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December 10, 1943 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1943-12-10

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rIHE [ M 'llC1AN Dl A


- - -----------

Civilans Should
Not Be Ignored
This Christmas
Gifts Must Be Bought
For Non-Servicemen;-
Accssories Suggested
N4owadays, when the chief problem
seems to be what to get the "well-
dressed" service man, the civilianl
gentleman is being neglected.
However, there are still civilians,
and there are still Christmas presents
which these civilians will receive, and
therein lies another problem.
War has tended to tone down the
dress of the male of the species. In
place of brightly-colored ties, sporty
jackets, saddle shoes, argyle socks
id other typical forms of dress, has
come simply-cut, tailored, solid col-
ored suits, conservative socks and
tWo pair of shoes a year. And these
call for different types of accessories.
Most people have cut down on their
ai-drobe purchases Durmg the past
yer, therefore the field of accessor-
ies seems to be infinite. Men still
ned socks, good woolen serviceable
socks; men still need shirts of durable
materials. The laundry situation
throughout the country has increased
the demand for a surplus of washable
items because there is no telling when
the "budget bundle" will return to
its fold.
$'ot to be classified in the washable
category, though still essential to a
man's wardrobe, is a good, warm
bathrobe or smoking jacket. This sort
of gift serves a double purpose, that
of being serviceable during the cold
fuel-less days to come, but also of
bing relaxing. Today,,.relaxation is
as important a job to every man as
is his war job on the assembly line,
Shaving kits, comb and brush sets,.
wallets, talcum sets, are all useful as
well as luxurious gifts for any man
toteceive. Utility is, of course, one of
the prime requisites of any gift this
There is no need for the home front
civilian to be neglected this Christ-
hifls, especially since his gift has the
deadline of December 25th before it
Fascinators, Mantillas
Make Attractive Scarfs
Scarves for pretty girls' heads are
becoming more and more attractive
Pastel ones of Aralac, made from
rhilk and soft as a kitten's ear, lac
iitillas, wool lace fascinators
fi'iger squares and paisley prints
formn the riot of color on the kerchie:

Sli m Silhouetle Is New S irT Th Be

In This Year'


-it l.importaL
Ski-Suits in~ ter

Shrtwges Eunuge Ingenuity
In chritm(I Adorltments

jl. :x Q I 'A XY".I,. T.-11~aL N

'a inreakear nish ari Ruut not Re -y
'Windbreaker' Finish Is -Result of Recent T.1 ts

This year, when the cold North
winds blow, 'tis a wise coed indeed
that purchases a ski-suit. And this
year, there is no need to have that
'bulky' feeling. The snow-suits of to-
day are slim, light-weight and warm.
This combination of warmth plus
lightness is one of the few nice things
that can be attributed to the war.
When the textile experts were testing
for the best type of cloth to use forI
pilots outfits, they found that a
'windbreaker' finish on the material
gave the maximum protection. And
so now all of the pilots wear jackets
with the wind-and-rain repellent fi-
nish. Another thing that the testers
discovered was that more and thin-#
ner layers of cloth offer more pi'o-
tection than a few, thick, bulky ones.
The ski-suit manufacturers took
these discoveries to heart, and have
put out their garments in accord-
ance. Instead of a heavy jacket with
Inumerous sweaters underneath, to-
day's snow-fiend wears a light pop-
lin blouse or jacket, with those longt
'red flannels' underneath and per-
haps a light jersey. This new ar-
rangement gives the wearer much
more action, and reduces that weigh-
ty feeling to practically nothing.
Colors Echo Out-doors
One of the most attractive models
of the season has a beige poplin top,
and navy blue wool ski trousers. The
jacket has a detachable hood, which
is lined in navy-blue. This outfit,
when worn with red mittens and
scarf, is extremely effective. One
thing to remember when buying a
ski-suit, is to try to keep to the more
primary colors. There is something
about red, navy, forest green, brown,
and black that looks so much better
on the snow than do orange, purple
or yellow. Colors that echo some part
of the outdoors have much more life
than an 'indoor' color.
The ski-pants are practically uni-
versal in their slim cut. They all
have those slender, tapering-to-the-
ankle lines to give the minirum of
Sb~ulk and the maximum of action.
'Trousers of this type were first worn
only by the expert slalom racers of
Switzerland, but as skiing spread, so
did the rage for the narrow fit.
Reversible Jackets
Another ski-suit has a reyersible
green-and-white top. The designer
of this suit undoubtedly was think-
e ing of the outfits issued to our ski-
, troops, for they use the same idea.
s While it is made of water resistant
f poplin', this jacket has an interlining
of flannel between the outside cloth.

fght Dress' or Sking
rqt -ยข
9x -
- \ -

Skirts are important this winter
with so much emphasis being laid on
versatile, interchangeable wardrobes.
They make excellent presents, espe-!
cially for women who are collectors of
shirts, blouses and sweaters, as al-
most every college student is.
There are plenty of wool skirts to
be found, in plaids, checks or mono-
tones. and something in a sturdy
tweed or fine-quality flannel can be
appreciated for years. You won't find
the voluminous -dirndls of yore but
gores andI box pleats, with L85 limits
to be sre, are still with us and add
much to the comfort of a woman who
must do a lot of walking or isn't com-
pletely satisfied with her silhouette
and who is?).
Jumpers come in both dressy and
casual fabrics and are as popular as
ever. Those jumpers with detachable
tops will lead a busy life in any ward-
About the most useful skirt sighted
tins year. one which could be the star
in any woman's Christmas. is a black,
wide-wale corduroy, cut moderately
full, the fullness centered toward the
front. With a dressy blouse and its
own detachable jewelled belt, this
skirt would make a perfect Sunday-
best ensemble, but,. sans belt and plus
Jacket and blouse or sweater it could
go suitably to school or to work.
from a helmet to plain earmuffs. But
the ever-useful babushka still has
the edge over its competitors.
Suspender: the Rage

r '

By ilAR's hALL prepare the balls and streamers, the
Shorages don't get a rise out of :esults are well worth the time and
people anymore, and one more short- trouble.
age added to thei ist doesn't mean a Cotton fluffs here and there are
thing-so it's really no news at all first cousins to regular tree snow
which has grown so popular lately.
that there i- a scarcity of Christmas Homemade figures of Santa and his
trees. and tree ornaments, this year. reindeer can be constructed out of
Christmas, however, will never suf- bits of yarn, and striped canes can't
for as long as there is not a shortage be beaten anywhere.
of ingenuity on the part of those who This but touches on the possibili-
wAnt to have a Christmas tree prop- ties for home grown tree trimmings.
erly decorated. Just look around the house and pick
But first. a word ot warning. If u everything that you have been
you are interesnd in having a' tree intending to throw away, and with-
for Christmas andi there is a supply out much effort, you may find that it
of them available in your parthular will turn into just what you wanted
vicinity, do be a wise person and buy in the way of tree trimming in a year
the tree you want earl-or else you of little trimming and fewer trees.

will end up with two or three s,'raggiy
branches that can't be disguised no
matter how hard you try.
If you have been lucky enough to
get a tree. you are all set and raring
to go, because your hardest job is
over. The local five and dime may be
completely out of tisel, lights, bells,
and all the rest of the trimming you
used to plunk on your tree. but that
is no call for sorrow.
ry Popcorn
Should there be no colored lights
to be found, place the tree in front
of a good old fashioned floor lamp,
taking care to wrap .olored paper
carefully around the bulb. By placng
the tree in a corner, the lamp behind
the tree will be successfutlly shrouded.
The effect won't be nealy as good as
that produced by strings of lights,'
but it is so mu'h btter than nothing
at all, that there can be no cause for
Popcorn strung all over the place
still makes the best diecorations ever
invented for the Christmas tree., and
although it may take some time to
If you're looking for just the right
thing to dive a serviceman or a coed
for Ch'istmas, the problem can easily
be solved by buying ghis ideal gift-a
smartly tailored pigskin combination
wallet and cigarette case designed for
carrying cigarettes, matches. coins,
and folding money. "It's more com-I
pact than a compact."

Slack Fashions
The answer to the burning question
of "Slacks, to wear or not to wear"3
which was raging a year ago has been
demonstrated by the gradual accep-
tance of slacks as a part of the femi-
nine wardrobe. Times have changed,
and so even fashions in slacks have
The advent of the zoot-suit pub-
licity and popularity has greatly in-
fluenced slack styles. Now there may
be seen the "drape-shape" pants with
tapered bottoms, but patriotically
without the required deep "zoot"
Materials have blossomed out into
corduroys, checks, plaids, and stripes.
Solid colors are still for the more con-
servative side of the picture, while in
many cases the boyfriend's trousers
have been borrowed, cut off, and
worn as they are.
H1oliday Gifts Are Going
Going, going, soon to be gone . .
that's the story regarding holiday
gifts. Unless you want to be left out
on the well known limb of the Christ-
mas tree, get your shopping done
early. Get it done by December 10.

Mittens Enliven
Coeds' Dress
Novell)ypt's (tf ILland
It has been said that hands make
the woman and ttt nail polisl
makes the hands. But with nail po-
lish supposedly scheduled for the
strictly limited supply list, women
will have to look fo: a substitute, and
therein falls the renewed call to arms
for mittens.
Winter gloves and mittens are as
much a part of women's costumes as
galoshes and umbrellas. One finds
them everywhere - under theatre
seats, among the refuse after com-
munity teas, and in almost every-
body's car.
One particular, mitten novelty
among the current assortments is the
wrist mitten which conceals a small
pocket in which carfare can be plac-
ed conveniently. The pocket is large
enough for a bill and some small
change or a car or door key. A flap
makes the mitten secure so there is
no danger of losing anything,
Bunny mittens will never go out of
style so long as there are any bun-
nies, or whatever it is that the furry
angoras, and just plain rabbit's hair
mittens are made from. They are the
warmest on earth, people say. and
their populartiy can be attested to by
one who lost hers and wrote out
great signs in an attempt to get
them back. She never did recover
Swedish mittens,. or rather mittens
of Swedish design. are found almost
everywhere, accompanying the loud
sweaters of the same make. These
compete with mittens made with var-
iegated yarn right here at home.
Combination leather and wool mit-
tens have reached a new high in pop-
ularity this year, closely followed by
nubby yarn hand warmers. Pockets
in winter coats are smaller, people
are finding out, so the necessity for
warm, thoroughly warm, mittens is
even greater. And buyers are not
disappointed. Warm mittens are the
only mittens made.

This is worn with green trousers and
red accessories.
Wool socks are a necessity, as well
as warm gloves or mittens. The pop-
ular ski-shell, a poplin mitten with
long elasticized wrists and a leathert
palm, are also popular. Almost any
kind of headgear is worn . . . ranging

Many of the coecis wear thick flan-
nel shirts with their ski trousers.
These shirt. left to them by some-
one now in uniform, are gay and
warm. But when they are worn out-
side- of the pants, snow has a pecu-
liar way of creeping up ... so tuck
them in. Bright red firemen's sus-
ponders are used with this outfit
both for decoration and for the pro-
saic duty of holding up the trousers.
Thus dressed, the coed will venture
out to play in the snow on a cold!
winter's day. For decked in warm
clothes, there will be no frostbitten
toes or fingers for her.

u _
Those hard - working college
_____ g ris deserte son e/hinig bright t
and cheerful for Christmas. A
newc dress for dancing. A coat
for campus. Our Junior section
are reseri"ed just for clle-
Ar/.O s l i~tihnr'iesta
f '
a! Alm ;Arbor's
fine hoot 111folul'I ~ f ; l , r

tt e itsIN:
f r o urst io a ocasion
Iw ft
leterRvntavlktheighanepain jewfr gasmow/EandELeauETj
/9'4cVaniies fai eit rtay.r
ArterJapcui e1 aprcirte or
an soufitand i ely in eiel'-- 2A K
\ hs ar ti es l Ogct.Ons, bd
(,i stpraeg ito takeep her bx tr.Ans D
pteremn From $1clruhdgf. eget
setection of costumeillyjeweland morn w" l aindsfi wt rstlym
(111 1IFLEi0M A oRi E L OtoU S From $6.5c to $.5
e>hlh th rT Ct ta
roetf uit la-e o slk
M RBLOUS ,ro. M931o"
19 1101 IS

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