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November 24, 1942 - Image 21

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-11-24

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Tt AY; N51V2T 24, 1942

T~r1~MWTI(4N fA1T.

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Ign ored by'
Local Stores Carry
Usual Variety of
Styles in Baggage,
.Other Leather Goods
This year's War Christmas will see
as many luggage and leather -gifts as
ever as war priorities have not as yet
taken their toll in this line. Local:re-
tailers report that stock is plentiful
and that styles are the most pleasing,
in years.
In war time; accent should be on
practical giving, and today's luggage,
is one of the most practical gifts on
the market. To Mother or Father, to
the student friend who dashes home
for a week-end, a new overnight bag;
is agift sure to be appreciated and
used. For men, the new 'Weekender'
is the bag to purchase. It comes in
snappy looking-split grain cowhide,
and zips across the top. For women,
the box shaped rawhide cases are
the most popular.
Bags for Trips
For trips of greater extent than
overnight. the Gladstone, for men,.
and the 21-inch hangar case for wo-
men are the Most suitable bags. The
ever popular Gladstone, the favorite
of all traveling men, ,remains the
same in general style and composition.
The hangar case for women will easily
carry "four dresses, and keeps them in
excellent condition.
Airplane luggage, so-called because
of its lightness of weight, is becoming
the fastest selling luggage on the
market. Its durable canvas covering
comes in many unusual shades and,
patterns, and it is considerably less
expensive than leather covered lug-
Bags for Bags
Undoubtedly to be one of the big-
gest sellers this season, are the new
cosmetic cases for women. They are
adequate and compact, and come in
smart red, brown, and blue rawhide.
Comparable to these in practicability
are the Copp Kits for men which con-
tain all shaving accessories and other
toilet articles.
Besides luggage itself, the leather
goods store offers an almost endless.
number of other gift suggestions:
leather writing cases for the lad in
the service, stunning new leather
handbags for a mother or a"sweet-
heart, billfolds, picture frames, and
picnic cases. It is a quick and pleasant
place to do your Christmas shopping.

An American Christmas-What W 're Fighting For

Army Men Apprene~ia New Belts

Leather belts are still among the
unrationed articles that we can.
splurge in to our hearts' content this
Christmas. Whether it's a braided
western band or an embossed intrica-
cy with a gold-plated buckle, the
stores still carry them and men still
want them.
Belts for service men are important
items these days, with the question
of what to give him uppermost in
our minds. The Army officer can al-
ways use a good plain pigskin belt
with a spring buckle, that will be
appropriate for most occasions. The
private will welcome the usefulness'
and safety of a leather money belt,
either a regulation style with outside
pockets for cash, or one designed with
a zipper compartment on the inside.
The stores are now offering kits for
service men that include belts and,
wallets of leather, and also light
leather or fabric suspenders and elas-
tic garters, striped or plain.
Western Models
Among the variety of belts that
civilians will welcome from Santa
Claus are western articles in full grain
horsehide leather with a double thick-'
ness for strength and plenty of plia-
bility for genuine comfort. Then there
are the two-tone suntan westerns in
full grain cowhide leather- with an
embossed hand-tooled design. These
belts are perfect for sports wear or
everyday use.
The man about town will find just.

what he needs in the calfskin finish
cowhide tubular belt that comes in
black, brown,' dr golden tan. Hand-
boarded cowhide belts with sterling
silver or gold-Plated blckles will also
find favor in the eyes 6f the careful
dresser. "Ava'iation from the standard

belts are the plastic and live-glass
numbers for the individual. Plastic
belts come in a wide variety of, dif-
ferent colors, both plain and in at-
tractive contrasting stripes. They are
often sold in sets with a matching
plastic billfold. The new live-glass
belt with its glossy finish and com-
fortable width is an innovation for
the man who likes variety and dis-
tinction in dress.
Matching Sets
Suspenders and garters in match-
ing sets can be purchased in light
leather, colored fabric, or plastics with
either clip or tab ends. While most
men wear either suspenders or' belts,
sets containing both with matching
garters are offered for the man who
prefers a belt with one suit and sus-
penders with another.
Whether you are looking for a nar-
row leather sports belt or 'just the
thing to wear to a dance, you are sure
to find it in the wide selection the
stores are offering this Christmas.
Best advice to all shoppers this
year-shop early. In order to ease
the strain on the postal service
mailing should be done especially'
early. Prompt delivery of pack-
ages to Army camps for Christmas
willonly be assured byimmediate
action on the part of the sender.

is the sterling buckle with a gold-
plated- celiter for special occasions."
For the man who prefers the new
and different there is the money belt
that civilians as well as soldiers will
enjoy, and the expanding leather belt
fore a 'variable waistline:.EAnyonie
should finid it useful after a good
Christmas dinner. This belt is made
entirely of. leather,rand derives'its
expanding features fromn a set of _hid-
den springs within theabelt itself,
thus giving it.versat'ityo without de-
tracting from its comfort.
tAway from. the,'standard leather

Don't Forget the Little Woman
in This Year's Christmas Rush



looks like the pendulum on Fa-
Time's clock will soon have

marked off another unit of time
(known as a year to us humans) and
just seven days prior to this great
party season comes a day of hymns,
yule logs and, much to the agony of
the budget, GIFTS.
Now all men around these parts
seem to be in the same boat. The
problem of producing a little some-
thing for the family and -the usual
friends is rather traditional but the
problem of all problems, about which
the male animal tears his hair,
screams, and makes other lewd out-
bursts, is the problem of-quote:
what can I give the little woman?-
Glirp Slurp
It seems that my purpose of pro-
ducing this glirp is to answer that
problem for everyone concerned, but
the crux of the matter is that I
haven't the faintest idea what you can
give your gals and care less. Go ahead
and get her anything your little hearts
desire as far as I am concerned. How-
ever, I have to fill up a few inches so,
I'll proceed somewhat hesitantly and
will give ample warning. If you are
really in the market for something,
proceed at your own risk-I'm sure

that this will only confuse you fur-
ther. I'll continue now on the premise
that 'I have a man (some joke!) and
was wishing desperately that he would
give me a little trinket. What would
I like to receive?
If it wasn't trite already, the admis-
sion would be that mink coats, con-
vertibles, etc. would come in handy,
but that phase is overdone so I'll.ex-
clude that. (Ed. forgot to.delete here.)
If (sorry this word is used from
here on in but by necessity, this is en-.
tirely an assumption) a ian was a
sort of a casual date-good friend,
etc (from his standpoint) -slingshots,
bean-shooters etc. are a great source
of-extra-curricular, as well as curricu-
lar entertainment.
Wolf, Wolf
If the man is one who whispers vio-
l.nt gushes of l'amour at every op-
portune moment, but hearsay has it
that he has been sweeping the room-
mate off her feet on the other night,
I'd expect a wolfish sort of gift-
which would be nothing at- all--prob-
ably just more l'amour and a hard
luck story about the wife and kiddies.
The only remaining type, from my
category, is the real McCoy and IF
my man was the real McCoy, that
situation would be so ideal that I'd
be satisfied with the man and let that
be my Christmas present. (Who am I
to complain?)

GIFTh or the Men in service
Gifts of PROVEN QUA L ITY from -dependabled
esta bl ished sources.4
To be most apprec ated by all rien inclutding those in the armed forces gifts must be '
usefid. 7There are vnany applarel iteins and accessories that will delight rnen located 1
in any climate under any conditions. 4
Shirt for all services, 2.25 up Sweaters in the sleeveless and sleeve
Ties and Handkerchiefs, 1.00 up pull-over, 3.50 up
Regulation" shoes of finer quality,
Dopp Kits for toilet articles 8.50 up
.and fitted cases, 2.50 up Leathers items of all kinds
Gloves, Scarfs, including billfolds, writing sets,
and Combination Sets, 1.25 up photocases, dice sets, pipes,
Sox of cotton and wool mixtures, Our exclusive famous
short, or full-length, 50c up Mixture 79 Tobacco.

Do You Know
What to Give
the O.D. Man?
For you who are in a quandry as
to what to get that man in the serv-
ice, here are a few suggestable sug-
gestions. (It's rather hard to imagine
anyone in a quandry about Christmas
gifts in November, isn't it?) Any-
way, those in a clutter of cacophon-
ious confusion with a muddled mind
and no ideas should read the rest of
this and become even more so. Here's
the dope, dopes.
Probably the best thing to sling
1 at the men would be a pair of scis-
sors. These would be useful in slic-
ing through all of the Army red tape
and making cutting remarks to the
top sergeant. Of course it might be
sheer folly, but then again it would be
a sharp gift.
Light on the Subject
A cigarette lighter would make an
excellent present for one with a
match-less personality. Some might
say it would be a wicked gift, but
it certainly would be smokey-dokey
with your man who likes to smoke.
In fact it would be puffect, butt
For the old sew-and-sew who needs
to mend his ways, a sewing kit would
be nice. However, there is the thread-
bare possibility that he might try to
button your lip. And that's no thim-
bull, needle-ss to say.
A rope would make a good present
if your man likes to hang around, but
then it might be a noose-ance,.
sunburn lotion is just the thing if
he is in the pink of condition . .
stockings probably would be your best
bet for one lacking in sox appeal
. a purple pony would be nice, but
then that's a horse of a different
A Fruity Gift
Send along an apple, if he has an
appletite. You can even send a klee-
nex to polish it with and then maybe
he can blow the town. That's snot
very nice, is it? A necktie would be
just the thing if he likes to neck and
is fit to be tied.
If he is a little shaver and a gay
young blade, you couldn't go wrong
with a razor. If you can't get the
cream, it will be just tube-ad. A
mechanical pencil is another sure-
fire gift. Maybe he can get the lead
out of his pants. (I knew a fellow
once who stole a pencil and they put
him in the pen, but that's another
story.) You could send your soldier
a yacht and then anytime he wants
to he can knock off fo launch. To
top it all off, send him a hat.
And remember, above all, to give
Snifflers See Possible
Season Style Change

1 11,



_ :: ,
" 3 y ..._.._ ...
. '.
. " '
' h .y 4
;rti? ".
1 ; Mti
i::: yw:

FEATURING the most complete stock of cosmetics in town,
our Beauty Bar will supply the immediate answer to many of
your gift problems. You'll find Manicure Sets by -Chen Yu
and Peggy Sage; Make-up Kits and travel kits by Dorothy
Gray that will please any college irl who travels - and
Compacts, Perfumes, Powders and many other toiletries by
such famous makers as Tussy, Coty, Dunhill and 4711. All
of these are gifts that will be appreciated long after the
holidays end.
FOR MOM select a box of -attractively packed WHITMAN'S
or GILBERT'S Chocolates or perhaps a box of the ever-popular
crisp flavored DOUBLE K Nuts.

Givec a iap a PIPE and TOBA CCO. Watch him contentedly
light up, relax and thoroughly enjoy a real smoke. You'll be
glad you gave him a pipe - and so will be. A gift that'll
give him contentment the year 'round. And for a perfect
pair give him a RONSON lighter with it. These smart light-
ers save countless fumbling for matches and look better too.

DOPP KITS are enormously popular with all men- especially
the man about to be called into the service. And there are
many other items in our leather goods department - all of
which appeal to the masculine taste. Look over our billfolds,
purses, and. key holders, they're all of genuine leather.

It doesn't seem like anybody nose
much about handkerchief styles for
the coming winter, but a recent poll
of the PNBA (Perennial Nose Blow-
ers Association) seems to indicate

I 1 ..-® .--. A r- i K E t .^\ r N l i n r-, /"\ i 1 K I r-, I I

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