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December 10, 1943 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1943-12-10

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MLIDAY, DEC 10, 1943,

T 14 L Tl- I I " H I Cm 8'N'- nA I-LY-

P-Asp -rnreg




Jewelry Continues

To Be


kA7ong Gift


Sterling Clips,
Bracelets, Pins
Are Popular
Swiss Watches Also
Make Good Presents;
Are of Fine Quality
Glittering sparkling glamour-This
year's priority list should hold no ter-
rors for you if that is what you wish
in your gift for the special someone.
Precious metals combined with tal-
ented artesians are offering m'lady
jewels in the finest sense of the word.
Could Old John Silver but see the
wealth of his favorite metal being
shown now in the stores, he would
probably start a pirate movement in
the vicinity of Ann Arbor.
Gorgeous huge hand-wrought sil-
ver pins and clips are taking the
place of hard-to-get rhinestones. Sil-
ver is always smart looking as it's
hard to cheapen a piece of sterling.
Individual silver links, joined to-
gether to form a belt are among the
most exotic jewelry found this year.
It really is the answer to that present
for the woman who has everything.
Unless she's visited South America or
the Far East she will probably not
have one of these unique belts; and
anyone could use such a luxury piece
on the simple smooth dresses now be-.
ing shown.
Filigree Always Appeals
Men seem to take a particular de-..
light in picking out some perfectly
uninteresting piece of modern jewel-
ry and giving it in all good faith that
it's just what she's always wanted.
They won't be taking a chance, how-
ever, to give any silver filigree. It's
hard to find, but a few "old world"
shops in Ann Arbor have some fra-
gile filigree bracelets. They are so
beautifully done one would never
guess how inexpensive they are.
The watch industry almost fell in
a mud puddle and came out with a
new suit of clothes when the Ameri-
can industries converted fron "lady's
watches" to precision instruments.
Although there are still a few Amer-
ican watches left in the stores, the
place of honor in the displays has
gone to very fine Swiss watches.
Swiss Watches Popular
Their workmanship and quantity
of perfect detail make them more ex-
pensive than some of the former
American made watches. However,
the name "Swiss Watch" should be
sufficient to explain the rise in price.
Their styles are famous for their
ability to put perfect machinery in
the smallest possible space. It's a
lifetime present when you give a
Swiss made watch.
Although most of the aforemen-
tioned articles are in a higher price
range, there is a good variety of in-
expensive costume jewelry in a ci-
na-like material, wood, and translu-
cent plastics. The trend is towards
the genuine jewelry and epet
craftsmanship, however.

Pearls Add Extra Finesse to Costumes OT FOR CLEOPR AI:

a -
Just the thing to wear with sweaters, dresses, and blouses are these
three-strand pearls, so useful as a means of highlighting any and every

E _ _ ---


Adder's Tongue Balh i Out;
Coed Has New Cosmetic List

Wear Earrngs
To Fit Occasion
Coed Should Make
Selections Carefully
One of the most peculiar fashions
to appear was the wearing of earrings
with loafers and saddle shoes. Too
many college girls, in an effort to be
casual, have lost the appealing fem-
inine art of wearing jewelry.
In a bright spurt of femininity they
will screw on the only available pair
of. earrings as they dash out, com-
pletely oblivious to the potentialities
of those minute but all important
accesories. They are not made to
wear with sport shoes and socks, nor
is any pair made to wear with every-
They are infinitely attractive if
worn to enhace a costume and infin-
itely cheapening if they are merely
"something added to."
They are made in all sizes and
shapes on purpose. Some are for
little people; some are for glamoz-
ons. Sparkly ones are best for long,
concealing hairdos; curved to the ear
types are smoother with short and
feather cuts.
They are liked by the men and if
anyone says anything to the contrary
it's because they've seen some of the
sadder examples of casual turned
And they are one of the most like-
able giftis to receive and give as you
can actually choose personality types.
The small enameled butterflys, bright
silver skylarks, round glittering silver
discs, were made to order for you or
someone on your gift list.
Everyone collects sweaters. To
make your date dresses truly original,
have a collection of earrings to dig
into. This would be a good time to
let your friends know you're starting.
Just don't collect for quantity
though. Have a method in your mad-
ness. It's such fun to don glamour
for a change.



New Shades
Of Lipsticks
Are Available
Christmas is a wonderful time to
replenish your lipstick and nail-
polish stocks. If some obliging room-
mate, or relative does not come
through, you might spend some of
your Christmas money for them.
A new color, called Radiant Peony,
has just made its appearance. The
color is all that the name implies,
having a lavender tint over a bril-
liant red. This color is available in
both lipstick and nailpolish for those
who are match fiends, and in a color
that is flattering to almost every
shade of skin.
For those who like to have an as-
sortment of nail polishes handy to
change with their costumes, a fa-
mous nail polish firm has madie up a
set of five small bottles of polish:
one to match almost every mood, and
a bottle of Adheron. These come in
a Christmasy red-and-white-striped
kit that would be a decoration to any
dressing table top.
New Fad Is Started
A fad that was started recently
was to put a light shade of enamel
over a dark one, which gives unusual
shades and highlights.. The lighter
one must be applied before the bot-
tom one is dry, to obtain the best
A lipstick that has a top fastened
on the case by an elastic is another
novelty. No longer will you have to
fumble vainly 'in your drawer,
searching for that elusive cap, while
your lipstick gets dirty and melted.
Now that top will always be right
where you want it.
This lipstick comes in such glam-

Starting with the time that Antony
presented Cleopatra with a jar of
genuine adder's tongue beauty balm
cosmetics have been high on the list
of preferred Christmas gifts. And
while adder's tongue balm may have
done very well for Cleo, the girl of
today likes her beauty aids less mys-
tical and more effective.
Every year the cosmetic manufac-
turers put out special kits and pack-
ages designed for Christmas giving.
This year, although somewhat re-
stricted by war shortages, they have
managed to place many attractive
gift sets on the market.
Colognes, in a new form, have
made their appearance. Now they
are creamy, white and of the con-
sistency of milk. But they stilleretain
their clinging odors, and have proved
to be even more effective than the
former kind. Resides lasting fully
as long, these creamy colognes pre-
form the same function as a lotion,'
soothing and smoothing out rough
surfaces, but lending a fragrance
that no lotion would ever hope to
obtain. Some of the 'flavors' avail-
able are Apple Blossom,' Tabu,' 'A
Bientot,' 'Suivez-Moi,' 'Breathless'
and 'Whirlwind.'
That favorite of the college girl.
pan-cake makeup, now has a brother
and sister, for the same house has
added a lipstick and a rouge to the
family. These new products have,
that long-lasting, clinging, finish
that have so endeared the pan-cake
to us. They come in shades to har-
monize with the different colors of
the base. and they wear the same
kind of a case as their older kin.
These also come in sets that are de-
signed for each type of skin, so there
will be no mistakes in your choice of
Sweaters are always hard to keep
at school, Either your mother is
worrying because they have no pro-
orous colors as 'Powder Blue Fuschia,'
a vibrant purple; 'Dragon's Blood
Ruby,' a deep jewel-like red; and
'Black Rose,' which manages to catch
parts of both those colors. Nail pol-
ishes are also available in matching
Bright forecast is a shade that has
recently come out. It comes in both
lipstick and nail polish, and is made
by a well-known manufacturer. This
is a red shade with a dash of fuschia
that can be worn with almost any
A lovely Christmas present would
be a group of lipstick refills. As lip-
stick cases and lipsticks are getting
increasingly hard to purchase, our
old ones must see us through the
duration. But what nicer present
could there be than several new re-
fills ready to be placed in those old

Most of beauty experts are agreedl
that two powders are batrtan
one, and have made iI' latest c-
cordingly. Now you purchase them
in one package. a light shade and a
dark shade, botih designed to give the
most flattering finish to your skin.'
The darker one is applied first,
then a light dusting of the lightei
shade. Each of them has a slightly
different 'feel,' the under one is
somewhat thicker, while the top one
is fine-grained and filmy, Even if
you are only of tr xeietn
mind, these two powders would make
a lovely present for someone.

break the bottle.
For old stand-bys there are flower
rscents of innumerable kinds, the
names of which would delight a
would-be author of dime novel fic-
tion. And there is Tweed old as the
hills, but just as popular.
Variety is the spice of life, some-
one said. What could be more vari-
able than having a collection of bot-
tles on one's bureau where they will
collect dust, dust, and more- dust!
Spice isn't half bad either .. .Enough
of that . . . You have a good sized
collection already.
The custom of applying perfume

tection against moths, or ee they
are so doused with camphor and
' moth-balls, that they mst be aired
out days ahead. A solmiou to this
problem is both sweet and simple.
Why not put a few smai] packages of
compressed sachets or liAc enve-
lopes of sachet powder noog your
precious wools? No moh wil dare
venture in, and the garments them-
selves will be fresh when . on want
to wear them. There are many are-
ties of sachets for tis purpose, One,
put out by an English house, comes
in either April Violet or Rose sents.
and is packaged so than y r.need

Becomes Latest
Perfume Find.
Chein classes mana:e to concoct an
imazing variety of odors without
half trying any day in the week. And
although there may be as many if
net more perfume scents, the simil-
arly between them "fragrances" and
winter perfumes ends there.
The newest in what to apply and
where is a direct "steal" from the Ar-
my, even to the container. The name
is Army Canteen, and it is a nice
'lean smelling liquid which is a re-
lie' from doses of overworked flower
Even though the perfume itself
may not attracts a person, the bottle

Pigs flaksrm
"Pg 1s ui, "but when it comes
to Chrisna gifts they bear a capital
"P." The shops are just teeming with
these chubby. lovable figures all
decked out n gay colors and strewn
with P()siCs.
he o p ybank" has taken on
a ne a~ ths yar.There are all
SIZOS. coior and designs imaginable.
Almost r uvone would love to find one
of the:e under the tree and it's a
cinch li wouldl encourage saving the
small but worthy penny for war
stain ps.
Banks ;u e by no means the only
fieldkin which our clever friends in-
dulge. You will see adorable cream
pitchers that u ill make breakfast at
home a der'aht. The cream goes in
the head a 1d ou the mouth-clever
luh? _Porky" also comes in salt and
pepper sakers as well as the ever
favorite figurines which would boost
the morae of any feminine number
Son your shopping list.
directly to one's clothing went out
wih the odel T, it being just as
impotant today to apply perfumery
corretly as to choose the most suit-
able scent.
Perfume connoisseurs are general-
ly agreed that the most effective re-
suilts are obtained by placing a few
drops a the emples, on thew rists,
and beIhin d t he ears. However, the
most important thing of all is not to
overload with perfume.

and i packaghed 'oh your rr ned
only place them in your'drawer. An- it comes in would. It is a tiny green
other one comes in envelopes that canteen bottle, complete with all the
look like letters; these also are ready trimmings, and it can stand hard
for use. I usage since it is almoat impossible to

5 _ _ _

i dr;

r ,
... " a di5'X'

%L I
IM 0
IM .4ff

,, ,
f p
dlr aR ,.

100/ WOOL in luscious
pastels . white, red,
dark colors. Short and
long, pullovers and cardi-



From 4.25 to 8 95

x c°o~=
r F

~b aZZ

f 4S4
t ? ? \
<r ' ;
jjj j5
:,"'" .,
" S
: .
' . .
.r^... '.i ..

For class and after ..

. 0

a _

wonderful to wear beccause it fits so beau-
tifully .. . a tie-belt at the waist makes it
snug as you please. Folds up like an ac-
cordion to pack in a small space with nary
a wrinkle -.. . the pleats are stitched down
for permrnicce . . . Comes in plaid -of bot-
any flannel . . . rid, blue, black and brown
7.95. In rayon at 5.00 and 6.95.

these stylish blazers will be
right on top. Dress them up
with frilly blouses or keep
the manish effect by wearing
them with .tailored blouses.
For a more formal appearance see
our lovely two-piece white suits
with colorful embroidery. You
won't be satisfied until you have
one of them.

There's ftO nicer Christmas gift 4
than a pair of Daniel Green
slippers. They're not only good
looking but practical. The satin
-: MAJORETTE is one of our
many styles.
r-a r]j

j~i5'' _' a
'K~ ? 7

o- f

Shirt at left of rayon flannel in lovely
pastels at 4.00--in p i wool at 6.00.
Dozens of other blouses, both tailored
and dressy. Blouse left of crepe at 4.00.

A e

} . "

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