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March 26, 1950 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1950-03-26

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SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 1950

ld Styles Loom as Harbingers of '60 Trend
4-* * * * * *

Simplicity To Be Keynote
Of Hair Styles This Season



Members of the current fashion
world seem to be predicting a
backward trend to the styles of
If this proves to be the case,
nany a mind will soon commence
o ponder the problem as to just
what decade each succeeding fem-
nine generation will select for re-
petition in its wardrobe.
* * *
L960's will choose to sport the floor
ength skirts popular at the be-
ginning of the current century.
Modesty seemed to reign then what
with the tresses of hair which each
woman sported wound up in either
braids or buns.
To complete the fashionable
Gibson girl outfit, blouses fea-
turing long or three quarter
sleeves and neck ruffles added
the final touch to a demure and
dainty outfit. Hats were large,
due to the abundance of hair
which was the fashion, and they
fitted low on the forehead and
surrounded the face with a wide
brim which was either stiff or
floppy depending on the wear-
er's taste.
With the addition of ten years
o the century, came the removal
of ten inches from the length of
nilady's hemlines. Women began
o take their ankles out of hiding
by revealing them beneath full
voluminous skirts.
WAISTLINES were also on the
:ise at this time, as were the stand
.ip collars currently being featur-
Students attending the first
production of the Michigan Un-
ion Opera which featured both
men and women in the cast,
probably had no little difficulty
viewing the stage due to the
tremendously wide brimmed hats
which the feminine members of
the audience were sporting.
"Yes, We Have No Bananas" was
the theme song of the early twen-
ties when close fitting hats with
rolled brims appeared on the
scene. Skirts began to shrink in
volume, being straight and nar-
row and reaching to the ankles.

traying the "American Wife" in
mne of the early flickers and at
the same time, the American
voman was sporting dresses which
featured either very low waists or
Jlse no waist line at all.
The well known daring and
roaring flappers appeared on the
scene with the coming of the
late twenties. Hemlines rose to
a length which was just below
the knees, and the waist line
was lowered until the two al-
most were merged. Blouses were
straight and loose fitting giving
the wearer a supreme air of cas-
"A Lady of Chance" was the
current cinema attraction, and
many an American woman took
the chance of disrupting a serene
and happy home life by paying a
visit to the most sacred of all
male sanctums, the barber shop!
Tired of sporting a head of hair
which took a whole day to wash,'
and anxious to wear the new close
fitting cloche hat, women decided
to definitely favor the new close
cropped cut.
k * *
football games were seen featuring
the now fabulous coonskin coat.
Cloth coats featured wider collars
and cuffs which gave the wearer
a bundled look. Clothes for dress-
ier occasions dripped with an over-
abundance of bangles and beads.
The Charleston was the dance
of the day, and the short evening
dress made its mark in the world
of fashion.
With the coming of the thirties,
hemlines were once again dropped
to ankle length, and broad trim-
med hats were once again the fad.
This time, however, chapeaus re-
mained up and off the forehead
in comparison to the ones of the
early century.
* * *
IN THIS DECADE, the hemlines
couldn't seem to make up their
mind as to just what length would
take the fashion world by storm.
The late thirties and early-forties
showed a new rise to knee length
with the college woman sporting
pleated skirts and the ever popu-
lar saddle shoes. Box sweaters and

WHEN MOTHER WAS A FRESHMAN-With the carrent trend
of fashions to the styles of bygone years, minds are once again
pondering the return of the broad brimmed and elose crowned hats
popular at the beginning of the century.

Short and simple will be the key-
note of hair styles this year.
Designed to flatter the face,
styles this year will accentuate
and play up the high points of the
features, and at the same time
they will look simple and unsoph-
* * *
FOR EVERY face the hair style
will differ according to the indiv-
idual features, but for every smart
coiffure there are certain basic
First of all it must be short, or
it must look short. Very few wo-
men can boast a perfect face,
and an imperfect face needs a
flattering frame to, set it off. For
every person the length at which
the hair should be cut will be
determined by face, figure and
Shaped to the head is another
requirement of well-styled hair.
The style must look like it belongs
to the head. It should not look
all blown out, nor should it look
stringy. A well suited hair style
will look well-trimmed and neat.
* * *
STRAIGHTNESS is also being
emphasized this spring. There are
fewer curls, waves and intricate
rolls. Even with a permanent, one
can recognize straight hair. Per-
manents are being used merely
to givebody to the hair so that
it will curl easily and stay in place.
No matter what the style, a
basic requirement is that well-
polished look. Frequent and
thorough washing of the hair
gives it a neat, gleaming appear-
Brushing is also essential to
achieve that glossy sheen. A long-
bristled brush, one in which the
bristles are long enough to reach'
to the scalp and firm enough to
activate the natural scalp oils is
recommended. A firm downward
stroke that will pull the oil down
to the dry ends and stimulate the
flow of circulation to the scalp is
* * *
THERE ARE several common
mistakes which can make the
hair unflattering and unattractive.
Many women go in for hair does
that are too elaborate and overly
fancy. This type of coiffure us-
ually fails to have any basic pat-
tern and often detracts from the
face which it frames.
At the opposite extreme, the
too mannish hair style is also
unflattering to the face which
it is supposed to accentuate.

Then there is the too long or
too short styles. A cut that is too
short and too thinned gives one
the appearance of being scalped,
while the long, flowing style seems
out of place on any but children.
Frizziness is another bad fault
in some styles. This is usually the
result of an overtight permanent,
or one that has been improperly
The best advice to be followed
in picking 'a hair style that is be-
coming and in vogue is to keep it
short and simple, not too straight
and not too curly. Let it give the
appearance of care and thought
- a neat and well-groomed style,
designed to accent the individual's
own features.
Liquid Sachet
Hits Market,
Liquid skin sachet, a creamy
pink lotion, is the latest thing in
scents and is taking the fragrance
world by storm.
This unusual scenting medium
is long lasting and easy to use.
The fragrance is all sweetness and
spice and fits in well with the new
feminine trend in fashions. The
scent is also characterized by a
lilt and liveliness which seems to
carry out the theme of the spring
The sachet is to be used only
on the skin and applied as per-
fume. According to experts, any
type of scent should be applied
to "pulse points," where the heat
of the body diffuses and heightens
the fragrance of the perfume.
Such points as the wrists, the
temples, the hairline and the sides
of the neck are considered most
desirable for the application of
fragrance -products.
The sachet has an extremely
high perfume content and the
fragrance remains for many hours.
It is not greasy and will not stain
This creamy sachet comes in
eautifully designed containers, a
large flacon for placing on the
dressingtable and a plastic minia-
ture for carrying in the purse.
This tiny bottle is no larger
than a lipstick and is unbreakable
and leakproof. Actually the sachet
is in a tube which is inserted into
the bottle and which can be re-
moved and replaced by a filler.


the shoulder length bob completed
the coed's ensemble.
The Gibson Girl reappeared
on the fashion scene after the
close of the second world war in
1945, when the "new look" de-
scended on the world of style.
Male disapproval was strongly
voiced on the covering of the fem-
inine legs, but women stayed true
to the law of fashion. Grandma's
blouses were dug out of the attic
trunks along with her long for-
gotten bracelets and Grandpa's
watch fobs. Modesty seemed to be
the pass word once again in the
feminine world.
* * *
NOW THE DECADE of the fif-
ties has fallen on the world, bring-
ing with it predictions that the
twenties are going to roar once

The short hair cut has brought
an abundance of business to the
barbers, hemlines are rising and
swift footed dancers are taking
lessons from the old folks on
the execution of the Charleston
and the rah rah collegiate Var-
sity Drag.
From the fashion viewpoint,
styles have repeated themselves
throughout this century. Perhaps
the next fifty years may bring
new and startling changes in mi-
lady's fashions, or they may even
dip back to the whalebone and
hoop skirted styles of the 1800's.
Whichever the case may be, it
stands to reason that what the
rulers of the kingdom of bonnets
and bustles decree, their feminine
subjects Will pay court to their
very will and word.
The latest word in spring fash-
ions is longer drop earrings for
more and more occasions. Earrings
will be worn for very casual af-
fairs as well as replacing hats foi
evening wear.

Modeled by Elaine Madden
APEX ORIGINAL Actual Photo (Kozmd)


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