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May 06, 1949 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1949-05-06

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FMAY, MA's -6,1949



1'kIDAY, MAT 6, 1949 PAGE

Student Claims Chinese
Not Interested in Politics



Talking Birds Aid in Teaching

1 1

* *


"Most of the Chinese people are
Indifferent to both parties in the
civil war," Tsu-Tung Liu, newly
arrived graduate zoology student,
declared yesterday.
Liu, who left China by plane
only six days ago, explained that
most of the population of China
has no interest in politics, and
wants only peace.
BUT HE STATED that the
Communists' peace terms were too
severe for the Nationalists to ac-
cept, and this made it pointless to
continue the recent peace talks.
Noting that the economic sit-
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uation in China was so confused
now that the Nationalists could
not win the war unless they
straightened it out first, Liu
smiled and said that doing this
"is not so easy."
He commented that the only
way to solve the economic problem
would be to issue silver as cur-
rency. "The people have no faith
in paper money," he said.
* * *
BUT IT IS virtually impossible
for the Nationalists to carry out
such a reform, Liu continued, be-
cause they do not have a large
enough silver stock.
He said that the Communists
called the U.S. "American Impe-
rialists" for their loans to Na-
tionaist China, and remarked
that after the occupation of
Peiping by the Communists, the
policy there did not change very
Liu said that some students fa-
vored Russia and the people of
Shanghai favored the U.S.
"There is a small part of China
which favors one country and a
small part which favors the other,
but most are indifferent to both
sides," he concluded.

Something new in teaching aids
-talking birds has been used in a
University class.
The birds, a parrot and a par-
rakeet, were shown by their owner,
Mrs. Louise M. Ruffins, in Prof.
Harold Guetzkow's psychology of
language class.
* * *
THE CLASS is studying the de-
velopment of language function,
and the birds were used to demon-
strate non-human speech proc-
esses and language acquisition.
Mrs. Ruffins, explaining the
speech of the birds, said that
they learn to speak by minick-
ing the words of people around
them. The birds won't learn just
any words or phrases at all, but
only those they like.
Thus Andy, the parrot, will say
"happy birthday," but not "merry
Christmas" and neither bird
could be induced to swear.
THE LITTLE parrakeet re-
mained silent most of the hour but
Andy, the parrot, was quite proli-
fic. He spoke the usual parrot
phrases: "Polly wants a cracker,"
"how are you," called himself
"pretty boy," and could say "hello
girls," "hmmm" and give a very
realistic wolf whistle.
"The birds don't always per-
form as expected" said Mrs.
Ruffins. "We lent Andy to be
used in a play once, as a pirate's
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Use of Profit '
Motive Upheld
By Waterman
Industrialists and businessmen
should "stop apologizing for prof-
its," Prof. Mervin H. Waterman of
the economics department de-
clared last night.
Speaking before the Missouri
Association of Public Utilities in
Kansas City, Waterman stated
that "profit, the hope for profit
and the opportunity for profit
have together sparked the major
economic developments in this
country and provided the means
of organizing resources."
IT IS THE desire for profits
which causes people to invest their
money and their energy in busi-
ness enterprise, he said.
"Why should we be ashamed
of it .' Lets have more of it, if
it will motivate further ad-
vances in our standards of liv-
"Today's desire for profits is the
same as that which caused Ameri-
cans of an earlier period to leave
their homes and take up new land
on the frontier, he commented.
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next week.
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the Drama Festival. YOU."
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-Daily-Wally Barth
SOMETHING NEW ADDED-Prof. Harold Guetzkow watches
intently as Mrs. Louise Ruffins demonstrates the speaking ability
of Andy, the parrot, while her equally talented parakeet looks on.
The talking birds are being used in a psychology class.
* * * *

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parrot, but when he was sup-
posed to swear he said 'Mother'
"The birds like to imitate pecul-
iar voices and can pick aup almost
any word or phrase" she explained.
"They will learn to ask for what
they want, and when our cat
comes in their room they will call
for me until I take him away."
* * *
THEY MUST be taught by re-
peating the words over and over
to them, she said, and then, be-
cause they are very shy, they will

practice the phrase only when
alone until they become good at
"Then they will say it to
someone. They are also shy be-
fore strangers but talk well
when they get used to an audi-
ence," she said.
"The birds like to laugh and be
laughed at, and Andy is very fond
of children. He will drop a cracker
just to talk to a child and always
makes a lot of noise when they
come into the room," Mrs. Ruf fins

Billion Dollar TV To Replace
Night Time Radio---Chalmers

Television is destined to turn
into a multi-billion dollar replace-
ment of night time radio, William
A. Chalmers, Vice-president of
Kenyon and Echardt Advertising
Agency declared in an informal
talk here yesterday.
"Signs of the trainsformation
are already noticeable in New York
City" he added. "In a few years
most of the country will be enjoy-
ing streamlined television. Al-

ready top flight shows are follow-
ing the extension of cables in this
After explaining the process by
which a screen script is turned into
the finished radio or television
show, Chalmers showed a kine-
scopic film of "Arsenic and Old
Lace" as it appeared over the Ford
Television Theatre of the Air.

116 North Fourth Ave.
Apposite Court House
Phone 2-2549
Assets Over $12,000,000

Q 1949, The Coca-Cola Company

119 So. Main St.

Phone 6924

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