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May 14, 1953 - Image 10

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Michigan Daily, 1953-05-14

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Spring Revives Campu.

Men Begin
To Serenade
Now that the frosts and rain-
clouds have disappeared, students
are beginning to enjoy the tem-
perate, sunny climate which her-
alds the arrival of summer.
The sound of fraternity men
serenading their favorite coeds can
be heard almost any night in Ann
Arbor, with each fraternity pre-
senting their serenade in a unique
manner and following the customs
which have become traditional to
The men of Sigma Chi can be
seen wearing white shirts as they
approach the residence where the
serenade is to be given. They an-
nounce themselves by singing
"Hello My Honey" and after gain-
ing the attention of the coeds, the
actual serenade is begun.
The climax comes when the
men present their arrangement
of the world famous "Sweetheart
of Sigma Chi". As they begin
the chorus, the men gradually
separate making visible the
flaming cross of their fraternity.
At this time the man who has
pinned the coed being serenaded
is raised to the shoulders of two
of his brothers. Finally the
pledges lay down the cross and
thereby conclude the ceremony.
When one hears a quartet har-
monizing to the "Canoeing Song"
one can be reasonably sure that
the men of Delta Upsilon are
serenading a group of coeds. The
quartet, which does a job of close
harmonizing, has become a per-
manent part of all Delta Upsilon
The Phi Delta Theta fraternity
always sends one rose to the coed
wearing their pin immediately be-
fore they serenade her. The men
all wear old clothes, as they try
to keep the serenade as casual as
possible. When the many Phi
Delts congregate, they produce
renditions of their favorite songs,
with "Smoke Rings" being out-
A medley of songs dedicated to
the newly pinned woman takes
place at the Triangle house, soon
after the pinning, with the formal
serenade occuring later. The
formal serenade is usually spon-
taneous, affording the coed a
pleasant surprise.
Sigma Alpha Mu men begin
their tribute as they approach
the dormitory or sorority,
marching in an orderly fashion
and singing a lively song. Dur-
ing the serenade, which includes
"The Wind Croons Me", their
sweetheart song, a mammoth
Sammy pin can be seen flaming
and lighting the vicinity.
In addition to this vocal per-
formance, the men honor the re-
certly-pinned coeds at their pledge
formals by presenting each woman
with a bouquet of flowers and en-
circling them as they are again
Immediately after becoming
pinned, Lambda Chi Alpha sends
the coed a bouquet of flowers
which indicates that she will soon
be serenaded. The blue suits of
the men create a striking contrast
to the large red and white neon
sign they carry, which is a dupli-
cate of their badge.
The "Yale Marching Song" in-
dicates that the Alpha Delta Phi
men are coming to serenade their
favorite coeds. This fraternity
comes forth with harmony which

the IFC Sing, serenade the Kapp
support given them by the soroi
they won with their rendition o

* * *


always insures the success of their
singing endeavors.
The Alpha Delts have an un-
usual custom whereby they ser-
enade coed residences the night
before a holiday, adding to the
excitement which is already in
The fellow who his pinned the
coed being serenaded is required
by his Delta Tau Delta brothers
to sing a solo to her; however, the
fraternity joins him on four other
songs, one of which is "My Queen
of Delta Tau."
The Delts try to serenade on
week nights and if possible they
give at least two serenades the
same evening. The fraternity is
very proud of their group of nine
men who, with the aid of a bass
and a guitar, give many informal
serenades for Michigan women.
Burning cotton spread on the
ground forming the Greek symbols
of Beta Theta Pi produces the
setting for this fraternity's vocal
performances. It is customary for
the man whose sweetheart is being
serenaded to furnish hisnfraternity
brothers with cigars in celebra-
tion of the pinning.
The Alpha Tau Omega coed
receives flowers of her choice
before she is serenaded with
such songs as "The Girl of My
Dreams" and "The Sweetheart
of ATO".
The men are attired semi-form-
ally as they form a half circle be-
low her window announcing them-
selves by rendering the "Alpha
Tau Omega Chant". This frater-
nity gives a serenade only in the
honor of a pinning.
The renowned voices of the
Sigma Phi Epsilon men produce
a spectacle. The "Sig Ep girl" is
serenaded with several songs which
exhibit near perfection in har-
mony. The effect is further in-
creased by a glowing heart which
illuminates the fraternity emblem.
The Sig Eps have a custom
whereby they sing Christmas
carols at every womens' residence
on campus, just before Christmas
Odd, ridiculous hats can be
found at any Chi Psi songfest.
The men wear the most eccen-
tric hats obtainable and in spite
of their attire, they present a
very memorable serenade.
On each of the three days pre-

s Traditions Surrounding Area offers
* Many Summer Activities
League To Sponsor Bridge Lessons, Tourneys;
Swimming, Tennis, Baseball To Be Available
By JANET SMITH in evidence on almost every
r attend summer school this year day will find Palmer Field, with
may be bemoaning their sad fate, its tennis courts, a popular spot.
the picture is not as dreary as it Burns Park on Wells Street is
seems. equipped with four tennis courts,
Coeds and men picturing hour horseshoe pits and two softball
after hot, weary hour spent over diamonds, as well as archery fa-
- book and paper, will find that cilities and volleyball courts.
many activities, both on campus Wines Field and West Park have
and in the surrounding area, will similar facilities.
be available when they are tired The Ann Arbor area provides
of studying. many beautiful spots, which could
The League Council is plan- become the objective for a bike
ning an extensive program of hike on a warm afternoon.
activities, which will furnish re- Sunny skies will also find the
creation throughout the week. Huron River dotted with canoes,
Bridge lessons will be available as students take advantage of the
for both beginning and interme- pleasant weather.
diate players. Taught by an ex- The Michigan Daily will be pub-
perienced instructor, the classes lished during the sumnier session,
will meet once a week. enabling students to keep track of
For more advanced bridge fans, events as they are announced.
-Daily-Tim Richard the League is sponsoring tourna-
ta Pi fraternity, 1953 winners of ments, including a weekly Dupli-
a Alpha Thetas in return for the cate Bridge Night.
)iyat the annual sing, which Students who would like to
rity atteHynn osghce brush up on the intricacies of
f the "Battle Hymn of the Re- square dancing may take advan-
tage of lessons held each week,
while couples who prefer the less
ceding a Theta Delta Chi serenade exhausting ballroom dancing will
the lucky coed receives a red find instruction available in that
carnation which is the flower of line too.
the fraternity. The Theta Delts The League Ballroom will be
are also among the fraternities the spot for informal record
who have their Greek letter flaf- dances to be held every Friday
ing as they sing, evening throughout the summer
The men of Phi Kappa Tau try sessin.
to serenade the girl on the same ssin
night she is pinned. They are Beach balls, umbrellas and lem-
known for their arrangement of onade will highlight the annual
know fo thir rragemnt Ef 'Beach Ball" planned for the
"Dream Girl of Old Phi Tau". A "Beah Ball, ped forhe
fraerntyfifth or sixth week. An orchestra
blazing symbol of thefraterty will be featured at this dance.
and the presentation of flowers Television on the second floor
highlight the ceremony, of the League and snacks in the
Coeds flock to the windows as Round-Up Room will be handy
they hear the tones of the ap- for students wishing to take a be-
proaching Zeta Beta Tau men. tween-class break.
Weather permitting, each man In the Ann Arbor area, students
carries a lighted candle or torch can find many spots just perfect
to indicate the solemnity of the for that late afternoon swim or
occasion. picnic.
The coed who is being ser- A free public bathing beach is
enaded by the "rounders" of available at Silver Lake. Picnic
Theta Xi is presented a dozen tables and a well-stocked con-
roses by the brother for whose cession stand make it a good
coed the preceding serenade place for an out-door meal.
was given. Walled Lake features a minia-
At this time, the man who de- ture golf course, speedboats, a
livgrs the roses, kisses the honor- midway and a dance hall.
ed woman. This kiss is intended Students can take advantage of
to be the last one she will re- the big name bands which fre-
ceive from any man except the quently play engagements at this
Thete Xi to whom she is pinned. resort.t
Cigars, bizarre hats, and old Lockers, water slides and docks >
clothes identify the Fijis as they as well as a bathing beach, are
undertake a serenade. Among the available at nearby Whitmore
four songs they sing is "She's Lake.
Phi Gami's Dream Girl" Also within the Ann Arbor
The Pi Lambda Phis have a area are Clear Lake, near Jack- b
bonfire behind them while they son, and Portage Lake.
are singing, but a complete change For lucky students who have a
of atmosphere arises when after car available for weekend jaunts,
the serenade the men throw their an interesting trip could be plan-
recently pinned Pi Lam brother ned to resort centers at Sauga-
into the showers, tuck, Grand Haven or Petosky.
The rendition of the "Battle Greenfield Village, the Detroit
Hymn of the Republic" with a Zoo and the Irish Hills are also
drum accompaniment is the near enough to be visited by tour-
outstanding feature of the ing students.
For golf enthusiasts, Ann Arbor
Sigma Alpha Epsilon serenades. boasts two courses, the Municipal
Aside from their harmony the course and the University course.
men can be recognized by their Night softball games will be
burning symbol.n
The Sigma Nu fraternity is one

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1953
Denim Makes New Appearance


With the promise of a cotton
summer ahead, denim has risen
from its place among sailing and
gardening enthusiasts, who de-
manded the faded worn-out look,
to the new denims in brightly col-
ored stripes, plaids and prints
which are suitable for sports,
street and evening wear.
On the beach denim makes its
appearance in a tidily printed
shirt and short outfit over which
is placed a striped jacket to ward
off cool breezes.
A reversible brown denim beach
coat lined in white terry-cloth
forms the perfect topper for any
bathing suit, and for sailing, a
mariner's dress with sparkling
white braid on blue action denim
rides on the crest of the waves.
For a relaxing evening at home
watching TV, a one-piece lounger
in sea green ir pink denim with
wide pants cropped to dress length
will insure the proper state of
Brick stripes on white will be

3' .
r ".t

taking to the sun in a pretty denim jacket the dress could take its
sun dress as low in back as in the place in the party world.
front, while for everyday wear a City streets will be livened by
sleeveless stripe and sand denim the appearance of a bright as pep-
dress with a stand-up collar should permint dress cut with the tidi-
be a 'must' on every woman's list. Ness of a suit and involving white
s wa o l denim sliced by red satin stripes.
Tennis, walking or just loafmng A aeudrth u roe
can be done in purple and white At ease under the sun or over a
striped shirt and shorts combina- cocktail is a yellow and black plaid
tion. denim dress with a removable
Right at home at an outdoor stole of the same material. Also
barbecue or beach party would befound in the same atmosphere is
a multi-colored striped skirt con-
a green strapless denim top with trasted with a black halter top.
matching calf-length pants and Gold-toned denim occurs in a
circled in the middle by a big red side-swiped halter which bares one
organdy sash. shoulder and may be worn under
Kitchen duties can be accom- a red, white and black striped taf-
plished -in a two-piece wrap-on feta-lined denim cocktail coat.
skirt of black and white striped As a final proof that denim is
denim, while after-five shopping getting dressy stores present a red
can be done in a supermarket suit and white sequin-trimmed floral
with a middyline jacket and slen- print evening dress of denim which
der skirt in grey, blue or gold den- holds its own among the chiffon,
im treated like wool. silk and organdy gowns of past
Denim has also taken to trav- summers. A fitting topper for this
eling in a dark, sleeveless, square- creation is a white denim cock-
necked dress encased by a striped tail coat with a black velvet col-
jacket of corded denim. Minus the lar.

I t

, t:.
y ~ ''s
t( r
j ,
' ..

frosted denim
at home
or on the 9o
Faded blue, red or charcoal denim
frosted with chalk white beads
. for cloud-soft wear at home for
your leisure hours, for casual wear
anywhere. Leather-soled for dur-
ability, our Oomphies are the most
versatile little slippers ever.
shoe so lon



California Shops Feature
Leading Summer Styles

California, the "Land of Sun-
shine," offers many bright, spark-
ling fashions.
Because of the mild climate
year round, the residents are able
to wear summer clothes that set
new styles for us.
After many hours of shopping
on Wilshire Blvd., one is able to
grasp the trend of fashion that
predominates Beverly Hills. What
might seem extreme in the Mid-
west is worn informally and with-
out question.
As the customer enters the
stores of Wilshire Blvd., known as
the Fifth Avenue of the West, she
is immediately attracted by the
color of jewels and flowers and of
unique fabrics employed in the
make-up of a costume.
There is one store which sells
clothes exclusively made of suede.
They are custom-made, and the
purchaser can select any hue de-
A n-it Mexicar hnn fires

green sequins are sewn in a close
pattern, rendering a delicate ef-
Coat and dress outfits are a fa-
vorite of the Californian collegians.
The silk lining of these light-
weight coats is reproduced in a
matching dress. Matching gloves
complete this costume.
There is plenty of variety in
sport clothes, some featuring five-
piece ensembles, which include a
skirt, shorts, shirt, middy hat, and
a breachbag.
Stoles are really in season. They
are jeweled, ruffled, and in silks
and cottons, as well as the tradi-
tional wool and fur. Stoles are
worn for every occasion with all
types of clothes.
One can hardly see sweaters
without jewels or appliques on
them. Such sweaters are worn
with cotton dresses and fine, pas-
tel-colored wool skirts.
Jeweled collars are very practi-
cal, as they can be worn with any
sweater or dress. The most popu-
lar colors are nearl. ice blue. and

of the few that does not have a
sweetheart song. In the place of
such a song they sing "The White
Star of Sigma Nu" which estab-
lishes the proper mood for their
pinning serenades.
Red roses are sent to the Chi Phi
coed and a song is sung to her.
Among the other melodies dedi-
cated to her is a song that tells
about campus life, which was
written by one of the Chi Phi
men. With the aid of certain
chemicals, this fraternity is able
to display it's burning badge which
throws off flames of scarlet and
One week before a serenade, the
Sigma Phi house has a traditional
ceremony initiating the coed into
the "Sig Sisters". All of the "Sig
sisters" who were previously pin-
ned come to help her with the
The coed receives a sweetheart
badge which is not the badge
that the men wear. If the
couple becomes unpinned, the
badge is not returned. As they
go to the serenade, they sing
the "Alpha Marching Song,"
"Sigma Phi Sweetheart" and the
"Darthmouth Winter Song".
Although the fraternity deter-
mines the style and presentation
of a serenade, the responses they
receive can increase the success
of their efforts.
The Alpha Epsilon Phi coeds
gather in their living room to hear
a serenade and perhaps alternate
songs with the fraternity that is
outside. Because of the construc-
tion of the porch and windows, the
newly pinned couple is able to
kiss each other through the front
window, climaxing the serenade.


\ J " .t .(
'3n f .~



Wonderfully Styled in
Cool, Thirsty, Terry Cloth


r .



i$3 95

White . . . Aqua . . . Gold . . . Shrimp
to Matclh or Contrast
Sketched left to right-


-~ dr

x .. - ,
r/ 4 A
® 7 !

A SHORTS, boy style ......... $2.25
A CREW SHI RT, short sleeves. . .. 1.95
A CAP, cuffed back.... ....... 1.95
TENT SH I RT, two pockets. . ..,..,.3.95
SCOOP NECK SHIRT...........1.95
SHORTS, with cuff ............ 2.50



Not Sketched, but in stck-

BRA, with cuff.. ............. .
SHIRT, collar, 34 sleeves.,...... .

1 .59

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