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February 25, 1954 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1954-02-25

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Latest Deadline in the State

:4Ia itj




Juvenile Crimes
Up in Ann Arbor
Figure's Reveal 878 Apprehended
For Law Violations in Past Year
(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles discussing juve-
nile delinquency in Ann Arbor.)
Juvenile delinquency in Ann Arbor is steadily rising.
Figures revealed by Detective George Simmons of the Police
Department show that in 1953, 878 juveniles were apprehended for
law violations. Of that figure 152 were girls.
A BREAK-DOWN of figures shows that 16-year-olds made up
the largest single age group of violators. Between the ages of 12 and
15, 411 boys and girls were apprehended for breaking the law.
Exact figures of violations for 1953 were:
Traffic, 82; Destruction of property, 71; Larceny, 67; Drink-
ing, 27; Curfew violations, 39; Car thefts, .26; Concealed weapons,
11; Run-aways, 220; Breaking and entering 20; Sex crimes, 10;
Fighting, 24; Pranks, 162; BB Guns, 30; Miscellaneous, 109.
Examining the records of juveniles brought before detectives,
.Simmons found that 424 of the involved youngsters had previousE
records and complaints filed against them, but 439 committed their
first offense in 1953.
EXPLAINING the procedure of bringing charges against juveniles,
(persons under 17 years of age), Simmons disclosed that following
complaints filed against youngsters, the police can only apprehend
them. Legally, arrests of juveniles cannot be made; therefore, trials
for them cannot be held.
Following investigations of youngsters charged with viola-
tins, parents and the juveniles are warned about future offenses.
In some cases, such as traffic violations, drivers licenses are
revoked temporarily, '.but only with the consent of the parents" the
detective said.
ONE OF THE difficulties involved in juvenile cases is the atti-,
tUde children develop toward uniformed policemen, according to
members of the local department. "One of our main jobs is to get
kids rid of the idea that policemen watch every move they make,
and that we are only here to stop their fun," Simmons said.
In an attempt to rid children of this prejudice about "cops,"
Patrolman Chester Carter, with the help of other members of the
police force has arranged a year-round recreation program which
includes boys who have gotten into some trouble with the law and
boys who have not.
The aim of the program, according to Carter, is to keep kids
off the streets, to try to get boys into a healthy environment, and
mainly, to show them that the
"cops" are their friends.
Dl s S In addition to the organized
programs of basketball and base-
ball, members of the force have
been operating on the theory that
'7 1 et U hi1a their job is to help delinquents
rather than to file complaints
S WASHINGTON - - Secre-against them. With this as a
arofSH tDulle(s)id-lsnigh starting point, Simmons pointed
try of State Dulles said last night out that they "try to keep boys
Communist China will be brought ondtgtrhs rytoakegpaboys
"to ccont efor th ba ofand girls from having a court
"to account before the bar of record." Discussion of youngsters'
world opinion" at the Geneva prbeswt hm diet
peace conference. problems with them, advice to
pec'ofrne them and to their parents or re-
In a nationwide radio-televi- ferral to socialservice agencies
sion address, Dulles dismissed as is the procedure followed when
"without basis" any fear that boys or girls get into trouble. "No
agreement to the April 26 meeting set formula" for handling delin-
implies diplomatic recognition of quents has been set up by the
Red China. The Chinese Commu- police force, however, according
nists, at Russia's urging, will be to Simmons.






Po licy

SL Petitions
Petitions for 24 Student Leg-
islature seats open in March
all-campus elections may be
picked up from 1 to 5 p.m.
daily through Friday in the SL
Twenty-two of the positions
are scheduled to be filled for
two-semester terms and two of
the candidates elected will serve
one semester.
Deadline for returning com-
pleted petitions to the SL
Bldg. is March 6.

Request Joint
'U'-Student Secretary Stevens Bows

Voting District
Group Proposed

To McCarthy 's Demantuitds


Cleary Says'
State Lacks

During a grueling, nearly five-
hour long session last night, Stu-
dent Legislature went on record
32-4 urging joint University ad-
ministration-student cooperationRdu
in solving problems which might i
arise if further men's housing were
converted into women's units. By The Associated Press
Before discussion on the 10-page
report on.a revised student govern- Warren Appointment .
ment constitution, the Legislature WASHINGTON - The Senate
passed a motion stating "the prob- Judiciary Committee voted 12-3
1em could be partially alleviated by yesterday to approve President
a direct change in the policy of Eisenhower's nomination of Earl
the Dean of Women's office." t

Lack of cooperation betweena
Democratic Gov. G. Mennen Wil- PROPOSED by SL vice-presi-
liams and his Republican Legisla- dent Fred Hicks, '54, the'motion
ture was blamed last night by; urged that the Dean's office per-
Michigan's Secretary of State mitgedgraterheuDbarsoffinder-
Owen J. Cleary for causing "dis- mit a greater number of under-
concerting" problems within the graduate women who receive par-
ental consent, to live outside of
state. University Residence Halls if co-
Cleary, who recently announced eds wish.
his candidacy for the Republican The resolution asked that the
gubernatorial nomination, told a administration "make every ef-
meeting of the Young Republicans, fort to work in conjunction with
"Only when we have cooperation the Inter-House Council and As-
can we have progress. We need a sembly in trying to solve this
governor who not only professes economic dilemma" which would
cooperation, but who joins with come from further conversions
the President in shaping policies. from men's residences to wo-
* *r..* - men's housing units.I

Warren as Chief Justice.


Ex-POW's In China . .
TOKYO - The 21 American
soldiers and 1 Briton who stayed
with the Communists crossed the
Yalu River into Red China yes-
Peiping radio, reporting their
arrival, asserted the former
prisoners expressed joy over
reaching China.
Millard Demands .. I
DETROIT-Wayne County Pro-
secutor Gerald K. O'Brien yieldedf
yesterday to a demand by Atty.
Gen. Frank G. Millard for a com-
plete report on O'Brien's handlingr
of the Reuther shooting case.
O'Brien declined to disclose the
contents of his reply .to Millard.
* * *


"THE PRESENT Governor is as
far apart as possible from the Ei-,
senhower program," Cleary con-
tinued. "He wants to make unem-
ployment compensation so attrac-
tive that no one will work." Eisen-
hower has a better program, more
in common with the economy, the
Secretary of State asserted.
Cleary spoke of the increasing
need of aid to education and the
additional building of roads
within the state. Howevershe
said this was a local and state
function, and not a national
Questioned about the "lack of
moderation of the Senator from
Wisconsin," Cleary expressed per-
sonal respect for the sincerity of
Sen. Joseph McCarthy. He said
that McCarthy was accomplishing'


Hicks pointed out the Residence
Halls Board of Governors would
meet March 16 to discuss the prob-
lem and possibly make a definite!
S* s s

EXTENDED debate on merits ofP
the Hare system of proportional s nsulates . .
representation versus district rep- WASHINGTON - The State
resentation was cut off sharply Department said yesterday it is
when corresponding secretary considering some action against
Leah Marks, '55L, proposed to re- Polish Communist consulates in
fer the question to a committee New York, Detroit, and Chicago
set up to study feasible methods of areask
districting the campus. * * -
The Legislature endorsed the Possible Espionage
motion and the study committee
will report its findings no later NAPLES, Italy-American and
than Oct. 1, 1954. NATO concern over possible So-
Reported to the Legislature floor viet espionage in this strategicI
by the Constitutional Structure Allied port mounted yesterday
Study Committee, the 10-page re-Iwith arrival of another Russian
vised constitution reached the ship seeking "extensive repairs."
half-way mark at last night's ses-
sion. Unemployment Area . .
The whole document must re- DETROIT-The Federal gov-
ceive a favorable two-thirds vote ER OT-ye Fydeda-
of the Legislature before appear- erment yesterday added a
ing or suden appovalas fourth Michigan area - Battle!
ing for student approval as a Creek - to the list.of communi-
referendum in the March bal-
eferenh rhb ties which have critical unem-.
loting. ploymentprbes
In other actions taken last problems.
night the Legislature approved the.
appointments of Stan Levy, '55, to Hubbard Campaign .
a vacant seat, and Vic Hampton, DETROIT-Orville L. Hubbard
'54BAd, to the positions of SL said yesterday upon completion of
Comptroller and ''reasurer of the the ouster hearing against him as
Cinema Guild Board. Hank Ber- mayor of suburban Dearborn that-
liner, '56, was appointed to the he would seek the Republican
Fresh Air Camp Committee. I nomination for state attorney


-Daily-Don Campbell
Gar goyelnvites Students
To Syllometer Premier
Socrates better look to.his laurels.
According - to charges made yesterday by Gargoyle Managing
Editor Larry Pike, '54, the machine age has now extended itself to
take in logic as well as mathematics. A, new invention soon to be
marketed under the trade name if "Syllometer" will soon make
Socratic thought processes obsolete.
THE INVENTION, he. explained is a "mechanically simple but

Ar my Will
Give Names
To Senator
Peek Says Switch
Made To Help GOP
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of
the Army Robert T. Stevens yes-
terday bowed to demands by Sen.
Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) in the
latter's investigation of alleged
Army "Communist coddling."
Today's widely-heralded tele-
vised showdown between the Wis-
consin senator and the 54-year-
old Army boss was called off.
* * *
UNIVERSITY Prof. George A.
Peek of the political science de-
partment considered this change
of attitude in which Stevens
agreed to give Sen. McCarthy's
Senate Investigations subcommit-
tee "the names of everyone involv-
ed" in the disputed Peress case a
move to protect the program of the
Republican Party.,
"It is pretty sure," Prof. Peek
pointed out, "that important
people in the Republican Party
and the executive branch of the
government decided this was not
the proper time or issue" for a
showdown between Sen. McCar-
thy and the Army.
The Administration has a pro-
gram it wants passed and it doesn't
want to je o p a rdize its own
chances, he said.
"The Republicans have been do-
ing a lot of talking. Democrats can
fight Republicans, but when Re-
publicans fight Republicans they
endanger their own program," the
expert in national affairs explain-
"Everyone concerned is agreed
they don't want dissension within
the ranks," he concluded.
STEVENS last week had ban-
ned two generals, from answering
subcommittee subpoenas to tes-
tify on the grounds that Sen. Mc-
'Carthy's "unfair" and "abusive"
investigation tactics were wreck-
ing Army morale and prestige.
Sen. McCarthy replied that
Stevens was a "dupe."
The Senator had told one of
the Army officers - Brig. Gen.
Ralph W. Zwicker, commanding
.officer Camp Kilimer, N.J. - that
he was "unfit to wear that uni-
Zwicker had declined to answer
questions about an honorable dis-
charge given to any Army dentist
Sen. McCartby calls "a Fifth
Amendment Communist."
S * * *


GM, Ford Hit
Of New Cars
Complaints Received,
Companies Charge

foolproof device which when fed
two premises, a major and a
minor, immediately spits out the
logical conclusion logically."
The work of Dave Kessel,
Grad., the "Syllometer" will be
displayed in a place of honor at-
the Gargoyle try-out meeting,
for comedy writers scheduled for
S4 p.m. today in the. Student
Publications Bldg.
According to Kessel, the idea
for the mechanical brain came

seated at the Geneva conference,
which will discuss the future of
Korea and seek to attain peace in
DUILES assailed critics who
have contended the seating of Red
China at Geneva means the open-
ing wedge toward diplomatic rec-
ognition of the Peiping regime.
Such criticism, Dulles said,
i tends to give the Communists
"a success which they could not
win at Berlin."
"The Communist regime will not
come to Geneva to be honored by
us, but rather to account before
the bar of world opinion," he said.
"THERE is no reason why we
should refuse to seek peacefully
the results we want merely be-
cause of fear we will be outma-
neuvered at the conference table.
"No informed observers be-
lieve that we were outmaneuver-
ed at Berlin.
"We need not, out of fright, lay
down the tools of diplomacy and
the possibilities which they pro-
Dulles said the month-long
meeting with Russia's V. M. Molo-
tov achieved two results "which
will profoundly influence the fu-
t :1) Molotov was forced to
"show Russia's hand" in Europe,
demonstrating for all to see that
the Soviets want to hold fast to
everything they have and "to
grab some mere."
2) Molotov was "brought . .
to accept" an agreement spelling
out United States refusal to rec-
ognize Red China but only to deal
with it "where occasion requires."
AMA Nominates
' M n rd for Pact

Analyzing causes of delinquency
and the rise in violations of the
law from year to year by young-
sters, Simmons concluded that
the psychological needs of love
and understanding that every
child has are not being met. "Lack
of religion" is also an important
factor which points to the rise in
delinquency, he observed.
School Hears
Beta Theta Pi
Members of Beta Theta Pi fra-
ternity sang at Birmingham High
School yesterday in a program
which was sponsored by the Inter-
fraternity Council to interest high
school students in the University.
One of the selections, "Battle
Hymn of the Republic," landed the
fraternity first place in the IFC
Sing last spring.
In addition to the fraternity
chorus, drum major Floyd Zar-
bock, '54A, demonstrated baton
The Vaughn Shadows, a trio
composed of Eve Graden, Nora
Granito, '55, and Donna Wester-I
Lund, '54Ed, which placed second
in Gulantics last year, sang sev-
eral novelty numbers.
SLID Holds First
Organized Meeting
With the signatures of 45 in-
terested students, the Students
League for Industrial Democracy
held an organizational meeting in
the Union last night before apply-
ing to the Student Activities Com-
iittee for official recognition early

DETROIT-(UP)-General Motors while he was reading a scientific
and Ford Motor Co. called on their magazine telling how to make a
d dealers yesterday to avoid the I similar device from playing cards.
"booleggyesterdayetocars:d This machine, however has the
"bootlegging" of new carse advantage of being a single piece
In letters to their retailers the of equipment, with five lights rep-
two top car producers told the resenting five alternative answers,
dealers "bootlegging" was a short including that of insufficientsin-
cut to the destruction of their tio n, necesry t theou
franchises. tion of any problem, its inventor~
HARLOW H. Curtice, GM pres- The chemist - Garg Associate
ident, wrote his retailers that GM Editor explained that his "Syllo-
i d em n, w e h s e a i e srh t M m e te r " is t h e c u lm in a tio n o f a
will "continue to review the per- meer"inentin ul ab
formance" of the dealers in carry-"careerof"inventing useless ob-
ing 'out their obligations under jects begun when he was an un-
dergraduate student at Massachu-
their selling agreements." setts Institute of Technology.
Henry Ford II, wrote Ford deal- Others on the list . included an
ers that "We have received a num- oscillometer "that gauged relative
ber of complaints directly trace- success of kissing by ringing bells,

Tiber Re-named
-Daily-Dick Gaskili- Pope Still W
OWEN J. CLEARY Joint Jdc Head PpSt
...gubernatorial candidate VATICAN CITY
Lee Fiber, '54, was re-elected still was too feeb
something in that he was ap- chairman of Joint Judiciary Coun- permit x-rays tha
proaching the problem of compla- cil following a dinner held yester- more fully the ail
cency. day to honor retiring Judiciary sapped his streng
"The American people will do members and Prof. Ernest F. for a month.
the right thing," he said, adding Brater of the engineering college, * *
that they would provide a check a new member of the three-man 16 BritonsK
if Sen. McCarthy got "ahead." Subcommittee on Discipline.Bs
Concluding Cleary said, Sen. Mc- Jim Smith, '54L, was re-elected LONDON-The
Carthy "is a person accomplishing I to the vice-chairmanship of the yesterday 16 Britis
good, though I can't always agree: Council and Janet Rutherford, '55, murdered in Egyp
with him." was elected secretary. months.

*-Pope Pius XII
le yesterday to
t could diagnose


able to our own dealers.

gunpowder and fire whistles. And

University-Run Restaurants N
(EDITOR'S NOTE-This is the final3
article in a series on Ann Arbor res- versity domains, Dr. Engelke said cooperating to th
taurants.) the local Board of Health had ability with city o
By MARK READER been advised it has no jurisdic- He said his o
tion in this area. now conducting
University-'un eating establish- "The only people who can in- program designed
ments were not generally includ- spect a State institution are State presentation of fib
ed in the recent survey of health officials," he said. For this reason tribution of healt
conditions in local restaurants, Dr., no survey had been conducted into improve restauran
tt o nnlkealtOr' erhD University-run eateries. More frequent n
the City of Ann Arbor's Health De- In discussing the survey's re- ing held with hea
partment revealed yesterday. sults which tabulated Ann Arbor said. But went on1
However, Dr. Engelke said, as a restaurant violations, Dr. Engelke average restaurant
┬źn%1v o m.. 1, ~ h nfiiloh A n a ,- inn n -- n C n t,,i- nio In im fn nr-, . f.

hment whichnas "In our opinion," he said, "no it all worked on the principle of STEVENS and Sen. McCarthy
gth dangerously other practice can so quickly and an electric circuit," he said. patched up their bitter feud yes-
* completely destroy your most val- This device, however will not terday afternoon at a two-hour
uable business asset-your fran- be on display at today's seance, meeting behind closed doors on
Lilled . . . chise to sell cars or trucks." the scientist-humorist explained. Capitol Hill.
government said "Bootlegging" is a wholesaling "We had to take it apart for parts. While Stevens sat in grim-
sh subjects were by franchise dealers of new-,cars to; "But artists are urged to bring faced silence, Senator Mundt
t in the last 13 used car dealers who sell them at in their pictures for the Gargoyle (R-N.D.) read a "memorandum
less than list prices. art contest to select artists to do of agreement" setting forth in
art in the magazine." almost military form what had
been decided.
Explaining his. successful activ- Whether President Eisenhower
ity in the relatively uncohnect- had intervened to stop the row
ed fields of chemistry and humor- was ntrknn Bt it was kow
/' !' lS l ' / writing Kessel said: "It's easythast Vie-rein.Btichwardknow
ot In L ocal Survey The chemistry department doesn'ttN Vicexna esiden Ricard M
know about Gargoyle and Oar- the McCarthy-Stevens conference
le best of their periods on sanitation problems ghe doesn't know about the was on.
officials.k were cnutdPrkesa i chemistry department."
.conducted, Preketes said. Aides had said Stevens had re-
rganization was The Health Department, accord- ceived 100' telegrams nearly all
an educational ing to Dr. Engelke, faces two major G7 its applauding his stand against
d, through the problems in keeping conditions in;' SL ' i UP H itS McCarthy.
ims and the dis- Ann Arbor restaurants on a sound - McCarthy never has accused
,h literature, to basis. Flash Secton Stevens of "Communist coddling
t conditions. "Many restaurants," he said, He has praised him as "a fine
Mibiee~tTC ta re 1^. tt~ra 1'9iio c iri i ilunuivig tiU l

neetings are be-
ilth officials, he7
to explain, "The
man hasn't theI
to in ft,,n a

are housed In buildings which 3
make it impossible for the man-;
agement to conduct a health oper-
Thcahnlgac lioalka r :-

A suggestion to the' Board in American" but complained tb
Control of ' Inter-Collegiate Ath- Stevens was a "dupe" of perso.
letics that the Block M' section seeking to cover up the plotting
be moved down in the football sta- alleged Red agents in the Army.





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