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October 30, 1952 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1952-10-30

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e Students of the







THIS STATEMENT represents the personal beliefs of the following students,
It is not intended to reflect necessarily the views of the University, its faculty,
or other students. We regret that the many others who would have liked to
add their names to this endorsement could not be reached in time for


It is not without pain that we have observed what has happened
to General Eisenhower, who has rendered great service to his country.
The more liberal and responsible elements of his party have faded from
the foreground, and in this situation General Eisenhower has shown him-
self to be incapable of resisting pressures from the extreme right of his
party. His misguided desire for party unity has brought to positions of
major responsibilities many men who at one time were his outspoken enemies.
We were further disturbed by the committee chairmanships that
would result from a Republican Congress at this time. Many of them would
be assumed by. men who have voted consistently against the pre-campaign
foreign policy of General Eisenhower - men whom it was the prime pur-
pose of his candidacy to defeat.
Governor Stevenson on the other hand has proved to be an amaz-
ingly free and independent campaigner. Time and again he has courageously
put principle above his quest for votes. He has not sought deals and has
refused those offered to him. His stands on issues are consistent and inde-
pendent of the place at which they are stated.
Foreign Policy
Governor Stevenson's responsible, understanding statements on
foreign policy reflect his many years as a student of and an active participant
in foreign affairs. His forward-looking policy shows that he recognizes the
threat of world communism, but he has too much integrity to suggest that

Domestic Policy
We are heartened by the sincerity of Governor Stevenson's stand
on domestic issues - by his forthright position on farm policy, labor
policy, civil rights and F.E.P.C., protection of our natural resources, and
inflation. In the field of labor policy he has once again shown himself to
be independent of undue influence by either labor or business.
We find his careful analysis of the causes of and cures for inflation
to be in marked contrast to General Eisenhower's "cursory observation that
inflation is a policy deliberately designed by the present administration to
perpetuate itself in power.
We believe Governor Stevenson's ability to combat corruption in
government has been proved and sharpened by his fight against the cor-
ruption which had been left by his predecessors in Illinois.
The Present Campaign
For some of us General Eisenhower held hope not only of revital.
izing the Republican Party but also of providing sound leadership in the
crucial years ahead. Disillusionment has followed in the wake of his cam-
paign. General Eisenhower has never assumed the high level of political
responsibility that we had hoped for. We deplore his talking down to the
people, his incoisistency on foreign policy, his vacillations of domestic pol-
icy, his embracing the most reactionary elements of the Republican Party,
and above all his attempt to capitalize on the loss of American lives in Korea.
In contrast, Governor Stevenson has set a pattern that has added a
new dimension to American political campaigns. He has maintained the
dignity of the voter by appealing to his sense-his judgement rather than
his emotion.
We support Governor Stevenson because we believe him to be a

William R. Gardner
Norman L. Gelber
Eliot S. Gerber
Barbara H. Gertler
Norman S. Giddan
Inez F. Gidion
Cecilia A. Giza
Malverne Gleiber
David G. Goldberg
Faith M. Goldberg
Arthur S. Goldberger
Marcia D. Goldfarm
Libby J. Goldstein
Daone B. Golumbia
Josephine Gomez
Harvey B. Gordenker
Jay Grant
Merritt Green
Ann Greenberg
Nancy K. Groesbeck
Harvey S. Gross
Bernard I. Grosser
Louis Grotta
Henry M. Guralnick
Jane Haggart
William J. Hahn
Anita P. Halpern
I. Frank Halpern
David R. Hampton
William G. Hampton
Howard Handelman
John B. Haney
Cynthia A. Hardy
Harry G. Harootonian
Donald Harris
Lawrence K. Harris
Robert T. Harris
Thomas L. Harris
Lois Harzfeld
Riley Hausdorff
. Mary Haven
Gerald J. Helfenbein
Barbara A. Henkin
Robert E. Herzfeld
Ellen E. Heyman
Gloria J. Hile
Barbara C. Hillman
Michael P. Hlady
Harold A. Holt
JohnaS. Homeister
Donald Hope
Frederick Horwitz
Edward F. Hubbel
Bernard L. Hulkower
James Hull
Alfred C. Hunting
Gail R. Hyman
Sonia T. Iltis
Samuel G. Irwin
Rita B. Isbitts
Harry Israel
Helene S. Jackson
Marc Jacobson
Robert B. Jaffe
Stephen J. Jelin
Timothy Johnson Jr.
Diane Johnston
Alan R. Jones
Edward J. Kahn
Kenneth H. Kaji
David J.. Kallen
Joan Karabelnick
Robert S. Karp
Peter Katz
Richard A. Katz
Sally I. Katzel
Harold L. Katzman
Herbert Kaufer
Fred H. Keidan
Marilynn L. Keith
Easton T. Kelsey
Jack Kelso
Alan R. Kidston
Herbert A. Klaff
Carl Klaus
Henriette L. Klawans
John S. Klein
Sonya Klurfeld
Frances R. Kochin
Lee Koplow
Phyllis H. Korn
David J. Kornbluh
Richard R. Kostoff
Dorothy F. Kovitz
Stewart M. Krokover
Charles W. Kreidler
Herbert Krickstein
Robert L. Kruger
Thomas T. Kucie
Elsie S. Kuffler
Frank S. Kurzava
Louis A. Kwiker
James E. Labes
Mary S. Ladue
Richard Laing
Michael W. Lammers
Milton S. Landau
Ruth B. Landy
David 0. Lane

Frank E. LaRoche
Charles R. Lawrence
Delores Lazar
Alexander Leak
Joseph W. Lee
John G. Lees
Francine Leffler
Joseph LeimKuehler
Sidney Leventhal
Elizabeth Levin
Marim Levin

E. L'Nalols
Diana Locke
John L. Lodwick
Judyth Loehnberg
John L. Loomis
Eugene Loring
John Loss
Dominique Loswenstein
Robert Loucks
Greta Lowry
Peter F. Lydens
William J. Maher
Elinor Mahlin
Viviam Mailman
Joan Malamud
Don Malcolm
Rosalee Mandell
Seymour Mandell
James E. Mann
Virginia Mansfield
Louis Maraviglia
Lyn H. Marcus
Harold Marks
Diana Marriott
Jay Martin
John Martin
Nancy Mattson
Charles Maurer
Robert Mayrose
Morton Maza
Marion McCall
Joseph McCallion
John McGovern
James McInerny
Mary McKinney
Neil McLean
Michael A. McNerny
Albert McQueen
Meredith McSweeny
Kathryn McWilliams
Virgil Meeker
John F. Meyer
Rudolph J. Meyer
Phyllis Milgrim
Howard R. Miller
Jacqueline Miller
J. Virgil Miller
Marlene Miller
Suzanne Miller
Beverly Miner
Andrea Mollhagen
Harry Montague
William Morman
Helen Morris
S. Allen Murch
Lenard Murray
Dorothy H. Myers
Rosemarie Nagel
William Nakamura
Leonard Naphtali
Betsy Nebel
Basil Nemer
Howard Nemerovski
Milton Nidetz
Peg Nimz
Jay Nolan
George Ochs
Harold O'Hern
Josephine Olesky
Patricia Olsen
Maurice Oppenheim
Allan Orange
Louis Orlin
Martin Packard
Lois Padover
Mary Parks
Alison Parkes
Philip Parmenter
Lyle H. Parr
Robert A. Parr
Margaret Paysner
Lawrence Pearlman
Carol Pearson
Joan Peretz
John Peterson
George Peterson
Henry T. Piasecki
John Piazza
Judith F. Pick
Robert H. Pick
Joseph Pierce
James A. Pi-Sunyer
Elaine Platt
Robert Portnoy
Gene Preston
Daphne Price
Leonard Procita
Edwin Prong
Mil Pryor Jr.
John A. Rapanos
Lawrence N. Ravick
Russell R. Raymond
Mark Reader
Toby J. Regenstreich
Janet Reinstein
Marilyn A. Remes
James S. Reveno
Robert B. Richert
Jack L. Ringer

Joseph W. Rioux
Patricia D. Roelofs
Samuel K. Rogers
Portia G. Rolland
Charlotte L. Rolnick
Robert F. Rolnick
John H. Romani
Arthur J. Rooks
Ronald D. Rosefield
Donald B. Rosenberg
Eric J. Rosenberger

Jerome L. Schostak
Carla K. Schrayer
Alice L. Schwarz
Ervin Schwartz
Marilyn T. Schwartz
Melvin L. Schwartz
Gordon H. S. Scott
Laurence H. Scott
Sallie H. Sears
Richard A. Seid
Joan A. Seidman
Norma L. Seidon
Ralph I. Selby
Elaine Seldin
Bertram M. Shapero
Susan I. Sharfman
Phyllis A. Shaw
Frances M. Sheldon
Kenneth I. Shevin
Stanford A. Sheyer
Freda C. Shumate
Mary J. Shumsky
Howard A. Siegel
Marvin Siegel
Donald H. Silberberg
Bernard G. Silberman
Emmanuel I. Siliman
David Silverberg
Louis F. Silverman
Don R. Simon
Helene M. Simon
Barbara R. Sklar
Louis J. Slavin
Charles Sleicher
David W. Smerling
Beth M. Smilay
John W. Snaden
Roberta L. Snyder
Jon Sobeloff
Stanley D. Solvick
Eugene N. Spencer
George Sperling
Jeannette A. Spier
Sally Ann Stahl
Arthur L. Stashower
Donald L. Steinberg
Robert A. Steinberg
Enid R. Stenn
Nancy A. Stern
David B. Stevens
Anne K. Stevenson
Donald S. Stillman
Benjamin A. Stolz
Martin W. Story
Barbara Stutman
Barbara M. Sussman
Jan R. Swenson
Robert H. Szczarba
Rostom R. Tandourian
Alan B. Tarr
Harvey F. Tennen
Norman R. Tha, Jr.
Norman C. Thomas
Murray M. Thomson
Holcomb A. Thurman
David L. Tice
Roger L. Trienens
Jack A. Trombadore
Clare Tseng
Shirlee Tucker
Sara Lee Tukel
Eugene B. Turner
Warren K. Urbom
Arthur, J. Vander
Henry G. Van Dyke
Paul H. Van Ness
Patricia A. Venokur
Karl N. Victor, Jr.
Virginia L. Voss
John C. Wagner
Richard Wall
Richard D. Ward
Richard A. Warren
Barbara Watson
William A. Watson
Myron D. Waxberg
Joanne M. Waxman
Robin B. Weerakoon
Howard L. Weinberger
Richard S. Weinstein
Roberta L Weisbein
Justin L. Weiss
Stuart L. Weiss
Hubert P. Weller
Neil J. Weller
Robert Wells
Warren Wertheimer
Donna J. Westerlund
Charles W. Wexler, Jr.
Charles J. White
Gretchen White
Alan A. Whitfield
William Wiegand
Judith L. Wiener
Dorothea R. Wiesentha
Lawrence H. Wilk
Roger W. Wilkins
Howard P. Willens

John C. Williams
Leo C. Williams
Patricia A. Williams
Paul G. Wing
Janet C. Winn
Ernestine K. Winston
Beverly M. Wolf
John L. Wolfe
Judith D. Wolfe
Alfred M. Wolin
William G. Womack

there are any cheap, easy means of combating that threat.

Rather than

irresponsible promises of tax cuts he said, .. . I emphatically reject the
idea that national security must be adjusted to the tax ceiling rather than
taxes to the national security."
Moreover, we are disturbed by General Eisenhower's platitudes and

their implications.

As an example: "We need a government that will

man of extraordinary integrity, courage, and insight.

We are impressed

establish a foreign policy which is the product of true moral and national
values and not the product of backmail extorted from the Soviet Union."
Communism within the United States
Governor Stevenson's opposition to communism within the United
States is uncompromising and of the same responsible nature as his stand
against the threat from without. He has said, "If I find in Washington any
disloyal government servant, I will throw him out ruthlessly, regardless of
place, position, or party ... until the communist conspiracy in our land is

with his record, the clarity of his thought, and his sense of humility and
responsibility toward the office of the Presidency.
Therefore, we support the man we believe best qualified to lead
the nation in this critical hour of our history - Governor Adlai Stevenson.

smashed beyond repair."

He has promised to do this with the highest

regard for our fundamental rights.

Jane Abelson
Bernard Abrams
Herbert Abrams
Earl Abramson
Joan Abramson
Lary Abramson
Robert Abrash
Sue Alderman
Jane Alexy
Gerad Alfano
Julian Allen
Joseph Allerdice
Carol Altman
Juliane Ames
Robert Apple
Gwen Arner
Frank Aschemeyer
Phyllis Ash
Ethel Atlas
Robert Baker
Mary Beth Barth
Bernard Beame
Don Bean
Lillian Beckett
Robert Bednarski
Ivan Bender
Judith Bender
Frances Benovitz
Arnold Beonfeld
Nancy Beresdorf
Jack Beresford
Eli Berger
Joel Berger

Al Blumrosen
Ruth Blumrosen
Norman Bolton
Clarence Borns
Mary Bert Bornstein
Ann Borello
Ruth Boss
Barbara Boyer
Paula Brandes
Frances Brandt
Hubert Brandt
Allegra Branson
Mary Brizman
Stephen Bromberg
David Bronheim
Kennith Bronson
David Brown
Frances Brown
Van Bruner
Brenda Brush
Barbara Budson
Harry Burdick
Robert L. Burns
Robert W. Burns
Ann Busby
Stuart H. Cammett
Larry H. Cantor
Blue Carstenson
Robert W. Cary
Mary Ann Chacarestos
Walter E. Chapelle
Marcia J.'Cherko
Bernard G. Choden

Charles B. Dale
David G. Davies
Samuel L. Davis
David M. Dawson
Harvey R. Dean
Priscilla DeForest
Marlin Demlinger
Julius L. Denenberg
Willard A. DePree
Leila R. Deutsch
Sondra N. Diamond
Ralph J. Didomenico
Ellen E. Dodge
John F. Dodge
Carla A. Drije
Sharron L. Ducastel
Joyce L. Dudkin
Donald J. Eaddy
Barbara A. Edmonds
Barbara J. Edwards
John W. Edwards
Albert Eichen
David G. Endicott
Robert B. Evans
Dorothy A. Faber
Elinor Faber
Marvin L. Failer,
Barbara L. Fairberg
John P. Farrell
John E. Fay
Sophia Fedonis
Albert L. Feldman
Marcus A. Ferrelli

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