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March 27, 1955 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1955-03-27

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Sunday, March 27, 1955


Paqe Three

Sund., March2., 195. THE MICH ... _.DAILY Paae.Three

Traveler May Run into Political Squabbles

think of the scandal, which not
RAVEL is advertised as being, long ago disrupted the entire gov-
among other adjectives, edu- ement by implicating impecca-
cational. ble political personalities in all
Underlying this notion is a con- kinds of organized vice. Night-
viction that a traveler can learn clubs, however, are listed as one
about and from people of other of the more expensive ways to
countries. One is never sure what put one's finger on a nation's tem-
it is that he is supposed to learn, per.
though he always returns home
with a vague satisfaction of gain- EUROPE, of course, is the place
ing some degree of understanding to go. Those traveling in the
about other cultures. summer do not realize the empiri-
Perhaps if he departed eagerly cal truth in this statement. The
on a trip abroad, as many students Asiatic countries of the middle east
have long planned for one summer are plagued, at this time of the
or another, with a concrete con- year, by a- climatic ingratitude
ception of what he might learn, called hiot weather. Between noon
he would. This is especially true and 5 p.m. every day, all business
in politics, stops and everyone takes a nap. A
traveler need not go so far to see
F A TRAVELER can overcome people sleeping.
the fascination of the manifes- An exception is Turkey, where
tations of political activity he the climate is temperate and the
comes across, and keeps his eyes people try to out-Europe Europe.
open, he might not only find a clue Although only a few years a de-
or two to national personalities, mocracy, the Turks have taken a
but he might also pick up a few strong liking to the Western way
tricks. of living.
If he happens to be passing The Turks have a remarkable
through London this summer, he complement for Western civiliza-
may'find himself in the middle of tion. It might be called self-disci-
election propaganda. Experts are pline, which keeps them from get-
predicting that Churchill's gov- ting overwrought about politics. If
ernment will call for an election the traveler gets a chance to talk
in the fall. with a Turk, perhaps at the popu-
British politics are slightly dif- lar "coffee hour," he might note
ferent from American, as are their how to maintain a combination of
manners. A traveler feeling obli- political interest and concerned
gated to take sides must take care detachment.
that his insults are delivered po-
litely. He might also remember A TRAVELER who insists upon
how to do this after he gets back. testing his bravery against the sun
Topics to be avoided are the and descends (geographically) into
Yalta agreements and recognition the Arab states, might see one of
of Red China. Americans are not the many refugee camps he reads
considered informed in these areas. about.
He need not worry about antag-
THE FRENCH situation should onizing an Arab on a political
be more meaningful to the question, because the Arab is
practical man. An old trait, tax above-all polite. That is, unless he
evasion, has been organized into mentions Israel. There is a limit
an effective system, and will prob- to any politeness, and the Arab
ably have become a science by this is also excitable.
summer. Surrounded by the several Arab
Pierre Poujade, the leader of the states is little Israel, where the
movement, has climbed from a po- traveler would find tempers high.
sition of small proprietor in St. Many of the people there might
Cere to become the French na- well be the ones who used to be in
tional consultant on tax evasion. the padlocked shops of Baghdad
He is expected to reach Paris before repatriation.
soon, so that the traveler who The traveler must remember to
manages to stay awake during the avoid borders while in this part of
day may at some time find the the world. There's always some-
city's shops closed and locked, body shooting up a border. Most
steel blinds drawn. He may cor- travelers prefer their shooting on
rectly infer that it is tax collection a wide screen and in stereophonic
day, in name only. sound.
Travelers in France, however, Besides immediate disputes with
are not usually aware of any po- other nations, there is not much
litical activity. Now that Mendes- to see in the way of politics in this
France is gone, the vineyard own- area. Not only is the weather over-
ers have asserted their collective bearing, but also the schools have
influence, and wine flows free closed for vacation, and students
again, Paris is an excellent place have gone home from their dem-
to ignore politics, except to be- onstrations.
moan over a glass of champagne
the ridiculous instability of a de- STUDENTS are an active politi-
clining world power. cal force in South American
countries. If a traveler this sum-
IF, AFTER saturating himself mer would like to see some active
with wine, the traveler would students, and thinks Europe is too
like to sample some old-world far away, he might drop down
brew, there's Germany. He will there, because school is in season.
find the Germans quite willing to A word of' warning might be
carouse, because everything else given here in regard to Cuba,
seems so complex these days. which is on the way south. Stu-
Many fear rearmament, for Nazi dents are not active there. In fact,
stormtroopers bring back unpleas- no one is active, at least not for
ant thoughts. But they realize at very long.
the same time that it's necessary. Batiste takes his dictatorship se-
Although Germany is more dem- riously and is fond of cracking
ocratic than ever before, the Ger- skulls at the least sign of trouble.
mans are not accustomed to de- Because Batiste does not always
mocracy, and politics do not excite take the trouble to determine
too many of them. Communism is which of the skulls belong to tour-
a very live issue, but the Reds are ists, the traveler should stay in
not strong in the West German his hotel at the least sign of any-
Government. thing that might annoy Batiste.
Berlin offers an excellent chance Political assassination has not
for the traveler who wants to "get yet died out as a fad in Cuba. And
away from it all." He need only assassins have often not required a
step over the line separating the great deal of rationale for plying
East and West sectors and be de- their trade. By necessity, the trav-
clared legally dead in seven years. eler learns alertness.
ITALY, too, offers gayety and ro- ALTHOUGH Chile and Uruguay,
mance with very few political among others, offers many op-
overtures, unless the traveler goes portunities to observe students
out of his way to find them. In demonstrating in the streets, Bra-'

Rome, he is not likely to notice the zil is the best bet. Like Argentina,
progress of Premier Mario Scel- Chile and Uruguay are too costly
ba's land reform in agrarian dis- to get to, although, unlike Argen-
tricts, nor the upsurge of Com- tina, they are worth going to.
munist power in the same places. But the politically minded trav-
If he has been faithfully reading eler will enjoy Brazil, even though
his newspapers, however, he will Rio de Janiero is twice as luxur-


ious as New York. Everyone is Most Brazilians are not yet fab- convinced that it was built of cam-
concerned with politics in Brazil, ulously rich, so that electioneering paign posters.
but in a good-humored sort of has a personal touch. An uncau- Most travelers will be vacation-
way. tious tourist may be run over by ing and have no interest in other
Even the songs and the carnival a brigade of motorcycles that has countries' politics. If a wrong word
acts have a political twist. And it only the innocent intention of ad- brings him a punch in the nose,
is said that whenever a Brazilian onor a misled step crushes him under
says something, it has a double vertising a candidate., A traveler a stampede of demonstrators, or
meaning-it concerns either poli- can not usually tell whether a he fails to learn more about evad-
tics or sex, or both. building is brick, but he might be ing taxes, it's not our fault.



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