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December 05, 1954 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1954-12-05

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Shirley Lawson
F r o s h Weekend, Financial
Committee; Sophomore Cabar-
et; Pan Hel Ball, Tickets and
Decorations; Dorm and House
Judiciary; Michigras showbooth;
Orientation Leader. ('57, incum-
1. Yes. I believe the district sys-
tem would create more interest in
elections. The candidates would be
better known by the students and
the elected person could better re-
present the opinion of their dis-
trict and introduce legislation in
which they were interested. How-
ever, it would be important that
apportionment of districts be fair.
2. No. I do not believe that toler-
ance can be forced on an organi-
zation. There must be general con-
census by the campus as a whole.
Unless tolerance is achieved by
general acceptance, organizations
will find means of restricting

Bob Leacock
South Quad Judiciary, Chair-
man; South Quad Council; IHC
Representative; SL Culture and
Education Committee, Chairman.
(CSP, '57, Incumbent).
.* *
1. Yes. The district system will
provide closer contact between the
electorate and the representative.
The district system will be an im-
provement both public-relations-
wise and representation-wise.
2. Yes. The student government
should take stands on any form of
discrimination which affects any
University student.
3. Membership in a campus po-
litical party should be determined
only on the basis of certain inher-
ent beliefs and not on such things
as affiliation or non-affiliation. Po-
litical parties must not split the
campus on anything but opinions
and beliefs of a political nature.
Campus political parties will pre-
sent solid programs. The success
or failure to implement its pro-
gram will determine the success
or failure of the party. Political
parties coupled with a district sys-
tem would provide a very stable
representative-electorate bond.
4. Yes. One of the prime func-
tions of student government is the
expression of all-campus student
opinion. If the 'student opinion is
strong on any issue, the student
government should take a corre-
spondingly strong stand.
5. No. The student government
shouldrstart service projects when
they are needed; but when a proj-
ect becomes self-sustaining, it
should be delegated to another stu-
dent organization involved in serv-
ice such as the Junior IFC or APO.
6. Yes. I believe the SGC is an
improvement over the existing stu-
dent government and I will cam-

paign for its approval by the cam-
s * *
I BELIEVE THE proposed Stu-
dent Government Council is an im-
provement over the existing Stu-
dent Government. If the SGC is
approved by the Regents, I will
campaign for its ratification by the
There has been much nriticism
of the SL lately for spendwg too
much time on issues which many
students- feel do not directly con-
cern them, and not enough time on
practical projects. I feel this crit-
icism is unjustified, for while the
SL has spent much discussion on
such issues, it has also been work-
ing steadily and efficiently on
worthwhile projects. These proj-
ects should be publicized. I would
like to spend much of next year
working in this area.
I am not alarmed by student
apathy. It is only natural that some
apathy exist when campus issues
are at a low ebb. When Student
Government urgently needs student
backing, I believe the support will
be forthcoming.

Paul Mundinger
Union Dance Committee; Ev-
ans Scholar, Treasurer. (CSP,
1. Yes, I believe that a District
System of electing representatives
will help make the representatives
on S.L. more responsible. Should
the students in a district feel that
their opinions are not being proper-
ly represented, they may call their
representative or use some other
method of controllir.- their repre-
sentative and in this manner ob-
tain the representation desired.
2. Yes, discrimination in private
housing and in organizations di-
rectly affects the students. Since
S.L. is to represent students, stands
on such'discriminatorypractices
should definitely be taken by S.L.
3. Yes.
4. No opinion.
5. Yes.
6. Yes, S.G.C. gives the students
a government that has definite
powers. S.G.C. can, therefore, have
a stronger voice in expressing stu-
dent opinion. This campus wants
and needs effective expression of
student opinion and I am in favor
of a government that will give us
such expression.
* * *
I STAND FOR A unified and
strong student government. I be-

live this can be accomplished
through the efforts of the Common
Sense Party, and I therefore stand
on its platform.
1 especially shall strive for: 1)
a policy that final decisions on
student government recommenda-
tions to the Board of Regents be
made within three months of the
date of presentation, 2) jurisdic-
tion of student government in all
areas of student affairs, and 3) a
district system of electing student
Accomplishment of these aims,
I believe would make student gov-
ernment effective and give stu-
dents the voice they should have
in University affairs.

Ron Richardson
Glee Club; Junior IFC; Union .
Opera Publicity; SL Public Rela-
tions Committee; WUOM Radio
Guild. ('56, Incumbent).
1. If a practical plan of district
representation can be formulated,
I feel it would or could contribute
to responsible government.
2. I feel that Student Legislature
should act to remove discrimina-
tion in all cases where no action is
being initiated from within the
group in question.
3. Yes, when and if they can be-
come rational and responsible
working groups.
4. I feel that each SL member
should determine the relevancy of
the particular issue to the Student
Body. There are limits to SL juris-
diction, I believe, but these limits
should be defined on the basis and
merit of the individual cases.
5. Cinema Guild Board and Stu-
dent Book Exchange, but not the
Homecoming Dance. The former
are truly service projects, whereas
the Homecoming Dance is solely a
financial gesture which could be
turned over to some other (per-
haps more needy) organization.
6. Yes.
I FAVOR A University housing
program which will meet the ex-
panding enrollment realistically;
removal of fraternity selectivity
clauses, voluntarily, from within
the fraternity system; removal of
the driving ban; continued endorse-

ment and financial support of Free'
University of Berlin; and initia-
tion of a system of allotted late
permissions for women-which can
be used during the week.
* * *
I BELIEVE that this is the most
important, decisive period of stu-
dent government. If the Student
Government Council becomes a re-
ality, the S.L. must be ready to
pass on its principles, knowledge,
and wealth of experiences to the
new body, and in every way, help
to strengthen and firmly establish
it. If S.L. continues, it necessarily
must be strengthened and support-
I BELIEVE I can honestly and
sincerely represent student opin-
ion, and will make every effort to
effectively promote an informed
and active student government.

3. No. Political parties would
split this campus. Candidates
would represent a' platform, not
the students, and conversely, stu-
dents would not evaluate the can-
didate-but the party. Most issues
1 on this campus are promoted in
the interest of the students. There
j are not enough issues to require
political parties.
4. No. Although one of SL's ob-
jectives is to express student opin-
ion, in this case, it should be ex-
pressed only if it is positively
shown that the student body wants
SL to express such an opinion.
Then opinion should be expressed
rarely and should be only an opin-
5. Yes. Service projects should
be maintained by SL, such as Ci-
nema Guild and the book ex-
change. If SL had a permanent in-
come, it could relinquish the
Homecoming dance to another or-
ganization and, in the case of Ci-
J nema Guild, a larger share of the
profits could go to the sponsor.
6. Yes. Effective execution of
this plan could be accomplished
only if it included the three stip-
ulations of the SL motion: 1) that
the council be given financial con-
trol over other student organiza-
tions, 2) that after a year the
council be allowed to increase its
" membership if they deem it neces-
sary; and 3) that the council be
allowed to write its own constitu-
to persist on this campus, it must
have a reliable source of income;
I therefore, I favor the enactment
of a student tax.
A plan for perpetuating more in-
terest in student governneit is,
important. Accordingly, a forum
ein which student government
members and the student body
as a whole participates could be
' established, as well as a district
system of election or delegates to
be designated to districts after
election to better represent the

Sue Levy

Transfer student; student
representative; Yearbook;


* * *
1. Yes A district system would
make representation more mean-
ingful if provisions could be made
so that strong minorities are rep-
2. Yes. Student Legislature can
be an important initiator in elimi-
nating certain discrimination poli-
cies, as was done concerning the
bias clauses, where SL took the ini-
tial step. Once a group begins to
take action, however, SL should
retire, without forcing disciplinary
3. Yes. Parties are effective'
when they point out issues, have a
strong platform, require candi-
dates to stand behint their poli-
cies and approach principles in an
intelligent manner. Parties, like
the CSP, can clarify issues.
4. Yes, because these issues af-
fect students directly more than in-
directly, students should enter into
these areas. However, there should
be a consultation with Administra-
tion and Faculty beforehand to
clarify factors in order to avoid
rash emotional statements.
5. No. The functions of SL should
not be primarily those of service.
SL should take up only those proj-
ects that cannot be handled by oth-
er groups. Homecoming and Cine-
ma Guild are an integral part of
SL's finances. However, I would
favor turning these projects over
to other organizations should the
campus approved student tax go
into effect.

Janet Neary
SL Executive Wing: Interna-
tional Committee, Forum Com-
mittee. (CSP, '58)
* * *
1. No.
2. Yes.
3. Yes. I believe that campus
political parties fulfill the great
need for placing the issues clearly
before the students. They would
provide a unified program to
which the candidates could be held
after the election.
4. Yes. On issues which affect
students either directly or indirect-
ly, the students should be able to
express their opinions.
5. Yes. I believe that service
projects which are beneficial to
students and which would not be
carried on by any other campus
group are a responsibility of the
student government.
6. If the SGC receives over-
whelming support from the stu-
dent body, and if the Regents will
recognize it, then I would favor the
change.rHowever, I think that
there are serious defects in the
SGC, especially its small size. I
would oppose any change which
would limit representation without
giving student government the pow-
er and support it deserves.
* * *
continued pressure for the aboli-
tion of discriminatory clauses in

Jean* Schlusberg
Class of '58.
* * *
1. No.
2. Yes. If the student body, in a
referendum, shows a definite re-
quest for action on a question like
discrimination in private housing,
then it is the duty of SL to do ev-
erything in its power to enforce
such a request. Student Legisla-
ture should be the mouth-piece for
all student requests.
3. Yes. Political Parties, by in-
jecting issues instead of personal-
ities into the campaign, would
heighten interest in the elections
and thus strengthen student gov-
ernment on campus.
4. No. I don't feel S.L. should
"stick its neck out" on issues that'
don't concern the student body di-
5. Yes. I feel S.L. should not only
conduct service projects; but
should also be the coordinating

agent for all student activities on
6. Yes. If the student body, in
the special poll, backs SGC. I
would favor its coming into exist-
ence. However I feel that the plan
needs more student representation
in order to be effective.
* * *
SL IS AT the turning point of its
existence. Either it will be abol-
ished or will go forward, a strong-
er organization. We, as the stu-
dent body must see that it is
strengthened and give it our full
In order to strengthen SL, two
ideas could be adopted: one, more
pressure should be applied, to the
administration to get the ideas of
you, the student body, passed.
Two, SL should have a represen-
tative on the Regents Board. We
realize the power of a vote is im-
possible; but if we had a delegate
there, we would know what was
going on and SL would be heard.
Let's make SL known and strong.

Si Silver
Daily staff (CSP, '58).
s s *
1. A district system of electing
student government represents=
tives could result in a more repre-
sentative body, but it could also
prevent many capable people from
being on the student government.
Therefore I favor a district system
for a large body such as SL but
favor campus-wide elections for a
smaller body such as SGC.
2. Yes, I believe that student gov-
ernment should take a strong
stand against all forms of racial or
religious discrimination. Further-
more, I believe that the student
government should take positive
steps and offer its assistance to
any organization wanting to re-
move such discriminatory clauses
in their constitutions.
3. Yes,
4. I believe that the student gov-
ernment should take stands on the
principles involved in issues indi-
rectly affecting the student body
for these questions often include
matters of academic freedom
which is the concern of the stu-
dents. Whether or not to take a
stand on an individual case would
depend upon the circumstances in-
5. It should carry on some serv-
ice projects. However, many it
now runs mostly for revenue could
be turned over to other organiza-
tions if the student tax could be
put into effect.
6. Yes. The proposed SGC would
provide the student body with a
more effective voice and a source
of solution to problems that are
now not considered. In spite of
its weak points, (SL's proposed
modifications) it is stronger than
SL and is a step forward.
* * *
I BELIEVE THAT an aggressive
and effective student government
is an intrinsic part of university
life. Michigan has never known an
effective student government.
I fully support the program of the
Common Sense Party, of which I
am a member and endorsed can-
didate, because I believe that it
answers many of the vital prob-
lems facing the student body.

all housing groups, (2) a re-evalu-
ation of the student judiciary, giv-
ing it more freedom and authority,
and (3) co-operation among the
student groups on campus. As a
candidate of the Common Sense
Party, I support its platform.
I have been going to SL meet-
ings and working at the SL office
since thefirst week of school. This
experience has given me a firm
belief in the ideals of student gov-
ernment, but I also believe these
ideals could be more adequately
carried out.
If the students are to support the
SL, the members must be enthu-
siastic, as well as informed about
student opinion on issues. I will al-
ways work hard for my belief in
student government.

6. Yes. However, I feel that two
improvements are necessary: (1).
that SGC must have a written con-
stitution and (2) that it be allowed
to increase its membership if it
finds this necessary. In this way
student opinion and student gov-
ernment will be expressed and dis-
played in the manner that they
s s *
I WANT A strong government,
but also a purposeful one. I agree
with the platforms proposed by
CSP, for at this time our problem
is not one of advocating one spe-
cial issue as much as it is of tak-
ing a stand on basic problems that
must be passed once the new SL
has been elected.
At this critical and crucial mo-
ment SL needs people who will
work hard, who are enthusiastic,
and who will handle the problems
arising in the coming weeks. If
the voice of SL should become
strong, perhaps even the Regents
would listen and hasten decisions.

Ronald Shorr I }: . f ::\: } . :.i


James Perkins
Debate. ('58)
* * *
1. I favor the district system. I
believe the districts should be split
up so there is a representative
from each student organization
and three representatives from
each quad or residence hall. This
would make SL larger, but it would
also make it a truly representa-
tive body.
2. I do not think it is within the
realm of the SL's power to con-
cern itself with housing discrimi-
nation, because it can't do any-
thing about it if it tried, and
would only suffer loss of prestige,
a commodity of which it has dan-
gerously little at present!
3. I believe that SL should sup-
port a party system, but it should
not do so, until there are at least
two factions on campus vying for
4. Because it only serves to low-
er the prestige of SL to handle
such affairs that only concern the
students indirectly, the SL should
not concern itself with those af-
5. I favor SGC if it is recognized
by the Regents and then only if it
has more power than SL.

Block M, Sub-chairman ('58).
* * f*
1. No. (1) It is not needed because
interests are the same all over
campus. (2) It would cause lower
quality of candidates, necessitate
nomination in the districts. (3)
There is seemingly no fair way of
districting this campus.
2. Yes. It is SL's obligation in
expressing student opinion to the
University administration to ac-
tively discourage discrimination in
housing and organizations. This is
in keeping with national policy
shown by the recent Supreme Court
3. Yes. Campus political parties
can be good but only if there is a
practical division of forces. There
must be more than one party, and
the parties must differ in pro-
grams, although they may agree
on fundamentals.
4. Yes. Issues which affect the
student body either indirectly or
directly should come under the
SL's jurisdiction as does anything
influencing campus life.
5. Yes. Here is a very real op-
portunity for SL to carry on a
definite action for all the students.
Activities and services of campus-
wide nature should be the respon-
sibility of the representative of
the student body. This will also
tend to strengthen SL by giving the
students an opportunity to see SL
6. Yes. In order to have more ef-
fective student representation, an
influential, close-knit student gov-
ernment is needed. The Student



George Litwin
Class of '58, (CSP).
* * *
1. I believe a District System
would be more representative and
stimulate greater student interest
by bringing the issues closer to
the students. An all-campus elec-
tion is too far away from the stu-
dent body.
2. Yes. SL should voice student
opinion on any questions involv-
ing the student body. If students
feel that discriminatory housing
must go, then SL should act ac-
3. Yes. The organization of cam-
pus political parties and action
groups would increase student in-
terest and bring the issues to the
students. I am a member and
candidate of the Common Sense
Party which I feel will stimulate
action in the present SL.
4. Yes. Any issue which con-
cerns the students' role at the Uni-
versity is proper subject matter
for SL. As contributing members
of the University and as the sons
and daughters of taxpayers, stu-
dents have a right to express their
opinions on University affairs, and
the SL is the voice of student ex-

ously support my backers in any
endeavors that are within the spir-
it of SL.
I favor partitioning the Univer-
sity into election districts. I be-
lieve this will lead to more active
student interest, thus strengthen-
ing SL.
I favor a party system because
this would concentrate power in
one or two groups, rather than in
many individuals. This would show
the Regents that SL is the student
voice, so they could give more pow-
er to SL.

Government Council seems to be
just that. Its compact size should
make it efficient. The inclusion
of seven campus officers should
insure a body of high competence
which has the respect of the Board
of Regents. The ex-officio members
should insure high quality leader-
ship plus stress on issues concern-
ing major-campus organizations.
T h e eleven elected members
should make the elections selective
and hence an organization of high-
er caliter.
(1) If SL is to be replaced by SGC,
I would like to help SQC get the
foothold it needs and deserves.
However, it is possible that SL will
remain as our student government.
Therefore, (2) If SL remains as
the representative of the student
body, I would like to help build it
into a really effective student gov-

Marvin Star man,
Detroit Junior Roundtable . of
Christians and Jews, Chairman;
Daily Staff. ('58).
1.No. A large unit could control
voting in a certain area. It might
prevent a good candidate from run-
ning if there are several qualified
persons in the same district.
2. Yes. SL must actively back
student opinion on this issue, for
it directly concerns the students,
who, considering it important, are
demanding action.
3. Yes. If two good political par-
ties can be established, I feel that
SL would benefit greatly. Then an
elected candidate would be obliged
to follow his party's platform.
These parties must be strong and
must be based on student opinion.
4. I believe that SL should take
stand on certain issues which are
of this nature. However, on these
occasions, student opinion must,
definitely be of a clear-cut major-
ity and the issue must be one of
serious consequences.
5. Yes. SL should continue to
sponsor all of these programs, be-
cause each of them is badly needed
and the SL can sponsor them with
more success than any other or-
ganization on campus. However, if
the badly needed student tax is
passed, the Homecoming Dance

student leaders to prove
selves to the University,
* * *


I FEEL THAT the present stu-
dent government is weak and in-
efficient. However, I believe that
the organization ofe student action
and pressure groups would lead
to a more representative and pop-
ular legislative body. I am a mem-
ber of the Common Sense Party,
and support its platform, stressing
these points: (1) Stronger student
organizations like Judic, so that
students can have a voice in their
own affairs; (2) Later women's
hours, to be administered by hous-

Nick Red field
Cinema Guild Board ('57).
1. Yes, I think a district system
would be much more effective in
bringing the student body and the
Student Legislature into closer con-
2. SL has already taken a stand
on this question, but the admin-
istration has blocked action on this
issue in the past, and has given no
indication that it will not block ac-
tion in the future.
3. Yes, it seems that campus po-
litical parties would tend to stimu-

Bob Sommer
SL Culture and Education Com-
mittee; SL Finance Committee.
('57, Incumbent).
* * *
1. Yes. The District System will
make the members of the student
government responsible to certain
-districts. Thus, they will be able
to express the ideas and opinions
of their district.
2. Yes. Discrimination affects the
students and therefore should be
part of SL's job.
3. Yes. Campus political parties
will create more interest in student
government thru competition,
among narties.

Robert Liss
Tryout for Union staff (CSP,
AT A RECENT Union staff meet-
ic if %IMa rio - r - - - .faff"f

i r ?* .

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