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December 13, 1950 - Image 12

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Michigan Daily, 1950-12-13

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m U I

Many Nations
Provide Basic
Yule Legends
Rings, Switches and
Myrrh Are Important
At Christmas Time
Christmas always seems to bring
a deluge of legends about the lit-
tle old man with the belly like
jelly, the various objects to be
found in his pack and the reasons
for his existence.
In many parts of Europe Decem-
ber 6 is the day that St. Nick be-
stows presents on good children
and switches on the bad. From
this day on, until Christmas, the
children go about carrying good
luck switches which are used on
elders in return for gifts.
There are many legends about
this St Nickolas, or as we know
him, Santa Claus. According to one
such tale he is the protector of all
humble and small folk and the
special guardian of unmarried°
women, so coeds lend an ear.
* * *
AT ONE TIME, this good soul
learned of three young women who
were without male companions be-
cause their father could not pro-
vide them with a dowry.
As a means of helping them
escape their plight, St. Nick fill-
ed three bags with gold one night
and threw them into the win-
dows of the spinisters' rooms,
and soon they were happily mar-
ried! Hence sprang the legend of
unexpected gifts from Santa
This led to the chubby gent be-
ing pictured in the possession of
three bags of gold which soon be-
came three gold balls. Merchants
tlought of him as the watch and
ward over all the worldly goods,
and as a result, the three golden
balls became the sign of the pawn-
* * *.
RINGS AND other pieces of
jewelry are often presented in tiny
boxes, but in Sweden custom de-
mands a complete disguise for the
gift. The small box is wrapped and
packed in a larger one with the
process being repeated until the
gift is finally hidden in a series
of boxes. This constitutes the
Swedish custom of Yule Klapp.
In commemoration of the
gifts of the three. wise men, it
has become the custom of the
King of England to present gifts
of frankincense, gold and myrrh
to the Chapel Royal at Christ-
mas time each year.
Returning to native shores, there
is the age old, and strongly ap-
proved, custom of mistletoe. This
tradition had its origin in foreign
lands, but scarcely a house'can be
found on campus which does not
have its bouquet of "cupid's little
From prince to pauper, people
through the years all followed the
Christmas customs, and all seem
to agree that these legends are a
part of the important ingredients

Color Highlights Holiday


SHOE SOCKS-Shocking pink
embroidered shoe socks with
soft leather soles make ideal
Christmas gifts for women and

FRENCH LIFE-This blue satin
box, designed to represent a
French sailor's hat is packed
afull of fragrant perfumes, lip-
sticks, et al. The box is topped
with a bright red French pom

SWEATER GIRL-The colorful
sweater above is fashioned for
skiing or sledding. A collared
cardigan style, it has the colors
of a kaleidoscope.

Experts Urge,
Careful Buying
Consider Individual
For Personal Items
Personalized gifts for Christmas,
w h i c h come from individual
thought and advance planning,
will have special meaning for both
giver and receiver.
When selecting gifts for a wom-
an, one must buy with her special
interests in mind.
For the stay-at-home, one might
choose gay comfortable slippers, a
colorful robe or a negligee of mid-
night black or angelic white.
The woman who delights in
shopping sprees may enjoy a
shoulder-strap handbag in the new
bright plaids or fine leathers. The
gift may' be further personalized
with initials.
A novel gold circlet to keep her
gloves from straying from her bag
will appeal to almost any woman.
For the career or college wom-,
an, a gift choice might be one of,
the gaily patterned scarfs in a va-
riety of colors and sizes to lend
accent to her costumes. A fine
piece of luggage or an initialed
handbag would also be appropri-
Any woman will enjoy Christ-
mas gifts chosen just for her, such
as a compact encrested with spar-
kling jewels, a rhinestone neck-
lace or pearl earrings. Perfumes,
colognes and bath salts will rate
top-place honors if selected with
the woman's personality in mind.

Calling all men . . . . Calling
all Michigan men !
Just three more weeks till
Christmas morn dawns. T h e
Christmas tree will~ be sparkling
with gifts for Mother, Sister, Wife
or Campus Queen.
Here are some gift ideas to en-
chant, amuse and delight the lady
on the list who means most to
every private Santa Claus who is,
wondering what to give.
A GIFT most. women will ap-
preciate is the ever popular per-
fume or cologne set.
The fashion expert in the
family, the career girl who de-
lights in wearing clothes of the
best quality, will probably pre-
fer a small bottle of subtle yet
exotic perfume to complement
her wardrobe.
There's a flirt in every family,
whether she's eight or eighty. A
frankly flirtatious heavy perfume
is appropriate for this particular
THE LADY who seems to have
everything will always welcome a
Christmas Candle
To give the Christmas candle
the prominent place it deserves it
can be arranged in a setting of an-
gel's hair, shiny balls and stars.
When lit and placed before or over
a mirror the candle becomes an
important part of the Christmas

Perfume Suggested As Gift for Any Woman

fragrant eau de cologne with an
unusual scent.,
For the love'of his life, the
romance members of the fam-
ily forum--whether she be wife
or mother, about-to-be-engaged
sister, or just the most import-
ant woman in his life--the shop-
per might choose a light per-
fume with a sentimental title.
Sets of eau de cologne and bath
talc, or perfume and soap are

popular Christmas gifts. Many of
these come wrapped in "Merry
Christmas" packages.-.a holly
wreath with stars and berries,
Christmas bells a n d candles,
sparkling minature sleighs.
Perfume is a - favorite gift
which will help make the holiday.
sparkle for any woman. The trick
is in choosing a perfume or col-
ofge best suited to the woman on
one's Christmas list.

Scented Liquids Add Aroma
To Foreign Christmas Pastry -

"Sugar and spice and everything;
nice" that's what Christmas cakes
are made of.
Although each country has it'sr
own special feast cakes, the basic
ingredients are the same every-
Scented liquids which vary in
different lands add to the aroma,
of the cakes. In ancient times the
aroma was believed to ascend to
the heavens and please the senses
of the gods.
THE GERMAN housewife adds1
rose water and honey to scent,
Christmas pastries and orange,
flower water is the liquid ingredi-
ent used in Italy. English cooks
flavor their cakes with lavender
Each county in England boasts
of its own special sweet dish.
It is likely to be rather rich and
heavy since the English are said
to enjoy tasting each individual
ingredient in their pastries.
One of the most popular is the
Simnel cake which looks like a
little golden chest stuffed with
fruit mixture. It is made of saffron
colored shells filled with rich plum
*' * s
PEPPERNUTS, which are tiny
spicy cakes, hard as nuts, are
among the holiday pastries made
in Germany. Equally popular are
the small German swirl rolls which
are cut in various forms to repre-
sent Christmas figures.
During the Christmas season
in Italy stalls are set up in the
streets for the making of fried
cakes and a delicious candy of
honey and almonds. The fra-
grant odor of roasted chestnuts,
apples and pumpkins permeates
the air.
Another. Italian delicacy is the

Genoese fruit
and served in

cake which is iced
thin slices.
* *

THE FAMOUS cakes of St. Nich-.
olas, hard little cookies, come from.k
Holland. The Bohemian Christmast
twist looks as interesting as it
tastes.'It is'a sweet yeast cake con-s
sisting of three braids placed ont
top of each other.l
The housewife in France de-
pends on the baker to supply
most of her pastry with the ex-l
ception of the dainty French1
creamcakes which she makes.
In ancient Scandinavia the
Christmas Eve celebrations were
elaborate with prolonged feasting.
Yule cakes were made of the finest
flours sweetened with honey, then
sliced, toasted and soaked in spicy
Although the special Christmas
cakes of foreign lands were the
outgrowth of superstitious customs,
they are still traditionally served.
In Europe today gifts of fine cakes
are given to express the Christmas
Stores Feature
Leave it to the women to come
up with something new and excit-
ing in the way of Christmas gifts
for their dad or favorite man.
Ties, always welcomed by the
fastidious male, come in a variety
of new designs and-bold colors. A
local men's clothing store features
ties patterned with appliqued fish
flies, pheasants and ducks that,
look almost real. They make ideal
gifts for the sportsman in the
Gloves, an ever popular gift, may
be selected from a long list of
style4 including pigskins, knits,
doeskins, and furs.
* * *
FOR THEcstyle conscious male,
one might choose a terry cloth
sports shirt. These shirts which

Gift Wrapping
Hints Oferedt
Paper Scraps, String
Dress Up Packages
Just as people often judge a book
by its cover, they also judge a gift
by its wrapping.
A bit of imagination, a few
scraps of paper and ribbon can
convert the plainest box of hand-
kerchiefs into a gift that will al-
ways be remembered.
Girst for men can be wrapped in
bold masculine paper. Instead of
pastel or flowered paper, a bright
red or navy with gay stickers is an
appropriate covering for men's ties
or socks. .

VARIETY in plain wrappings
can be achieved by tying the gift
with colored string and fastening
the string and tag securely to the
gift with a large piece of sealing
A feminine touch is created by
covering the gift with crepe pa-
per, leaving enough. paper hang-
ing over one end so that it can
be stretched and shaped into
dainty ruffles.
An oddly shaped box can be
easily wrapped by pasting the pa-
per which has ben cut to fit the
faces of the box, directly on the
outside. Useful and attractive boxes
made in this way can be re-used
for trinkets and doo-dads.
TINY GIFTS may be fixed to
resemble colorful snow balls by
rolling the gift in a ball of tissue
paper. The outer layer is pasted
smoothly around the ball. The ball
is then rolled again in paste and
in small strips of colored tissue or
bright metallic dots.
Scarfs, handkerchiefs or stock-
ings can be wrapped to resemble

/ $
i- i
c'uddile warm scuffs of 7/m
genuine bunny-fur 4..9
* PINK I' da 4

£a diei3' JaIripj nq
No appointments
Liberty near State
Fed. Tax
I7<0 04>) (=( 0 ~~ ~ i
' a t Y IA i
I magine! Glass base - -
Ipearls, great glitering Utt -
rhinestone clasps, at a
Iispecial purchase $1.
And they're all copies .
of fabulous imports.
Choose two or three
strands, bib necklace,
dog collars, tiong or
short necklaces,. ad-~~
riustabe clasps, brace-
UV lets . . . al specially pc e 1l
purchase oose rnow
. .d. for yourself, for
U Christmas ,
" 0 c


...... .......
........... .......
. ..... ......

candles. The gifts are placed in-
side a cardboard tube covered
with silver paper. The cardboard
base from a roll of wax paper
makes a suitable tube.
When the gift is secured in the
tube a red ribbon is attachedso
that it hangs out like the wick of

Detroit Stylist
specializing in
hair shaping, styling
and permanent waving
here every Tuesday


v le": t. "" a"h.
'YW"V KVl. hf""""J
".VJ"J ":. hVf t: Y."t."J.": V""
JJJJ.": JJ :hV :"h ::IJJ V::: JJJ:tf.:""" " "tAWJJJ hh h""t '" :"f "f "It ".
"flt::.l"NX ".Aft.":.'.".1""J. ". A:Jt 1"'ihVf"V"" h11V :V.:"1"t
.. t"....:Y. J"J,.'Yf..A "V."iir ". JIJJJ t: :Vt .".":.VY.:""",,
'. . h't(JJ: VJ 1hV."Jr. ".:l: :tiYI:'::t... J" 1".. "... ... "..h ". J.:f"VJt:"'": t::J: t
... J ........................ .. JS. ,",........".... "... ..... ". . J.V"{"f ..I.,.,........, "... Y". ",", ,r.. ". l.h... .A.Y... .I1"r ""I",... ~1. 1 ..1..,.,... .1 fJ.Lhh".'f """"'"".""".
.. " ... .Y:::" M"J: J::J.{ f "tlr 1J " .JJ: J: .. " .IJ.:Y ::...................f.h """. ..1.. .. f"t. V:t ""
\."... ........" .......""...... ...." .......... ", ..., ."... ...+ ... ". N".. " . ...... .... .... f..," . .. ,. ... .1 """." ".. "" J.1:M.1 " J ",."" A V:: {: t.1" :Ifi J!""1V' M
n. .:+.. ..4.. ..1. . A. . 1. r. ..h. !. J., r°..".. . t.. r.. . a . r.". . tvw . r !. f
" r . rr " 6"r +":



215 S. Fifth Ave. Ph. 7249

Santa Says:
For the most personal
of gifts, give him
an engraved gift,
such as -
Have his initials CUFF LINKS
hand engraved on KNIFE
your gift by a skilled MONEY CLIP
craftsman at no
additional charge.
Choose your engraved
gift now from the/
wide selection at .


are lined inside with blue denim a candle. The name tag can be cut
will probably be seen on many and glued to the ribbon to make
Michigan men after the Yuletide the flame.
vacation. *
Little brothers and grandfath- MODERN ART has invaded the
ers will certainly go for the col- gift wrapping world too. Many
legiate looking mouton trimmed Christmas papers seen in the stores
caps. They come in a variety of feature weird and fanciful abstract
colors with either grey or brown designs.
mouton fur. Dark backgrounds are promi-
An extra special gift would be nent in wrapping papers this
the raccoon caps which quite a few season. Many patterns on coal
men's stores claim as the latest black or navy blue blackg'ounds
in masculine fashions, are being shown.
* * * -. Cheery red Santa Clauses or
THE ENVY of any coed are the white snow men seem even bright-
beautiful cashmere sweaters she er against a dark background.
purchases for the men on her
Christmas list. V-necked or turtle
necked, these cashmeres are avail-
able in all colors and shades. GIFT WRAPPING
If husband or Dad needs a
new robe, the shopper can choose It's the frilly bows and fancy
from a wide selection of wool paper that proclaim the Holi-
gabardines and bright Tartan
plaids. If he's a Michigan man day Season. Any charge?
(of the collegiate type) he may
prefer a yellow and blue striped not at
rayon satin rdbe. BALFOUR'S
Boyfriend, father or uncle, they
are certain to enjoy any gift from 1319 South University
their favorite coed on Christmas
to( ~z; 0 o-o<=> 0omO 0o<=o o r:
nightgowns at the Ann Owens Shop. You'll love
these.Puerto Rican pretties . . in nylon,
rvn_ nd film- cri IT'_rin R t _::. (


0 0

Be a "Knight" befc

Give glarorous
ore Christmas Christmas

is gifts


!I J f +,'
J 1
" 1 J J

f000 0'
_ x

, . ,
:: a
.:3 ..

\,t .
/ '44
t .4.'
2 4
2 "
22; y


- ..--
---' i


^. _ ...




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