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February 25, 1951 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1951-02-25

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Deviltry Takes Spotlight
For Brotherhood Week

Although it was officially known
as Brotherhood Week, the past
seven days saw bribery, pranks,
and petty crime take the spotlight
in the collegiate world.
Of course, the biggest scandal of
the week--flashed by front page
headlines throughout the country
was exposed in New York City,
where three Long Island Univer-
sity basketball stars were arrested
on charges of taking gamblers'
The scandal, which rocked the
sports world, also involved Man-
hattan College and City College of
New York basketball stars. Mean-
while, New York police continued
their probe, which threatened to
rtlin the reputation of "amateur"
college basketball.
IN SASKATOON, Canada, Uni-
versity of Saskatchewan coeds had
a shocking night when the main
women's residence hall was invad-
Department of Speech
1-Act Plays
Al Nadeau, Grad.
James Gregory, '51
Jean-Paul Sartre
Thurs., Fri., 8 P.M.
Box Office Open
Wednesday-1 A.M.

ed by masked hoodlums at 2 a.m.
in the morning.
A large number of disguised
house-breakers had apparently
slipped through windows and
jaunted around the dormitory,
awakening the slumbering wom-
en with blatant profanity and
cries of "fire."
Some broke into the rooms and
pulled screaming females out of
bed, while in other rooms, the
pranksters were busy throwing
mattresses out the windows. '
* * *
THE HOODLUMS also entered
the bathroom and turned on the,
bath tub faucets. The tubs over-
flowed, flooding the surrounding
halls with water that dripped to
the floors below.
Some of the masked raiders
were armed with flashlight
cameras. The camipus paper
later reported that "some inter-
esting pictures were taken."
University officials suspected in-
side help, and a number of wom-
en were questioned, but this was
merely speculative.
* * *
AT Northwestern University, the
Daily Northwestern, campus paper,
discovered overnight a tremendous
increase in its circulation-5,500
copies of the paper were stolen by
as yet unidentified persons.
Several seniors were suspected
of the theft, as the dean of stu-
dents and Evanston police
launched a drive to expose the
instigators of the prank. Be-
cause of the theft, it was feared
that difficulties with the paper's
advertisers and postal authori-
ties would arise.
Costs of the incident may have
to be met by the senior class, it was

--AP News Photo
RFC LOANS AIRED--Studied, sober expressions reflect the line
of testimony as these three witnesses appear at the Senate bank-
ing sub-committee's inquiry on RFC loan business. Left to right,
the witnesses are E. Merl Young, high-salaried Washington "ex-
peditor"; Edgar Kaiser of Kaiser-Frazer, and Rex Jacobs, Detroit
Two New Courses To Begin
On 'U' Television Hour Todaiy

Two new telecourses, "Lands and
Peoples of the Far East" and "In-
terior Design - The Home and
Contemporary Living," will begin
the University's second semester of
television-education at 1 p.m. to-
day over WWJ-TV, Detroit.
Consisting of 14 programs, the
Far East course will be taught by
faculty members of the Center for
Japanese Studies and other de-
It will cover the history, geogra-
phy, art, ' culture and political
problems of China, Japan, Korea,
and the Philippines and other Far
Eastern areas. Prof. Robert Hall

of the geography department, Di-
rector of the Japanese Center, will
introduce the first program.
Prof. Catherine Heller of the
College of Architecture and Design
will conduct the design telecourse,
which will run for seven weeks.
Room models will be used to
demonstrate room arrangement,
and the class will stress new de-
velopments and contemporary
thought in designing home in-
The University Extension Ser-
vice will be the subject of the
broadcast's weekly teletour- of

Ann Arbor
Differs Over
FDR Holiday
A recent proposal in Congress to
make Jan. 30-the late President
Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday-
a national holiday was greeted
yesterday with varied reactions in
Ann Arbor.
On the approving side, Don Mc-
Neil, Grad., newly elected presi-
dent of the campus Young Demo-
crats, was enthusiastic over the
.bill. "It would be a fine tribute to
a man whose life and works will
long be remembered, in spite of at-
tempts to discredit him," he as-
S* *
STRANGELY, from another
Democratic camp came an un-
favorable opinion. Henry Owens,
county chairman of the Demo-
cratic Party, commented: "We
have too many national holidays
George A. Peek, an instructor
in the political science depart-
ment, believed the proposal has
come a "little too soon."
Probably the most vigorous sup-
port of the proposal came from an
Ann Arbor Post Office clerk.
George Crocker, pointed out,
"Down here we'd like all the holi-
days we can get."
One Ann Arbor grocer con-
curred. "That'd be swell!" he ex-
claimed. And then, sentimentally,
"He was a great man, and he did
a great deal."
But Jasper B. Reid, currently up
for re-election as treasurer of the
campus Young Republicans, didn't
think too much of the idea.
More One-Acts
Open Thursday
Play Production's third bill of
one-acts for the season will open
on Thursday in the Lydia Men-
delssohn Theatre.
As in the last bill, two of the
plays presented will be student
written. As is the custom in ev-
ery one-at bill, all of the plays
will be student directed and act-
The two student writers who
will get productions are James
Gregory, "51, -with his play "Final
Returns" and Albert Nadeau,
Grad., with his play "Morgue
Third play on the bill will be
"The. Flies" by the French existen-
tialist Jean Paul Sartre.
Tickets will go on sale at 10
a.m. Thursday in the Mendels-
sohn box-office. They will cost 30
Sigma Delta Chi
To Meet in Detroit
DETROIT - ) - Sigma Delta
Chi, professional journalistic fra-
ternity with a membership of
more than -18,000, will hold its
1951 national convention here
Nov. 14-17.
The Detroit Chapter will be co-
host with undergraduate chapters
at the University of Michigan and
Michigan State College and the
professional Central Michigan
chapter at Lansing.
The Detroit chapter sought the
convention here as its contribu-
tion to Detroit's 250th birthday

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the shirt loops and skirt slots-and a
two-piece dress becomes one!
Twist, bend, turn-the shirt stays put.
This Henderson Casual patented
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Sneeze Has Long, Proud Tradition


With a flu epidemic nearly upon
the campus community, it might
be well to relate a few time tested
cures for the disease and the
philosophical implications of ohe
of its symptoms-the sneeze.
According to'a book in the Gen-
eral Library, superstitious folk,
have developed several methods for
dealing with the nasty sickness.
electric light, the best cure was


to blow out the candles and* then
sit sniffing the smoke.
Perhaps the easiest method is
tieing a lock of hair to a stick
(whether the hair is on or off
the head is not specified).
A woman can supposedly rid
herself of the flu by sneezing. in
her husband's shoe.
BELIEFS ABOUT the sneeze are
nearly as ancient as the act itself.
Aristotle believed that un-


New Formals arriving daily

wanted thoughts were removed
from the brain by sneezing,
while others have felt that the
soul leaves the body during a
sneeze. Hence throughout the
world the custom has arisen to
make a wish for the person's
well-being after he lets loose.
During the plague or 590 A.D.,
the sneeze was often followed by
death. After that, all within hear-
ing range of a sneeze murmured,
"God bless you."
* * * *
IN GERMANY, sneezing in the
middle of a story is a sure sign
of its validity. And in this country
if one sneezes so violently as to rip
out a button hole, he will become
Superstition has it that sneez-
ing is lucky while reading, be-
fore resting, while sowing seeds,
before battle, or at the beginning
of an argument.
But it is a bad omen to sneeze
while putting on your shoes.
The best all around cure for a
fit of sneezing is said to be: pull
a hair from the nose, shoot off re-
volvers, press the upper lip tightly
against the teeth and recite the
alphabet backwards.
.-:.: : : . : .. :: . . : : . .:: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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