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April 24, 1948 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1948-04-24

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SATURDAY, APRTh 24, 194~

711 M!CfTGA11 AII

1t AGI i M-6

?AOE ~

'U' tudents Honored Yesterday aris Trends
. Revamp Old
This is the remainder of the list Stewart Ran Wor l ee A. I., . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Arthur jord. A.B., LLB., si yIeK i a
of students honored at yesterday's University Fellow ADMINISTRATION Eleanor Clay Ford Testimonias CCessor i
Honors Convocation. German William Bestin lorrmann, B.S.E. ( Al in Debate: Virginia Elizabeth
G AEarence oersma, A., AM K, , + Hyde, Lois Anne Johnson, Deb- Iomantic Feminine La
GRAD)UATE ,,l vh nlinrtPln- r,-

Coed Representative To Attend


Madel lni}iselle Collegc Fomun
Nelda Napier. '48, has been chosen UIy \ Miditmoisel Magaz 'i.nit as
a Michigan delegate to pariticipa to in its foumn eln Eu ropi'zn Feo-
ery and the United States.
Fifty coeds frvm outmstading Americai coileges will at end I h
fifth annual conference today in New York City,. Delegates s <e< ed t
attend the Forum were personally interviewed and consideredx wi; i
reference to scholastic standing


r , Rackham Special Fellow Richard Eugene Brown, B .B.A., B I'
SU)ENTS William Dudley 1uehrer, A.B. Julian Osmond Cumberland, B.B A.
Students selected for outstanding Roger Cecil Norton, A.B. A.M., 44K Robert Scofield IDanforth, lB.A.
achievements in special fields. Roger Winston Reed, B.A. Robert Whitaker Davis, A. B., I', 'IK
THE HORACE HI. RACKHIAM History T heodore Weismian I avis, 11..
SCHOOL OF GRADUATE Abdellatif Ahmed Aly, B.A., M.A. John Arthur Ford, A.B., LL..l, I1',
STUDIES Robert Benaway Brown, A.B., A.M., 4)K4' K I'KI'
Aeronautical Engineering I)onald Francis Drummond, A.B., A.M., Lois Harriet Fytelson, 13.B.A.
Harold Frederick Allen, E.E., M.S.(E.E.), <b11K, 41K(4, Rackham Special Fellow Gerry Grover Haskins, A.B., III'!, 4 KN(
M.S.E., TBI, 2 Arthur Power Dudden, A.B., A.M., <bK4Robert William Hemmingsen, 1.8.,
William Henry Dorrance, l.S.E.(Ae.E.), Sidney Fine, AB., A.M., 'K(4., Rackham M.B.A., III', +K+

oi;rah abinowitz, 1Elvirra Anna
Moses Comber Scholarship iii
Chemistry: Edward George Baker,
1lB lK, 'IIK'1, , l , List Scholar.
Jane Ilghie Award in Dtsi n:
Douglas Reedc Stark.
Burke Aaron Hinsdale Award:
William Robert Dixon, B.A., M.A,
Avery Hopwood and Jule Hop-
Wood Awards: Major Awards:
(Recipients for 1946-47 Essay
Raymond Sidney Ginger, A.B:
+~ John Weston How'ard, A.B., A.M.
Fiction: Robert Fulton Ha ugh,
A.B., Ph.D.; John Arthur Ingwer-
sen, A.B. Poetry: Virgil Glenn
Clark. A.B., A.M.; Sidney Corman,
A.B.; Charles Frank Madden, A.B.,
A.M.; Harold Vernon Witt, A.B..
Minor Awards: (Recipients for

Richard Grayson Fleddermann, B.S.,
B.S..(Ae.E.), M.S.E.(Ae.E.), Z ,
111', Frank P. Sheehan Scholar
lsiao-Kuan Loh, B.S.
r Eugene Migotsky, B.S.E.(Ae.E.), 41K(F,
University Scholar
Wayne Laverne O'Hern, B.S., M.S.E.
Edward Patrick Wynne, B.S., M.S.E.
Joffre Lanning Coe, A.B., <IK
Grace Fuchs, A.B., Aboriginal North
American Research Fellow
Architecture and Design
Paul Henry Coy, B.S., M.Arch.
Robert Milton Page, A.B., M.A., M.S.,
Biological Chemistry
Robert Crary Baldridge, B.S., M.S., +K+
Stanley Cohen, A.B., M.A., 4Kb(
Evelyn Alice Pease, B.S., 4K4)
Herbert Weinfeld, B.S., M.S., +AT
Botany '
Alton McCaleb Harvill, Jr., B.S., M.S.,
Norvel Myrl McClung, A.B.Ed., M.S.,
'P, T, A K(34

Predoctoral Fellow
Norman David Kurland, Ph.B.
David Phelps Leonard, B.A., A.M., LT)K+
John Edward Longhurst, A.B., A.M.
Robert Neil McLarty, A.B., A.M.
Daniel Joseph Mulvihill, A.B., A.M.
Robert Lee Sawyer, Jr., A.B.
Jesse Kelley Sowards, A.B.
Margaret Heiden Sterne, A.B.
Janet Falconer White, A.B., B.S.(L.S.)

John Allen Ilooper, B.B.A., M.B.A.,
Ii 1:, 4K P
,Ronald Stafford Johnson, B.S., BF!, 4K
Peter Savois King, B.S., 1I'-, 4
Frank Langstrom, Jr., A.B.
Edward Hodson Lerchen, A.B., M.B.A.,
Joseph Lippman, B.S., M.B.A.
Leon Harvey Nies, B.S., M.B.A.
Ira Dudley Orvis, B.S.E.(M.E.)

<+ - Richard Henry Rawdon, B.S., BlP, K4 1946-47) Drama: Bruce Douglas
John Wellington Shockley, B.B.A., M.B.A. Callander; John Richard Cook,
Library Scien George Edward Sloane, B.S.E., II-", A.B.; James William Creaser. Es-
James Ernest Green, A.M. 11+1K+, 41 say: Robert Reidel Speckhard,
Agnes Lee Gregory, A.B., A.B.L.S., Gen-Frank McRee Smith, Jr., B.B.A., Bl'2, A.B.; Margery Alice Wald, A.B.
eral Education Board Fellow EasFiction: Robert Manning Arm-I
Georgia Campbell Haugh, B.A., B.A.L, Last man Kodak Fellow strong; Mary Louise Brush. A.B.;
(FRo la Campbell Haugh B.A., B.A.L.S'Paul Cory Staake, Jr., B.B.A., 4K Joe H. Kno ichardB A
Mildred B. Loeffler, B.S.Ed., 4.1(4. Ida Mae Stitt, A.B., <1Kb etry: Martha Ann Dieffenbacher,
Mechanical LEngering Edward Leonard Vandenberg, Jr., A.B., +1:K 4K+, Alice Crocker Lloyd Fel-
MechanicalEngineeringI'1K( low; Renee Eleanor Schneider;
Frank Alexander Bates, Jr., B.S.E.(M.E.) Riee eens. Dormitory
Roger Alexander Weingart, B.A., hK< Jennmfer Noel Stevens. Dormitory

Ho Chow, B. S
S. Fred Cummings, Jr., B.S.
Walter Daskin, B.M.E., X
George Archibald Douglass, B.S.
I-Meng Feng, 4.K, University Scholar
David G. Gauvreau, B.S.
Santiago Jorge Guthmann, K4
Chia-Chen Lee
Ruo Shiu Mee, B.S., M.S.E.(M.E.)
Patarasp Rustomji Sethna, 4K1

Edwin Allen Phillips, A.B., A.M., 4 Pl, ph
* Emory Guy Simmons, A.B., A.M., 4 Philosophy
Chemistry Edward Carter Moore, AB., A.M.
Lawrence Sims Bartell, B.S.(Chem.), Umiversity Fellow
M.S.Chem., +AT, +K +K> Seymour Riklin, B.A.,M.A.,K
Wilbur Charles Bigelow, B.S., M.S.Chem., Dailey Burnham Terrell, A.B., +K4
+K4, Political Science
Clyde Christy Casto, B.S., (DAT, 12~, 4K4 William Merritt Beaney, Jr., A.B.

., tK,

Frederick Williams, 1.S.E.(M.E.), BI',
William Jennings Wood, B.B.A.
Boyd Wescott Yard, A.B., 4,K+.
Osal Bennett Capps
Thomas Victor Hellings, < K
Duane Leroy Kenaga, B.S.E.(Ch.E.)
Robert Allen McKay
-4 Philippe Andre Roulier, B.S.Wood Tech.,
Charles Oliver Swanson, B.S.Wood Tech.,
M.Wood Tech., National Association of
Furniture Manufacturers Scholar
Robert Charles Vodak, B.S.F., M.F.
Dale William Yambert, B.S.F., 41, 4K4.
Maryaret Elizabeth Cawlev B.S. IKA.

Scholar. '
Summer Awards: (Recipients
for 1947) Drama: Vance Charles
Simonds. Essay: Gerald Joseph
Hoag; James Stephen Irwin, A.B.,
A.M.; Arthur S. Postle, A.B., A.M.
Litt.D. Fiction: Maizie Gusakoffj
Gurin, B.A.; Joe H. Knox. Poetry:
Everett Warner Bovard, Jr., A.B.,
M.A., =; Vance Charles Simonds.
Freshman Awvards: (Recipients
for 1948) Essay: Malcolm Dalej
Boesky, .1 Fiction: Robert
Manuel Uchitelle; Daniel Gordon
Waldron; Mary Catherine Wank.
Poetry: Berton Lee London, +1' .;
Daniel Gordon Waldron.
Intercollegiate Conference Ath-
letic Association Medal: John Ed-
ward Weisenburger.
Kothe-Ilildner Prizes in Ger-

Features Simtiple Gloves,
Po!( Colors, Pointed Shoes
With the return of the roman-
tic, feminine look to Paris and
London collections has come a re-
vival of interest in accessories as
a necessary part of the costume.
Shoes have gained importance,
especially. Many new shoemakers
have opened shops. Lasts are most
often pointed and slim. High heels
are more popular than ever. Ex-
ceptions to these generalizations
are the square toes at Fath and
the flatter heels for ghillies.
Many times shoes extend up
the ankle. This trend can be
seen in Dior's gaiter shoes and
Molyneaux's ankle straps. Com-
binations of garbardine and
patent, Swiss cheese eyelets on
suede ghillies, and use of water-
proof linen are not unusual in
the latest collections.
In the latest accessories colorsj
are often muted, usually pale with
emphasis on champagne tones and
dark red.
Scarves are also popular.
There are ribbon scarves in
crisp taffeta, and bow scarves
at the neck. The "fill-up scarf"
by Balmain combines the vir-
tues of a scarf and a vestee.
Chiffon scarves have returned
tf) popularity, and treated as
facing in a dress or suit.
In belts, the favorite is the clas-
sic 2 inch belt with self-covered
buckle. Dior features the almost-
classic back-dipping belt. In many
houses, belts point up front waist-
lines., In all cases belts have a
purpose, whether it is to cinch a
waist or to outline it tricky sil-
houette. The novelty belt is
quickly vanishing.
Gloves are sleek and simple.
Many of the Gloves are longer to
be worn with short-sleeved
coats. Pale pastel glace is con-
firmed for formal wear. Short-
ies have neat, small cuffs. Some
gloves again match hats. The
majority of the gloves are made
in pale yellows and champagne
Purses on the whole are simple
and flat. There are some novel-
ties, such as the "candy" bag and
the Dior satchel.
The biggest news in jewelry is
the return of colored beads which
are often combined with rhine-
stones. Often the colors are quartz
tones, with emphasis on pink, blue
and light jade.

and extracurricular activities.
Political Science Major
Miss Napier is a political science
major, and her name was secured
by Mademoiselle through the po-
litical science department. She is
interested in international affairs
and is a member of the Interna-;
tional Relations Club.
Miss Napier attended a confer-
ence of the United Nations Educa-
tional Science and Cultural Or-
ganization in Chicago last Sep-I
Speakers Slated
During the daylong forum, au-
thorities on international affairs
as well as prominent journalists
who have served in the impover-
ished European nations under
consideration will speak to the
students. Time will be set aside
throughout the day for student
discussion of the issues raised by
the speakers.
The forum will close with re-
ports from three student's on col-
lege programs of action for deal-
ing with the critical situation in
war-torn countries.

Ent r ies Due
The WAA Tnnis Club is accept-
ing( eties tor an all campus


Weddings &
Mi. and Mrs. Ray Holmes of
1 ak iexviw, Michigan, announce the
marriage of their daughter, Mabel,
to Raymod I0. Anderson, son of
M. Cal Clason of Chicago,
The couple were married Sat-
oiday, April 3 in the Michigan
I eacue Chapel.
The couple have resumed their
studies at the University where
the bride is in the education
suhool and the groom is in the lit-
eriary C(Ollege,

women's doubles tu rnmint to b
heicld April 29 th1serough My
Women may enter by Qosding
their names on the entry To E tertain
on Barbour Gym or WAA bulle-
tin board, or by phoning Mary
Ann Harris 2-5570, nanagri' of West Quad's Williams House
the club, w\ill hold an open house from 2 to
thecub.5 p1m. odtoday featuring dancing
Final deadline for entries rillrtsfpingdan
be noon today. Club members must ,bride.
also submit entries for the closed All rooms in the hall will Ve
mixed doubles before this time. opened to inspection by the pub-
All members must be present lic, including bedrooms, recrea-
during their official practice hours tion room, lounge and dining hal,
this weekend. Players may use the The West Quad Radio Club will
courts without charge from 10 open its studios to visitors at the
a.m. to noon, 1 to 3 f.m. and 4 to open house. They will be able to
6 p.m. today. Members wx ho do not see actual broadcasting of pro-
attend practice sessions will be grams over the club's shortwave
dropped from the club's playing station on the fifth floor of the
privilege lists, house.

Juan Daniel Curet-Cuevas, B.S., M.S.,
Merton Louis Davis, A.B., M.S.Chem.,
Norman C. Deno, B.S.(Chem.), M.S.
Chem., (FAT, Abbott Laboratories
Donald Gene Dobay, A.B., M.S., 4)AT,
) 2~I, 4.1(4

John Albert Houston, A.B., A.M.
Clyde Edward Jacobs, B.S., University
Edgar Lane, B.A., M.A., <bK41
Robert Joe Lill, B.A., (FK(
Theodore Vail Liss, A.B.
Donald Eaton MacCoul, A.B., A:M.,
41K, 4K<b, 4I11
Marvin Tableman, B.S.Ed., A.M., 4K4,


Dorothy Eyke, B.S.(Chem.), M.S.Chem., lax Research Fellow
<1B1K, < 1(4. Hubert Odell Waldby, A.B., M.S.
Robert James Good, B.A., M.S. Psychology
Robert Suttle Hansen, B.S.(Chem.), M.S., David Winslow Fiske, A.B., A.M., 124
4AT, + 4K, , +K+, <.1, Allied Murray A. Glanzer, B.A., A.M.,
Chemical and Dye Corporation Fellow Gerald Gurin, B.S., 2-
Seymour Lewin, B.S., M.S., 14, 4K(I, Maizie Gusakoff Gurin, B.A.
DuPont Postgraduate Fellow Theodore Hariton, B.A., M.S., 2Z

Kirby Mitchell Milton, S.B., 4Km Martin Leon Hoffman, B.S.(E.E.), M.S.
John Wesley Steedly, Jr., B.S., M.S., (AT 2
J. Richard Weaver, A.B., <bAT
Civil Engineering James Edwin Keller, A.B., Rackkam Pre-
Alberto Aranda (Arocha), Doctor en doctoral Fellow
Ingenieria Julian Jack Lasky, B.S., M.S., 2 , 'K4
Chien-Huo Chen, B.S., 4.K4 Donald Walker Lauer, A.B., A.M., 412, 2
Arthur Abraham Hyam Ezra, B.E. Wilbert James McKeachie, A.B., A.M.,
Ala Eldin Fatin, B.E., M.S.E.(C.E.), 2
Ibrahim Abdel Samie Gaafar, B.S., Herbert Henry Meyer, B.S., M.S., A.M.
M.S.E.(C.E.), I Elliot George Mishler, B.S., M.S., AKA
Glen James Hopkins, B.S., M.S.E.(San.) Public Administration
Ernest Jonas, B.S.(C.E.), M.S.E.(C.E.) Betty Lou Bidwell, A.B., AAA
Fa-Ti Kao, B.S. Dale Watson Bulemore, A.B.
Donald Philip Schiesswohl, B.C.E., +K.Robert Edwin Fryer, A.B.
Ahmed Mohamad Shaaban, B.C.E., Social Work
M.S.E.(C.E.) Marvin Leonard Diller, B.S.
Dah-Cheng Woo, B.C.E. Adelaide Gluck Geist, B.A., <.K4
Shook-May Young, B.S. Robert Irving Hiller, A.B., 4K1(4l
Dentistry Ruth Copeland Korbel, A.B., A.M., 4.K ,

Lew John Lowery, D.D.S., 4)K(l
James McCutcheon, B.A., D.D.S.,
John Francis Baumgartner, A.B. ,
Morris Bornstein, A.B., 4,11K, 4,K
Helen Jeanette Perry Crafton, A.B.,
C.K4, AAA, University Fellow
Robert Stanley Einzig, A.B., 4.K4
Mary Alice Hahn, A.B., 4.K D
Seymour Kalb, B.A., M.B.A.
Warren Lounsbury.Smith, A.B., 4FBI
Charles Alan Yager, A.B., 4.K4
Electrical Engineering
Charles Kennedy Birdsall, B.S.E.(E.
B.S.E.(Math:), TBII, =E I)K+
Ko-Nan Chang, B.S.
Bhaskar Digambar Chaudhary, B.E.
Hou-Shyi Cheng, B.S.E.E., l2N
Shou-Hsien Chow, 2
Chiao-Min Chu, B.E., M.S., Univers
Yuh-Hae Chyi, B.S., 2
Ibrahim Hussein Amin El-Abd, B.S,
M.S.E.(E.E.), 12Z
Hung-Chang Lin, B.S.E.E., A'
Warren Dale McBee, B.E.E., HKN,
William Charles Meyer, B.S.E.(E.E.)
M.S.E.(E.E.), TIM, 2N
William Arthur Wheatley, B.S.E.(E.l
' Bff, 1hKN, ;v
Samuel Pierson Willits, B.S.E. (Matht
B.S.E.(E.Es.), IlKN, !"-!
Ting-Chi Yu, 1'
Forestry and Conservation
Stephen Lyon Beckwith, B.S., M.F.
Schoen-Rene Fellow
John Willcox Brown, B.A., M.F., 4
Lino Tatto. M. Wood Tech.
Reed William Varner, B.S.F., M.F.,
l,'2E, 4K1, Rackham Special Sch

" Community Fund of Detroit Scholar
4.K4 Ruth Maria Kukkonen, A.B.
Charles Joseph McDonald, A.B.
Faye Portner, A.B.
Gloria Ann Rewoldt, A.B.
4BK, Doris Pershing Sausser, A.B.
Carolyn Jadwiga Seefeldt, A.B., 4.K(
Willie Venicholas Small, B.S.
John Shields Aird, A.B., AKA
K, Werrett Wallace Charters, Jr., A.B.,
Rackham Predoctoral Fellow
Arthur Earl Hinman, A.B., AKA, (K4.
John Frederick Kantner, A.B., A.M.,
E.), AKA, tK , University Fellow
James Andrews Randall
Ralph Spielman, A.B., A.M., AKA,
, University Fellow
Basil George Zimmer, A.B., AKA
ity John James Dreher, A.B., A.M.


1Vc[g~it',llldU it y.c. G , l .s ., 1.11
''' ' man: Bernard Melvin Bueche,
41(4 4111°; Sybil Annrose Widmann.
Orpha Ann Gatch, A.B., B.S.Ed., TIKA, Eita Krom Prize in Sociology:
4)1(4John Frederick Kantner, A.B.,
Nina Cranmer Goehring, B.Mus., IIKA, A.M., AKIA, +K(1), University Fellow.,
4K+ Elizabeth Sargent Lee Medical
George William Lotzenhiser, B.A., B.Ed., History Prize: (Recipients for
IIKA, 4+1 1946-47) Patricia Ann Caughey,
Arlene Lucille Sollenberger, M .Mus., Alumni Scholar; Leonard Procita.
JIe, 41,.+s, Lehn and Fink Medal: Fred
Michigan Law Review Board:
Clarence L. Brumback, A.B., M.D. Andrew Edward Anderson, A.B.;
Remedios I. Cenizal, M.D. Richard Joseph Archer, A.B.;
Nathaniel H. Cooper, M.D., ,K4, Kellogg Charles Blakey Blackmar, A.B.;
Scholar John Frederick Buchman III, A.B.;
,Andrew Thorburn Dempster, B.S., Iichard Lynn Eckhart, B.A.; Sam-
M.S.San.E., 4.K(4 uel Noland Greenspoon, A.B.; John
Alice Virginia Ilagelshaw, A.B., B.S. Emeion Grosboll, A.B.; Bayard
Jonas N. Muller, S.ha., M.l., D. .K Emerson Heath, A.B.; Frederick
JimaS.Noel, .., .,KWilliam Hutchinson, A.B.; Merrill
Jim S. Noel, B.S.C.E., 44 Nels Johnson, B.S.E.; Chester
Earl A. Rogers, M.P.H., M.D. Lloyd Jones: Bruce Lawrence
Moore, A.B.; Ira Maurice Price II,
A.B.; Daniel Washington Reddin
RECIPIENTS of III, A.B.; Leroy Hallett Redfern,
A.B.; George Albert Rinker, A.B.:
SPECIAL AWARDS Frank Herschel Roberts, A.B.;
Hubert Llewelyn Rowlands, B.S.,
A.B.; Neel Seegert, A.B., +11K, +K'),
(Based on outstanding achieve- 1I; Irving Slifkin, A.B., +K+;
ment in particular fields) Charles Morgan Soller; John
Alpha Kappa Psi Medallion: Richard Swenson, B.S.; James Ed-
William David LaBaw, B.B.A., ward Tobin, A.B., Coif; Thomas
BF, +K1'. Lawrence Tolan, Jr., A.B.; Edward
Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Harvey Seciuist Tripp, A.B.; Edwin Fuller
Cleland Allison, l'_ A. Uhl, A.B., Coif; John Moore Veale,
American Bureau of Shipping B.A.
Prize: James Hamilton Robinson. Edward Wilkinson Miller Award
American Institute of Architets in Mathematics: (Recipients for
Book Award: Paul Howland Van 1946-47) Clarence Maxwell Fow-
Wert. ler, B.S., M.S., +1B1K, K, 4K1;
American Institute of Architects Ralph Leland Shively, B.S.E.
Medal: William Franklin Farrell, (Math).
Il.A"Mu Phi Epsilon Award: Gertrude
Henry M. Bates Award: Thomas Louise Steele.
Lawrence Tolan, Jr., A.B. William Harold Payne Award:
Board in Control of Intercolle- Jane Strine Mervine, B.A.
giate Athletics Scholarship Prize: Phi Kappa Phi Annual -Scholas-
(Recipient for 1946-47) Haskell tic Award: (Recipient for 1946-47)
Robert Coplin, A.B.; (Recipient Patricia Ann Williams, A.B., .IK,
for 1947-48) Jay Phillip Sanford, 11K11>, AAA.
Regents-Alumni Scholar. Phi Lambda Upsilon Awards:
George G. Booth Traveling Fel- Chemical Engineering: Robert Ed-
lowship in Architecture: (Recipi- ward Lemmer, (PAT. Chemistry:
ent for 1946-47) Linn Charles Henry Nelson Beck, <PAT.
Smith. Phi Sigma Scholarship Award:
Borden Scholarship Award in Roger William Brown, A.B., )4.
Pharmacy: Fred Meppelink, Jr., Pi Lambda Theta Award: Na-
PX, <bAT. dine Margaret Literaty.
Bronson-Thomas Prize in Ger- Rho Chi Prizes in Pharmacy:
man: Ursula Maister. Henry Charles Godt, Jr., +,111;
William Jennings Bryan Prize Fumiko Ikemori.
in Political Science: Miriam Levy, Sigma Alpha Iota Award: Pa-
4.1K, +K(P, AAA, LaVerne Noyes tricia Ann Baumgarten, AA.
Scholar. Albert A. Stanley Medal: Emil
Henry M. Campbell Memorial Raab, B.Mus., 11 KA, 4IK+I', ElsaI
Prize: (Recipients for 1946-47) Stanley Gardner Scholar.
Russell Walter Baker, B.S.; Wil- Arthur C. Tagge Scholarships:
liam Tretheway Downs, A.B.; Richard Clair Lane, +h+; John
Bruce H. Mellinger, A.B.; John Henry Page, Jr., 'l'',.
Richard Swenson, B.S. (Recipi- Howard M. Wight Memorial
ents for 1947-48) Robert Hall Prize: James Schuyler Jordan,
Stanton Babcock, A.B.; Arthur B.S.F., M.F., 2.
Harry Northrup, A.B., M.B.A.; Ar- Women's National Farm and
thur Marcus Rude, A.B.; William Garden Association Scholarship:
Wyman Wumkes, A.B. George Sylvester Hunt, 4 1;
Chamber Music Society of Ann Wayne Harley Tody.
Arbor Scholarship: Harriet Joan Fielding H. Yost Honor Awards:
Risk, A.B. (Recipients for 1946-47) Herbert'
Chi Omega Prize in Sociology: Otto Barten; Dan Leonard Dwor-
Elaine Schwab Hobart, .4. sky; Peter Robert Elliott; Har-
Chinese Cultural Scholarships: ry Holiday, Jr.; Edward David



JOE! My pledge
to take you to the
DEN - and relax
tonight at 1311 So. U.
across street from Witham's

University Community Center,
Willow Run Village
Rev. J. Edgar Edwards, Chaplain
Mrs. James Larson, Director, Sacred Music
10:45 A.M. Divine Worship. "And Being As-
sembled Together".
Nursery and Primary Church School at
Church Hour.
1432 Washtenaw
W. P. Lemon, D.D., Minister
Frieda Op't Halt Vogan, Director of Music
10:45 A.M. Morning Worship. Sermon by Dr.
Lemon: "Traffic Lawvs of the Unseen."
5:00 P.M. Westminster Guild in the Social
Hall. Dr. Lemon will address the group on
the "Catholic Protestant Tension Siup-
per follows.
(Disciples of Christ)
Hill and Tappan
F. E. Zendt, Minister to Congregation
Mr. Howard Farrar, Choir Director

Office and Portable Models
of all makes '
314 South State St.
G. I. Requisitions Accepted


10:50 a.m. Morning Worship. Nursery
children during the service.




Division at Catherine
9:00 A.M.-Holy Communion (followed by
student breakfast at Canterbury House.)
11:00 A.M.-Morning Prayer. Sermon by the
Rev. John Shufelt.
4:00 P.M.-Southwest Convocation Chil-
dren's Service.
5:00 P.M-. -High School Club.
5:30 P.M. Canterbury Club Supper and
Discussion, Canterbury House. Speaker:
Mr. William ullang. Topic: "Christianity
andth iut ore of China." Reservations,
Weo'oncsdy, 7:15 A.M. Holy Communion (fol-
lowed by student breakfast).
$ 6:00 P.M. Married Students Din-
nm' and Discussion.
Friday, 4:00-6:00 P.M. Open House, Canter-
bury House.
Saturolay, 7:00 A.M., Transportation leaves
Canterbury Hlouse for the Michigan Chris-
tian Student Convocation in East Lan-
si l..
Saturday, (S, Philip & St. James Day) 7:15
A.M. Holy Communion.

IE all

Musical Repair
209 E. Washington Ph. 8132


GUILD HOUSE, 438 Maynard Street
7:40 A.M.-Daily Meditation Services in the
9:40 A.M.-Bible Study.
H. L. Pickerill, Minister to Students
Jean Garee, Assistant in Student Work.
The Congregational-Disciples Guild will
meet for supper at 6:00 p.m. in the Con-
gregational Church. A dramatic presen-
tation, "The Bomb that Fell on America"
will be given.
State and Huron
Rev. Harold J. DeVries, Pastor
10:00 A.M. University Bible Class.
11:00 A.M. Morning Worship. "Is the Bro-
therhood of Man Practicable?"
7:30 P.M. Evening Service. "Why So Few?"
Ministers-James Brett Kenna and
Robert H. Jongeward
Music-Lester McCoy, director
Mary McCall Stubbins, organist
Student Activities-Doris E. Reed, director
9:45 A.M. Student Seminar. Pine Room.
Mr. Joseph T. Huston, leader.
10:45 p.m. Worship Service. Dr. Kenna's
sermon topic is "On Being a Christian."
5:30 p.m. Wesleyan Guild. Starting a series
of three programs on "Christian Citizen-
ship," with Dr. Donald L. Katz, speaking
on, 'The Relationship of the Citizen to His
Community." Supper and fellowship.
423 S. Fourth Ave.
T. R. Schmale, Pastor
C. R. Loew, Assistant Pastor
Kathryn Karch Loew, Organist
10:45 A.M.-Morning Worship. The Rev.
Walter Reif of New York City will be the
guest preacher.
7:15 P.M.-Student Guild. Prof. Urie Bron-
fenbrenner will lead a discussion on the
topic, "A Psychologist Looks at Prayer."

For National Lutheran Council Students
1304 I11111 Street
Henry O. Yoder, Pastor
9:00-10:00 A.M.: Bible Hour at the Center.
10:30 A.M.: Worship Services in Zion and
'I'rinity Churches.
5:30 P.M.:CL S.A. Meeting in Zion Lutheran
Parish Hall. Mr. Richard Stock of the
Ann Arbor Family Service, Speaker.
512 East huron
Rev. C. II. Loucks, Minister
Roger Williams Guild House
50% East Huron
10:00 'The Bible Study Class will study Tim-
othy and Titus.
11:00 Church Service. Sermon, "God," by
Rev. Loucks.
6-8 Guild Program. Dr. R. W. Waggoner will
speak on "Home and Marriage."
1511 Washtenaw Avenue
Alfred T. Scheips, Pastor
(The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)
Sunday at 9:45 and 11:00: Identical services,
with the pastor preaching on the subject,
"Micah's Meaningful Message."
Sunday at 5:30: Supper Meeting of Gamma
Delta, Ltheran Student Club, with re-
port of Regional Gamma Delta Confer-
ence held at Detroit this week-end.
Wednesday at 4:00: Coffee Hour.
Friday at 6:00: Married Couples' Dinner and
Social Evening.
1917 Washtenaw Avenue
Edward H. Redman, Minister
10:00 A.M.-Adult Study Group.
11:00 A.M Service of Worship. Rev. Leslie
PEcmnington, minister of the First Uni-
tam .in Church of Chicago, "Stopping Rus-
sia With.out War."
6:3( PM. Unitarian Student Group. Dis-
cussion: "What Is the Real Threat to
Michigan League Ballroom
-Reading Room, 211 East Washington
10:30 A.M.-Sunday Lesson Sermon. Subject:
P:obation after Death.
11:45 A.M.- -Sunday School.



Nils-Erik Enkvist, A.B., bK+, University
Gladys Elaine Giddings, A.B., A.M. 3
Arthur Klein, A.B., A.M., 4.K,(4, Rackham
Special Fellow
Newton Edd Miller, Jr., B.S.Ed., A.M.I
Loren Lamont Okey, A.B., 4K+
Willis Norman Pitts, A.B., A.M., <bAKI
University Fellow
John Joseph Rozak, A.B., S.T.L.
Mary Randolph TePoorten, B.A., Michi-
gan State College Scholar
Charles Congden Carpenter, B.A., 4
Edwin Lavern Cooper, B.S., 14-, b 4(4
Helen Arliss Denyes, A.B., 4-2, 14
Charles Edwin Friley, Jr., B.S., M.S.,
Colvin Lee Gibson, A.B., Q1", (1BK, 4(K4,
<bI1, Rackham Special Fellow




State and William _Streets ..



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