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November 24, 1942 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-11-24

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TUESDAY, NOV. 24, 1942

Khaki-Clad Claus Will Have Gifts For Soldiers In Hi

s Sack

Man's Taste
is Measured
by Tie Choice
Neckwear Matched'
with Handkerchief or
Scarf; Prints, Stripes,
Foulards Are Popular


Ties, ties, ties and more ties-dare
you give him a tie for Christmas? If
the answer is "yes" a big part of their
Christmas gift problem is solved.
Well, folks heave a big sigh of re-
lief and relax that frown of anxiety,
for the answer is yes. Ties are prac-
ti-cal, convenient and pleasing gifts,.
and there are about half a hundred
different styles so just take your pick.
If you are looking for something ar
little different, match up a tie with a
fiandkerchief or a tie with a scarf.
A more expensive gift and a sure-
fire hit with any man would be a
shirt with a matching tie. There's
something attractive and pleasing
about a well matched combination
aid it satisfies the practical demands
made of a gift in these times.
These combinations are ideas to be
considered, but one or more ties unac-
companied also make a very suitable
gift. No matter what grumbling yon
hear at the suggestion of ties for
Christmas, they are always warmly
received, and many's the -man who
actually depends on a gift supply of
ties for Christmas to hold him until-
spy--his birthday.
Fit To Be Tied
Choosing those ties is another prob-
lem again. As one fellow put it, "We
lok around the rack until instinct
tells us that this one is in harmony
with our sensibilities.
Women of course can't have a mas-
culine instinct, but they can take a
hint from that statement. A tie is the
high spot in a man's dress, and a
man's taste is judged by the tie he
wears so he wants it right.
Naturally, age and temperament
liay their part in determining a man's
taste in ties. Many of the college boys
life the repp ties with their broad
bands of color. The foulard ties with
their all-over designs are also popu-
lar.,Try to notice what the particular
man usually wears and keep within
his style and' color preferences.
To be safe get ties like these: large
printed design on foulard, striped
repp, glenn plaid raych-and-silk, and.
plain colored gabardine in wool and

Recordintgs W
With phonographs or radio-phono-
graph combinations becoming stand-
ard equipment for most homes, mu-
sic you want, when you want it seems
to be the answer to the Christmas'
gift, problem.
If your friends are far from you,
records may be sent safely in the
"Overseas Packages"kputeout by Vic-
tor records. The mAkers, guarantee
that you can "wear 'em, tear 'em, not
spare 'em" and they still won't break,
Don't be fooled by the name of the
packages however, they're the perfect
way to send records to that cat in
Kalamazoo .or the long hair in Long
Beach, Package No. 1.includes class-
ical selections by Rachmaninoff, Sto-
kowski, the Boston "Pops", Igor Gor-
in, and Toscha Seidel, while pack-
age No. 2 contains the popular items
and has waxings by Diana Shore,
Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, "Fats'
Waller, Wayne King and Tommy Dor-
Albums Appreciated
Albums will always be appreciatec
by the recipient, if you find out first
whether he's hep or long hair anc
follow through in the right groove.
The newest collection of Christmas
carols just out on Columbia records
includes four platters by the Lyr
Murray singers. A feature of this
album is that the words for all the
carols are printed in the back and if
the listeners are in a jovial mood
they can sing along with the disks.
Novel in the way of albums is the
one Decca has ouf of the Cloister
Bells pealing away on some very fa-
miliar old favorites. Of course there
is the Bing Crosby-Kenny Baker al-
bum of Christmas carols, too, but this
one isn't new.
Columbia Masterworks records has
just released on three 12-inch rec-
ords Charles Dicken's immortal "A
Christmas Carol" as adapted by
Edith Meiser and featuring Basil
Rathbone as Scrooge. He is sup-
ported by-:a distinguished Hollywood
cast which includes many of your
favorite radio personalities. This i,
a perfect holiday gift for others, and
after you hear it, you'll want one for
New Kern Records
Andre Kostelanetz and his orches-
ra have .recorded another Jerome
Kern albumn..This one is Kern's "Mark
Twain." Columbia records puu it oul
as the most outstanding symphonic
novelty of the year.
For your little niece, nephew of
cousin,' the Victor and Bluebird com

panies have put out a series of stor-
ies and songs for children from three
to sixteen ;years old. For the younger
generation they have Mother Goose
Rhythms, Raggedy Ann's Songs of
Happiness, Winnie the Pooh Songs,
and Mickey Mouse, from the film
sound track. For'the older young-
sters there are the Bertram stories,
Kipling's Jungle Book and Proko-
fieff's Peter and the Wolf.
For the entire family there is an
album of songs by the late George
M. Cohan which includes the songs
from the movie "Yankee Doodle Dan-
dy." This album is highly recom-
mended for listener enjoyment.
Carols and Classics
Always a best seller around Christ-
mas is Madame Schumann-Heink
singing in German the "Stille Nacht,
Heilige Nacht" (Silent Night) and
"Weihnachten" (Christmas) on one
12-inch Victor.
Songs of the services are popular
with all nowadays and several good
albums have been recorded. Five
stirring marching records are in-
cluded in the Victor album entitled
"Songs of the Service" which was
recorded by the Victor orcltestra.
Fred Waring has two popular pa-
triotic albums out on Decca records,
and Victor has recorded the songs
from Irving Berlin's "This Is the
Army" show in another swell album.
The list of classical albums is too
long to try to review here, and our
efforts would probably fall far short
of doing justice to these long-hair
In order to purchase any of the
records listed here, you are advised
to go early and not be disappointed
if the shops are out, for with record
production using vital war materials,
all of the companies are having a
difficult time keeping the dealers in
stick. And if you can't get the rec-
ords you want, buy a bond now, and
the records later. - H. B.
Pa j ama Feu
Still with Us
It's the Old Battle
of Reds vs. Whtes
You can keep your battle of the
Solomons! Right now the only battle
that interests us is the one raging
between the Reds and the Whites, the
Radicals and the Conservatives-cal
them what you will, it's still the pa-
jama faction feud.
Every Christmas the battle arises
and every Christmas it's a fight to
the finish, but never decided. This
year is no exception. In fact, we're
off already.
For the fellow who 'likes 'em so
loud they'll wake up the whole dorm
here are striped pajamas in reds and
oranges, greens and blues, in stripes
of varying widths. Almost any colo
scheme imaginable can be found i
you look hard and long enough.
Togs of Tovarich 4
For the rough-and-tough Don Cos-
sack type of individual, the red and
black Russian style is back again
with the Czar's royal seal, no less
embroidered on the pocket.
Plenty of plain white or soft tan
and pastel shades are still being used
by the pajama manufacturers
though; enough to satisfy the hear
of the calm, conservative soul.
The newest and most popular typ
of pajama (and this comes straigh
from 'the boys') is a little job re
sembling a ski suit. They're made in
cotton flannel and a stretchy sort o:
knit-like material. These have a pull.
over shirt and come tight around th
wrists and ankles. They're for thos
sub-zero times when you spend th
night brushing off snow that pour
in the open window some fraternit
brother playfully keeps open.

'ill Please Hep'
Music Lovers

Ann Arbor's
Shops Are
Gifts for Soldiers
Must Be Practical
Besides Remin'ding A
Him of Folks in U.S.A.
A khaki-clad gentleman with a
close crew cut and a knapsack will
soon come peeping around the corner
in a new Army jeep. Yes, J, kiddies, I
Santa is coming around again thisf
year but he's going to be a little late.
Know why? Well, on the night before
Christmas ole' St. Nicholas will be1
speeding about the world with V-mail
and gifts for soldiers.
His knapsack a la '42 still holds as,
much as ever and we here at home
are going to keep stepping at a merry
pace to fill the Yuletide needs of our,
fathers, brothers, and steadies in the
Bigger and Better
We've done a little scouting about
right here in old Ann Arbor and the
prospects for bigger and better gifts
are actually better than they have
ever been before. A few priority prem-
iums and suggestions follow:
Johnny Doughboy may have found
his rose in Ireland and he may hear
from Dear Ma every day but his stan-
dard need is YOU, dear lady. By all
means send him that picture frame
(and the photo, if necessary) that
you have had in mind for the past
The very LATEST concoction, for a
soldier is the roll-up toilet kit. You
don't want Bill to go around like an
unshaven brute so you rush down to
State St. and pick up one of these
khaki-toned kits which contain sha''-
ing soap, cologne, a comb or two, and
other assorted necessities.
Those Sew' and Sews
Believe it or not, he actually likes
to sew! Well, maybe it's not a matter
of aptitude but of necessity. At any
rate, local stores say that the needle,
thread and go-to-it cases are near
the top of the list. You must make
sure before you buy that khaki is the
thread color.
And as soon as he's through drop-
ping the stitches, he'll want to con-
plete operations by removing the dirt
from his shoes. You go one step fur-
ther and send him a shoe shine kit.
Then he'll emerge from the day's
hike ready for an evening's entertain-
1 ment. (Thinking of you all the time,
- of course.)
Write Is Right
Most gals like to receive letters with
that great big Army seal on the en-
velope or Camp So-and-So printed
conspicuously on the envelopes. But
stationery shops on the Solomon Is-
lands may be in the process of repair
Pan he read? Can he write? Send
him that old standby, the pen and
f pencil set. One distinct advantage of
this gift is that it offers a relief froi
the khaki craze. Send red, blue, pur-
ple, marble-patterned or any other
bright combinations available.
I Food Is Good
It may be too late now to mail
, Johnny one of the gift food 0akages
but here is one item he will apreciate
1 even if it arrives in the middle of
I January. Some concerns have con-
bined cigarettes, candy, citrus fruits,
t and even cheeses into non-perishable
cartons which sell for about five dol-
e lars. We can see the whole platoon
t getting excited over this one.
If you haven't found anything yet
n that suits your pocketbook or your

f fancy revert back to the alphabet and
- you will emerge with something like
e this: address book, billfold, carton of
e ciggies. dollar bills, envelopes, fur-
e lined gloves, ginger snaps, and heck!
s . . . we can't think of any more items
y so we'll see you on State Street or
downtown tomorrow.


Books with War Setting 'Top
Non-Fiction Best-Seller List'

Serious new books by such notables Elcv' ers of Jesus of Nazareth. A former'
a Mie. Chiang kAi-Shek, John preacher on this campus, Douglas al-
Steinbeck, Lloyd Douglas and John ready has drawn favorable comment
Erskine promise an unlimited winter on his book.
reading season this year, with flip- Chinese Folk Tales
pant books still striking popular fancy 1Mime. Chiang Kai-Shek's "Little
as Marion Hargrove's fun - poking Sister Su," a Chinese folk tale of the
'See Here, Private Hargrove" con- Sung dynasty, was written expressly
tinues to lead all non-fiction best to raise dollars for the author's War'
sellers: Orphan Fund.
Franz Werfel's "The Song of Ber- Prof. John Erskine writes iri "The
,adette" is sailing well in front of Voyage of Captain Bart" of an' adven-
other best seiling fiction, This emo- turer's romance in Colombia, in what
critics call one of his nost unique
tional story has top sales for Novem'- novels.
ber in seven of 12 cities according to "Bcmbs Away," latest war novel by
a New York Times book review rating. John Steinbeck will be released by the
"Drivin' Woman" by Elizabeth Che- Viking Press late this month.
valier is second on the best selling Whimsical T. R. Ybarra 'who gained
fiction, and Nancy Hale's "The Prodi- fame with his "Young Man of Cara-
gal Women" is third. cas" has a new book on the market,
War' Stories "Young Man of the World," a con-
Sodies H e tinuation of his autobiography.
Soldier Hargrove's burlesque' of Lt fBos
himself which is given top rating in Lots of Books
nine of 12 cities is .challenged closely This abundance of good reading
only by W. L. White's "They Were matter on the current market list
Expendable," hailed widely by' critics doesn't take into account previous
as the most gripping story that has crops of best sellers and perpetual
to d'ate come out of the present war. favorites which still line book-sellers'
The first, five books, in fact, to stalls.
make the non-fiction list are directly Ann Arbor book sellers with their'
related to the present war. "Sabo- perpetual "come on in and browse"
tage" by Michael Sayers and Albert invitations consider this supply just'
Kahn, "Last Train from Berlin" by as good a source of Christmas gift
Howard Smith, and "Suez to Singa- choices.
pore," by Cecil Brown all reflect pub- A rich fortune of ancient and mod-
lic interest in the biggest modern is- ern classics has appeared in the last
sue. year with the innovation by many
Lloyd Douglas' newest novel, ap- I large publishers of cheaply bound but
pearing this month, is "The Robe," a completely unexpurgated volumes.

stcry cf the first century and the fo1-

Lighters Out
for Duration
Match Boxes Replace
Them on Gift Lists
Blazing with new glory will be the
lowly match as it moves into the gift
class replacing its socially more de-
sirable competitor, the automatic
lighter, which retreats out of circu-
'lation for''the 'duration.
If you hid "lighter" written next
to the name of someone on your list,
hurry down now and try to find one.
A swift survey of local jewelers'shows
that most stocks are' about depleted.
He'll appreciate the lighter, if you
can get one, especially if it has his
particular service crest mounted on-it.
Jewelers will still engrave initials on
the cases if you order them early.
A few lighters, of torch proportions
remain in stock for that elderly
uncle's den. They are gracefully moul-
ded and are so designed as to make a
hit with his wife too.
However, the lack of lighters need'
not cause consternation or disinay be-
cause-manufacturers are bridging the
gift gap with new match boxes and
monogrammed holders. Small leather
envelops matching the larger cases
have been designed.
Particularly good looking are the
flint edged metal or plastic cases that
can be readily filled with bulk-pur-
chased matches. Of increasing popu-
larity are the monogramimed paper
cases that will gradually replace worn
out lighters. Individual and smart
looking; they can accompany the most
formal case.
Lighters are on the non-essential
list and so are out of production for
the duration. Most of them have been
made with a brass base which has
priority rating.



He will be doubly proud 04 His gift
if it comes fro-m
The G if Store for Men!
This list will help you-

Hot Tip for the Last-Minute Brigade
You don't have to buy gifts hit or miss. Just pick something with
the Arrow label and you'll be dead right-on December 24th or
any other day of the year - because Arrow is the most popular
menys wear in the country! And even if you come in at the last
minute, you'll find we have a complete Arrow selection!


and a fine selection to choose from.

: '
« ,


Get Arrow Shirts-Arrow shirts
are all Sanforized - won't shrink out of
shape - and have perfect-fitting collars.
(They ought to fit perfectly ... Arrow has
made over a billion collars in the last 80
years.) . . . . . . . . . . $2.25up

Get Arrow Shots-4-Arrow shorts
are just about the most comfortable a man
could Wear.
They have no chafing center seam and
are Sanforized-labeled (shrinkage less than
1%)... . . . . . . . . . 75eup
Get Arrow Handkerchiefs-
Arrow handkerchiefs designed by America's
smartest stylists to harmonize with Arrow
ties and shirts. They're large and manly.

The B
Sanforized SHIRTS
White oi colors. $1.85 to 2.50
Cooper's SOX . 29c to $1.00
Beau Brummel TIES . $1.00


4ST in
Scarf and Glove Sets . $2.95
HANKIES . . 25c - 35c - 50c
Cooper's Jockey Shorts . 60c
Cooper's Jockey Longs $1.00
*V7'- .r r fl t'%ItTfLM0 41 nnf

Get Arrow Ties-Arrow ties chime
in just right with Arrow shirts. Their spe-
cial lining makes 'em wrinkle-resisting and
perfect-knotting. True, masculine colors in
stripes and figures... . . . .. up
L i Zook in
shirts f



the collar of one of his old
,r his size and sleeve-l ength!


Many Other Items.
America's Finest Gifts; priced to save you money.





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