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November 18, 1952 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1952-11-18

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Questions on Chief Issues
Answered by All Aspirants
With their hectic election campaigns behind them, 37 Student
Legislature candidates must now wait the verdict of student voters
who will go to the polls today and tomorrow.
Altogether, 23 open positions will be filled in the all-campus elec-
tions. The first twenty aspirants elected will get full one-year posts,
while the next three to go over the quota will only serve half-year
IN ORDER TO summarize the campaign and issues involved in
it, The Daily has once again asked each candidate to answer a series
of five questions pertaining to Legislature issues and to present a
brief summary of aims.
Due to space limitations, the first three questions could only
be answered "yes" or "no" and the last two with only a few words
Since the questions are quite clear-cut, the short answer is ade-
The questions are:
1. Do you favor SL pressing for a coed student union in the for-
seeable future?
2. Do you favor the present SL recommendation to the Re-
gents in regard to the Lecture Committee?
3. Do you believe action should be taken toward reorganization
of student government?
4. How many hours of work do you plan to devote to SL
each week?
5. What specific projects or committees would you most like to
work on?

*. * *

Beers, Keith, Grad.
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. six to 30,
5. I would like to continue work
on leadership training, the stu-
dent government reorganization
committee, the Lecture Commit-
tee brief group, Student Book
Exchange Board and Campus
Action Committee.
"I desire a fourth term on the
SL because I believe that experi-
ence and maturity are more than
ever needed to solve such prob-
lems as SL reorganization and
leadership, Lecture Committee pol-
icy, driving ban and discrimina-
in. * * *
Bonadio, Tony, '54
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4
twelve, 5. I feel that getting SL
to the students and vice-versa
is a vital responsibility of SL,
and I would like to work on pub-
lic relations projects to meet
this responsibility.
"I desire to become a member of
SL in order to devote my time and
effort on necessary committee
work within SL, and to see to it
that the student government of
this University always is truly rep-
resentative and never is a campus
political arena for airing individu-
al and group prejudices."
Boyce, Jack, '54
1. no, 2. yes, S. yes, 4. fifteen,
5. Having seen the lack of un-
derstanding of SL by both stu-
dents and faculty, I would like
to work on the Public Relations
Committee. The Culture and
Education Committee also seems
to need a stimulus which I would
like to contribute.
"I have a sincere desire to place
SL on a sound basis in coordinat-
ing the efforts of the students and
the faculty in solving mutual prob-

time, SL needspeople whoare not
only interested in pushing their
own interests. SL needs members
to work for the establishment of
a real, a meaningful, student gov-
* * *
Dow, Pete, '55
1. no, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. fifteen,
5. Campus Action and Interna-
tional Committees.
"My desire to serve on SL is
motivated by two convictions:
First that 'students must partici-
pate in shaping their own edu-
cation, and secondly that there
is a great deal of room for im-
provement in the functioning of
Fiber, Lee, '54
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. eigh-
teen, 5. Reorganization com-
mittee, Public Relations Com-
mittee and Dorm Chairman
"Because I believe that students
should take an active part in the
shaping of their own education.
and because I believe representa-
tive student government is the
means for most fully realizing this
philosophy, I hope to utilize my
past experience in SL and pres-
ent knowledge of student prob-
lems toward making student gov-
ernment at Michigan stronger
and more effective during the
coming year."
* * *
Gibbs, Mary Jo, '54
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. ten, 5.
Public Relations Committee,
particularly the freshman ori-
entation .program.
"Since SL is the representative
of the student body, I desire to
serve on SL to promote a campus
wide awareness of the functions
of the Legislature and to create a
greater student interest and par-
ticipation in campus government.
On the basis of my past experi-
ence in student government and
my interest in SL, I feel I am
qualified to represent the student
Gilman, Ricky,
1. no, 2. yes, 3. no answer, 4.
as many as are needed, 5. Text-
book lending library, Student
Book Exchange and Campus Ac-
tion Committee.
"Since all freedom depends ul-
timately upon political freedom, it
is to the best interest of every cit-
ment that serves them. I am pre-
izen to contribute to the govern-
pared to contribute in an active
representative capacity."
Gupta, Rajesh,
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. ten
to 15, 5. International and Pub-
lic Relations Committees.
"Since SL is supposed to be a
body representative of all the stu-
dents on campus, and because in
the near past time there has been
no member of the SL from among
the foreign students, who are 900
strong on this campus, I felt that
the interest of the foreign stu-
dents must be represented on this
body, and it can best be done by

a foreign student, especially by a
person who has been quite active
in ISA.
* * *
Jacobus, Phil, '55
-1. yes, 1. yes, 3. yes, 4. twenty,
5. Reorganization Committee
and Public Relations Commit-
"I desire to serve on the SL be-
cause I am extremely interested
in student government. Not only
should students have a voice in
their affairs, but I feel an active
participation now makes better
citizens for tomorrow."
* " *
Jelin, Steve, '55
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. twenty
to 25, 5. I should like to continue
my work on the Culture and
Education Committee, the Cam-
pus Action Committee and the
committee for evaluation of
campus organizations. I should
also wish to further my investi-
gation of the potentialities of a
cafmpus leadership training pro-
"Having already served a semes-
ter on the Legislature, I feel that
I can see areas in which change
and improvement can and must be
effected; i.e., coordination of ac-
tivities and expansion of student
endeavors. I strongly believe that
student government must function
on our campus, but I feel that
much of the effort now expended
is wasted on administrative trivia."
* *, *
Kornbluh, Dave,
1. yes, 2. no answer, 3. yes, 4.
as much as necessary, 5. Com-
- mittee on Reorganization, Cam-
pus Action Committee and Cul-
ture and Education Committee.
"I believe that I can bring to
SL the idealism and experience
that will be needed to help guide
toward becoming a living and ef-
fective element within the Uni-
versity and an efficacious over-
seer of student welfare."
Kurcz, Lisa, '53
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. maxi-
mum amount, 5. I would like to
continue working on foreign
student integration into cam-
pus life, intercultural programs
and a sister-university program
with a school abroad, through
the International Committee.
"I wish to be re-elected to the
SL to continue my work on foreign
student orientation and integra-
tion into campus life, cultural ex-
change between foreign and
American students and a sister-
university plan with an overseas
* * *
Levin, Paula, '55
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. no, 4 ten to
15. 5. To work toward a much
stronger motion on the Lecture
Committee and to break down
discrimination on campus, es-
pecially regarding housing and
job opportunities.
"Because I feel that SL can be
effective in gaining student rights
and because I want to help in
building SL to a powerful position,
I am seeking election. A legislature
whose members will actually fight
for the things they feel import-
ant can dispel the apathy among
the student body and gain real
advances from the administra-
* * *
MacKay, Dorothy,
1. yes, 2. no, 3. abstain, 4. min-
imum of seven, 5. International
Committee, greater integration

of foreign students, programs
given to promote appreciation
of other cultures and a recom-
mendation for stronger action
on the Lecture Committee.
"To fight on the issue of the
Lecture Committee-to promote
international understanding and

friendship-to represent the inter-
ests of students and not those of
the administration when these in-
terests conflict."
Magoon, Dunc, '54
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. ten,
5. Campus Action and Dorm
Committees and SL bookstore.
"I want to serve on the SL be-
cause I am interested in campus
affairs and have the time both to
learn and express student opin-
ion-which is the primary func-
tion of student government."
* * *
Marks, Leah, '55L
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. fifteen,
5. I hope to work on the Cul-
ture and Education Committee
in order to push the Literary
College Conferences and aid in
setting up similar programs in
other colleges within the Uni-
"I wish to serve on SL in order
to keep SL from confusing the
good of SL, as an organization,
With the good of the educational
* * *
Mattison, Barbara,
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. fifteen
to 20, 5. I am particularly in-
terested in the reorganization
committee and the public re-
lations program and in expand-
ing the services and financial
otential of the Cinema Guild
and the Student Book Exchange.
"I desire to serve on SL because
I believevthat the student should
have a voice in the government of
his community and the formula-
tion of his education and that
SL, by its very nature, is the organ
most suited to perform these func-
tions. Since I have had some con-
nection with SL for the past sev-
eral months, I am familiar with
its projects and its problems, and
I am more than willing to devote
the time and energy necessary to
establish a more effective student
government on this campus."
* * *
Mauer, Ron '55
1. no, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. as much
as 50, 5. Campus Action Com-
mittee, Student Book Exchange,
better relations with other or-
ganizations and reorganization
of student government.
"I would like to serve on SL be-
cause I am interested in the serv-
ices the Legislature performs. I
have worked with SL for a year,
and I feel that the experience I
have gained may prove profitable
in assisting various committees.
McArthur, Bill,
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. twenty,
5. Campus Action Committee,
Student Book Exchange, non-
profit bookstore and student
government reorganization.
"I desire to be on SL because I
have the time, desire and, I be-
live, the ability to contribute to
its effectiveness and thus help the
average student gain more from
his education."
* * *
McClelland, Don,
'54 A&D
1. no, 2. yes, 3. no, 4. seven, 5.
Public Relations, International
and Culture and Education
"I think that I have something
to offer the SL and I want to repre-
sent student opinion. I also hope
that I can build a better relation-
ship between SL and the student
* * *

Murphy, Aud ie,
'53Ed .
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. ten to
15, 5. International Committee

Take This
To the Polls
In this issue The Daily has
presented a comprehensive sur-
vey of the all-campus elec-
tions today and tomorrow.
Clip it out and use it as a
reference in selecting your
candidates and voting on the
driving ban referendum.
Sixteen voting tables have
been placed in convenient spots
around campus and will be op-
en from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on
both days.
Only pre-requisite for cast-
ing a vote is your I-D card.
Voting tables will be set up
at the Women's Athletic Bldg.;
the front of University Hospi-
tal; the corner of N. University,
E. University and Washtenaw,
near Waterman Gym; the Lea-
gue's N. University entrance;
corner of N. University and S.
State; front of Angell Hall;
front of the Union; between
Tappan Hall and the Romance
Languages Bldgs.; front of
Mason Hall; center of the diag;
inside of center arch of the
Law Quadrangle; campus end
of the Engineering Arch; E.
University end of the Engineer-
ing Arch; E. University and
Monroe St. entrance of East
Quadrangle; front of the Busi-
ness Administration Bldg. and
the corner of Madison and S.
State near the South Quad-

I believe the SL should be much
more powerful that it is now."
* * *
Perry, Bob, '53E
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. no, 4. as much
as necessary. 5. Sudent non-
profit book store, better dorm
living conditions, stronger and
more forceful action and im-
provement of present SL sys-
"If re-elected to a third term
on SL, I will continue to urge SL
to pursue, without compromise,
the high goals demanded by the
students. I would suggest SL ac-
complish these goals through use
of allavailable methods. It is only
then that they can realize their
potential strength."
* * *
Ploeg,. Robert,
'54 BAd.
1. yes, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. eighth to
twelve, 5. Human Relations
Committee and Book Exchange
"I am interested in serving on
SL for several reasons. 1) I am
interested in democratic govern-
ment where everyone has a say
and a vote. 2) I am interested in
serving in such an organization
which fosters such a type of rep-
resentation. 3) I am more than
willing to give my time in support
of such an organization whose aim
is to represent all the students in
all matters pertaining to their well

Legislature because I would like
to be a working part of that or-
ganization which recognizes that
sttidents must participate in
shaping their own education, and
work, guided by this philosophy."
* * *.
Renfrew, Robin,'55
1. yes, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. 15, 5.
Public Relations Committee,
particularly the Speakers Bu-
"I'am in favor of the principle
behind any student government-
allowing students to participate
in their own administration and
education. I would like to help
Student Government achieve a
position whereby it could accur-
ately and effectively represent
student opinion to the administra-
Rossner, Ruth, '55
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. 10, 5.
Reorganization study commit-
tee and Public Relations Com-
"I would like to continue serv-
ing on SL because I sincerely be-
lieve that it is the logical body
through which students can pre-
sent a united viewpoint- to the
administration on issues which
concern them. It has not yet quite
attained this idea. I intend to help
it do so."
* * *
Schwartz, ,Joe, '56
1. no, 2. yes, 3. no, 4. as much
as necessary, 5. Campus Action
and Public Relations Commit-
tees (telephone situation and
speakers bureau).
I'd like to: 1)aRepresent student
desires most effectively through a
stronger SL. 2) Foster present
worthwhile campus organizations
by encouraging student interest
and participation in them. 3) Pro-
mote campus spirit in sponsoring
legislation and projects aimed in
that direction. 4) Establish within
the structure of SI4greater organi-
zation, flexibility co-ordination
and co-operation in securing
greater unity and assisting facul-
ty-student relations.
Simon, Ned B., '55
1. no answer, 2. yes, 3. de-
pends on report of committee
now studying the problem, 4. at
least 10, 5. Campus Action, Hu-


man Relations and Culture and
Education Committees.
"From my limited experience
with various committees of the SL,
I have found a disheartening lack
of enthusiasm exhibited by some
SL members and by workers on its
committees. This apathy can only
result in the disinterest of the en-
tire student body. I hope that I
cane be part of a new movement,
that through its enthusiasm can
gain for SL the interest and re-
spect that it deserves on the Mich-
igan campus.
Stenn, Enid, '55
1.no, 2. yes, 3. yes,.4. minimum
15 to 20, 5. Student Book Ex-
change, internal re-organiza-
tion and Public Relations Com-
"SL is at a critical stage of its
development. It can grow into a
stronger campus organization or
slip backwards. I am interested in
the work done by SL and want to
do my part to help further its de-
* * *
S trout, .Bud,
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. 15, 5.
Human Relations, public rela-
tions and University relations. .
"I, like all the other candidates,
desire to be a part of the 'voice of
the students'."
Thomas, Dick,
1. yes, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. ten to
12, 5. Public Relations and Hu-
man Relations committees.
"Being a fraternity man and
now living in the dormitory system
I can better understand the prob-
lems of both."
* * *.
Wilson, Catherine,
1. no, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. 10, 5.
Public Relations Committee and
"I wish to serve on SL mainly
because of my firm belief in the
good afforded by student govern-
ment. My interest is keen and I
believe I can safely say that it is
matched by my determination to
do a good job."




of which I served as chairman
this semester.
"One of my interests during my
past year's work on SL has been
the international phase of cam-
pus life. I am running for re-
election so that I may continue
my work along this line and build
up the international field to the
prominent place it deserves on this
Ottati, Mark, '55
1. yes, 2. no, 3. yes, 4. twenty,
5. Campus Action Committee.
I would like to have dormitories
sell meal tickets on basis of num-
ber of meals taken there, rather
than the present "pay for the
semester whether you eat there
or not" system.
"I want to serve on SL because

Reardon, Bob,'54
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. 15, 5.
Alumni-student relations, reor-
ganization, Campus Action Com-
"Having been a member of SL
for nearly a semester, I realize the
vital role that SL plays in this
University. Because of the experi-
ence I have, I think I am quali-
fied to, and I certainly desire to,
help fulfill SL's purpose, that of
representing the students."
Reifel, Chris, '55
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. no decision
until study now being made is
completed, 4. 30, 5. Reorganiza-
tion committee, Culture and Ed-
ucation committee.
"I wish to serve on the Student





and Accessory- Organs not Adversely
Affected by Smoking Chester fields



1. yes, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. at least
four or five, 5. The Culture and
Education Committee and the
Public Relations Committee.
"Utilizing my experience in
working with the Public Relations
Committee of SL, I want to take
the initiative in making direct,
personal contacts with you, the
students. The purpose of these
contacts would be to determine
your opinions, complaints and de-
sires for action by SL."
Cox, Shirley, '54
1. no, 2. yes, 3. yes, 4. ten to
20, 5. Committee on evaluation
of campus organizations and the
Culture and Education Com-
"This fall SL is passing through
a real crisis, and vitally needs stu-
dent support and active sincere
legislators. If re-elected I will
continue my fight for a closer SL-
student relationship which is nec-
essary for progress in the direction
of real student government."
Davis, Sam L., '54
1. yes, 2. yes, 3. no, 4. twen-
ty-five, 5. Human Relations
Committee or International
"My primary interest is in stu-
dent government. At the present



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competent medical specialist and his staff on the
effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes.
A group of people from various walks of life
was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six
months this group of men and women smoked their
normal amount of Chesterfields - 10 to 40 a day.
45% of the group have smoked Chesterfields con-
tinually from one to thirty years for an average of
10 years each.
At the beginning and at the end of the six-
months period each smoker. was given a thorough
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examination, including X-ray pictures, by the
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The medical specialist, after a thorough exam-
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