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April 22, 1942 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-04-22

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~iUi~Si~At, AflLiTL 23, Wi2

Sportswear Will Follow Silhouette
Shaped By Governmental Rules

Cloth conservation is the by-word
in style designs this year and that
means a new set of fashions for those
billowing skirts and slacks and shirts.
It's not a bad idea either, for the
new tapered trousers have a definite
slimming effect on the female fig-
ure, which is good news for our some-
what full-blown sisters who have al-
ways been only too aware of the Un-
flattering things slacks do to an al-
ready ample silhouette.
SMany Stores Sell Slacks
In addition to this, many stores
are~ selling slacks in new special sizes
made to fit the tall or the short.
Thle kind made for tall people are
made with longer proportioned pant-
patch pocketssandsa belted back for
the blouse. *
For the shorter customer, the
trousers are shorter, the waistline
higher and there Is more fullness in
the, shoulders and hips to take care
of that all too average American fig-
ure which is supposed to be short
and stocky if you believe in statistics.
Bicycle slacks in checked wool are
something new and handy. They
may be converted into regular slacks
merely by removing the ankle band.
A popular combination with themn
is a wool vest of contrasting color or
a snug jerkin. It's not necessary that
any of this be wol however Smart-
which doesn't have to be ironed if
you dry it right-.
-Pearl Harbor Causes Change
The classic sport shirt has under-
goiwe a terrific change since the Japs
boipbed Pearl Harbor. The cuffs
have been cut down to less than an
inch, sleeves are narrower where they
aren't just cut off, and no more
than one patch pocket is allowed.
Shirt tails have become so skimpy
that a garment called a "Blitzie" has
been designed, combining a blouse
and panty.
Dirndl skirts which were on the
way to popularity this summer have
had a large tuck taken in both their
yardage and the kinds of material
that may be used. Where the slacks
have gone back to Farmer Brown's
good honest old blue denim, the skirts
have given gingham, calico, chintz
and chambray the spotlight for a
comeback. Instead of being five yards
around the hem, they are only two
and a half or less.
Shorts Unaffected
Though shorts have not been much
affected by the cloth shortage, bath-
ing suits will be more cotton dress-
maker models and fewer rayons and
sharkskins. For instance there are
the little ballerina numbers in glazed
chintz printed in gay reds, royal blues
and raw yellows. The cotton polka
dotted shorts and bra type and the
splashy tropic island prints in sarong
draped suits will also brighten the
Elasticized cotton pique is a good
buy for the patriot who still wants a

Slacks Take Over


Prints Popular
'For Spectating
Rayon-Linens In Bright Colors,
White Piques, Seersuckers
Ideal For Coming Heat Waves
Spectating is an art, these days,
especially wit the stunninig tailored
rush out to the ball park or the ten-
nis court, to behold and be beheld.
Topnotch among the trim outfits
ithe. "wall-flower print," which
comesi ethe aer a two or one piece
drs. Th aric patterns are copied
right from your old wall papers, in-
eluding that colonial design in
Gandmothe' houe, nd hthe das
modern papers.
Come In Pastels
The dresses come in luscious pastel
shades, every color under the sun,
dusty rose, pale green, soft blue, and
luggage tan included. Also, there
are shorts-shirts-'n-skirts outfits in
these "off the wall" prints.
Popular for those hot sunny days
when you're watching the boy-friend
p lay in a tennis-match, (if he's not
in the army) is the two-piece casual
dress of "butcher-boy linen" which
is fancy for a rayon-linen material.
The sleeves are short and the collar
is the well-liked open one, while
white saddle stitching gallops around
the pockets and the neckline.
Navy Is Worn
Navy, bright red, and green are the
main colors in which this can he
had. The appeal of this little num-
ber lies in the fact that it can be
worn with or without a white shirt.
and either way, it is smartness pei-
*When it gets hotter than hot, then's
the time to invest in a white pique
dress with open neck, red buttons
and blt marching down to the wvaist,
and a red and white eyelet insert at
about the knee.
Doesn't Muss
Or there is an adorable white num-
ber, a waffle pique with a new twist,
which is guaranteed not to muss.
which sports tiny gold buttons from
neck to hem, a snug waist and full
Seersucker is in again, and it is
ireally cool, with its navy rayon linen
skirt and navy cuffs and collar of the
seersucker top. Also there is a green
and white seersucker classic with
brown pique collar and a tiny brown
hanky peeping out of the pocket.
M~ore on the dressy side is a pique
print skirt with a navy fitted bodice
which is trimmed with print cuffs.
bow a d lacing. And a peasanty sim-
ple beige dress would look stunning
with brown and white accessories.
It is low-waisted, with green and
orange design around the waist and
the same pattern, but expanded,
around the hem.

Big Hats,


Hats, Every Size And Shape

Big wide-brim straws will be in
style again this summer. Of course
you'll want one natural colored straw
of the broad weave type with a
brightly printed silk wrap-around
band, for these are the hats that go
anywhere and always look right.
Smallr sweav aistraws with wide
wispy veils, will also be popular, and
with the warm season will come the
brightly colored ostrich feather birds
to perch jauntily on the small flat
crown. Plaited or plain contrasting
colored fabrics will edge the brims,
or, if you'd prefer, a trim of lace in
a matching color.
Red Is Popular
These hats come in natural, white,
black, and all colors, but red still
Su mme r Sophi sti Ca tion

holds its lead in popularity.
ten by fashin, however. The come
in straws, felts and fabrics, pert and
brightly colored. You can still have
your hat with cherries-or even
grapes. There are fruits to suit every
thssummer will be the petifehat
with the huge billowing veils around
the entire head.
Flowers With Us
Bright flowers, single or in clusters,
are at home on all the new summer I
hats whether small or large, but they
will also do well on their own, look- I
ing fresh and cool, fastened grace-
fully over the forehead with a nar- I
row fabric band.
Ribbons in bands, bows, and loops
will do their part to add pertness and
color to this part of your summer'
wardrobe, so go to it, girls, and
splurge a little on some frivolous and
feminine hats!
The particular models pictured are
hats which have -become. something
in the way of a- fad with this fashion
season. . Both are extremply practical,
and the pictures .prove their face-
flatteringness-if there is ,such a
The mania of women from grade
school on upwards-and it doesn't
seem to stop anywrhere-for wearing
their hair in a roll over the ears and
sweeping around in the bark has in-
spired this one.
It's just a sort of dot of felt, but
with plenty of the designer's hand
showing, albeit. Perching jauntily On'
the wearer's head, where it would be
well 'to anchor it securely if there is
the suggestion of a wind blowing, it
displays much of the wearer's hair,
but flatteringly mists her features in
a soft cloud of veiling.
|The second hat is the antithesis
in mood of the first. Its trim lines



To Frame Feminine Faces This Summer

Perfumes Fit
Dog Day Needs
Summnery Temperatures Coi
For Lilting, Delicate Scents
The chem classes manage to con-
coct an amazing variety of odors
without half trying any day in the
week. And, although there may be as
many if not more perfume scents, the
similarity between chem "fragrances"
and the new summer perfumes ends
at that point.
Breezy summer days requir-e equal-
ly lilting perfumery, the kind that re-
minds a person of sunny beaches as
well as restful seashores. Spices and
tweeds are synonymous with cool
shady forests, and clear star-lit
nights are just the times for deli-
cately scented perfumes.
Colognes For Heat
When the days are hot and stif-
ling and there doesn't seem to be a
breeze stirring anywhere, the time.
for the coolest and cleanest smelling
perfumes of all is at hand. Scents
that are light and airy and do not
incense the atmosphere with- their
penetration are in order then.
Delicate. flower scents, apple blos-
som, and summer tweeds can be ap-
propriate at almost all times and
under every condition. A person must
be vigilant at all times, however, to
make certain that she does not over-
load herself with perfume; too much
is worse- than none at all.
Not For Clothing!
The custom of applying perfume
directly to one's clothing went out
with the Model T, is being just as
important today to apply perfumery
correctly as to choose the most suit-
able scent.
Perfume connoisseurs are general-
ly agreed that the most effective re-
sults are obtained by placing a few
drops at the temples, on the wrists,
and behind the ears.

show a somewhat free adaptation of
the classic coachman style. There is
a minimum of fuss displayed in the
simple trimming and the total effect
is tailored, yet with something ap-
pealingly young and rakish about it.
It would be especially suitable for
town wear by summer careerists,
Iwhereas the first might gaily top
those afternoon dresses which are
seen so often after dark these days.
Either would be a winsome. sight to
prettified, each present to ful ad-
vantage the feminine qualities of the
Wh ite Brightens Navy
American women have taken tur-
bans so completely into their ward-
robes as both a glamour and a util-
ity garment, that manufacturers are
\varying the spring .turban styles by
making them in two colors. -

little figure control when she ex-
poses herself to the elements and the
eyes of the bathing public. Spun
nylon is also a good material for a
classic suit. It is strong, dries quickly
and won't scratch.
Suggestions Unimportant
Of course these suggestions are
merely frippery for the gal who likes
to keep up both her own morale and
that of admiring males, or wants to
look smooth while taking a little
time off from that heavy defense
job, playing tennis or swinmning.
There will be plenty of rough plaid
shirts and blue jean trousers-even
skirts-men in the victory gardens
this summer. The shorts will be of
sturdy corduroy and almost knee
length. The leather jacket is ex-
pected back again decorated with In-
dian beads, and leather thongs, sin-
ews or what have you, and ought to
prove to be the right thing whether
you are weeding your carrots on a
drizzly day or watching for bombers
in the dark dreary hours of the night.

I, :ii



fJiqIttinq Jrirn

Hoboes, Seminoles
Yield Novel Tricks
For Stitching Fans

For the lassies who love to wield
a needle and have some spare time
on their hands, a couple of ideas
have been swiped from the hobos and
the Seminole Indians in the form of
sports shirts.
The Hobo shirt provides an excel-
lent means of using up all those
scraps of cloth you've been saving for
years, for it is nothing but a shirt
made like a patchwork quilt out of
all sorts of gay cotton material. The
Seminole shirt requires alternating
strips of plain and geometric or
striped material, and usually has a
drawstring neck.


- /
F or Ihose -new flallering cotton
hrinIt (0fm2 in and look over






p /

trim..or with
B 1. A C K<
'' ited Toe"'
0 f W H I T E:
e Ia st i c i zed
SUEDE with
Midway 1-eel







Fresh as paint. For sunny mornings
or happy afternoons of play. Two-
piece cotton poplin. Easy to get
into because of its sparkling white
snap fasteners. Sizes 9 to 1 5.

Red and white, navy and white,
brown and white slack shirts.


T wo-piece plaid gingham suit.
Contrasting dickey and cuffs. Skirt
is plcatcd all around. Sizes 9-17
and 10-20.

Spun rayon, gabardine, glen plaids,
butcher boy linen. Sizes 10-20.

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