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March 30, 1952 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1952-03-30

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SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1952

Thirty-Eight Candidates Scramble


SL Posts


Campus Eleetion Slated
For Tuesday,_Wednesday
The month long all-campus election derby will end in the wee
hours of Thursday morning.
Between now and then campaigning will come to an abrupt halt,
the students will flock to the polls and the ballots will be counted. The
elections will be Tuesday and Wednesday.
* * *
TO AID STUDENTS in understanding how the Student Legislature
candidates feel on certain key issues, The Daily has again prepared
a list of questions that each of the hopefuls may answer.
In addition, a brief, statement from each candidate is being
printed. Because of space limitations the candidates were limited t4
yes or no answers.
The questions are:
1-Will a time limit best further the cause of the SL in the removal
of bias clauses from the constitutions of campus organizations?
2-Do you favor SL pressing for a coed Union in the foresee-
able future?
3-Should SL move for the abolition of the University Lecture
4-Should SL support an annual inter-class Tug of War?
5-Does SL accurately represent student opinion?
In question four, if the candidate favors SL making ┬žure that
organization takes over the Tug-of-War, he should still answer yes.
In other columns will be found the statements of candidates for
other student offices.
Thirty nine students are competing for the 22 SL posts. The last
two elected will serve for only a semester, while the others will serve
a year.
* * -.* *

I may serve the student body in
a manner which will reflect the
faith that they have placed in me
and also in a manner creditable
to the principles for which the
University of Michigan stands."
4' 4 *
Buckley, Marge, '54
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes: 4-
yes; 5-yes.
"As the only representative of
the student body as a whole; SL
has the right and duty to work
cn such issues as face the student
body, as the Lecture Committee,
discrimination other than by
affiliate groups, a student book
store, etc. I feel that I could be
useful in seeing that students
get action in these and other vital
* * *
Downer, Mary Jo, '54
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-
no; 5-yes.
"My experience in working on
SL this past semester has shown
me that SL is a very worthwhile
organization. I would like to con-
tinue in furthering student in-
terests and helping the students
maintain a voice in their educa-
Chacarestos, Mary Ann,
1-no; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-no;
"I believe in student govern-,
ment, in improving the relation-
ship between administration, fac-
ulty and students, in improving
students' say in campus problems.
SL is the way to do this and I am
willing to serve and use my ability
to strengthen SL in carrying out
its function on campus."
* *1 *
Cohen, Herb, '53
1-yes; 2-no; 3-yes; . *-no;

pus orginazation. I would like to
aid in its development."
Davis, Sam L., '54
1-yes; 2-yes;3--yes; 4-no;
"The Student Legislature should
take a more positive stand on
many campus problems. I feel that
I'm qualified to serve on SL since
I am willing to take a definite
stand on issues and fight and
work for them."
* * *

Diamond, Sondra,
1-yes; 2-no; 3-yes;
(No statement)
* * *


Alarie, Janet, '54
1--no; 2-no; -3-no; 4-yes;
"I desire to serve on the Student
Legislature because I have a sin-
cere and eager interest in the
organization and its functions.
SL is a means through which the
students opinion may be voiced
freely without restriction. It is
my desire to take part in the work-
ing of this agency and represent
the entire student body to the ut-
most of my ability."
* * *
Armstrong, Dale
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-yes; f
"If elected, I would strive to

better coordinate and integrate
our campus functions in order
that we will get the most from
our years here at the University.
SL demands all the time of its
legislators, and I have that time."
Baity, John, '54
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-yes;
"I desire to be on the Student
Legislature because I have an
active interest in all the affairs
of the University of Michigan. I
sincerely desire to help my fellow
students so as to assure that their
opinions will be considered and
that their feelings be considered
in the decisions and policies made
on this campus. My wish is to be
elected to the legislature so that

Ely, Bob, '54E
1-no; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-no;
"I am willing to work hard to
make SL worthy of the full stu-
dent support which it now lacks.
My experience as president of my
high school student government
will be of great help towards this
end. I was appointed to fill a
vacancy on SL and am now work-
ing for a University non-profit
Friedman, Mort, '53
1-yes; 2-no; 3-no; 4-yes;
"Having participated in various
activities throughout the campus
during the past two years, I now
want to put my knowledge into
practice to help expand the power
of the legislature to the point
where it can govern all student
affairs as the true representative
body of the students. I realize
how .the actions of the Student
Legislature affects every single
student and I want to help guide
it in the direction where it will
do the most good for all the stu-
* * *
Friedman, Ted, '53
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4--
yes; 5-yes.
"The views of the independent
liberal and of the working student
deserve capable expression. I shall
work for a vigorous SL that will

protect and extend the social,
academic and political rights of
all the student body."
* * *
Furstenau, Ann, '54
1-no; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-yes;
"I have been very interested in
student government since I first
came to Michigan and I feel that
SL would give me a broader know-
ledge of legislative activity, on our
campus. I would work toward de-
veloping an awareness of all stu-
dents toward Michigan's SL,,
therefore making it a more effect-
ive governing body. SL has be-
come an increasingly important
part of campus life and I would
like to work for its advancement."
* * *
Albert, Charles
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-yes;
"The Stlent Legislature has
done a great deal on campus in
the past few years and has great
possibilities in the future. I would
like to help make sure that SL
does continue its good work in the
* * *
Glover, Robin, '53
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-no;
"Two semesters on the SL cab-
inet have given me experience
which I hope to utilize toward
making SL even more effective
during the coming year. If re-
elected I would put special em-
phasis on the following projects:
1-working towards the feasability
of. an .all-student Union; 2-the
enlarging of a student book ex-
change and supply store and 3-
continued NSA participation BUT
in a region of Big Ten schools."
* * *
Greenberg, Paul, '54
1-yes; 2-no; 3-no; 4-no;
"If I am elected to the Student
Legslature I would like to work
more towards cooperation between
the administration and the Legis-
lature. I feel that the recent ac-
tions of the SL in constantly de-
manding concessions from our
administration and faculty leads
to a feeling of animlosity, co-opera-
tion would alleviate this situation
and would in turn, I feel, make
the Administration more inclined
to work with us. I would also like
to see the SL function as a co-
ordinating force between various
campus organizations.
* * *
Hicks, Fred, '54
1-no; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-
yes; 5-no.
"There are particular issues (a
full-time student book store and
making the Union and League
coed both in administration and
activities) which I feel SL should
promote, on which there has been
taken little or no action."
* *' *
Hirschman, Stu
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-no; 4--
yes; 5-no.
"I've attended every meeting of
SL since first arriving on campus
and realize from my observations
that it is a dead debating society.
Therefore, from you my fellow
students, I am seeking the right
to start making enough noise to
wake them up. I'm not a Dean

Martin or Jerry Lewis; but if you
give me the opportunity, I'll create
such a darn amount of noise, un-
til bias clauses and the lecture
committee are wiped right off
* * *
Jones, Jean, '53
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-
yes; 5-yes.
"My main reasons for running
for re-election to SL are these:
1-I want to continue working on
the book store, to enlarge it and
find a convenient location. 2-
There is much to be done on the
Culture and Educational commit-
tee, i.e. curriculum revision, re-
quirement changes, student ad-
visors program and calendar re-
vision which I'd like to help
Lardner, Pete, '53E
1-no; 2-no; 3-no; 4-no;
"Student Legislature should be
a sober and responsible represen-
tative of student opinion working
for student needs and interest. I
would like to see cooperation,
often neglected at present, with
other student groups and the ad-
ministration"tocoordinate such
plans as a student union, a stu-
dent bookstore, and a satisfactory
* * 4'
Loomis, John, '53
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-no;
"Student government is an in-
tegral part of college life, perhaps
the most important part. It is im-
portant because it enables the stu-
dent body to take an active part
in their school's administration.
I would like to be able to serve
on the Student Legislature for
this reason."
* * *
Mackay, Dorothy,
1-yes;s2-yes; 3-yes; 4--
no; 5-yes.
"There are several reforms
which I and many students 'de-
sire to see accomplished on the
campus. I would like to strengthen
further the work of such projects
as have already been taken up by
the legislature, as well as to work
with determination on arising
Mann, Pat, '52SM
1-no; 2-no; 3-yes; 4-no;
"It is an extremely important
body in directing student activ-
ities and working on student prob-
lems, and I'm really anxious to
help make it even more success-
ful than before. I'd also like to
see SL become more representa-
tive of all groups and schools at
Moore, Al, '56
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-yes;
Through a stronger Student
Legislature the student body as
a whole has a stronger voice in
University affairs. SL is being
heard; I'd like to be a part of that
projecting voice."
W "* "

"I want to continue my work on
SL for the second year because
there is a great need for ex-
perience on SL. One of SL's most
serious handicaps in the past has
been lack of continuity and I want
to devote all my effort and ex-
perience to the task of providing
this continuity. It is my desire
to work in behalf of student in-
terest through contact and co-
ordination with the Administra-
Netzer, Janet, '54
1-no; 2--yes; 3-no; 4-
yes; 5-yes.
"I want to work on SL in order
to help it realize its potential
and gain a position of respect on
this campus in regards to both the
administration and the students.
Phillips, Dick, '55
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-
yes; 5-yes.
"Many issues have recently
arisen about which I have a great
interest. Among these is the ques-
tion "Should any man or group
of men have the power to re-
strict the full exercise of the free-
dom of speech." I believe that re-
fusing anyone the right to speak
on campus is inconsistent with
the philosophy of a free educa-
tion and that the existence of any
committee which does so is un-
justified. T];herefore, I wish to be
elected to the Student Legislature
so that I might work on this and
other problems to improve the
* * *
Popkin, Sue, '54
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-
no; 5-yes.
"Being on the Student Legisla-
ture for a year has convinced me
more than ever of the importance
of student government on this
campus, and of the necessity of
having experienced members on
the SL to improve its position and
make it better able to speak for
and serve the campus."
* * *
Reardon, Bob, '54
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-yes;
"Having worked with several
campus organizations, I realize
the need for good interested
leadership. Because of my ex-
perience and my desire to aid in
improving the position of the stu-
dent, I think I am qualified to
assume a good share of this leader-
Sandweiss, Leonard, '53
1-yes; 2--yes; 3-yes; 4-
no; 5-yes.
"I should like to serve on SL
because I feel that SL has an im-
portant function in helping to
form University policy, and in
serving the students. I think that
I possess the experience and
knowledge necessary to be a cap-
able legislator, and I should like
to be part of an alert and respon-
sible liberal voice in the Student
Sperling, Larry, '53
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4-
no; 5-yes.
"I'm a political science major


"I feel that the Student Legis-
lature, though it lacks in many
ways, has the potentiality of be-
coming an extremely useful cam-

and Student Legislature is the
practical application of all the
theories I've been studying. I be-
lieve that I can help to make SL
a strong and effective voice of
student opinion."
* *' *
Stevens, Marv, '54
1-yes; 2-yes; 3-yes; 4--
no; 5-yes.
"I believe there is a definite
need on SL for people who have
an interest in working for the
students and who are capable of
carrying out beneficial action. I
believe I can do that job."
, ,*
Sullivan, Joe, '52
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-no;
"I wish to serve on the Student
Legislature because it is my belief
that student opinion can be effec-
tively channeled through the med-
ium of a truly representative stu-
dent government. In this respect, I
would work to stimulate a greater
participation in the activities of
SL on the part of the student
Thomas, Norman, '53
1-no; 2--yes; 3-no; 4-yes;
"I wish to serve on the Student
Legislature so that I might help
carry out policies which student
opinion demands. I feel that stu-
dent government is increasing in
importance and I would like to
have the opportunity to work with
it in this upward movement."
* * $
Willems, Chuck, '53
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-no;
"In working on the Public Re-
lations Committee I have become
interested in the purpose and
functioning of SL. I would like to
become an SL member to aid in
the realization of these goals and
make Michigan a better place to
live and study."
Wladis, Sue, '53
1-yes; 2-no; 3-no; 4-no;
"I believe that my past offices
in various aspects of student gov-
ernment on this campus have
given me the necessary experience
to reflect student opinion and to
work effectively on St."
*. * *
Younkblood, Jim, '54
1-no; 2-yes; 3-no; 4-no;
"For a long time I have wanted
to reach more students on the
Michigan campus; to project my
ideas on a broader screen; and to
receive many more view-points
than I can get in the limited
range in which I am now working.
SL does these three things to the
fullest extent."
* * *
Zarrow, Herbert, 55P
1-no; 2-yea; 3-no; 4-yes;
"I feel that being a member of
such an organization would en-
able me to get a broader view on
many subjects and would give
me a chance to get a more bal-
anced education."
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Bob, '54
2-yes; 3-no; 4-no;




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