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April 22, 1942 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-04-22

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'I miICI1 ]f=D;L TU1 DAY .P~

Heels In All
Sizes Offered
To Women
Spectators Pumps Lead Parade
Of Season's Shoes Designed
'For Summer Weather Wear
As usual, spectator pumps are lead-
irig the parade this season in balmy-
weather foot-gear.
The heels come in all heighths,
cuban, medium and spiked. An addi-
tion to the shoe this year is an ad-
aptation of the men's summer spec-
tator, a flat-heeled shoe dressed with
white or brown flaps. This mole of
foot-gear is an all year-round affair
and is not just limited to the sum-
mer months. The shoe is most ap-
propriate for campus wear.
Variations In Color
There is a slight variation in the
scope of color range this season. In
addition to the brown, navy blue and
black trim, red, and royal-blue trims
will be more popular. Solid white
spectators, introduced last year, will
be commonly seen also. -
There are many types of cuts in
the 1942 spectators. The smartest
shape, however, is identical with that
of 1938, 1939 and preceding and fol-
lowing years. It is styled after the
traditional, closed-toe pump. The toe
and heel are hard, and perforations
can or can not extend along the edges
of the trim and along the top edge of
the shoe..
Another Current
Another style, currently seen, is
the V-shaped top with the same types
of perforations as the former. Per-
haps this shoe will become the "V for
Victory" spectator.
Most spectators are of the closed-
toe style. A variety, however, was in-
troduced to the summer shoe parade
in the toe-less adaptation. Except
for the toe, this model is usually iden-
tical with the closed-toe spectator.
An exception is the cuban heel shoe
with the perforation patterns through
the in-step and sides.
An unlimited amount of use can
be made of any of these basic styles.
Every woman's summer wardrobe
should include at least one pair of
1942 spectator shoes.
Bigger And Brighter
Bags For Summer
Will Soon Be Toted
If you are in the habit of carrying
your week's wardrobe plus your books,
pencils and other odds and ends in
your purse, you will not be at a loss
fbr space in the new purses, for they
were never larger.
They are either long and narrow
or large and square and are usually
the flat envelope type. You'll notice
too that little metal is used in them,
as plastic or wood is used in the styles
with handles. But if the war has cut
down on metal, it has done nothing
to colors, for they are brighter and
splashier than ever.
You can match your new straw
hat with a straw purse in solid colors
or stripes, or you can match your
shoes, be they suede, grosgrain, or
smooth leather, in a purse of the
same material-even to the hobnails!
Saddle-stitching' too is still in vogue.
Sprightly ginghams and corded
fabrics in solid colors and dashing
stripes will take their proper place
in summer purse styles, and the key-
note of it all is color and size. They
must be bright and they must be
Emergency Bottle
Has Smelling Salts
"Always be prepared" isn't the
motto for the Scouts, only, these

days. Here's something that they ad-
vocate all of us should carry at all
times. It's a lavender smelling salts
in a bottle which you carry around
in a little leather case.

Sheer Cool Elegance

Cold Weather Glamour Bobs

To Qive Way To Feather Cut

Frock Of Many



"Shorter hair means assured heat-
relief for the summer months". If
you don't believe it, try it. There
is nothing more practical for the hot
days than a feather-cut.
of course, any Veronica Lake
would really have to get up a great
deal of nerve for this drastic step.
Probably the first sensation after the
trip to the barbers, in this case,
would be very similar to what a
sheared sheep must experience.
She's Unrecognizable!
For the first week, even her own
mother probably won't recognize her.
She will go through the ordeal of
explaining to every friend and ac-
quaintance when, why and how the
barbering job performed, when they
come racing up to her with the amaz-
ing revelation "you have had your
Naturally in every recently shorn
case the results will be somewhat the
same, but in lesser degrees. It is
the price one has to pay for such a
radical move.
In addition, other grief will result
Fashions Join

Dungarees, Short Bobs
First Place in Wartime


.Darker Makeup
Is Protection
The theme of summer makeup is
"sun protection or sun addition".
There are more new waterproof, sun-
proof makeup brands than ever be-
One house has put out a ordinary
face powder, except that it is com-
pressed and thus absolutely guaran-
teed to withstand the sun and the
sea. This particular brand has a
powder base in liquid form to match
each shade of the new face powder,
which incidentally comes in some
luscious dark colors.
Cream Away The Sun
A sun-proof cream which protects
you from burning and helps you getI
a good tan is put out by another
house. Also, on the market for sum-
mer is a non-greasy liquid form of
sun tan oil which at the same time
is quaranteed to keep the mosquitoes
For those who don't relish long
hours in the hot sun, but who do
desire that nicely browned look, there
is available a liquid "Bronze-Glo"
artificial tan which may safely be
used all over the body. Along with
this brand goes a liquid rouge with
the same bronze tint which certainly
fits into the summer picture.
A well-known company has pre-
pared a new light summer cologne
with nail polish, eyeshadow, lipstick
and rouge to go with it. The only
other new addition to the makeup
parade are the two beautiful nail
polish shades named after each side
of a decade. One is a odd light orchid
shade and the other a deep rosy red
So gay and indicative of the new,
more informal season approaching
are these new summer cosmetic prep-
arations that only a diehard won't
feel the need for a change of make-
up. Remember just one thing, you
may lie a pastel picture or a bronzed
Amazon but one hue, that of the
lobster-red burn, won't be in style.

Ever since Carrie Nation pole-axed
her first saloon, the women of Amer-
ica have taken an increasingly im-
portant part in this country's indus-
trial life. This trend has been step-
ped up to fever pitch with the advent
of World War II and has had a cor-
respondingly violent effect on wo-
men's fashions.
Previous to the Axis attempt at
world domination you know what
people used to say when a girl walked
down Main Street in dungarees. Per-
haps it was Hemingway's fault but
no matter, women belonged in skirts
and men belonged in pants.
It's all changed now. The guys who
used to chase anything in skirts are
sadly out-of-place and overalls are
no longer a symbol of virility. The
drill press and the turret lathe are
guided by Vogue-conscious blondes
and Mr. and Mrs. have to iron out
their domestic differences on the pro-
duction line.
Therefore it has become increas-
ingly important to dress correctly for
work on the assembly line. Lurid tales
are told of skirts caught in rotary,
saws and many are the poor bru-
nettes whose tresses have fallen prey
to the demon power press.I
Most sensible of all suggestions for
women in war work are dungarees
and short bobs. In the first place
there's nothing to get caught or hin-
der your freedom of movement and
secondly, my dears, there will be no
one to distract you. After all, how far
did Carrie Nation get that way?
Priorities Take Toll
Priorities, of course, have had their
effect on the entire realm of women's
fashions. Skirts are shorter, hand-
bags of latex are forbidden, and so
on. Now we come to the question of
bathing suits.

from feather-cuts. With the excep-
tion of natural curley-tops, a greater
amount of time will be required for
primping. A long bob, curled slightly
on the ends, needs much less atten-
tion. Also, when the rain come-it
is quite sad!
For comfort and attractiveness the
feather-cut is in perfect harmony
with the summer months. It is ex-
tremely cool since there are no long
heavy strands of hair to keep the
neck warm (as if it needed it). The
appearance of the style is in tone
with summer and off-sets the soft
shades of warm-weather apparel.
The Conservatives' Cut
The more conservative individuals,
who can't quite make the drastic
step, can content themselves with a
less extreme cut. Rather than having
equally short lengths around the hair
line, the strands can jist be short-
ened following the traditional lines,
shorter on the sides than the back.
This style is an excellent heat-pre-
As for care, this coiffure is one
of the easiest to keep trim. Less time
with curlers or bobby-pins is neces-
Grows Evenly
Another advantage to this hair-bob
is the fact that the hair grows back
in even lengths so that those who
prefer longer hair for winter will be
Any of the short-haired styles are
ideal for summer. All it takes is a
little nerve for the first step and after
that the satisfaction will more than
Creates Furor
This Spring
Little women, balmy summer days
are coming around again, but don't
pack all of your sweaters in the bot-
tom of your trunk and ship them
Sweaters promise to be quite the
thing these days for everything from
the most informal to the most formal
of affairs. Along with the classic
cardigan and slipover are being fea-
tured the new baby sweater, and the
peasant sweater.
Baby sweaters in soft wools and
pastel shades are just the thing to
wear with the new and attractive
dirndls. They afford a pleasant
change from the classics, and when
supplemented with a matching bow
in the hair, give one that sought-
after angelic look.
Wear them on picnics, to add that
feminine touch and to keep away
the cool breezes. The pastel angora
ones with their short puffed sleeves
and tiny pearl buttons will trans-
form last year's chiffon or net for-
mal into the latest thing. Wear the
ones with gay embroidery over the
latest taffeta and cotton evening
Newest of the new is the peasant
sweater. Its sweetheart neckline and
gay embroidery were taken directly
from the picturesque country villages
of Europe. Wear them alone over
your formals or wear the sleeveless
ones with a fragile blouse to form all
sorts of combinations.

/ 'i.
:""" ,.
. , , . YYY t ,': l
tit ..... 1 : '"
''' ,,
S; :":. .tip -
\ '
N {a
6: 7
f: ; ;;.
r ' ''
r >
' ,
,: ::
r. . ' °
< p:
°y: ' {
# k
s f

r ~
x r
- ..._ r -..
r <
4 .
:. :":.;
Y,: h: :.:::.

,"r ,J I
, ,.
. o
, ~ --1
, ; ,

New Evening
Slippers Place
Accent On Ease
No longer will girls return. home
from a dance, and painfully remove
their shoes with a sigh of relief; for
comfort, coolness, and. style are all
being incoroprated into the evening
slippers for this summer.
The new ankle length evening
dresses with the full, fluffy skirts
call for shoes to match; therefore one
of the most popular styles for the
coming season will be the ballerina
slippers. The best version of this
style is that which has the body of
the shoe made of black kid, with satin
ribbons crossing once over the instep
and tieing around the ankle.'
They're Comfortable
Not only do these shoes give a
feeling of comfort and a graceful
look to the foot, but because of their
flat heels they are good for tall girls.
Another similar style is a Grecian
sandal, consisting of a sole held on
by satin ribbons which cross the foot
three times.
A playshoe manufacturer is con-
verting some of her most popular
models into evening slippers by mak-
ing them out of exotic materials.
This group includes the American
version of the Mexican huarache.
This interpretation is heel-less and
toe-less, and has a wedge sole. It
can be obtained in silver and gold
kid, or in satin.
Shoes For The Petite
Shoe designers have not forgotten
the petite girls, however. One of the
new models is a sandal of soft kid-
skin which has a "bracelet" strap
around the ankle. Another popular
shoe is the "sling" type sandal. This
has straps crossing the instep, and
is being shown in glistening lucite.
The classic sandal with the instep
strap is taking on a new twist. Twist
is the word to use, for a new version
has a twisted knot instead of the
usual crisscross over the toes. This
is shown in varicolored materials to
match the bright, new formals. An
ideal style for all girls, the sandal
can also be obtained in white satin,
or white linen, and dyed to match
your dress.
Blue Jeans Rate Top
For Study Comfort
Almost a "must" for any wardrobe
now are blue-jeans. Way last winter
they rated popularity as the most
comfortable things in which to study,
but a couple of weeks ago they
reached an all-time high in fashion
at various dances given on campus.
Now wear them anywhere-well,
almost anywhere. They're the thing
for riding, hiking, picnicking, and

Kid, Cotton, Doe Hit Spot
As Effective Touches To Suit
We each possess a pair of white
kid, cotton, or doe skin gloves to pep
up and crispen the spring suit. Try
as we may, we cannot deny the effec-
tiveness of this touch but we ve-
hemently deny that the glove story.
'stops there.
This season fashion designers have
used gloves as the major part of the
spring outfit and they have done this
by merely making the glove cover
more room. Elbow-length gloves,
contrasting with a solid pastel dress
but matching the hat, is as effective
as anything we've seen.
Gloves Should Match
Match a short pair of gloves exact-
ly with a long sleeved brilliant-col-
ored shirt-waist, add a contrasting
bracelet and be prepared for a sen-
sation. Matching gloves might be a
little hard to find but will be worth
your while in that they will pay
dividends in smartness.
If you aren't having any for day
time wear, the brand-new evening
mitts will prove irresistable. What'll
you bet? If you have a formal with
black lace on it anywhere, the short
black lace cut-out-at-fingers mitts
will add the touch of distinction
which is hard to pass up. Long lace
above-the-elbow (in fact within in-
ches of the shoulder) mittens in
pastels to contrast with a dead white,
strictly-tailored formal will star at
the spring dances and summer coun-
try club affairs.
Spring Turbans Ideal
You and every one of your friends
must have a last year's spring navy
dress on hand which is looking slight-
ly tired after a long hard winter in
the closet; give it a hypo with a crisp
set of white collar and cuffs and
you'll have something else to decide
not to wear.
by petti
1/ 'Distinguished
113 south University /

Gloves Serve



Every woman appreciates the util-
ity and neat becomingness of such
a tailored dress as this. It relies on
trim fit and good tailoring for its
effect and is suitable for any figure
type. Best of -all, accessories, skill-
fully changed, can adapt it to town
or country.
Keep Home-Fires
Burning With New
Style Match Covers
Even when lighting his cigaret the
soldier may think of the woman who
waits for him. A leather cover for a
match book has just been put on the
market which will accommodate not
only the matches but also a snapshot
of the Loved One.
It also props up like a regulation
picture frame for his bedside. If
he forgets with such a reminder as
this it must be that he was a bad
risk in the first place, for which our
tricky little match book cover will,
not be responsble.





Main at Liberty

i .:.. _ : ,

but Your Fatshionl pO idzsInto

t %
> t
s i
f ?

1 8
Ib u 1 v # ^ s.t
' t
. +tlyA
r .: ,kg .
..,fir <.

__._._: __:__ . _ ___ _ .____ ____ _ r

2 .
Again this summer co-ed
are choosing washable
dresses and play clothes fo
their sumininer wardrobes.
Kessel's has all you need
for a glorious clothes

Bright slacks smartly tailored
with Matching Jackets, per-
feet for /icnics and lazy
Slack Sets . . . $4.95 up
Slacks .....$3.50 up

* ' S v , ,,
i4/4 w / / -.
4 J[ l /i .
b, " "i i .
t. ;
6, /
' 9 .
ii ,
i ' '
t /i
r- 7 '>
8 .
3 4
l r

Not the usual .
run of housecoats but each
one with its own brand of
smartness. For that smooth,
lithe look, choose a dignified
crepe in grey trimmed in fuschia
with a wide belt, or white rayon
taffeta in red,
F'or color and' dash, select a
heavenly grey acetate robe with
large sunny flowers, or one of
our many seersucker housecoats,
cottons and rayons, with or
without zippers.
You can relax comfortably
and still be smartly dressed in
< - _ . .1 . _.'_ _ . , _ .. . _ 1- . .,,

// j

Thb w-Pocket cklasi hats
14e Malristcy fYou 'Tb

-A- ,



For active tihes ahead .
youl want just this
type of classic dress. The ecline
is convertible... the
back has a shirred yoke,'
the skirt softly flared, the studs
are luscious pearls.
in landscape pastels, black

Gay washables as airy and
ool as ever . . . For classes


- ~ with )
- V""n tators.
s ' '
+.. r..r.. ....... .. . rt..:/

lats or dates with spec-

$2.95 to $22.95
. lool fl 9 I


F .. .'
s . , nr r rtirrv 1 lw9r#ar i l xxrv



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