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November 24, 1942 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-11-24

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TUESDAY, NOV. 24, 1942



I 1w

Plain Wools, Silks
Answer Demand
For Date Dresses

Thumbs Down
On Male Attire

Mrs.Kua-LingDuo,Lin Dynasty,r3000 B.C.,
Responsible For Our Christmas Wrappings



C' --- .

UseWhite, Purple
For Season's Best
2-Color, Cotrast
The Date Bureau reports that the
shortage of women applicants for
dates is hampering Mihigan men's
styles, which means that contrary to
much female supposition there could
be an excess of dating in these parts.
Thus arises the demand for date dres-
ses aplenty.
A man may have trouble finding
dates, but a woman has her proilems
too, a principal one being to decide
which dress to wear for what occasion.
And since one doesn't own a different
dress for each occasion these days,
woman must choose her date ward-
robe with care in order to buy sensi-
,ble custumes appropriate for nuner-.
ous parties, dances and shows.
Careful Buying Necessary
She must balance'her budget care-
fully and plan for a few good dresses
that will stand up we'l: under hard
wear and must disregard a wardrobe
full of cheap looking affairs, capable
of only a few wearings.
A wool dress used to be a "must" in
every wardrobe, but now a combina-
tion wool and rabbit's hair does very
well. Dresses of such materials are
stunning made with three-quarter
length sleeves, "V" necks, tailored
collars, tight bodices and gently flar-
ing, non-pleated skirts.
White, Purple in Vogue
And speaking of wools,. wool dresses
are in vogue in a big way this year in
whites and deep purples, either in
contrasting proportions or else of but
a single color. Take your pick; both
are good buys.
Pins of varying sizes and shapes
add the needed color to any costume
and are especially useful here as are
fancy belts or colorful handkerchiefs.
Similarly, tiny pearls worn with a
"V" neck semi-wool are exceptionafly
Silks and crepes continue to run
neck and neck with the semi-wool
outfit and are just as stunningly ef-
fective if not as cosily warim during
the chill winter months. Consequent-
ly, a silk or a crepe dress makes an
equally attractive addition to any and
every wardrobe.
Slenderizing Skirts'New
Less tailored in"style, this type of
dress often employs a square or a
sweetheart neckline, eiter long,
three-quarter length or short sleeves,
and skirts fuller than the semi-wool.
although the tendency to slenderize
figures via skirts with less fullnss s
becoming the accepted rule. elts'are
often of the same material as the
dress itself and either tie becomingly
at the back or else buckle in front,
most often an inch or more in width.
The popularity and utility of vel-
vets and velveteens is generally ac-
knowledged, and it is in this field
that colors really come into their own.
Any number of color combinations
prevail in the velvteen class, and an
equally sizeable variety of styles is to
be found. Excess jewelry is not so
much in demand with these costumes
because the colors speak for them-

.. ~.
< .r.
1 ,
':::;: .
~ : ; ,,
r.. ', s;.
' '',t
s, 3
}SS Y ,

I n Negligees.
Are Vanishing
,Quilted affairs and chenille furs are
taking precedence over slinky silk
dressing gowns this year in the house-
coat department.
It seems that this year, perhaps due
to the present conditions or the reac-
tion to them, the trend is toward the
very, feminine. Pastels, pinched waists
and flare skirts are very much in
The latest thing which the college
girl ;craves is the three-quarter length
fitted quilted robe in contrasting pas-
tel shades, with pajamas ; td match.
The kneelength robe flatters the fig-
ure and shows the pajamas off to best
Flannel robes are very popular, par-
ticularly in blues, pinks and reds, for
warmth is being stressed .this year.
With the rationing of heat, flannel
will become more and more an essen-
tial part of every wardrobe.
Mandarin style robes, also in the
favored, three-quarter length, are
"in" more than ever before, especially
when quilted and sporting large patch
pockets. 'The styles in. general,'how-
ever, are comparatively simple, all
the fuss of bygone days having been
put definitely in' the past.

Women Tired Of Hearing Men
Ridicule Their Dress While They
Ignore Every 'Rule Of Fashion
These men-they ridicule our hair
styles, they torture us about our hats,
they complain about our short skirts
(don't they know there's a priority
on material?) yet object i they're too
long, they say saddle shoes make us
look too young, and yet they say we
look" like we're on stilts when we wear
high-heels. They should talk!
Now, however, we coeds are copying
men's styles. We're wearing their
jackets, their sweaters, their socks,
and still we're being subjected to
teasing And taunting. They should
The magazines tell what the well-
dressed college man will wear, but
does the 'well-dressed college man
follow their suggestions? Well, now
i've seen everything from zoot suits
to derbies.
Yes, men have developed their own
style of dress, if I may be so presump-
tuous as to call it style. They object
to our hats, but they sport all varia-
tions of the porkpie. They wear jack-
ets with patch ielbows and pockets
and raincoats designed only to show
the crease in their trousers, and sure-
ly, come a heavy downpour, the
crease will be no more.
These men-they say our jackets
are too long, but they wear petticoat
length jackets and think they're
smart. They pad their shoulders be-
yond recognition to get that "cave-
mannish" effect, but should a woman
wear a bustle-well, need I say more?
As if this isn't enough, they object
to showiness or obviousnes in girls'
dress, but feel perfect in striped
suits, striped jackets, check pants.
They look aghast at any coed daring
to wear a plaid skirt with a striped
jacket, but that doesn't stop our men
from donning the very same outfits
and defending them by saying that
they're prescribed styles for the col-
lege man. These men!
Sloppness'is unforgivable in a coed,
yet tie-less days are becoming more
and more frequent for our beloved
males. They like variation in women's
dress from day to day, but will cling
desperately to the same matted-look-
ing sweater from year to year.
Now, they plead with us to retain
our femininity-to look carefree and
dainty, then they have the effron-
tery to say scornfully to our faces
words to the effect that we look as
if we didn't know there was a war go-
ing on, that we look as if the most
important thing in the world was a
new outfit, or that we don't realize
there's a'shortage on frivolities. You
just can't please them, these men-
but we love them!
Keep 'Em Guessing
With These Jigsaws
If you're the type of individual
who derives profound pleasure in
screaming "guess who?" on the tele-
phone to all your friends, then'you'll
be happy to know that there is a
Christmas gift on the market that
exudes the same kind of mystery as
to who the donor can be.
It is in the form of a jigsaw puzzle,
on which is a white space where you
can write your name. Before it is
sent, the puzzle is broken up, and
°not until the friend works it out
can he discover who it is from.

Dr. Kua-Ling-Duo of the Lin Dy-
nasty, some 3,000 BC, was buying a
Christmas gift for his new bride, Mrs.
Kua-Ling-Duo, and he thought to
himself, "Since wifey is so fond of
reindoor riding, and since she believes
in Santa Claus, wouldn't it be fun to
decorate this new Steinway Grand
with a few little silver silhouettes of
her favorite beast of burden?"
Now this incident is more remark-
able than the casual observer might
believe, because, at the very same mo-
ment, in the very same department
store, Mrs. Kua-Ling-Duo, thinking
her husband also believed in the,
Santa Claus myth (she was sixteen
and knew better) decided that the

new automatic washer would look
more exciting to him under the bam-
boo'tree (Christmas trees being un-
known in those days) -if .it were
clothed in a little onion-skin paper.
Believe it or not, this coincidence
was the 'historical basis of the gift
wrapping tradition (dressed with
stickers.) The fad grew in ancient{
China and the movement drifted east
where we next pick up the story in'
ancient Greece.
Plato and Aristotle were curbing the
appetites of the soul by refusing a bid'
to Sappho's egg nog party on the Eve.
of St. Nick's, when suddenly in popped
Perfidia with a lovely sterling- ciga-
rette lighter, a gift for her hostess.

Since she had to walk about 2 kilo. to
the party and it was snowing out, she
asked the opinion of these great
thinkers" as tx othe most practical
method of protecting the trinket from
the precipitation. After pondering
several moments, Plato remembered
having read the letters of Dr. Kua-
Ling-Duo and the problem was solved
by olive leaf paper, trimmed in silver.
Perfidia rushed to the/party, overly
pleased with her novel idea and much
to her disillusionment, she found that
all of the other gifts were beautifully
wrapped also. Net result-Plato and
Aristotle, learning that they "weren't
on the ball" soon enough, missed an-
other Sappho shooter.


t k .


m Iadem0 ieC/i?


Shirt-"Tail 'Troubles
En ded 'By Blouse'
That Can't PRullOut
Do you have trouble keeping your
shirt-tail in? If so, a new shirt which
has been designed;by manufacturers
will prove a life saver. It is a com-
bination shirt and pantie which is
guaranteed not to come out under
any circumstances. It fits snugly
without bulging under slacks and
skirts and over foundation garments,
Traveler{ Picks Gift
Who wouldn't be glad to g'et a'red
leather travelling clock on Christmas
morning? We didn't say no, and can
you blame us? They're really smoth,
and very conVenient to take with you
everywhere. You'd never be able to
sing "I didn't know what time it was"





t .

As good as gold - and just ds
handsome on her dressing table
are these transparent, plastic
ahd crystal dresser sets.
$6.50 to $35.00

Matching exquisitely cut crystal perfume
bottles and boudoir trays she will cherish
$.50to $3510.00

_.,..r. . _ ....

PERFUME is an everlasting bouquet and conveys a gift

message from its whole makeup.

Our rare collection

will 'make selecting her gift a pleasure.

Among the

HOLIDAY SEASON means parties. Formal
or informal let us help you drss up for
the light of your life after dark. Bewitch-
ing blacks and slim pastels for every size.
ACCESSOR'lES, too - Beads, bracelets,h
and pins furnish the needed "touch."
95 o0

many, may we suggest:
Smouldering TABU-heady, sultry fragrance -even more
,disturbing when worn on-gowns or furs where it remnains
for days - even weeks. And now' you no longer have to
wait for someone to bring your precious TABU from
Mexico, Cuba or Spain - we have it here. The Parfum
$35.00 - Cologne $6.00 - also other sizes of both.

Floral silk or satin quilted housecoats
to keep' you cozy and warr this winter.
Ask for them yodrself, give them as gifts.
Others in spun rayon and crepe.
$10.95 to $14.95
by her favorite maker
A woman gets one cosmetic
here, one toiletry there, and
rarely gets arournd o buy-
ng a complete kit like this
-which makes this case,
with all the accoutrements
of, beauty, such 'a good -gift.
- $3.95 to$35.00
Something she can't
live without

A few of our many perfumes include=--

.. , r . t

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