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March 10, 1945 - Image 30

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The Michigan Daily, 1945-03-10

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For fll You Hectic Hooligans We Bring You,
Stripped to Essentials, The End of Five Stories
As is all:too often the case in Benson and the White Slave Rack- peek, gentlemanly averted. Quick-
our modern hectic times, many e Raph Benson, lack3de SeCOndy oervMosher k eed er th the
persons, even connoisseurs, hesi- et;RahBensonlae d (1.,yalT ) ceedche h dhe
tate ocasionally to begin (this was before he teformed); (1ftl AM., rYcet Tin)) two handkerchiefs he had pur-
aeu etng.nay Tese pegrs any Ralph Benson Lost in the Foun- Softly Leonard crept up on this chased for just such an emergency
erious ea ng. These persons of dation Garment Factory (an open madman, Kensington. Kensington and snatched her up
en read only the end of a story and shut case); Ralph Benson had his knife raised, ready to
claimen Ug that the most interesting BustsOpnheVeRn) snatch off the last dainty sheeri As Kensington draned the last
part of any book is its conclusion. t Open the Vice Ring), c of th i s r few drops, Lecnard and Anita
To ad these people, and in line Ralph Benson, secret operative, piece of clothingw hich still cv- rushed out the door, closed it
with a policy of giving as much No. T-42, smiled. Now he could go ered only the barest of the quiver- tightly behind them, turned on
assistence as possible to its read- back and make a successful report ing Anita. the automatic gas release lever
ers, -he Daily takes this oppor- to his chief. Another case was Her eyes closed, her ears long outside the air-tight room, and
tunity to present its readers the closed since deaf with fear, she did not scurried away, leaving Kensington
end:i oa of five of today's most The End know her loving Leonard was even to his rightful fate.
pronsx, et best-smellers, The end- now about to avert this mad, crazy LenradAitwreutd
ings o,'these books aear elond- Queer Fruis fate. The knife in Kensington's Leonard and Anita were uniled
bkappear below. hand slashed down, narrowly mis- again, and two happy lovers that
You ar draw your own conclu- Larry gazed hungrily at the sing Anita's trembling form, hut they were, immediately proceeded
lions£v to what happened before scantily-clad, well - supplemented deftly removing her last unmen- to complete the fob for which
these conclusions were printed, outline of blonde Beverly Driscoll tionable. (It was alost to nature had created men and o-
The Bel for A beero ... _ --Dwight Fiske). men.
,O The Long-Be ed-Fr End
Softi :51 .losed the door. "Well Greedily Kensington stared at -Fr Enga
that' set."lshe miumured. No what lay before him. His lips lath -Perry___ gan_
te '1 'odheseaNosh ered as he watched Anit 's body-
wouit. ',4squeen, She couldn't natueish dal effort in producing C om fortable?
have : wrongt The end justi- he perfect form-heave up andIdmL e
ied ia means she had taken .down with each terrified breath.
(Se IV, pp. 35-37)e l hHis eyes glistened as he thought Are You Comfortable? Are You
The End l)what a wonderful thing he would Happy In What You Are Doing?
do for the world by giving her If.iot, visit us; we'd e only too
Lecw, @ Her to FreshJmen brain to science! (As stated be- gla o th e' t dieret
Marlyn lifted her smooth-skin- 'ore, he is a raving maniac-Ed.) acommodations. We specialize in
'tied as and pulled Devlin down And still approaching this evil a satisfied clientele. In the past
to her s the couch. "Your lips,"genius was Leonard-Leonard, who twenty-two years of uninterrupted
she bealaed. "Make them mine!" 'alone had known cr would ever working harmony, we have never
Devl. dftly encircled her waist, know the pulsating heights of de- received a complaint. The address
lressed Ler close to him, and gent- sire of this lovely Anita. Leonard is Maynard Street, Ann Arbor.
ty toscied his lips to her sensuous had in his hand the only weapon When you see the black crepe on
Parted sotth. "Oh, my darling," that could avert the hideous pur- the windows you'll know you're
DevIrm iwispered "Who would pose of the mad Kensington. thee,
have ie.teved three weeks ago ,iKensington's hands began to Golf Funeral Home
that this could ever happen?" size up Anita for coffin measure-
"Do't talk, my darling." Mari- ments. The thought of this mad-
lyn hs..ed him again and again, man touching the sacred soil of
Her heart beating fast against his. his own Anita made Leonard burn
(Whis in Marilyn's case was a with unconquerable rage. He leap-
neat tick-Ed.)' ed to the fore and thrust his wea-
Devn's search for love was over. pon in the face of te startled
The (iest that had taken him Kensington.
shrog tisfour night clubs, two bur- The madman fell back, stupe-
.esque 'shcs, a week-end party in fled. Suddenly his eyes lit up and
the 'ountry, three brothels, and " n his mouth arched in a smile.
a lade"s eady-to-wear department 'y, "Ahhhhhh!" he said. "Faygo
to fnd this girl was finished. He Cola!"
could sos rest secure in the love ' tThe madman rushed at the bot-
of thi. gir. and he intended to. THE E'D te and chewed the top off. His
" 's " love," said Devlin, his _. - T E attention momentarily arrested,
hanIi "'eirng the delicate curve standing near the window in her Leonard rushed to Anita's side.
of he: n ck, "this is only the be- apartment across the courtyard, his eyes, after one photographic
'mn ii"ITo think that all of her charms- -
N ap..n new what was com- had been his, just one short week Does i t--
ag ". h a back and was happy, ago. And now, because of one Does Your Cigarette Taste Dif-
The End little silly mistake last night, he ferent Lately?
Th o alirba '- had lost it forever. Never more Does it taste like grass, weeds.
' 1'!(aC4'would therecbe those lIsnious
rope, in fact like anything except
(A Story of V-Ball evenings of luxurious reclining on tobacco? If it does you can rest
ihoulder Blades) the stately comfort of her inner assured that it is made from grass.
"N6.' a'mn it, die! I score I'd spring. weeds, rope, in fact from any-
get rev,gz con you for what you Life was no Icnger worth living. thing except tobacco. Visit us:Do yOU kno
did to iy poor helpless grand- Larry unsheathed his pistol and room 25 Angell Hall. Knock
othe. syou mollycoddled whining shot himself. tvwice and ask for Mabel. If afg
up. (ee Chap. IX). Take that The End man answers, run like hell. JO'S my kid brter. We've
and teat 'E'- my-k-d-br-ther.--e-
Macrivae breathed his last i always stuck together and I've
breati, aI his head slowly sank to sort of watched out for him
the f to', lis shirt even now a these last few years.
brihlunt. cmson. IoWell, Joe's in Africa now.
t i es go t off th AHis wife gets her allotment
deed rivy ~ sHis mission wassfi- 'sy'\fomXhm, adiI uesswhe
(shed. His vow to his frail old Rfeom him, and I suess when
grandrother, dead these 14 years, ~~F RESH that's taken out of his check
was fulfilled. His conscience was "he doesn't have much left
lear, and he could look back upon Privates don't get paid much
these last months that had you know.
brough'lt hitun so many adventures - ' A w o - I figure this way. Here I
with qiet satisfaction. (See Ralph-s am, maki more money than
Beso'.a sa the Vampires' Nest; DEL IC IOUS, I eve did before, Von beth
-Ralph 'enson, Adventurer; Ralph' work for it! I work hard.
But Joe's working hard too
. and not just from 7 to
W e specialize in bread, cakes,,either,
1 We've been taking 10 par-

Saturday, March 10, 1945
Doctor Puts
Man's Brain
Into Ape's
9.-Dr. I. Cilum, noted neighbor-
hood physician and plumber, to-
day through the medium of the
American Homocidal Journal, an-
nounced that at last he had suc-
ceeded in transferring the brain
of a human being to the head of
an ape.
After delving into the long tech-
nical processes of the delicate op-
eration, which involved a trans-
ference of the ape's liver to the
inside of a nine-year-dead red
headed guinea pig, the Journal
disclosed the results of the haz-
arduous operation.
The man, one Thomas Alvin
Edison, not to be confused with .4
Thomas Alva Edison who died a
long time ago, was killed as a
consequence of (lie operation.
The ape, as soon as ise was able
to recover consciousness, began to
take on like a veritable madman.
From his mouth drooled all kinds
of strange gibberish such as: 'sna-
fu', 'rest Jacks-on', ' vhat a rat
race', and other expressions of
like ilk, which made little or no
sense at all to the learned profes-
Another thing, coupled with this
gibberish which convinced the
doctors that the operation was
not fully as successful as had been
hoped, was the death of the ape,
two hours after the operation's

)w a fellow
cent out of my check every
week for War Bonds . . .
they're going to come in
mighty handy when the War's
over, we figure. But I got to
thinking aboutJoe. What's
he going to have after the
So we talked it over, my
wife and I. We think Joe
should get a cut of the bigger
money, too. So now I'm buy-
ing an extra bond every
month-in Joe's name.
Maybe you've got somebody
in the War, too. If you have,
couldn't you squeeze out an
extra bond now and thn, for
your "Joe"?

[rlt s iad p steries, which are
P an asset to any well-set table.
F'l unlidation
Garrnents if you can't make ration points meet and are
Brassieres troubled by wartime restrictions on food, try our
Lingerie fresh baked goods at your earliest opportunity.
2-2We5.4 'ySict

.0 YOUVED05 FY UHJnIT . O~ 1
Let's Really"Clean Up"

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