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December 18, 1941 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-18

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New 'Technic'
To Be 'Dlggest
Best' Of Year
'Romance Of Research,'
Three Other Banner;
Articles Are Featured
Has New Section
A total of four banner articles will
make a 36-page December issue of
The Michigan Technic the biggest
and best issue of the year when it
goes on sale at 8 a.m. today over the
Engineering Arch, in the lobby of the
East Engineering Building and in
front of the secretary's office, West
Engineering Building.j
Written by Prof. A. E. White of
the Department of Engineering Re-I
search, the leading article of this
month's issue will be "Romance of
Research," followed by an article on
"Testing Domestic Stoker Coals" by
Prof. R. S. Hawley of the mechani-
cal engineering department.
Student-written articles in this is-
sue include "Broaching Rifling in
Gun Barrels by John Burnham, '42E,
describing a comparatively new pro-
cess which is doubly important now
that the country's industry is on a
war-time basis.1

Will Direct Censorship

Freshman Winners Are Picked

Band Concert

_ __

in LafUWivYi r' (as5Club Contiest 1 dl &' iren


Charity Drive Closes
Aideyt receiving warm response
l il r;League houses and many
IiC.ie ~' xcc till hussSanid(-(Oopera-
ye the Audieru group sprnsorlirng
he collection of clothing for the
eedy is closing its final drive today.

Twenty freshman law studentsR oger Pineau, Flint, as the leadig tro1
have been judged winners in the an- barristers of the Story Club. Ie
nual Case Club contest for freshman Kent Club winners selected by the Winding up its pre-holiday season, -
and eight juniors~ have advanced to honorable Willim Butler, 'h4U2LrsyCoceDea- w
troitfnasi ter iiso,, are 'Max Wildman, Peru, m.; teUiest ocr adwl
the semifinals i their division, an- John Mitchell, Bay City; William El- present a 20-minute broadcast over
nounced Jack Shuler, '42L, Club mer, Grosse Pointe; and Thomas the new frequency-modulation sta-
chairman yesterday. Deibel, Saginaw. Lion. W45D, at 5:10 p.m. today from
The Case Club is divided into small- Junior Semi-Finalists the studios in Morris Hall.
er clubs in which teams of two stu- Of the eight junior semi-finalists Featured on this afternoon's pro-
dents argue cases before senior law striving for the Campell Award, four
dent arue csesbefoe sniorlawwill be selected when the contest is gram will be "Perpetual Motion," by
students acting as judges. resumed after vacation. I Paganini. Played recently in Hill
Freshman Winners Semi-finalists for Holmes Club are Auditorium by the Chicago Sym-
Sem-fialitstforHoles lubar phony Orchestra, the number will
Freshman winners in Cooley Club George Schilling, Hinsdale, Ill.; and y
prsided over by 'Judge' James John Ryan, Wausau, Wis., Lee Brody, feature the clarinet section of the
Guernsey, '42L Fortoria. . were troit, and William Beaney, Forty-a af's concert will be the third
Fort, Pa., are top men in Marshall, Toargs serill b the th-
John Huston, Ann Arbor; Russell! Club. in a regular series of Thursday af-


Byron Price (above), executive news editor of The Associated Press,
has been granted a leave of absence to become the nation's director of
censorship, it was announce4 by President Roosevelt.-
Here, There And jEverywher>
In The WarNews-..

Bowers, Grand Rapids: Marvin Koff-
man, Bay City; and Yoshiteru Kaw-
ano, Tacoma, Wash.
Seymour Spelman, '42L, of Bing-
hamton, N. Y., named Richard Kelly.
Lisbon Falls, Me.; Richard Saunders,
Enid, Okla.; Edward Butts, Bartles-
ville, Okla.; and Seymour Goldman,
IDetroit, as winners in Hplmes Club.
Joseph Merency, River Forest, Ill.;
John Hogland, Riversdale, Ill.; John
Reuling, Ann Arbor; and Richard
Morris, Kalamazoo won in the Mar-
shall Club under .'Judge' Lon Barrin-
ger, '42L, Charleston, W. Va.
Jack Shuler, '42L, Pontiac, desig-
nated William Muehl, Birmingham;
Millard Parsley, Erwin, Tenn.; Mal-
colm Davisson, Berkeley, Calif.; and
Drive Today'

Story Club semi-finalists are Ernest
Rudolph, Sioux Falls, S. D.; and
Samuel Estep, Emporia, Kan., while
Neil McKray, East Tawas; and Robert
Hodgson, Glens Falls, N. Y., will rep-
resent Kent Club.
Exam Blues
Are Caused
By- Eyestrain
When you have those "old blue-
book 'blues," do you find cramming
tougli because you feel drowsy, eyes
ache and head throbs after a short
Chances are you're a victim of eye
strain caused by faulty glasses or
overworked optic muscles, according
to Dr. Emory W. Sink, head of the
tHealth Service opthalmology depart-

ternoon broadcasts by the Concert
Band under the direction of Prof.
William D. Retelli, conductor of the
University bands. I

*o4on / 5 LAMP BULBS
in homes today are the
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able seeing. Are YOUR bulbs
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A second student-written article government today announced ration-
will be "American Society of Mechan- ing of automobile tires will begin Jan.
ical Engineers," b§ John Templer, 4, with sales prohibited ,except to in-
'42E, president of the University stu- dividuals possessing ration cards, or
dent chapter of the ASME. The to fill military orders.
article will describe the work of both Price Administrator Leon Hender-
the national and the student chap- son told a\ press conference stoppage;
ters of the organization. of Far Eastern rubber imports had
Introduced to the campus in,, a forced a reduction of nearly 80 per
regular Technic. feature, "The, Tech- cent in the nation's crude rubber
nic' Presents," will be Prof. G. G. consumption, that civilian consump-
Brown of the chemical engineering tion would be limited to 10,000 tons
department,George D. Gotschall a month-compared with 47,000 used
'42E, former chairman of the Uni-' now-and that such non-essential
'4E foMrrchirBanotiotni- ,goods as tennis and golf balls, bath-
versity Marching Band's formations
'comiteeand ,Bill Collam ore, '42E, rng suits and rubber" toys probably
prsidn ifthendUiC rsiy 4h2Eer' would be elminated "for the dura-
re ent of the University chaper' tion."
ical Engineers To effect a drastic reduction in
the pricipal use of crude rubber-for
A new feature department im this tires and tubes-civilian, rationing
issue will be "The Technic Rambles," boards will be set up throughout -the
the first of a series of interviews with country to issue purchase certificates'.
University men doing unusual jobs. These will go only to agencies .and
Lead-off man for the series will be individuals able to show their tife
Arthur Limpert of the naval archi- purchases are necessary to the "main
tecture department, who builds all tenance of industrial efficiency and
tle model boats used for testing oper- civilian health."
ations in the naval tank.
"The Technic Reflgcts," another
regular feature, will also appear, Cairo .
presenting the words and music to
"St. Partick Was An Engineer." The CAIRO, Dec. 17-(AP)-British des-
issue's cover picture ' will be a shot ert troops hammering at the (waning
of the high voltage generator in ;the tank strength of Gen. Erwin Rommel
Randall Laboratory Building. amid raging sandstorms were more
than 150 miles inside Libya tonight
and still advancing.
Engine School The main battle areas still were at
Alem Hamza, 30 miles southwest of
M, Sp d- Up Gazala, and at Halegh El Olebam,
about the same distance west of Gaz-
ala. At the latter point the British
S Its fCurricUlU Irapidly outflanked Axis reserves and
supply bases in a battle of annihila-
tion with which they hope to open
An cceleration of engineering up the road to Dernz .
education may become more than Gazala' itself was 'a third battle'
just a possibility today as Dean Ivan scene because some Axis units were
C. Crawford of the College of En- clustered along the seacoast thfre,
but the British apparently regarded
gineering and Prof. A. H. White of this area as little more than a mopup
the chemical engineering department job.


Buenos Aires ..
Germany has plotted to sabotage the
export of Bolivian tin and lead to thi
United States by wrecking railway
over which the important war meta
are shipped, it was reported today
These rail lines run through Chi
as well as Bolivia.
The Nazi plot has been thwarte
it was stated in information receive
here from Bolivia, where the govern
ment has imposed a strict censorship
All of Bolivia's large tin and lea
production goes to the United State
under a purchase agreement. Thl
Germans were reported to have plan
ned to sabotage the rail lines betwee
the mines and the Chilean ports a
Arica and Anitofagasta. -
Uavana . .
HAVANA, Dec. 17-(P)-Police an
nounced tonight the discovery of
Nazi:plot to irlstall military reflector
capable of signaling planes and ship
at sea from' a mountain range com
-manding a broad view of the Atlanti
Ocean off Cuba.
With models and drawings of tb
scheme, for which surveys. alread3
had been made, they seized one Rein
hold Hahn, 61, whom they identifie
as a erman Gestapo agent and en
gineer who oame to Cuba on a tour
ist card issued in Berlin.
In Russia . . .
Moscow Front, Dec. 17-(P)-Crunch
ing down on the rear of the retreat
ing German Army, the Russia
steamroller has rumbled forwar
more than 40 miles beyond the start
ing point on the flanks of the Mos
cow front, pushing the invaders back
to a distance that means security fo
the Soviet capital.
Five Nazi divisions have fallen
north of Moscow and several mor
have been destroyed to the south a
the Red Army defeated the German
in the greatest battle and first majo
anti-Axis victory in this war in Eur
Over icy, snow-packed battlefield
the Soviet forces are continuing to
rush forward.



Life Iusurance still available without
FRANCIS J. CON TN First National Building
Office: 2-4282 'Res ence:7005

Group Gathers



finish their work with a national
committee working on that problem
in Pittsburgh.
At the time of its formation about
a year. ago, the Committee on Acel-
eratiori of Regular Engineering Pro-
grams recommended that engineer-
ing programs be left unchanged. In
view of the war and the need for en-
gineers and technical men in all
fields, however, the committee is
meeting to reconsider its recommend-
ations at that time.
The committee was formed through
the interest of the Society for the
Production of Engineering Education,
of which Professor White is national
president, and is composed of men
holding high positions "in engineer-
ing education all over the country.
At present, the committee is pri-
marily concerned with a careful study
of present engineering programs,
with an eye toward increasing the
present output if possible. The first
meetings of the committee were held
yesterday, and the study will be com-
pleted today.

War Sentiment Closes .
Pulitzer Prize Drama
War sentiment has its reverbera-
tions even in the entertainment busi-
"There Shall Be No Night," Pulitz-
er prizewinning play by Robert E,
Sherwood starring Alfred Lunt and
Lynne Fontanne, which had been
booked on the winter play series by
the Michigan Theatre, will leave the
footlights after tonight's perform-
ance at Rochester, Minn.
The play, which deals sympathet-
ically with Finland's fight -against
Russia, was withdrawn by the author
despite solid bookings in various
cities for the next few weeks because
of a possible misunderstanding of
motives that might result.
Since the traveling company start-
ed the tour, the average gross has
been about $2,000 weekly, with good
possibilities for a long run in play-
houses throughout the country.

' -
. Material For Sick ment. -
. This is one of the most common
d The latest project of Alpha Phi complaints received from students.
S Omega, national Scout service fra- But don't get excited-this is no ex-
e ternity, will be brought' to a cn- cuse to stop studying because normal LETftT
.lbeibro uht oaicon- eyes are not injured by reading, and
clusion today when the organization only. fundamentally faulty eye-sight..
f Imakes its .final round of fraternities: is affected.
and sororities in search of reading One of the chief Causes for accentu-
matter for patients confined to their ated eye strain lies in improper light-
beds in ing conditions. If the illumination is p s d
I too dim, too bright or from the wrong Blooming pants and cut
or the Health Service. angle, it may result in that tired feel-
- Started late last week, the drive is 'ing when you hit the books for a long flowers glowingly ex-
a being handled by Jack Norton, '43E, session.
rs and Bill Ager, '43, who are supervis- Dormitories and libraries with per- press the warm spirit of
s ing pick-ups and will see to the 'is- manent fixtures incorporated into 1
- ribution to the Hospital and Health the desk constitute a menace to stu- Christmas Send them
iC Servicer when the drive is completed. dent visul well-being. AdjustableC s .t.
The houses to be visited will be lamps are by far the most desirable as this y n
notified by phone before the pick-up way of avoiding trouble from lighta gift s year and
y crew calls, Dick Schoel, '43E, presi- reflected into readers' eyes. make the season bright
dent of Alpha Phi Omega, has an-I-In recent years the trend seems tom
d nounced. be for students to be wearing glasses
- Full cooperation has been received more than ever before, but this is-y'
- from the houses visited so far, and attributed by Dr. Sink to the demands ,
it is hoped that the remaining houses of finer reading and scientific work
will be equally helpful and/bundle and and better diagnosis rather than to
tie the magazines which they wish any racial deterioration.
to have the collectors pick up. Students bothered by slight eye 0HELSEA FLOWER SHOP
1e strain are advised to interrupt their
studying every half-hour to get up 243 East Liberty Phone 2-5616
Lisbo* . . . and look at pictures or distant objects '
to give the focal muscles a chance to I
LISBON, Portugal, Dec. 17-(AP)- relax.
The government announced late to-
night the cabinet had held a special
kmeeting "to deal with grave events
r which may have occurred in the col-
ony of Timor."
n It did not say what these events 9
e were, but said clarification was being k
I awaited before informing the countryJ
s fully.
r -Timor is an island, half Portugese
- and half Dutch, lying in the East
Indies between Java and Australia.,g
s lamsk, key to the central front north-
o west of Moscow. Its fall appeared
imminent .tonight.
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DA 1'.."
We do not look on Christmas as a "catchpenny"" season.
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f charge" for ''atmosphere," is perhaps a good reason why
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The 4

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