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May 15, 1956 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1956-05-15

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SUNDAY, MAIr 13, 1958




'Operation 'Study' Faces Students

New Plan Revises Senate,

Coeds To March at Lantern Night

In a few weeks, that character-
istic haggard look will distinguish
University students from their
fellow human beings, as Operation
Study reaches its semi-annual
hectic climax.
With the month oof June comes
not only the beginning of the
beautiful summer session but that
phenomenon of the educational
world commonly known as Final
Finals mark the time when am-
bitious students have the oppor-
tunity to show hardworking in-
structors that they have absorbed
all the little gems of knowledge
to which they have been exposed
all semester.
Absorption Process
Everyone knows that this ab-
sorption process should be a long-
term, gradual affair to be per-
formed leisurely and conscienti-
ously by the student, over a period
of some four months.
Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honor
society, even prepares a pamphlet
of the tried and tested do's and
don'ts of study habits, with the
aim of bringing more enterpris-
ing scholars into their ranks.
"Budget your time," they say.
"Make a schedule and stick to
it . . Preparation for examina-
tions should begin early in the
semester . . . with a thorough
weekly review for each course."
Have To Cram
But despite all good advice and
perhaps even the best of inten-
tions, many a student finds him-
self soon straying from this ideal
and approaching the dreaded fin-
als with the prospect of cramming
a whole semester's work into his
head, in a matter of a week or
To a freshman this may pose an
almost impossible task, but it
doesn't faze the old hands who
have been around a little longer.
They have their systems, which,
although not guaranteed 100 per
cent successful, seem to have pull-
ed the advocators through.
The setting for this concentrated
absorption process usually involves
a split of campus residents into
dorms and libraries or study halls.
Library Attractions
Students' reasons for mass emi-
gration into the latter quarters
varies from "anything softer than
a hard chair is condusive to sleep,"
to "My roommate whistles and I
have to get away from it."
One coed who prefers the "com-
plete seclusion" of her room, where
she can work in a comfortable at-
mosphere has a rather unique
method for tackling the books.
She makes "Volumes of study
notes" and curls up in a big, easy
chair to memorize them. One of
the prerequisites for this memori-
zation business is complete con-
centration, and this coed finds

vision o
gan Jar
tions ct
were ta
A wor
then di
sion pla
the wor
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The s
for a m
bility, t:
The e

Is for Fewer Members By PATNORTON
"Everybody loves a parade," so
oting Methods, Executive Committee Change the saying goes, and that includes
coeds on campus who will march
\s Women Attempt Coordinated Functioning to Hill Auditorium tomorrow night
G-for the annual Lantern Night
on the evaluation and re-
f the Women's Senate be- sixty women in her house. Thus ing.
nuary 11 and the sugges- membership in the Senate, not the Beginning at 7:15 p.m., hous-
ming from tiiis meeting number of votes is changing. ing units which will be partici-
bulated by a Senate com- The senators have certain de- pating in the singing contests and
fined duties. They must discuss the residences and sororities who
k plan was formulated and and legislate on campus problems will act as sponsors, will form five
scussed with the Senate, pertaining to wome nstudents: lines in front of Alumni Memorial
Council, Panhel and Dean they must approve the League Hall.
a Bacon. The final revi- Constitution and those projects af- Each group will be led by its
n is a modified version of fecting women students. The Sen- respective president. Leading each
k plan and retains its basic ate also acts as a contact between line of march will be the past
es. the League and the women on presidents of the various women's
)ership under the new plan campus. organizations. The Phi Gamma
the president of the It runs on the idea of a dis- Delta band will head the entire
two members - at - large cussion forum, with emphasis parade.
from the Senate and an placed on discussion and compro- Past Presidents To Lead
e secretary who is elected mise. Senate's purpose is legis-
lative so standing committees have Representing, the Women's Ath-
ame manner as the League s iletic Association will be Jaylee
ame annr a th Leguebeen eliminated.
eenierlimstnatid.vDuke, and representing the League
Officer Substitution will be Hazel Frank.
enators feel that this sub- Fiiii-Heading another line will be
a of an executive secretary I I O r.lOIDeborah Townsend, past president
nember at large was wise of Panhellenic Association, and ar
a great deal of work is Aline will be led by Jeanette Grimm
ed with this position. By froni Assembly Association. Vir-
hey hope to insuresmore ginia Cook Kiel, former chairmant
ated functioning of the Inter-Fraternity Ball will also of Women's Judiciary, will be the
mark the celebration of the or- leader of the fifth line.F
ssence of the change is a ganization's honorary t r o p h y Observers of the parade will see
e in the membership and award as one of the top IFC's in coeds wearing ribbons in their hairP
in function, Under the the country. according to their class. Fresh-t
'm +The dance is scheduled for 9 men will wear green, sophomorest

-Daily-vern Soden
COED CONFERENCE-Past presidents of the Women's Athletic
Association, League and Women's Judiciary: (l. to r.) Jaylee Duke,
Hazel Frank and Virginia Cook Kiel, discuss the line of march to
precede the traditional Lantern Night.

-Daily-Peter Song
CRAM TIME-Scenes like this will prevail all over campus within
the next few weeks, as Final Exams approach.

red, junior women yellow and the
senior women blue.
Upon reaching Hill Auditorium,
the women will form a big block
"M" and sing "The Yellow and
During eliminations last week,
Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Del-
ta, Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega,
Couzens Hall, Delta Gamma, Gam-

ma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Kappa
Kappa Gamma, Martha Cook, Big-
ma tappa, Tyler House and Vic-
tor Vaughn were selected to com-
pete for the silver cup.
In addition to vocal ability,
housing units were judged on their
posture and the group with the
best posture will be awarded a pos-
ture cup at the annual sing.

her best hours are "between 3 a.m.
and 8 a.m." The system works best,
she confides, "when your room-
mate adopts the same schedule!"
The Wet Way
Another has discovered a "sure-
fire way" of keeping awake
through the long, tedious process.
To safeguard against drowsiness
(just in case her notes fail to
provide sufficient stimulation) she
supplements them with frequent
showers "on the average of about
every 20 minutes." She finds they
have a definite therapeutic effect.
A junior man who's been devis-
ing, new methods for nearly six
sets of exams thinks he's finally
hit the right combination. He
studies in his own room, "concen-
trating furiously" for about one-
half hour and takes a break for
the next.
Experimentation has shown him
"that you should never study for
more than one hour the morning
before an exam because your sec-
ond hour is always best for work-
"Sleep ... And Pray"
Another coed utilizes an entirely
different approach. She advocates
studying in advance, but if some
slip-up occurs the next best thing
to do, is to "settle down in a
comfortable chair with your notes,
(preferably with shoes off and
feet elevated) turn on soft music
to drown out any background
noise, get at least 10 hours of sleep
the night before-and pray!"
A fraternity man who's also been
around for three years, has come

to the conclusion that his best
bet for "outwitting those multiple
guess tests," is to "live in the old
exam files for the week before."
Then of course there comes the
time in the life of every student
when he finds'it necessary to burn
the midnight oil through the wee
hours and into the dawn.
Those who have extensive ex-
perience with this all-night meth-
od declare that it is most effective
only if certain procedures are fol-
All Night Process;
Their first step is never to start
the cramming before midnight.
(This is because it is "often other-
wise unavoidable.")
Next the prospective 'night owl'j
must prepare himself with the
proper ingredients which include a
variety of candy bars to supply the
necessary energy, several cokes, a
box of pills guaranteed to keep one
awake through the exam the next
day ,other assorted snacks, for the
body must be fed while the mind
works, cigarettes and chewing
Thus fortified, the only thing
left is to trot down to the study
hall or lounge (two trips may be
necessary) and get to work.
The men and women who have
gone through the traumas of Final
Week many times all have their
own methods of preparation. None
of them are entirely alike, for no
two people are exactly the same,
but everyone agrees emphatically
on one point-"Don't clutch. If
you think clearly, common sense
can often pull you through."

old system, the women' d uormi-
tories elected one representative
for every sixty coeds.
Now, in addition to the presi-
dents of Assembly and Panhellenic,
Senate includes only one delegate
from each women's, residence.
Sinceathe enrollment on cam-
pus is increasing, coeds feel that
there would be too many members
had they continued with the for-
mer system.
House Representative
By assigning only one repre-
sentative from each house better
attendance may be gained, since
each senator is solely responsible
for her house.
Voting in Senate will be carried
on in a novel manner. Each dele-
gate will have one vote for every
6jfCr4, ,Catpa4
BURO-CATS-There will be a
meeting of the new Buro-Cat ad-
visory board at 4:30 p.m. today
in the League.
.* * *
PETITIONING-Petitioning for
I-Hop and Fortnite positions has
been extended until 5 p.m. Friday.
* * *
JGP RECORDS - Twelve inch
long playing recordings of the 1956
Junior Girls Play, "Rising High,"
may be purchased until Friday in
the League Undergraduate Office.

p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday, in the
League Ballroom.
Richard Maltby and his Orches-
tra will provide dance music in
the main ballroom.
Appearing in the Hussey Rm.
will be Harry Gaines and his sev-
en piece band. Gaines, a senior
in the literary school, plans to
attend law school in the fall.
He has prepared special origi-
nal arrangements especially for
the occasion and says that this
is the last time his band will play!
together on campus.
During the summer of 1957, the
band will be playing a six week
engagement on a student liner.
Entertainment for IFC Ball will
be provided by the Psurfs, a law
school singing group, under the
leadership of Whit Grey.
The Psurfs began singing as a
group in 1941 and have appeared
ever since. They have recently
recorded for a national record
All women attending this dance
will be presented at the door with
a program encased in black with
a gold seal of the Inter-Fraterni-
ty Council.
Herb Schneider is general chair-
man with Fred Shatz handling the
publicity angle. Sandra Beer is
executive secretary and Ed Rich-
ter is decorations chairman. George
Davidson is decorations chairman.
George Davidson is in charge of
Patrons and Programs.





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We salute our Fraternity-sorority Friends
during Greek Week, and extend best wishes
for your week of activities.
Attend all Special Activities on Schedule This weel, and the
IFC Ball on Friday evening, May 18.
We are happy for your continued goodwill, and appreciate
your patronage.


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