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March 28, 1954 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1954-03-28

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SUNDAY, 1t1AUCfi 28,19A

PAGE SIX 'likE Mi k1GAJ~4 I) ~1iA SI~Ni)A~. MAk~kAi 21L ISM

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Thirty Gdnid es



-enty-1wo SL Posts

PA ,strengthened to an extent that
.A sp iraits Ipinions will command more student inter-,
est and participation in projects
which SL is acting upon. The in-
diff en difference that the greater part of
the student body now has toward
O n1Isses d x r theactivities of their student gov-
ernment is alarming. Improved
The campus will cast its ballots in all-campus elections Tuesday public relations plus improved vi-
and Wednesday for 22 of the 30 candidates running for Student Legis-I sion of the aims and goals of SI.:
lature seats. - 1) to express student opinion 2) toa
The balloting will climax more than one and a half weeks of in- represent students to the faculty
tensive campaigning for SL positions. and administration 3) to carry on
Twenty of the candidates elected Tuesday and Wednesday will projects catering to student needs
serve for one year and two for one-semester terms. should restore to the student body
* * * * the interest that SL needs to func-j

Creager, Charles
Quentin, '54NR
1. yes 2. b 3. c. 4. elimination
of class attendance regulations
for seniors 5. campus action 6.
I favor a modification of the
present driving ban. I believe up-
perclassmen should be allowed to
drive, and underclassmen should
remain in the restricted category.
I think the fee for driving permits
should be eliminated. I will seek
some method of improving park-
ing conditions around campus. I
will do all in my power to further
academic freedom and will resist
the suppression of it to my utmost
Cumminus, Sheila, '55
1. yes 2. c 3. d 4. exchange
credits with foreign universi-
ties, informative faculty coun-
selling system, and student ad-
visors 5. public relations and
international 6. no

student government siould lead preferably in some form of the
the fight to preserve academic district system 5. campus action
freedom from this attack. S believe 6. no
this plan for an SEC is an example I believe that district represen-
of this trend for it would reduce tation would promote student in-
representative student govern-
ment, I believe it is time for S terest in the Legislature and, be-
and the University administration cause of this, and also because rep-
to act to end all discriminatoryr to a definite group bS would be
practices on campus and in AnnsthneItg sLfhod-
Arbor, strengthened. It is my further con-
tention that a stronger SL would
be a better solution to existing
Harris, Lorry, 56 problems than an SEC which
1. Yes 2. c 3. c 4. A more ex would merely duplicate SL and
tensive candidatestainingpro- SAC, and not be as widely repre-
gram and a better and more rep- senative of the student body.

OPINIONS of the 30 candidates on various election issues were
again sounded out in a Daily poll. The questions asked those running
1) Do you favor the student tax as proposed in the revised Stu-
dent Legislature Constitution?
2) Are you in favor of:
a) Hare method of proportional representation at large
b) Weighted ballot
c) Some form of the district system
3) Do you think Student Legislature should act on discrimi-
nation by
a) Sticker campaign.
b) Sticker-publicity campaign.
c) Consultation with merchants by means of a special anti-
discrimination board.
d) Not act on it.
4) What special projects do you believe Student Legislature should
initiate in the coming year?
5) What Student Legislature committee would you like to work on?
6) Do you favor in theory the proposed Student Affairs study
committee student government plan of the Student Executive Com-
mittee composed of seven organization representatives and elected
members subject to a faculty-administration-student reviewing board?
Candidates names, statements and answers to the above questions
will follow:

Adams, Bill, '57
1. yes 2. b 3. c 4. initiate a
weighted ballot system of elec-
tions. 5. campus action or pub-
lic relations 6. no.
I believe that a weighted ballot
plan, alloting additional value to a
first place vote should be substi-
tuted for the Hare system. I be-
lieve that SL should keep in clos-
er contact with the student body
by conducting periodic opinion
polls on key issues, question and
anwser sessions involving students
and SL and through an improved
election system. I think that fur-
ther study is necessary on the
problem of student government
* *
Bashara, Gwenn, '57
1. yes 2. a 3. d 4. exam sched-
ule and better international
program 5. finance 6. no
I think that more student in-
terest is vitally needed to retain
any type of student government,

whether it be SL or not. Becausef
I have not worked on SL, I cannot
offer suggestions now for its im-
.provement. If I were to be elected.
I would endeavor to find out jitsti
what was needed to "coagulate"j
the student body and its ideas of
student government. As to definiteI
ideas, I do not wish to see a remov-
al of the driving- ban, because I
believe such an action would create
more problems than it would elim-
inate. Women's hours are adequate
for most coeds.
The quarterly system is wrong
for University students because,
again, the problems of summer
employment and others would be
greater than those eliminated,
* -
Beck, Norm:, '55BAd.
1. yes 2. a 3. d 4. Increased
public relations 5. public rela-
tions 6. yea
SL can keep 'in closer contact
with the student body through
having the public relations of SL

tion effectively.
* *
Bjerlinger, Uunk '5
1, yes 2. e 3. e 4. internal re-
organization, student book and
supply store, attempt to work
closely with other campus or-
ganizations, release women from
Udiversity paternalism 5. I will
run for the Cabinet, if elected
6. yes
Like the (eaiheir everyone
knows what's wrong with SL, but
nobody does anything about it. In
the past year on SL, I have at-
tempted to initiate matters which
directly affect the students: good
-Cinema Guild movies, hearings on'
a student bookstore, discussion of
student football seating prob-
lems, a study of student registra-
tion problems, see that students
are represented on faculty ari
administration committees which
deal with student problems. The
coming year will be difficult for
SL. I want to work to see that SL
obtains the authority and respegt
which a student government must
command to justify its existence.
Cook, S, irt 57
I Eyes 2. a 3. c 4. study prob-
lem of all-campus integration,
making SL financially Inde-
pendent in order to insure maxi-
mum service to the student
body, non-profit bookstore 5. in-
ternational 6. no
I believe that a student govern-
ment should have first place on a
campus. It should be the means
whereby opinions of the student
body, on any issues that may arise,j
are expressed to campus organiza-
tions and faculty groups. As a
member of S 1,I would strive to
make the student voice on our
campus as effective as possible by
gaining the confidence and back-
ing of the student body on all is-
sues, and recognition by the fac-,

I would like to serve on SL and student advisors progrnam
help recreate SL as a truly repre- more positive method of o
sentative body which could effec- student opinion; 4. A nev
tively express student opinion to od of electing representa
the administration. A district plan make SL more representa
would place representatives from responsible.
the major housing units on SL and r *
there actually tap student opi - .
ion in their respective districts. I Hewitt, Diana, .)5
would like to see SL members reg- . Yes 2. c p c 4. Action
ularly meeting with the Regents, crimination. >Representat
,- * I crimiati. Rerset

Sesentative system of electing
SL representatives. 5. culture
and education 6. yes
If re-elected, I will continue to
work as I did during the past year,
to strengthen SL from within and
to improve its position on campus.
I feel the following are projects
which should be initiated and com-
pleted during the coming semes-
ter. The establishment of: 1. A
training program for SL candi-
dates; 2. An active and thoroughI

i: 3. A
bta ining
w meth-
tives to
hive and
01 dis-
lion of

Howe, Na, '56
I1 yes 2. e 3. c 4. improving
the academic counseling pro-
gram 5. culture and education
6. yes
I favor the SEC proposal but
feel that it should provide for at
least twice as many elected mem-
bers as ex-officio. I believe also
that the elected members should
be chosen by some form of dis-
trict system, that there should be
a method of recall of elected mem-
bers, and representatives should be
required to speak to their consti-
tuents. By these methods, student
opinion would be more adequate-
ly expressed and greater student-
faculty - administration coordina-
tion would be achieved.
:* * *
Larinan, JimN, '5 SF
I.. no 2. a 3. c 4. in statement
5. public relations committee 6.
I believe SL must acquire the
<sala;ul ' Joddns sndmua lua.
and/or cooperation by having it
efficiently interpret and represent
the student opinion. This can be
accomplished by 1) an organized
discussion program between SL

Gilman, Ricky, "55N
1. yes 2. c 3. c 4. foster inter-
organization cooperation, aid
financially dependent student
groups, back SAC's proposed
government plan 5. fampus ac-
tion 6. yes
Student government-regardless
of its form-must "legislate" and
implement the views of the stu-
dents. Such views must be express-
ed by competent responsible rep-
resentatives. Therefore it is im-
perative that SL adopt 1) higher
qualifications for candidates, 2)
district system, and 3) student tax
and a paid Cabinet. To work for
these ends I offer my experience
and knowledge of campus activi-
Gluckstein, Etta, '56

student views in area of curric-
ulum planning and scheduling.
Student coop supply store. Ac-
ademic Freedom week 5. human
relations, culture and education
6. no
I would work actively to elim-
inate discrimination in the Uni-
versity campus and area, both
through educational techniques
and publicity and economic pres-
sure when it can be most effective.

ceedings, express student opin-
ion to Congress on student in-
come tax reductions. 5. Inter-
Collegiate relations committee
6. yes
I stand on my record. accom-
plishments, and the opinions I
have expressed, To date I have,
been working on organizing a sys-
tem whereby all the students of'
Michigan can receive discounts
from five per cent to 50 per cent
on all types of retail merchan-
dise and am working on a propos-
al asking NSA for financial assist-
ance for foreign students facing
deportation. I am also sending a
motion of SL to Congress to ex-
press student opinion on income
tax deductions.
* * *
Levinson, June, '56
1. yes 2. c 3. b 4. establishing
a non-profit bookstore, district
system of representation and
student tax. 5. International 6.
I favor modifying the driving
ban, a student tax of 25 cents
which would enable SL to con-
centrate on legislative rather than
financial matters and student rep-
resentation on all faculty commit-
tees concerned withstudent af-
fairs. I oppose the Crary Plan
which would begin the semester
in the latter part of August, the
SAC proposal for a Student El-
ecutive Council, which would not
represent general student opinion.
1 * *
Levy, David, '57
1. yes 2. no opinion 3. b and c
4. Formulation of political
parties within SL and a student
book store. 5 sub-commission ois
academic freedom 6. no
The distinctly paternalistic at-
titude of the University toward SL
must be replaced by confidence
and the desire to facilitate legis-
lation. There must be greater stu-
dent representation on joint fac-
ulty-administration-student com-
mittees such as the SAC. There
must be recognition of SL by the
Board of Regents. Immediate and
decisive Regents action must be
brought about on SL's driving ban
alternatives. Any responsible stu-
dent government must have fi-
nancial stability. Therefore the
levying of a student tax should
be considered.

Loveland, Ellen E.,
1. yes 2. b 3. b 4. student tax,
better academic counciling. con-
tinuance of SL Newsletter, im-
provement of speakers bureau,
further discussion of Crary Plan.
5. public relations 6. yes
Finding that many of my opin-
ions are shared with campus
friends I believe that I can rep-
resent their ideas as well as my
own. The following are projects I
should like to see SL improve or
carry out: student tax, action
against discrimination directed
toward minority campus groups,
improvement of international and
American students relations.
* * *
ilacDonald, Murray, '56
1. yes 2. b 3. c 4. change elec-
tion system, coordinate campus
activities, unite human relations
committee and culture and edu-
cation committee into a policy
steering committee for SL, to
stop endless debate on policy
matters. 5. campus actioh 6. yes
SL has done almost nothing in
the field of coordination of cam-
pus activities and is hampered in
its service to the campus by seem-
ingly endless debate on many pol-
icy matters. I would like to see the
abolishment of human relations
and culture and education com-
mittees and a new committee
formed: a policy steering com-
mittee.I would like to see SL en-
ter the field of coordination of
campus activities and a new stand-
ing committee established to ac-
complish this.
* * *
Moore, Joseph Earl, Jr.,
1. yes 2. c 3. c 4. improvement
of speakers bureau, use of dis-
trict election plan, put pres-
sure on the administration-
more publicity. 5. campus ae-
tion. 6 yes
It is not within the realm of SL
to pressure Ann Arbor merchants
on discrimination, nor should SL
interfere with chapters of national
fraternities over bias clauses. SL
must reflect student opinion more
effectively by: channeling student
feeling into SL especially by use
of petitions, utilizing the speaker's
bureau supposedly in existence
See SL, Page 7

Any reorganization of student gov- members and living campus
ermnent must include a large body groups, 2) a more effective campus
of elected student representatives representation on SL committees,
for effective representation and and 3) a conscientious distribu-
committee structure, and a quite tion of literature to further ac-
small proportion of ex-officio count for SL activities. Such a
members. I favor several large program would demand the special
geographical districts from each projects to be carried out by SL.


which representatives would be
ected by the Hare System.'
toff man, Sandy, '56
1. yes 2. c 3. c 4. a better meth-
d of electing representatives,


1. yes 2. a 3. b 4. forums and
speakers on academic freedom o
5. culture and education 6. no _
I believe there is a threat to our
schools in the doctrines and prac-
tices of "McCarthyism" and that


* * *
Levine, Larry, '56
1. yes 2. a 3. c 4. discounts
on retail articles for all Univer-
sity students, aid to foreign stu-
dents under deportation pro-

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