkling
of gilt in its fur.
Rhinestone clips bedazzle shoes
and "specs" alike, while common
articles such as juice-can openers,
key rings and comb cases are also
festively decorated.
Ball-point pens now come, not
only in two tones and studded with
fake damonds, but also with a sup-
ply of scented ink. (This is guar-
anteed to raise any theme grade
at least a point!)
Other Items
Other Jeweled items to add to
that Christmas list are a set of
rubied lipsticks dangling on a
bracelet chain, a glittery door-
knocker for the "Hill dweller" who
loves her privacy and a toothbrush
holder that hides its utilitarian
purpose behind a festoon of pearls,
sequins and rhinestones.'
For the botany student and her
corn and bean plants there is even
a jeweled watering car in black
and gold with silver pearl trim.
There's no excuse for "I don't
know what to get her" with this
array of whimsical odds-and-ends
for Christmas gifts.




Westinghouse Laundromat
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watches priced so law!

It's so graceful and Delicately modeled. Really stunning. Has Entrancing heart
so tiny. Truly a little Note the very tiny matching expansion design and domed
charmer.53975 price. 53375 bracelet. "4975 crystal.*425 0

Plug-foolery-this jolly
red fire plug to lend a
festive note wherever the
volunteer fun brigade
gathers to wet their
whistles-playroom, ter-
race, bar. Hollow center
will hold a fifth or quart
bottle. Dome top lifts off.
Sure fire attention
getter and conver-
sation piece.
Something dif-
ferent for a gift.
Hollow Centerwill' hold
Popcorn, Pretzels, Potato
Chips or even Ice Cubes.
Charge it or use our $1 .00 weekly budget olan.



A classic beauty Dainty case and A very enchanting Captivating. With
with intriguing Hadley expansion high fashion style. Hadley expansion
lines.-425 0 bracelet. 4750 inycase.-54750 bracelet-4975
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