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March 17, 1942 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-03-17

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.. . . ..... ....... . . . ........... . .. . . . . ................ . . . . . ................ . . . . . ............ . . . ........ . . . . . ............... . ..... . .... .................. . .................. . . . . ............... . .......... - . . ...............

DFor Troubles'
D~ols W114) Stiek Suh tanve
Under SaM Arc CaW'(1
Of 1M11Ny__M-mitl (Casrc
Sic hlcnrr t r ;lr1 t t 11]re f fthe
f11ickeriil ng mov ies a i ) ups ide don
siidesthI("chewing 1 guililm undr-ther-
seat problem h Ias bufifaloevd the mo~st
capable theatre ngnersthat ram~
has; been able 'to pI ioduce
In the darkness of Ii thetete
coun atlIess villains nave violated thec
cusitoms of the c iv.ilize-d by placinga
well-ruminated wad of tic ky, gooeyr
chewing 1 -gcum beneath t~~ itheihe r 11, t a r ) ),c r ets
the process is cumulativ.e.
Reports from rone o)f the rei
moi e housesin Yakastriislavhld
that the seats are. so full11of chew;ting
gumI1 that they can no lnr tE 'be liftedl.
The manager i- is qutedra- aig
"This g umngets in my hair, " as. he
was found stoopl in under the hard
chairs liooking frqurtrs
Eversince theat-ere cairswere firs:t
b3uilt, countless engineers have gone
insane trying to solv'e this wor ld
Shaking problem. Thley have foulnd
that knives are dulled, gasoiline has
no effect and fraternity71 pledges g et
caught by the blackenied remnants of
No machine ha= yet been pei retedr
that wxill do a satisfactory job. It is
rumored from a usually1,reliable)
source a blowtorch shootir)ing its flames
through rotating knives s'eepe-d in
gasoline has been invented, butl.no,
confirmation can be obtained from11
thie Office of Fact.; and Figures.

1/t11 Itily, frt ~ 'Si'uc Iilly 'PI1oi uned 1m- ,li,() ItI en I

Seating Y)OO persons, the State Theatre has one of the largest balconies in the idwcest. The interior
paneled w ith van -ty ped w oods and painted in pleasing cor i schem e. The sea ts sh rmn Are of the latest t typm n el rz, h o g m t t e t e t e r c ) a e n d h l n l A d g e i ,i l :l e na i :h t rr r t e n .I h n z aie r e adtn la hrcar r ledi c lcv-
Early Wuerth, OrhemA ttraction
S' omeltimnesMixed WithEachf Othe

Usher1 [ Is Have
Tough Time
iff, II Ikeoaoy revealcd
AF S o rd id L i Fi e
U s he"l r] in g 'in t h er' l e git. ," o r in .I,; '
ine the oz che}; tra ca<'ll it. lhas e noughl
ohueanlst mhake any' yout1h of
caracdI~fter doubt SCthe humI1an 1race'.
jNo,b1efor ewe enter into a diS-
culssion of us heing for stage pro-
I duc'tions, it Imust be le, :ar l uderI-
stood )thiat here, too thIeeeissanl
I hierTarchy w vhich cannot be ignored.
Eentiaillyiti a simple one, the
dowr;nstairs, and thke balcor-ny.
In The Balcony
Prsonlly' , we know C Vylte
abou t rthe orchestra and the stadium
q imzmediately behilnd i t %We've al-
ways done~ our tAt for the Amer ican
be considered more delicate or re-
mun llerative to sh~ow the first nigzht-
I er's to the'ir seatslw hee o
ca' elle I fec in ther Iaw n:1S1til
you've worked in thec balcony.v
In the first place, whlen a diecent
s;how comes to town, the cheaper
is seats go out first, which is natural
e.because most people have less money
than more money. This, however,
le'ads to various complications other
than simply seating the paid admis-
_ sions.i
Ten Years Ago
For instance there are the people
w.ho have been to a play once before
in another theatre about ten years
before. A polite request for their
I ticket :stubs usually brings the toothy
Ic reoindecr that they know their way,
being old theatre goers. You knowt
they have no more idea of w.=here their
in-t seats are than they know wthat goesa
on behind the lowered stage curtain,
[h-but most customers still think they
age- are alwvays right,
from Guiding them with your eyes nevr
inail xorks becaut se omebody cel crome:f
T1;i in and hands yout their ticket stub
eeand demands that hie be escorted
,II1;r hence at on.ce, and throw inlan) extra
Ti program becauisehie always drops one
grduiring the first intermissioni.
a 'nd No )Fool's Paradise
t'!: The latter type mig.ht, be thoug=lt
mor coP2 mT0modlatingy.but i.don't live
it) a fool's paradise. Havlingt trotted
111)u to the top rowk to s pecifically point
ltes out the seats, and having seen the
Speople safely seated therein, you gou
dog,=:don to the ramp ag ain to await the
fii last minute mob who all want their
fi seasith approximately 38 seconds
to go bhefor e first cur tain.
,t AS you bound merrily uthe per-
Clr p)e ndicular stairs to the top again to
s:eat the rest of the row, you are id
1's-;} denly faced with filled seats where
l ;'31 there should be= only dirty, and
1900i+ scratched leather upholstery.

Tan t i 1tir, T i al 1 1\ja' i 1
tingthea ra'l lfelood
worry- about "tak.it a syon"r:tIs
A differnttye f citt smha
N o lon er oes th rfi ;.; Lc lash ou;it
dopkes (Vhe.delve itohe Ptoal;inflec-
t~ f( } Ir of ri 'in o f r a l edngm an Inst. eadt he a
maste'rpiece ..the acting wan rcom-
journeyman mov.ie ci ticrer back
onl hshaulnches andrll, sta]rt writ ing[
exactly what ie t Ihought 1'.of las
night's plush-lined opus. Then you
}ge ortiehvVimN e.Sarly known as 'thaRt beautifl hunk
of mnan', lived unp to Is title of 'The

P ric ' at (lie 1fo
f 'i 1;: p I Ir,1 I i 1i I~'pr -'[I he
FI , + Iond o twll'. '""le 1Ci w ' III ton ,
7 ' Miss ".':emphis of tI D]fS A ovrs a
signs~ hisl ". ormeote
Howeer te neest hingInlown
'Te etr f an i"I
r4p tb, ell-handledI job a cran

You C,'1111h1r14RNipe Tolmtoes I
A tIo it ti4i c s O l l~ I ri lI Ie I a N4 tS tttL T o . ", I)ain jt l )e p ~t~ih
Ii; 'l'lir Iia. ,1"I'T(0, 4e '1ien11411, TrIIth


Hits the Spot.
An after-the-show
Lunch at

.1f r; + 'I r UrU; . . r01 '"JIr' ) i:l~f%
I eet rqinl curdta ol
cause odernaudieces t marc
9u ofr; therrcI theat "Ire, ut he nrta-lf+In-

o f the cent ry w'h'our Ired any:: and a ll
fol1Yrms f ;amusemen'tl
and Orpj~i r'11 ct r±r'.s both}feat ired'
on-edI I l~'ad Ino stge ho, al-
though the Wue' x~lrth was bl.: t)e'ssed with)
ince the two s-j)iat's were1}1r1 'cd
at rut i1'a1 nt)i'1(11c~' ito each' otl}J]cr it h
onIly a s'creeni_1.separati ing them11,'the
musi plaine n th Wurth wasri1
natui'},r"ytaudible in h rpheum In
vatge u fit wasnotuncmmo
fop ~' r tais fthfune 11:t'i ral march
othe'r fr ,.'UM'I' ,o I11 l.; i may secm
the adiene did't.rmd, ad bi-;

"rel, 1mo st1 rly cned cs, wre shown :' i
First, five (-reerl 1pirt ctu r shon inth
Ou'pheu m hwas "The Pis;<or of Ze'n-
da" iJamenrs K. Hacketfamousrn ,
stg t arf'_. 1 .From 17the-n fo:. ua
mnt rand i'I'rianl re-rFc:ed equal
reels and no vueil
andl Russin dancrs. The rli:Eni1al
favor.nite . th~ot;ihi f anevrntui
ast o)iicadince War"'r'iri:e pparn o
around th1 stge
Disks For J ickc't
dooma, ho vh.nhe, hd apt'ke
full wtould Iremtur em!o thea(hie
to be useid <agai:ui, thus eim inatingz
the'necsr'iy of renwing1 the sufp}lr
Fred Masouu
Clised Ratis;

BUY Keep
tAIN 3*GS em

Mr. ?ree12'.7iirrt t f ril
owne tr, fr f peri of30 yers.
firstinang r . as ltow'arS
who wa fl owed ',' nija ious
has at tdoa' ini agrofi( lie
b:1 uI tc Wur Iiorignal r.a
(:1'n~ antI b >uildt 1 ofthe two r'thea
u. et h knwn pryAnn Arbo~t' ii
dom h fof Ww ~'be , Gemnyt
1871, GeMwaloe f, pa familymo
;nI'. 1 87 i en Wr) i ;ir? Irrri1"s On.
r i ' ; : j ( r ' r i _ ; 7 _ l l e Ca l h i . i oth}- r : r a niz e t h o

lair';!'f VUU ' l ,re t'/tt :;l,. I/ ' 11(''
ali/ .,'t', J c'r Ihe .'11hoi rrl re-
0 drl ,
I, 7! tB !!fsy1Ross111f




1" y SM-1 r. 'r.. ,r l . 1i:'l'I
?1)t i ld ' Ff sth a . .this n1or .h
mo rn ma Old 1r rt ed' tie , t n, [lie
had a ha i1f ai;tat n in hi I 1e' (.a
w.t'a c i r bone o f I i c We .. ii' 1ile iii
M_ ix, forget w1b 'hu,:h11 Th- . '' p':} I loini
burne downtoo nd ii'its aa''
terie's anwu'eamh toed theatre
Ion s nteom he , tha rough/tf 'P'4 cn
I7tatlureo a ton-ls'-from nr
lfiut ack i (e twenu i!Lo1 Pit
Masnways Oa chratSwani s o
'I ) re Jaito r at iem ill lie otal
bout th and yohe K t ht sothr
srtsihens. acuren'atherimegofshwn
Itvesems heeam afort of legendi
Non ae knwstehow ongoldfFred

1 1f ore
1' pa-

After theI
ar our Speciafty. trsD'AN ( At A YIA
t'(,u ken Na<<1<<lI)1I !!'I'JN1. Vt N/ f t)AL






_ _


Jlj~ /~5 , Potato ( hips
Bc s'rai~s'

,1c , ,,Irat1 ~ / it

to cc

1)1rCK R S



t inir prr.seia~~niroui uaux.rnc nnt9cLrU



bring the kids, along to keefp the'm iprsio ha hri omething
I A IA)PS F : ('4*/S 'Ting l

-BOOTH SEhtI#-,4'

Old Fred wasalasron th
OpyHous e. O Strdy.-'nn
he would get!up at six and go dow',1'.n
to }paste on the postrs inthlob
Turn t4) Page 1, C(olZ

I'ie#" JastcoaIa arhers

Polar Brand


ill C1''1ifcd I 'Vb at('l id ( '


114.1NJX4' x'i uder

In r dvoiiug

11 it0.

wVill c mit i(, Cto do so I110litutvc,') jus

/7; t/)( rarton
$1 .25 taxt iudei

P'° x

1~ lt ful) i l atc'tIr~
/ /, e hr d'




(0 .! OGNE
a I til V, bi
- ilsata

Choie slectionof domesti

S 1 _1011

rolnt Iimportfed wines.

11-1l I t i t' ? no c ~nrn

11 1I



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